Tales (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Deep Cover

1 You better have some answers for us, K.
- - You're turning 30 this weekend.
Don't remind me, man.
That's a real number right there.
Your balls finally dropped.
Maybe it's time for you to consider having me do more around the shop now.
No doubt.
I'm serious, Unc, I'm ready.
Ride or die everyday.
Yeah, and you don't stop (MAN) You've heard the name John Ruzego, right? Yeah, why are we messing with that crazy ass Russian for? His distribution.
He's losing his footing in Miami.
Crews turning against him, he's vulnerable.
I want to take it.
Tampa and Orlando, too.
He's going to try and move in the A.
I want his real estate in Florida first.
This is the most dangerous cat in the game not named Dougy Watkins.
We lay a pipe in this guy's field, we'll be drawing oil for the rest of our lives.
Kay, you want a shot at the bigs? - You know I do.
- Cool.
All you've got to do is set the table at the meet, feel 'em out, then let me come in and do what I do.
- Get it? - Got it.
What are you drawing, baby? Hey, hey.
Daddy's home.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey, mama.
Come here.
Oh, Jesus.
What's up with you, babe? I can't be happy to see my girl? - Hey, boy.
- Of course.
Your girl is fried, though.
I left the hospital early just so they can tell me that I'm working a double tomorrow night.
One of the nurses called in sick.
Well, maybe soon you won't have to work, like, ever again.
What are you talking about? Why are you so happy? Uncle Dougy finally called me up.
A big connect.
Took his ass long enough.
You see, your tio, he's a hard ass.
Asking me to work extra hard 'cause we're family.
Huh? Wait, you, it's time for bed.
Come here.
You ready? Say good night.
(BABY) Good night.
- Good night, baby.
- Hey, listen, it's going to pop.
I'm Dougy's favorite.
Well, it hasn't happened yet, right, but (PAUSES) it's about to.
It's going to.
- Yeah.
- I can feel it.
It's gon' pop.
That makes me happy, Papi.
I'll tell you this, okay? I'm tired of Dougy paying the rent here.
Like, I just don't want to be up under his thumb.
Like, I want to own this ourselves, we have the money.
No, K, you will not touch that money.
That's our golden parachute.
Well, what's the use of a parachute if you can't use it, right? Look, I just want to own something for us that's ours.
Maybe something with a, like, a home gym so I can just sit back and watch you walk around in them yoga pants with yo' fine ass.
Yeah, baby, I don't want Reggie growing up - talking like that.
- I'm just saying.
I'm just saying yo' ass look fire in them Lululemons, - and you know it.
- You ain't lyin'.
- You ain't lying.
- Uh-huh.
And when I get that itch, you know one us gon' wind up pregnant.
- Oh, one of us? - I don't know who.
- I don't know who.
- You don't know? - Un-huh.
- Oh, okay.
I can't with you.
You're so stupid.
I've been really thinking about it, you know, expanding our family.
And getting you everything that you deserve.
Baby, I got everything I need.
Come here.
(SOMEONE KNOCKING) Don't go away.
Why is J Rod here? Uh, I don't know.
Just give me a minute.
Get with Reggie.
Be careful.
What up, J? What up.
Where Angie? What are you asking for my wife for? You gon' smoke in my house? Shit, this Dougy's crib.
I just want to make sure you cool for tomorrow.
I don't need you to check on me, man.
I'm good.
Dougy just wants you to break bread with Ruzego, let him know we're the only game in town.
This dude's a hitter, you feel me? I feel you, and Dougy was pretty clear.
You want me there for backup? No, I just told you, I'm good.
And we're supposed to be fam.
- What are you even doing here? - My job.
Don't mess this shit up.
What is this? The address.
I wouldn't come in here strapped.
I'm a businessman.
Why would a businessman need guns? They don't.
- Mm.
- Kayron.
Have a seat.
Uh, I prefer to stand up.
I think better on my feet.
I'll eat while you talk.
Go ahead.
Well we respect you coming in through the front door to the A.
Just know one thing.
One way in, Dougie.
One way out, Dougie.
If you wanna move anyway in the A, we're both doors.
