Tales (2017) s02e02 Episode Script


- - [SIRENS.]
Slippery - Excuse me, please me - Please Arm up - Or believe me, believe me - Believe me Get beat 'Cause I'm flexin' 'Raris You can bet on me Hey, hey, hey Tater tot On my radar watch - Watchin' - Crocodile hunter Turn 'em to some gator shots - Iced out watch - Ice - Ridin' 'round ten o'clock - Ten Ridin' 'round geeked up, damn - Think it's three o' clock - Three Slippery - Excuse me, please me - Please Arm up - Or believe me, believe me - Believe me Get beat 'Cause I'm flexin' 'Raris You can bet on me Hey, hey, hey Try it with me She trying to try it with me - Break up them rats with me - Want her to ride with me Swerve with me - Yo, Chaz, what up? - Wait, hold up! I got some money moves.
That's what I like to hear, man.
Let's go make this money move then.
Hey, Phi Sigma, - bro.
- Hell yeah.
- You already know.
- B.
My man.
Count off that cash cash, boy Give me that bag, bag boy Bitch, I'm a bad, bad boy Ride with them paper tags, boy Watch how I leave 'em mad, boy Give up that cash, cash, boy Give me that bag, bag boy Bitch, I'm a bad, bad boy Bitch, I'm a bad, bad boy Ride with them paper tags, boy Watch how I leave 'em mad, boy Count up that, count it cash, boy Give me that bag, bag boy Bitch, I'm a bad, bad boy Bitch, I'm a bad, bad boy [KNOCKING.]
This is a raid! [PEOPLE SHOUTING.]
Well, look at this.
- I caught them.
- What are we doing? - Black ops.
- What happens when - Trent finds out about this? - Well, he'll find out what he needs to know.
Hey, grab the drive.
Ooh, hoo hoo hoo! Goddamn.
- What's the play? - Yeah.
Take it.
Take all of it, and get them asses outta here.
You heard the man, move! - Move ladies, move! - So you're gonna risk the both of us going to jail for - Who are those guys, anyway? - Look, you don't know them.
They don't know you.
- Nobody knows nobody, period.
- Come on, McBride! This ain't cool! I need to know what this is about.
Look, the only thing you need to know is that we hit B.
I got the drive with the money and months of surveillance.
- We are good.
- But are we? - Now, where they going? - Look, look, that dope was setting here.
You got me in some real bullshit right now, McBride.
- Just get in the car.
- What the hell? Just get in the goddamn car! - - [CROWD CHEERING.]
I love me some B.
, especially Concrete's fine ass.
See, this is what's wrong with our people.
Celebrating criminals.
It is cool in here.
Hola, gentlemen.
- How you doing? - Damn, man! Finally! What we pay you? 'Bout a quarter million? We shouldn't be feeling this type of heat, man.
I agree with you 100%.
Listen, you know how this works.
This is a process.
They want something they can't get.
So wrap this shit up! Motorcon is talking about canceling our shows.
This is a pre-hearing where they decide if there's enough evidence to proceed with a trial, which there's not.
So I need y'all to stay calm.
Stay patient, the way you been.
That tour ain't going nowhere.
It's gon' be over before you know it.
Ain't nobody canceling shit.
, B.
, B.
! What's up, what's up, what's up? [CROWD CHEERING.]
See, once they figure out the evidence is bogus, then we'll move for a dismissal.
- And get the FBI off your ass.
- I hear you.
But this trial shit taking too long! Hey, in doubt there's darkness.
Let's keep it sunny.
, everybody! Free B.
, B.
! Coop wait up, what the hell? You ain't returning my calls, Trent said.
To hell what Trent said.
I'm a good agent.
Remember what that felt like? I'm what you used to be.
Come on Coop, you and I, we can work this out.
That time has passed.
You got your own now.
You hung me out to dry.
Hung you out to dry.
All right, all right.
Just tell me this, where the hell is all that money? It's funny, I was about to ask you the same damn thing.
That truck was hitting out five minutes after your raid.
Seems like if anyone should know about it, it should be you.
Agent McBride how long have you been investigating B.
? About five years.
Officially? Excuse me? Officially, how long have you been investigating the defendants as an agent of the Bureau? That's a gray area.
What is a gray area? Well let's just say that I came aware of the defendants about five years ago.
Blue Money.
You gotta forgive me.
All of the color code, don't understand.
Gray area, blue money, what? Blue money, before they were selling dope, they used to sell these stolen EBT cards, these blue money cards, numbers.
You know what I'm saying to hold all up, you know what I'm saying.
You know what you're gonna do all them.
My God, homie.
