Tales (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Bodak Yellow

Bodak Yellow Tunnel vision, committed, either way I know I'm winning.
(MUMBLING) If you doubt it, you trippin', trippin' only use what I've been given, flip the script, never quit, put my all into this shit.
Take the hit, get up again cause at the top I won't forget.
I'mma keep this sham movin', provin' everybody wrong.
These haters keep on coming but, my mind is staying strong.
The world all on my shoulders, everyday I gotta fight, kids say you know what it's like I've been praying every night.
Hey woman that was fuego.
Shut up Oh I'm serious you're like the next C-Ultra bae.
I mean do I even have eyebrows left or did you singe them off? You stupid, I can't with you.
You gonna slay that Town Showcase Hopefully Mama, no no no, we turn hopefully into happening, okay? PVO right? Say it with me.
(BOTH) Positive Vibes Only! No bad juju bring that lightness.
Bring that thunder - Yes we are - That's how we do Amen.
(ANNOUNCER) Next on to the stage; No Control Guard this shit with your life.
Always do.
(ANNOUNCER) Get up and get your racks ready for; Vixen Violet.
Now go make that dinero mama.
(CHUCKLING) (VIXEN) Here's the real shit about being a dancer, stripper, whatever the hell it's called and whatever the hell city hall working ladies drop they clothes and shake they asses for paper.
No part-time way to do this, You gotta go full throttle, full time Look the customer in the eye, make them feel like there's no one else in the room and collect that cash.
Dude's will give you their rent, their cars, shit, their houses, if you make they asses feel special one song at a time.
But here's the thing, we got the power, we got the edge, we got the upper hand the second you walk in here.
We also got an expiration date, So we're gonna take what's ours before time takes what's left.
Don't judge us.
and sure as shit do not think you can save us We ain't looking for no life raft, we got our eyes on a yacht.
And keep this in mind sweet babies.
On this ride, there can only be one captain.
And as long as you in this club, I'm the only captain here.
Hey boo.
Get that money, you get them flowers out there? You like them? Like hey that's me, I was gonna get the roses but the rose man got stabbed in a shootout.
So I couldn't get them but I got you the best I could.
Well, a girl loves roses.
I'll get it to you next time but forget all that when you gonna let me get you up out of here.
Take you up out this environment.
You can get you some.
As soon as I get my tax return form my baby mama.
Hey hey boo hey, when you gonna dance for me? I'm good Rickie.
No you not.
Dance for your boy.
Rickie, we both know you can't afford the goodness Come on, hey baby You're up rolling with a can't tell me tonight? Nah, I'm just getting ready to go home.
No you're under my clock, and as long as you're under my clock, You better be down for some cock.
Damn Rocko, I didn't know you could rhyme like that.
Maybe sometime me and you can get on a song.
V this place is full of money, you make it, I take it.
There you go again, you a rhyme master.
Rhyme master Rocko, that's what I'mma call you.
Yeah now get your ass in gear and earn.
V, you down for a dance? Sure.
Violet, Violet you so damn beautiful.
Much appreciated Ryder, So how you been Ryder, you still on that job in Gwennet County? I finished that about three weeks ago, Down in Douglasville for the last month, I'm over this day job shit though, You can switch places with me anyday.
Nah I think you probably look a lot better in glitter than I do.
I don't know about that, The right color could really bring out your eyes.
Wow beautiful and funny huh.
I'mma stick to banging nails though, couple more years, stack up enough paper, and my side hustle become my main hustle.
You and everybody else in this place, working on them side hustles, Oh you don't believe me, This place is full of the hopeful and hungry, be honest with you? You've been chasing beats for a minute (SCOFFS) And you got shook or something before it really clicked.
I got shook or something okay, Hold that thought.
Look listen to this real quick, you tell me this shit ain't clicking.
Thank me later.
Fire right? This your new shit? Brand new.
Oh you know, I'm a one song a night kinda guy You good.
Sit down.
So looking for some virgins on those beats.
Always, still spitting? Bars for days Yeah but you know you're a Stripper, Dude these bills don't pay themselves, and you still banging nails all day, so don't shit on my dreams.
My bad Yeah it was.
Look, Maybe we can make something out of this.
I mean, you back on the upswing, and me with the lyrics.
You know what, when you ready to work and ready to really get down on this track, Are you not hearing me Ryder? I'm telling you right here, right now I want to get down a beat.