There are others, three.
Three other crews to be exact.
We got my nephew here too.
Maybe he can do it.
Keep it all in the family.
Well, well yeah.
You can move your nephew up here.
Get him in a nice penthouse downtown so he can see the pretty lights.
- But it wouldn't matter.
- And why is that? Because nobody knows who he is.
He's a ghost.
And we'd make sure it'd stay like that.
You what now? Dougie knows everybody.
His business is consistent and protected.
Oh, like no other.
His numbers have gone up since he's been running the game.
There's no holes in his operation, as I'm sure you've asked around.
How do you know that? You wouldn't have asked for this sit if you didn't.
Come on, look.
Everybody knows you have good stuff.
That's not the problem.
Your poisoning up and down the East Coast.
We have the relationships.
All right.
Let's do business.
When can I meet your uncle, Dougie? See, I know some shit too.
That's not enough.
Excuse me? Think more.
Look north, look south, Tupelo to Raleigh untapped markets.
If you work with us, you can leave here with 30% more than you thought you would just by coming into the A alone.
Then why would I give you those territories as well? Because we know that you shit the bed in Miami.
And nobody'll touch you down there.
Come on, just say the word.
Make all of us a lot richer.
Huh? This caviar? It's nice.
You're brazen.
Big balls.
Just a money man, trying to stack as much paper as possible.
We have a deal, money man.
We'll be in contact.
Wow, babe.
Look at all these people here.
For me, huh? Happy birthday, Kayron.
This is a hell of a turnout.
You don't really see parties like this anymore, huh? - Gracias.
- De nada.
Congrats, guys.
Excuse me.
You're welcome.
Who is he? Little knucklehead.
But look at you.
Yeah? Happy birthday, Kayron.
Thank you, mi amor.
Come on.
Dirty Thirty? Dirty Thirty, huh? I doubted you, man.
You closed that fool like a G.
I told you all I needed was the nod.
Happy birthday, kid.
Thank you.
Look at you! Stunning.
Let me holler at your boy for a minute.
Everything all right? Perfect.
- See you in a minute.
- Yep.
So, hear you offered something, a little something extra on the Russian kidnap? Yeah, you know, just trying to elevate shit.
Oh, you trying to elevate shit.
That's what you're trying to do? Hell yeah.
And I locked in some extra bread.
Oh come on.
You know I've been trying to move serious weight.
How much extra? 30%.
I was selling it from the extra territory.
Oh my God.
Are you serious? I told you to do something very simple this morning.
And I did that.
I thought you'd be happy about this.
I had that piece of shit where I wanted him.
Who told you that we wanted to sell his shit in other places? But we got that to move, no problem.
What did I tell you to do? Did I tell you to say that? Yes or no? Unc, wha I'm not giving him 30% extra.
Did I say that you could go negotiate new business on your own? Yes or goddamn no? Speak up! - No, you didn't.
- That's right.
You ain't a shot-caller.
You a goddamn errand boy.
Now I gotta reel it back in.
Be happy where you are and where I'm keeping you till your dumb ass learns how to follow directions.
Or go back to being the corner boy.
Rod, let's get out of here.
You know what, I can't even believe you.
This is my third time putting Reggie to sleep.
You need to get it together.
I still can't believe this shit.
It is 3 o'clock in the goddamn morning, and the last thing we need is one of these neighbors calling the cops.
How's he gonna do this to me? To me? After I lay additional business at his feet? You did something Dougie didn't tell you to do, Kayron.
What did you expect? He put this roof over our head.
I can't believe you're taking his side.
I'm not taking his side.
I'm taking the side of business.
It's called taking initiative, babe.
Millions of dollars! And his greedy ass is only gonna act like he don't like it because he didn't think of it first.
What if things had gone sideways? Huh? Then what was gonna happen? You're lucky he didn't get rid of you.
Or worse, Kayron.
I've done everything that he's asked me to do.
Every single thing.
Every single thing.
(GLASS BREAKING) Didn't I just tell you to calm your ass down? You wanna be shit? Then prove your shit.
How much longer do we gotta do this until we get what's ours? Until you get that nod to make that pass.