I got them numbers.
What's up sweetheart.
Hey how about you take one of my cds.
Here, I feel like that you'd blessed my day right here.
Yo let me get up out of here big dog, you take that.
I appreciate that bro.
I'm trying to make this play happen.
Hey, that's ya'll music? Oh yeah that's us, B.
I see your hustle, all right.
Think ya'll could move some different kinda product? What you think? Let's go inside and talk about it.
All right.
Hi Bo.
I got them numbers old school.
I'm sure you do.
All right.
Well around that time they changed they're business model.
They got out of the blue money game, started selling dope.
Come in.
Yeah man.
For real? Willy, come back here.
Nah nah nah man, bad news bruh, I don't sell.
Get the money out.
So we're putting Willy on this shit.
No man.
Tell you.
Yo yo yo try cooking up yo, what's good.
Yo Will, come here for a second man.
Word, okay don't mind if I do.
You know what to do with this? Hell yeah.
Time to eat yeah.
We goin' put you to work homie.
Ya'll see what I'm on here.
Get to this bag.
Now the dope game was good for B.
Although it took some time for them to climb that ladder.
We started off small, humble.
How did B.
activities become a federal matter? Well I was headed to a field office in [INDISTINCT.]
when I saw a group of young, black men on sports bikes.
Each one of them had on oversized backpacks.
Young, black men on sports bikes.
That was your hunch? Do you make it a full time job to racially profile? Well I have a DEA friend of mine who told me about a local operation in Atlanta.
So it seemed like interstate activity.
I looked into it, I watched them and watched them.
And as their operation expanded.
I guess you can say my god damn hunch paid off.
Did you have clearance to investigate? Initially, no, I did not have clearance.
No clearance.
But you decided to investigate regardless.
On his own.
Well the evidence presented itself.
They started rapping about the operation.
Putting up billboards, driving quarter million dollar cars, giving money to friends and family.
I mean, green sized seats to the sights.
Doing rapper's stuff.
Rappers doing rapper's stuff.
Being successful rappers, is that a crime, is that what made them criminals to you? They were successful criminals who became rappers.
They used the drug money to fund their music.
Even ask the DEA, Atlanta PD we all know.
I'm not asking them nothing, I'm asking you.
This sounds like jealousy.
Jealous, of what, these fake hustlers? These parasites who feed on their community? Na I don't think so.
His whole community would turn its back on all the toxic shit they're bringing in and for what, a couple dollars? Come on, how many crack heads would be brought in from here.
They cleaned it out.
God damn it Cooper, you gotta pick a side.
It's either me or them.
They created the crack heads in the first place.
And now they looking at me like I'm a damn criminal.
Well I got the badge.
Hey break that shit off.
What's wrong with ya'll? Get inside of here too.
Do you as a black man make it a priority to harass, surveil and stalk successful black rap artists who are just trying to provide for their families and take care of the people around them? No.
Just shit ass drug dealers like them.
Objection your honor! [JUDGE.]
Order, order in the court! Agent McBride you investigated B.
without clearance and you didn't file a report.
Why did you continue to harass my clients? What besides the devil himself could drive you down this dark path of harassment.
I was trying to build a more solid case to present to my supervisor.
And that took time and patience.
In other words, you didn't have enough evidence to merit an arrest.
So you continued to investigate unofficially.
Look eventually I got the evidence that I needed.
I mean it is right there in my report.
But you did not follow protocol and you did not follow procedure.
Am I correct? Yes.
That's correct.
That's all I need to hear.
What's your relationship with B.
? Well, we grew up together, you know, I lived next door, so I was a little younger but we clicked because we was into music and shit.
Watch your language in my courtroom.
I mean, I remember when we was like 12.
We had our own little rap group.
The Fire Four.
Then Frank kicked me out 'cause he said I wasn't good enough to be a part of it.
Oh, so do you have anything against Frank after he kicked you out of the group? She can rap her ass off.
- You need to put it down.
- Bro.
Look, the tightest shit I ever heard.
You smashin' that? I ain't smashed that, bro, but look.
One time in the booth.
I promise, you'll see Frank.
- Come on.
- Come in.
I'mma need some heels and a bag today I'mma need an outfit and some cash today I'mma bad bitch You know - Always on fleek - On fleek 'Cause when no money It's like music and with no beat - Like - I just can't feel ya - I can't relate - I don't need to speak I'mma throw a couple bens I'm might turn into your freak Benjis make me wet You bitches be in debt Stop flexin' for the gram, sis And go get you a check - Money - I don't think he cute - But the money's so attractive - Yeah He give me what I want And I might just let you have it now - No sucky sucky - No You can knock off [FRANK.]