Studio time's expensive Both our time cost money and you just got two-for one so, what you wanna do? Trust me, you're pockets ain't deep enough for what I just gave you.
So how about this, you bring the beat, and I bring the fire.
And we straight, cool? Cool Rocko, what's good? Can't believe you have the balls showing up like this, after all the money you owe me.
You been ducking me? I'm not ducking you man, I've just been working out of town.
Then you better break me off something right now cause, Got you.
What the hell is this? That's what I got on me, you wanted some bread I gave it to you.
This is shit Ryder, I need more than the juice.
Listen I need you come in here playing with my money in the boom boom room.
Look I got you tomorrow all right.
You come find me, if not, you don't want me looking for you.
(CHEERING) Damn bitch, you working the breakfast and the lunch shift.
Mm-mm I cannot get down with that weak ass breakfast buffet.
(LAUGHS) Too bad girl, cause bacon and syrup is my jam.
(CHUCKLES) For real though, you know there's more paper to make here if you want to.
Alysha, you hit the floor hard tonight, Thank you Rocko, just on my gel B.
And you do it well, got my cake? Thank you.
Hang on a second we're not done here.
You good girl? Yeah I'm good.
You got my kick? (MONEY RUSTLING) What is this? Slow night.
I saw you rejecting Rickie tonight.
Rickie's only out for one thing.
And you are in the providing business.
You're not allowed to reject shit! I didn't know this was a dictatorship.
Emphasis on the dick.
You got jokes? - Yeah.
A few.
- Yeah.
Have you heard the one about the job market not calling for a high school drop-out who's entire resume's about shaking her ass? You should and need to do more for me and my customers.
Any club would be more than happy to have me.
Not once I make a phone call.
No one will hire you.
I've worked my ass off for you and your customers, and that don't got a price tag on it.
All the asses here have a price tag, and guess what? I set the price.
(SLAPPING) Pick that up bitch.
I don't know if I can keep working for this piece of shit.
Girl, we got a three year plan.
We got to stick with it.
We're five years in, and you hittin' the floor hard? That wasn't part of it.
(DISHES CLANK) Shit changed.
I had to pivot.
I'm putting in the work.
Vee You can front and act like you better than the rest of the girls.
I'm not saying that.
Mimi, get yo ass out here.
Why are you up? You woke me up.
What y'all fightin' about? You're a bad liar, and we're not fighting.
Why is your guidance councilor calling me at 9:00.
(YAWN) Oh my God, I am so exhausted.
I'm a catch you of the flip side.
Good night! Your girl's trippin.
Everything all right between you two? Don't make this about me.
You fightin about some stupid shit again? Just holdin' my own.
You throw them hands one more time and Mr.
Dobbins is gonna suspend you.
I hate that school anyhow.
Mimi! Don't make me sound like Mama up in here.
This shit ain't cute.
You've been to three schools already.
You're running out of options.
You better make this one stick.
Okay? I need you to promise me that.
Promise me! Fine.
I promise.
Ultra? Now that's my shit.
She's coming to town looking for some openers, and I got some fire that if she heard she'd be opening up for me.
(LAUGHS) - Wanna hear it? - You know it.
(PLAYER CLICKS) Tunnel vision, committed.
Either way I know I'm winnin'.
If you doubt it you trippin'.
I'm a use what I been given.
Flip the script, never quit.
Put my all into this shit.
Oh shit! (SQUEAL) Yo, you got to lay down some tracks.
Its the only way you gonna get heard.
Well, you know my regular? Rider? That fine ass construction worker? I got to keep yo young ass off my gram.
(LAUGHS) Yes, the fine one.
I cut a deal.
- He gonna hook me up.
- Who's he got to put you on? He better not be playin' you.
I swear, when I get my shot, I'm a make you my manager.
Cool! I need names, credits, all that.
He's got a studio.
He's been out the mix for a little bit, but he's back now.
Beats fire too.
Now, get yo young ass to sleep.
Mmm Goodnight.
Violet? Yeah? Um, as your manager, you know, I'm gonna need some money for the field trip tomorrow.
We got bills tomorrow.
I could break you a five.
Ten goes a long way.
Tough shit.
Now (RUSTLING) Now, make this five work.
Thank you.
Vee? Yeah? You think Mama's lookin' down on us? Every damn day.