You better stay in your goddamn lane.
(KAYRON) What's good, Turner? Thanks for meeting me.
What? No Dougie? Uh.
Was kind of hoping that we could have a conversation alone.
Maybe there's something you like.
Well, you, outta be careful about what I am about to do here.
Now, you know, I ain't about to double back on your uncle.
(KAYRON) I can undercut what you paying Dougie by 20%.
And I gotta connect that can get you something about 10% more purer than what uncle Dougie's been giving you.
10%? Now, how the hell is that even possible.
I'm telling you what I got is so good.
Where you gonna find that pier? I know where Bougie stashes it.
Said 20%? 20%.
But that stays between us.
You know your uncle a dangerous man.
Yeah, he is, but if this shit goes into effect like I think I will, I'll be able to get up really quickly.
If things go south, you're on your own, okay? Throwing your ass under the got damn bus.
Shit, I'll buy the bus ticket myself.
All right, we in it then.
(ANGELICA) Hey, baby.
(KAYRON) Dinner, 7 o'clock, your favorite restaurant.
How does that sound? Must be a special occasion.
You and Dougie good? (KAYRON) Gold.
This ain't about him.
I kinda want to make up for tripping last night.
How's it going, Kayron? (MAN) Easy, Easy, Easy.
(HOWIE) And we didn't bother tying you down.
You are as screwed as it is, Kayron.
(BALD MAN) Truth be told, you're safer here with us - than out there.
- Wait, you're from my birthday.
(BALD MAN) Yeah.
Sorry for not bringing a gift.
Yeah, our apologies, for not introducing ourselves.
(BALD MAN) Oh yeah.
(HOWIE) What are you doing making side deals with Gabriel Turner? I don't know what you're talking about.
(HOWIE) Oh, he don't know what we're taking about.
Maybe we can help him out.
You know maybe we help him jog his memory.
We do something a little bit like that.
(CHAIR DRAGS) (HOWIE) You excited? What do we got here, Kayron? I don't know who that is.
(LAUGHS) Howie, this dude is funny.
I mean, he's funnier than Kat Williams.
Yeah, but like, pre-2010 Kat Williams.
Yeah, he was funny as hell, back then.
Not the new Kat Williams.
No because he has lost his edge.
This is what I'm saying he lost is edge.
What do you want with me? (BALD MAN) Check this out.
And wait for it.
(KAYRON) I can undercut what you're paying Dougie by 20%.
There it is.
Do you know how screwed you are? Snitch bitch.
I love you.
Sit down.
What are you doing? Hey, Kayron.
What are you doing shooting the messenger? You're the one that left the reservation.
You went behind your uncle Dougie's back.
I mean we had our sights on him for a long, long time.
Life was good for you, Kayron.
(BALD MAN) You getting paid.
But no, no we are here to talk about you, Kayron.
I'd rather die than flip.
- (BALD MAN) Mm.
- Okay, you know what? We could easily do that.
(BALD MAN) Mm Hmm.
You got two options, number one, we drop you off at uncle Dougie's house just in time for lunch with your friend Turner here.
Or two, you wear a wire when we tell you too.
- Shit, no.
- (HOWIE) Listen to me.
These things these days are so small, you don't even notice.
I mean, you didn't notice when your pal here Turner was rocking it.
(BALD MAN) Just think about it, all right? Think it over, you need to right? (BALD MAN LAUGHS) We don't want you Kayron.
So, you could probably well imagine, although that deal with Turner there that might've turned into something, I guess.
We do, however, want your uncle Dougie.
(HOWIE) And maybe, you take over the whole operation.
I mean, you're a new man, Kayron.
That's what you want, right? I mean, you wanna be the top dog.
We're just clearing the path for you, Kayron.
So, if I work with you, how would that even look? (BALD MAN) I'll tell you what it looks like, it looks like Angelica and Reggie get to give you a kiss goodnight.
We can just cut all this bullshit.
You know, I can squeeze her for what she knows, or Reggie goes to DC at first, would you like that? Yeah.
I'm sorry? I can't hear you so.
All right.
(HOWIE) Hmm? I'll do it.