Shit, I like that.
It's fire, right? - Hey man! - What you think? That was fire, baby! [TISHA.]
I know.
Let's talk some business man, go to lunch or something.
Say let's.
That's important.
Yo Wood, go grab that bread from last night.
Okay, go handle that Wood.
Yeah go, go get that.
That's crazy.
Calm down bruh, you know if she goin', we gonna make sure you compensated.
You don't even have my back.
Bruh, it's business man.
She's my artist.
I found her.
Hold up bruh, we ain't payin' you enough? Ha, definitely gettin' that chicken.
So then play your position.
You know damn well if you stay down, I'mma make sure you come up.
Frank and Chaz don't [CENSORED.]
with you [CENSORED.]
I don't wanna hear that.
You know what? You're right bruh.
My bad.
Let's get this money, man.
Let's go.
I'mma get you wet, Make you drip drip I know what you came to do I know what you came for And I know just what you want Wanna get wet I know you wanna get wet Wet Aww yeah I know you came to get wet Drip I'm gonna get you wet Just between me and you I'm gonna get you wet I mean I'm used to rocking a mic but I ain't never knocked in a booth before.
Pause? [WOMAN.]
Oh you funny.
But you know what they say right? A first time for everything.
Uh uh uh uh uh uh slow down, slow down.
Thank you for hooking me up.
You know I got you.
I know when I met you at Divarsity you was gonna have my back.
Baby, you know I'm with you every step of the way right? [EXHALES.]
I know.
You know? Oh I know.
You a real special guy, Woody.
You thoughtful, considerate, [EXHALES.]
and you can lay it down.
Too bad this ain't gon' work.
Wait, what? Me and you.
It's not gonna work.
What you talking about? Look, Frank said it [WOODY.]
Frank said what? Frank said it's best if I have my own place.
Said I shouldn't fraternize with the B.
Frank said I need to focus on myself.
I mean, you understand that right? Look I'm not tryna hurt you.
That's the last thing I want to do.
But you knew what it was, and you knew I had dreams.
Plus, I already signed a contract.
Teesha, you signed a contract already? So you mad? Frank said you'd act like this too.
Bye, Woody.
Were you looking for revenge on Frank? No, no, no, no reason, not at all.
Not at all.
Like Frank says, it's just business.
But me, shit, I just be following instructions, man.
Just following instructions, huh? So what kind of deal did you cut with McBride? [WOODY.]
I didn't cut no deal with McBride.
C'mon tell me what deal you cut with McBride.
I didn't cut no goddamn deal.
Watch your language in my courtroom.
I'm sorry, sir, I mean, your honor.
What's happenin' Wood? How your girl Tisha? Word on the street is she [CENSORED.]
for Trax.
They say when Frank saw that ass Frank saw what? She's talented, a'ight? That's how she got the deal.
Okay, but what you think she gonna do on tour with Frank? [LAUGHS.]
Lookie, I'm just [CENSORED.]
with you.
Look, I really just need to holler at you.
I ain't got shit to say.
Yeah, but I've been noticing that, you know, you kinda running the operation now-a-days.
Operation? Yeah.
Let's not play games, son.
We've had eyes on B.
for five years.
Must be out your goddamned mind, a'ight? Wait wait wait, why? They don't give a shit out you.
I mean you handed them Tisha on a platinum platter, then what? They snatched her from you like you ain't shit.
I already told you.
You tell me whatever the hell you want to.
We know what's true.
You they're bitch, and they're bottom bitch at that.
Now I'm giving you the opportunity to rise up.
Look, I'd be a dead man if I flipped on them, a'ight? Come here, boy.
Not if there's a robbery, feel me? And then I'mma make that shit look real good.
You gonna get your cut, paid in cash and then you ghost.
Let's talk about the raid.
According to your statement, you don't know what law enforcement agency it was, is that correct? That's correct.
I mean, it happened so fast.
On minute I was putting money in the safe, and then the next it was five or six of them that just came out all black jackets with their guns.
Five or six? So they took the money and I hid in the room.
Thank god it was an AC vent in it.
If no agency reported this operation sting, then maybe it was setup to look like one.
- Maybe so.
I don't know what a legit raids look like so, I ain't never been in one, sir.
Okay, so according to the DVR from the store, it shows five individuals wearing what looks like blank generic riot gear with no logos at all.
Did you notice anything that may point us toward a direction of one of the agencies? Is you listening to me? I don't know what FBI looked like, DA to ATF to ATM.
You never seen a raid, Woody? - [WOODY.]
- You never seen one? - [WOODY.]