She's what keeps me going.
What keeps us going.
She'd be so happy to see us working together.
For life.
I love you.
For life.
Love you too.
(ENGINE STARTS) Bodega coffee, huh? That's my kinda girl.
Surprisingly on point.
Where you off to with that coffee? Just to pick up some of my clothes.
Then what? Then, I'm headed to the bank to deposit my money so my rent doesn't bounce.
Then what? Getting my hair and my nails done.
Then what after that? Are you my social director today? (CHUCKLES) Maybe.
Well, that's too bad for you.
Why's that? Because I don't socialize with customers.
Huh? Vee! You don't socialize with customers? How come? Bad for business.
You know that whole, "Why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free?" Really? Cause you know milk is actually very, very cheap? But a cow? How much does a cow cost? Maybe you're right, but that still doesn't change the whole dynamic right here.
So I won't come back.
Where? To the club.
Look, I'm no longer a customer.
I quit.
You don't quit being a customer.
Why not? Once we drop our song you gonna quit being a dancer.
It drops, catch fire, and we good.
No lookin' back.
What you say? I say, put the needle on the record.
Look beat.
Tunnel vision, committed.
Either way I know I'm winnin'.
Sorry, can you bring me in from the top again? I just came in ahead of the beat.
You came in perfect.
Yeah, but in my head I came in ahead of it.
Let's get it again.
Um I'm sorry.
Can you turn the bass down a little bit? I just don't want it to drown out my vocals.
I can do all of that in the mix later.
Vee You sure you wanna do this? Absolutely! Look, I'm a perfectionist.
I just want to make sure that all the planes are lined up perfectly on the runway.
Everything's lined up.
I got you.
I'm air-traffic control.
Okay? Just trust.
Can you do that? Okay.
Let's do this! I got you.
All right.
If you doubt it, you trippin'.
I'm a use what I been givin'.
Flip the scripts, never quit, put my all into this shit.
Take the hit, get up again cause at the top I won't forget.
I'm a keep this shit movin', provin' everybody wrong.
These haters keep on comin', but my mind is staying strong.
The world all on my shoulder, everyday I got to fight.
Can't say you know what its like.
I been prayin' every night.
I'm on the grind, can't sleep, this money on my mind, ain't satisfied.
Till I get it all.
Oh, I want it all.
Won't waste my time, I'm on the grind, can't sleep, this money on my mind.
Ain't satisfied.
Till I get it all.
Oh, I want it all.
I'm a get it all.
Damn son! (CHUCKLES) Yo.
Wait, I probably should've recorded that, but that shit was fire.
You stupid! For real.
You ready for the A-town Showcase, that's all I got to say.
These local MC's? They ain't gonna know what to do with you.
How long you been sittin' on this? Honestly? I didn't think I was ready.
Honestly? You're more than ready.
I mean, it's crazy you just been sittin' on this.
You know? (LAUGHS) I can't believe it.
I got other priorities.
Vee, you got to make that your priority.
There's only one chick out there killin' shit.
That's C.
Now, she's gonna be tough to beat, but you go out there, rock the mic, kill the stage, she's gonna notice you.
Respect you.
You win? You get a place on her tour.
Both a win win, right? Ultra's a monster.
And you're the slayer.
I'm a, uh, get back to work, and uh, do my job, cause I didn't do it that time, cause I didn't record that.
So, you just do what you did, and uh, I'm a be better at my job.
I mean, we got it in like four takes.
I was just feeling it, in the zone.
Like we was in perfect synchronicity.
It was real magical.
I'm rambling.
I didn't even ask you about your field trip.
It was cool.
I mean, I'm 16, I was bored.
Where's the magic? Let's listen to it.
He's just finishing up the mix, adding some instrumentals and effects.
You left the session without the masters? You should really get those files.
He's just finishing up the mix.
Y'all tripping.
We good.
You know what? Y'all paranoid as hell.
What up, super star? Oh, shit.
He even finer than his IG page.
Sorry, I just wanted to know when you was coming through with those masters.
And when she means coming through, she means coming.
(LAUGHTER) Do you know how hard you're making this for me? Do you know how hard you're making him for you? Oh my god, we have a minor in our presence.
Well you did tee that one up a little too easy for her.
(SIGHS) (WHISPERS) We won't say anything.
(PHONE RINGING) Sorry about that.