Say it again please? - I'll do it.
- Thank you.
That's good.
You just made the right decision for everybody.
By the way, happy birthday.
You know, 30 looks good on you.
(GUN COCKS) (HOWIE) Handsome man.
Go ahead.
Make a wish.
(GUN BANGS) (MAN) You know it.
Where you been? Out.
Yo, who lent you up like that? Yo, come on.
Uh, that fat ass on Englishman.
Yo, you want me to handle? I did.
Look man, I had a few drinks in me the other night.
You know how that liquor gets me fueled up.
- We good? - Yeah, yeah, always.
Well, listen up.
Shit's about to level up with the Russians.
I need everybody hustling.
Ride or die everyday.
(WORKERS SHOUTS) Ain't no other got damn way.
(DOUGIE) Mm Hmm.
Get some rest.
You sure you're good? Yeah.
Yeah, always.
I finally put Reggie to sleep.
That's good.
Let me take a look at you.
It's just a lump.
(KAYRON WINCES) I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Let me see.
Baby, listen to me, you're gonna handle your business because you have a family to take care of.
You're gonna do whatever they ask you to do.
We're gonna cut a deal.
And we're gonna walk.
Babe, if Dougie finds out that I flipped Dougie doesn't know.
And we're gonna keep it that way until they get whatever they need and they move us.
- Move us? - Yes.
Babe, we're not the Corleones.
I'm a black man in America whose been selling drugs for half of his life.
- Baby, you're being paranoid.
- Of course, I'm being paranoid.
I'm a drug dealer that's been flipped by the god damn Feds.
Baby, you need to calm down.
(KISSES) (ANGELICA) Baby, I've been rocking with you since I was 13.
I don't know any other love.
We got into this hustle together and now you're gonna get us out of it.
So, get us the hell out of it.
I love you.
Love you more.
Face down We both know I love you when your face down Sometimes I really wish that you would stay 'round But then I realize I'm trippin' just like a greyhound Damn Face down You thinking I'm a come up so you stay down If you thinking this is funny I ain't saying I'm accusing you of anything Ochua.
I just wanna know why you work my nephew's ass.
You sure he hasn't been by in days to see you? (SIGHS) Nah no reason.
I just had to check up on some shit that I heard.
(INAUDIBLE) Hey! No one here but your new friends.
Pull up a chair.
So, how was work today honey? Look, if I do this how do I know ima walk? Because you're a small fish and your bones aren't worth chocking on.
So we got intel that the Russian want Destro and Florida.
Well if you know that what the hell do you need me for? Just stay in character Kayron, all right? You're not the muscle kid and clearly you're not the brains either.
So pretty please, with sugar on top, tell us about Rashakers meeting with Dougie.
We're gonna be taking Florida in exchange of letting them in the A.
Look guys I think Dougie knows that something is up, - seriously.
- Really, you think so? I think that's just fear talking, but you know I don't know, maybe, maybe you're right.
I mean he's a sharp guy.
Not really, he's a shar he's not a-he's not.
Your uncle's not that bright, all right? So unless you were walking in there with a DEA windbreaker, we're, we're good, trust me.
If Dougie pulls this off, he's gonna be the biggest dealer in the south.
You know, that sounds like some serious conversation, partner, I think we should be recording this.
You're right.
When you are with Dougie, you'll have this on.
So we don't have to keep meeting like this.
Be smart, all right? Keep it together, cause you do not want to be the narc who loses his shit in the room with the Russian and Dougie we would feel bad about that.
But we'd find a way to go on.
Yeah, everyone.
I think everyone would find a way to go on Kayron.
Really really really really no really really had to get this money, I was careful Know the people only love the dead folk Tell me when you got something.
(INAUDIBLE) He's headed to work.
Kayron walks in toss his house, rip his shirt open, lift up his balls, bend him over tell him cough.
And all the pure is in a another safehouse that he don't know about.
Nobody know about that place except you and me boss.
Yo you late.
Where you been Kayron? Yo what're you doin? What're you Are you serious? I just bought this shirt.
(DOUGIE LAUGHS) God damn J Rod, hope you got a dental plan.