- Never been outside of a house that see, you seen a raid before.
Now's the time to come clean.
Where is the money? I'm tired of saying this.
I don't know where the money is.
I don't have the kind of pull to get riot gear, plus I'm claustrophobic.
Thought I was gonna die of a panic attack in there.
Well explain this.
The DVR is set to record up to a month at a time, then it begins recording over itself, which means I can go back 28 days and show us exactly what happened in that store at anytime.
My question is, why was the tape deleted up to the very point of the raid? That's all I needed to hear.
No further questions, your honor.
You can step down.
I'd like to call to the stand Agent Denise Cooper.
Cooper, you settled over there? Okay, just checking on you.
What was the motivation behind all the extra attention for B.
? I don't know what you're talking about.
According to the case file, there were many stops and seizures during your investigation of B.
with Agent McBride.
Do you agree? [COP SIREN.]
Get out the car with your hands up.
Come to the back of the vehicle.
Get on your knees.
Interlace your fingers behind your head.
Go search him.
Yo, what is this? [SIGHS.]
Shit's a joke.
You ain't gon' find nothing.
We ain't got shit on us but money.
He used the rookie.
God, man.
Hey what the - What was that for man? - Shut up.
Hey man.
Was that necessary? - Hey shut up.
Was that necessary man? You ain't gotta do Lay your ass down too [CENSORED.]
! You wanna be next to him? Lay your ass down too! - [MAN WITH DREADS.]
Get off me.
- Shut up, bitch! Now, while we was tossing all that [CENSORED.]
money in the air, this shit was all fun and games.
Now what, bitches? I'm the [CENSORED.]
with the badge.
Ya'll just [CENSORED.]
I don't know.
I was just following orders from my senior partner like I'm supposed to.
I trusted that he knew what he was doing.
I'm just as lost as you are.
What was the motivation that drove him to harass my clients consistently? I'm not sure.
I got nothing, let's go.
Our job is to make sure criminals are held responsible for their crime.
We're family.
It's our responsibility.
I'll take care of you, you take care of me.
Now, in both the job and family, they require loyalty, love, sacrifice.
Speaking of family, I want you to meet my niece.
Come on, Coop.
I get it.
Family is everything, but what the hell are we doing here, McBride.
I mean, the loan package from Spelman came in, but between books and rent, there's no way I'm gonna make it.
Especially not on work study.
Try not to worry about the money.
How can I not worry about the money? I've worked my whole life up to this point, and for what? Just for it all to go away? There's nothing I can You know I got you right? Look.
Here, take this.
I'll be back next week with more.
All right? Come on.
I just wanted you two to meet.
This is my partner.
My college girl.
It's nice to meet you Ms.
Sorry I was such a mess.
It's all good.
Nice to meet you too.
Can you give us a minute? Why'd you bring me here? Hm? You want me to witness your family drama? You're sick.
What's sick is a working black family struggling to get up, while these roaches slinging that shit keep us down.
Pick a side.
Why would you continue to follow McBride in this investigation that was not approved by your bureau? I didn't know what was official or unofficial.
You didn't think to go to your superiors for clarification? McBride was my superior.
I was just following orders from my senior partner.
Did those orders include staging a fake raid? No.
Did McBride mention a raid? No, he did not.
Why are we sitting in the parking lot? I'm meeting up with a DA connect who got intel on the case.
Here's my man now.
Wait here, it shouldn't take long.
Hey there, Miss Vin.
What's the update? Well, as of right now they've got enough evidence on the B.
for an indictment.
What's it gonna cost me? A million.
A million? [SCOFFS.]
I can get you 500,000.
Come on now, I've got a lot on the line here Uncle Bo.
500,000 is the best I can do.
Don't be greedy, McBride.
Okay, 500.
I need to be sure the FBI won't be messing with B.
I'll handle my part, all right? I'll have to make an arrest or two just to sell An arrest or two? Look, don't worry, it won't be none of your boys.
You know, I just got to pin this operation on somebody.
It's all for show.
Deal? Trust me Bo, I got this.
We all get paid.
Just act surprised when we come through.
Who was he? You wanna fill me in? Close Coop, we right there.
Where? Intel.
If we get the right evidence, we are golden.
Did you and McBride search my client's vehicle without a warrant? McBride did.
I wasn't a part of that.
No, don't bail on your buddy now.
Does the bureau know what we're doing? I'll call it in just in case it heats up.
Don't say a word to Trett.
We'll grab some evidence and then we out.
That's them pulling up.
Let's go.
Get out the car! Hands up.
Put your hands up.
Put them on the hood.
Put them on the hood.