I have a dead zone in my crib.
She's not referring to the spot between her legs that she hasn't used in forever! Oh my god.
God, you was so close.
You saw that look he gave her? (WHISPERING) You aren't kidding.
Zoned in.
You better be here for one thing only.
Rocko, I don't got no beef with you, man.
I'm not even coming to the club.
I'm done.
I'm gonna get you your money.
What was I not very clear about? Huh? Get out.
Are you serious? I can't believe you, Rider.
Pick him up, pick him up! Geez.
I'm gonna settle with you, man.
You don't settle 'cause that would imply that either side would be at ease and currently it seems neither side is at peace.
So before you get curb stomp, I'm gonna ask you again.
Look, I know I owe you 20 grand.
All right? I've been working my ass off.
I've been working.
And I take full responsibility for the f[CENSORED.]
studio investment.
But if you just give me 60 more days, I'll turn all of this around for you, man.
(PUNCH TO THE FACE) Your 60 days are over.
Rocko, wait! No, I'm done waiting.
Rocko, wait! - Please just wait! - (ROCKO) Goodbye, Rider.
I got something better than money, man.
Nothing is better than money.
(HEAVY BREATHING) What the hell is that? Gold.
Solid gold.
The masters from my new song I just recorded with one of your girls.
Which one? Violet.
It's gonna be worth 10 times what I owe.
She's a star.
Take it.
It's yours, man.
I even get to listen to it first.
This is why you invested in the studio in the first place.
If this doesn't pay back everything I owe you, I'll kill my damn self.
Please, just take it.
(SIGHS) - If you are playing me - I'm not playing you.
That was my way out.
I promise.
Are we good? Uh-uh.
(LAUGHING) Yeah, we're good.
Get the f[CENSORED.]
out of here.
(HEAVILY BREATHING) (ROCKO) Place is going off tonight.
Yeah, it always is when there's a home game.
- Yeah.
- (VIOLET) You and Rider cool? So what are you doing up here? Just fishing up some writing.
I said, are you and Rider cool? Your song sound anything good like this one? That's mine! Correction.
I just bought it.
That's not for sale.
Well, everything is.
I was just making sure I own your ass a little bit more.
Please, just listen Tell you what, you can take a trip for this track.
A trip with me.
Seems quid pro quo.
You want the track, I want the trip.
You're a real piece of shit, Rocko.
You know that? (MUMBLES) (CRYING) I should have seen this shit coming! What happened? (VIOLET) I can't do this shit anymore! What happened? Rocko and Rider screwed me over.
What'd they do? Rocko owns the masters to my song and that asshole! I'm screwed! - No you're not, V, chill.
- I'm screwed! - Relax.
- No you're not You're not listening to me.
They got my song! A song! You got a book full of them! Take it to the showcase.
It's not that easy.
V, look around.
None of this shit is easy.
We're all out here grinding.
It doesn't work like that.
You don't know.
No? Why's that? 'Cause your music makes you better than me? Don't start that shit with me.
No, I'm not gonna start it but I'm damn sure gonna finish it, okay? Just 'cause you got played does not mean you gotta drag the rest of us into your bullshit.
Okay? You want to bury your head and run because some dude got over on you? You don't get it.
That song was my way out! (SIGHS) (PHONE RINGING) Hello? (PRINCIPAL DOBBINS) Yes, Violet? This is Principal Dobbins.
Sorry to call so late, but we need to talk about your sister.
Are you kidding me? (PRINCIPAL DOBBINS) I'm not.
Mimi's been sent home again for another infraction.
Look, Mr.
Dobbins, I don't have time for this right now.
And what do you mean Mimi's been sent home again? She hasn't been sent home early once.
(PRINCIPAL DOBBINS) Actually, she has.
Your sister continues to violate the school's violence policy - Okay.
- (PRINCIPAL DOBBINS) Without regard to doing exactly what she's supposed to do and Mr.
Dobbins, please don't do this.
(PRINCIPAL DOBBINS) I have not choice in the matter.
I cannot risk serious injury to another student because your sister was out of control.
Look, if you want to keep her home for a few days to cool down, then do that but don't make an example out of another young black girl by holding her back.
That ain't gonna do shit for nobody.
(PRINCIPAL DOBBINS) Do not make this a political situation.
So how about this, Mr.
Dobbins? Don't make example, be the example.