Don't you ever put your goddamn hands on me.
My bad nephew, big business today.
Can't be too careful right? Yeah, for sure.
I'm sorry for being late.
Aight, show's over everybody back to work.
Get it done, get it done.
Yo, K you sweatin' out what's left of ya shirt bruh.
Go dry yourself off and lets roll.
Hurry yo ass up.
Yo, he a goddamn snitch.
Business man, huh? Drug dealer.
You get it back when you leave.
Please have a seat.
I prefer to stand.
Think better on my feet.
Must run in the family, but I insist.
Its a pleasure to match the face with the infamous name.
Stories are mostly tall tales for regular men.
But in your case, stories are true.
Watkins, as you know, I'm kind of looking for a new business partner.
Unfortunately things didn't work out as well as I hoped, with my last one.
Sometimes the nature of our business, we find a way to move on.
Kayron, your nephew here says I can move on with you.
I require a lot, but you have a positive reputation, seems like you put a lot of money in the hands of your business partners.
I have people I trust with my life to help me run my business.
I appreciate you, unc.
Even when family disappoints, they still family.
What else do we really have in life, right? To business.
Its simple really, I have the best cocaine in or around the city.
I want to guarantee that our business together will always go without any disruption and with your full protection.
That's the only way I do business.
This is my city, and all these bitches know that.
You see you don't know us yet, but my uncle deals exclusively with people who - demand the best.
- You want some of the A, but what do we get for this pass? The best.
I don't understand.
You acting like we just unrolled the welcome mat for yo ass here.
But you forgettin' the tax.
We can let you in our house, but in return, we get all of Florida.
You never go back.
Perhaps something got lost in translation here.
Pretty clear to me, you was thinking we make you fat here again.
My nephew got a little loose with his initial proposal.
He doesn't have the authority.
I thought your nephew's proposal makes perfect financial sense.
Forget Florida, move on.
I'm moving on Florida, it's mine now.
Just a memory to you.
You lost that shit to the Cubans anyway.
You're the white whale Mr.
Rashako, I've had my eye on you for a while and it would be a pleasure to do business with you under these terms.
Nowhere to go but up, or in the ground.
Your call.
I'm excited for our future together.
We don't work with people who don't keep their word Kayron I didn't think we'd have a problem with you Wait! We're way past waiting Kayron.
- He knew.
- Yeah? Why weren't you wearing the goddamn wire? I was shook, okay? You're about to spend the rest of your life in prison, do you understand that Kayron? Why don't you tell us where this mystery stash is? Okay, but I can't take you with me.
Ill be made, I gotta go alone.
(OUTRO BEAT PLAYS) Shit! Babe come down.
You want breakfast? (SLAM) (SHOCKED BREATHING) I didn't mean to scare you like that Angie.
- (ANGIE) Dougie! - Shit! (ANGIE) It's all good.
(DOUG) I hope I ain't puttin' you out too early am I? (SIGHS) Don't be crazy, come in.
(LAUGHS) - You hungry? - (DOUG) No I'm good, I'm good.
Where's my nephew? He's just finishing up in the shower.
I love what you guys did with the place.
Thank you.
(LAUGHS) Bae, your uncle's here.
Yo! - What's good huh? - Everything, neph! Hope it's okay, me dropping by like this? Yeah, yeah it's not a problem.
- Uh, I'm coming down.
- All right.
Just give me one second.
- How you been? - Good, good, great.
(SIGHING) Where little man at? Oh, he's taking a nap.
Oh yeah, it is nap time.
Hey, you hungry? I already offered.
So, I've been thinking about your wedding date I'm thinking April 23rd.
The first week of spring.
That's perfect! I'm paying for the wedding.
- Don't - (ANGIE) No.
I don't wanna hear nothing out of you.
(SIGHING) You already did so much, Doug.
Are you kidding me? I love you two.
I don't wanna hear nothing else about it, and if your mother, God bless her soul, was here, she'd kick my whole ass if I didn't.
I mean, I guess I can't argue with that.
There it is.
Well, thank you.
(DOUG) You know.
(BABY CRIES) (SIGHS) I gotta get him ready for daycare - Sounds like he's up now.