Hurry your ass up.
You ain't got no warrant, big dog.
Sell out.
Ma'am, please exit the vehicle slowly.
Frank? Get your ass out the car.
It's all right, it's all right.
Bend your ass over.
It ain't gonna be long.
Ain't that right, little bitch? Shut your ass up.
Did I tell you you can look at me, bitch? Okay.
Touch my shit again, you hear? What you searching my car for? You ain't got no [CENSORED.]
Shit, look at big boy for black money.
Give me the phone.
Special agent Cooper.
You wanna tell me why McBride went on such a tear? I think he was looking for evidence.
No warrant? The best of us are investigating from the sidelines and wanted to follow whatever it was he was looking for.
Yeah, did he find any evidence? Don't think so.
He seemed pretty pissed.
We've been watching McBride for some time now.
We need details on the missing raid money.
Look, I don't know anything about a money raid or what he was playing.
He was your partner.
How the hell don't you know? Now we need details.
See, the details are what are gonna save you.
You mentioned he said something about intel the day of the raid.
Yeah, he stopped and talked to a narc while I stayed in the car.
It seemed pretty upbeat after that.
What narc? Could he be a DEA agent? That's what he said.
Did you meet this person? Never.
Whoever the person was, McBride seemed happy as hell to meet him.
You need to find out what McBride had to do with this raid and where that money's located and I don't care how you get that info.
You just get it.
And if you even think about lying to me, you're going down with McBride.
There's no record of any FBI participation at the raid location on the night in question.
Also for the record, there was no official B.
investigation being conducted.
Your honor, that matter is under internal investigation at the bureau and does not pertain to this case.
Can you quickly review these documents? Yeah, I've looked through the B.
evidence from McBride.
FBI filed reports and case notes.
None of it's official.
None of it is official, ha ha.
Your honor, request to dismiss the case on the grounds of no evidence to convict and no probable cause.
Supervisor Trett, why did we not get a report from the DOJ regarding this evidence, or dare I say lack of? Your honor, this matter's only recently come to our attention and preliminary investigation was only approved a week ago.
Please, I've heard enough.
This case is dismissed.
Order! Order! [CROWD CHEERING.]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, thank y'all, a'ight.
Keep supporting the cause, I'm telling you, I will see y'all on tour.
Thank y'all, promise you.
McBride, hold up! I need to see you in my office in 30 minutes.
- Sir, I - 30 minutes! [CAR BEEPING.]
Appreciate you for that, man.
Saved our life.
- Let's go.
The DOJ think they got me, suckers.
Mmm! I was workin' on that for over a year.
Now, I'm gonna lose everything.
Calm down.
You're not gonna lose everything.
You still got me.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah, okay.
Come on now [SNIFFS.]
Uncle Bo sends his regards.
You're a cold piece of work, baby girl.
The long con is the best con.
Ey, you gotta take care of Woody for me.
The whole frank stole my girl thing in court.
So he came to you? Yep.
First, he brought up the whole Tisha and Frank thing then tried to go in on me about some get back at Frank shit.
You'll have to sell that in court.
Done and done.
The whole thing, just like we talked about.
I'm gonna look crazy in there, but whatever.
Look, we brought Anteswell Henderson three days, so, whatever you got, we ain't got time to waste, - you feel me? - Absolutely.
So, look, we stage our own robbery.
After the raid, we follow the money.
Then, once it's outta sight, you come in with your team and steal the money back.
Then just play it cool and coy.
I'll make sure McBride keeps his head up his ass.
You copy? Sounds good to me.
- Academy Award.
Woody will be more than taken care of.
Your money is in the car.
That shit was crazy, huh? Beyond.
Shit, I say we hit the club tonight! Forgot you gotta get up early tomorrow and work.
Nah, I'll turn my papers then do a recess.
I'm officially retired from the FBI.
We pulled this off without a hitch.
We good? Oh, we gold.
Hey, you a genius, Cooper.
Dang, you put all this together? [COOPER.]
There's a fine line between crooks and cops, you know.
Good thing we're both slippery.
Yo, that was too easy, baby! Greed's a bitch! Great job.
Prince! [LAUGHS.]
Hey, how's my boy? Hey, you know I'm in it for the long run, baby.
- [FRANK.]
Yeah, yeah.
- McBride never knew what the hell hit him, and we hit him with everything we had.
It was a pleasure doin' business with you.
Hell yeah.
Dav put the play together.
Little grim reaper, that shit.
- Cool it.
- Hey, yo, yo, yo, you see that? This is what we do, man.
We up now.
We up now! - [CROWD CHEERING.]
- Splash - Slippery
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