- No, I got it, I got it.
Worry about it.
(DOOR CREAKS) (QUIETLY) What is he doing here? Be cool.
He has our kid.
Baby, listen.
This who's left right now, we all die.
(DOUGIE) Good man, right? Good man.
Maybe another one next year? We're working on it.
- But I'm stopping at two.
- Just two? Make beautiful kids? Yes, just two.
You ready to be a big brother Rajeev? Share all your toys? Nah, maybe you come work for me? You ain't gotta share a goddamn thing.
How that sound? That's for ice cream.
- Say thank you.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
It's hard not to spoil this kid.
So damn cute! That's my man right here.
All right Raj.
All right, let's roll.
Lots to do today.
All right Raj, come on.
It was nice seeing you, Dougie.
(DOOR CREAKS) I love you.
I love you more.
I'm proud of you, man.
I don't think I say it enough.
I appreciate that, Unc.
All I wanted to do when I was growing up was be like you.
Nah, you better than me.
Growing into your own person.
Give yourself credit, you deserve it.
You've been gettin' it done for a while now.
Goddamn, I love this track.
This asshole.
I can't hear a word they're saying.
It's a dead signal.
You running point on all things Russian in Atlanta.
Siejko needs anything at all, you anticipate that shit, and have it ready.
Yeah, okay.
These gone make us more money than all those other bitches combined.
(LAUGHING) Sound good, right Kay? Sound amazing.
Yeah I shoulda bumped you up a long time ago.
Life is good, lesson they lose.
(CAR BEEPING) Wait, wait, why why are we here? Wh-how do you even know about this spot? (GRUNTS) Wait wait wait whoa, okay, all right, okay.
I try to tell myself it's no way he could do this to me.
Maybe some other bitch would but not you, Kay.
Show me that goddamn wire before I empty your head on the hood of this car! Wait, I'm sorry.
Please, please, I can explain.
I created you.
Made you a man.
Made me a man? You ain't never let me be my own man! You ain't do nothing but hold me down when I showed you nothing but love! You were everything to me.
Uncle Dougie, look, I love you more than anything, I swear.
But they had Angelica, they have Reggie Come here, come here, come here, Kayron, come here.
It's gon' be all right, man.
(HYPERVENTILATING) All right, we gonna get through this.
Uncle Dougie, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, man.
Look, I'm sorry.
I love you.
Love you, too.
(KISSES) But the rat's gotta go.
(GRUNTS) (CLAPPING) Whoa, that was some Shakespearean shit, Dougie.
Yeah, you know the irony wasn't lost on us when you called him a rat.
You put a blanket over him or somethin'.
You don't like looking at your handiwork? You a sick piece of shit, Mendez.
Now he's out, we square.
I gave you Turner, so the snitch circle is officially closed.
Dougie, I gotta ask you somethin'.
Where's the pure-cut gold that you been sittin' on? Or better yet, where's our cut that you been holdin' back? I been doin' this shit for damn near a decade for the two of you.
We're done.
We're not done until I say we're done, son.
Been givin' you 20 percent of everything.
Nuh-uh, not that pure.
No, imagine our surprise when we heard from Kayron that you were holdin' some product back from us? You made enough.
I don't know too many pigs pullin' in seven figures a goddamn year.
I just bodied my nephew! We're done! Be very careful, uncle Dougie.
Otherwise, it's gonna be 90 percent of everything including that pure stash.
And we're the ones who say when it's over, Dougie.
You wanna stay alive? You get back out there.
You get us paid on everything, corner boy.
I'm done wichu pieces of shit.
I'm Dougie goddamn Watkins! (GUNSHOT) (HEAVY BREATHING) Ride or die, everyday.
Ain't no other goddamn way.
(GUNSHOTS) Now this shit is done, you ready to step up? It's a bet.
40 percent my way, that is including the stash.
Done and done.
Goddammit I love these partnerships.
Can you believe he cut this shit of a vest? Better for it to have gotten under the vest than a bullet to your head.
Know what time it is, baby? Yeah, it's time to open up that goddamn golden parachute.
Oh, you're goddamn right.
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