Be better.
- Think about that.
- (PRINCIPAL DOBBINS) Violet You screwed me over.
It wasn't even like that.
I didn't have a choice.
- Save your shit.
- Look, listen, okay? - Could you just listen? - I'm listening.
I took 20 G's from Rocko last year for a studio investment.
Shit was a bust.
I worked with whack ass artists and everything went sideways.
I lost all of his money.
He was going to kill me for that shit.
Maybe I should have let him.
I'm sorry for that, V.
I'm sorry, okay? Could we just put this shit behind us and go on that stage together? You deserve that.
Yeah, you sorry dude.
I'm gonna get on that stage tonight.
Not with you, but because of you.
And when I do, you better drop my god damn beat, bitch.
I'm taking over from here, man.
(CLEARS THROAT) (BOOING FROM AUDIENCE) Nobody say shit when you just hand your round It's when you on top Them clowns wanna take you down Put a hole in your stomach, you got an ulcer now No baby but you can see how wet ultrasound Yeah, we flexing Tell your man keep texting I ain't Crip but I'll cut your ass C-Section, that's it sis Thought you had it easy, bitch sis Wanna quit once you heard a bitch spit, sis It ain't broke, can't fix this Sexy thick chick I see you sweating me, I'm lick sis (MICROPHONE DROP) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) DJ, I don't even need a beat for this bitch, okay? Aye, yo what's ultra Boss bitch, consider it over That hoe tired I almost fell asleep on the sofa So I pull up in this thing like a Ben Take a bang bang Stupid drag, hundred pointers lit I'm chain gang, woo Yo, I'm known in every hood spot 'Cause they respect a queen That bitch a thot bot Coming for my spot Yo that's all cap Been about that work Welcome to the trap And I could start a riot But nobody really gives a f[CENSORED.]
about a Violet (MICROPHONE DROP) V, that was fire.
You're a super star.
Well you still ain't shit.
How was school today? - Good.
- Really? That's why Mr Dobbins called and said you got sent home? Where you been going? And don't lie to me.
Let's talk about this.
Really? Relax? Yo, I'm just trying to keep it chill.
Me and Mimi have been talking Stay out of this, this is family.
Really? - Yeah.
- Look, I don't need school and it ain't like we got money for college anyway.
Get in your goddamn room.
I'll deal with you later.
I'm not going to my room.
I'm not a kid and you sure as hell ain't mom.
You damn straight I'm not.
And that's 'cause mom never came home smelling like dry humping and dirty money.
Oh, you did it.
(GASPS) (SOBBING) That's how family handles it? I don't need no advice from some cock sucking ho like you.
Wow, I'll pack up my shit and f[CENSORED.]
(SIGHS) Goddamn it.
I'm sorry for putting my hands on you.
Save it.
You were a promise that I made to mom.
To keep after you.
And I'm failing at it all.
You're doing great Vi.
Don't be smart right now.
No, I'm dead as.
I deserved it, I did.
You know about half the shit I've been getting into.
Karma came to collect, we're good.
Hell, you the first bitch to actually get a shot in on me too.
Why are you fighting so much? Just some kids talking shit.
So, let 'em talk.
You don't know what they've been saying.
Tell me.
I was sticking up for you.
Some guy found a V Live flyer with you on it, made hundreds of copies and filled up my locker.
Same guy threw a dollar at me in gym in front of all his friends and told me to drop that ass and clap it.
So I did.
Dropped my foot on his tiny balls.
(CHUCKLES) I gotta call Mr.
Dobbins and tell him what's up.
Forget that for a second.
I mean he ain't gonna unsuspend me tonight.
Tell me about how you killed it.
I killed it.
(BOTH LAUGH) Did you win? Hell no.
See ol' Tru slayed, she a beast.
But I had my time.
Yep, had the time of my damn life.
You'll have more.
I know it.
I love you.
I love you too.
Pick it up, drop it down real slow What you got for me? Hey Boss, this is register A and this is register B.
Wow, round three it didn't work out? You ain't gotta power trip, Rocco.
You know I'm here.
Fill me in.
I'm willing to do whatever it takes.
Wow, that's a good start.
I'll get down.
You better.
'Cause I'm giving you one last chance.
And my masters? You keep on doing what you know to and you work your way back to it.
We good girl? Okay, get your ass back on stage.
("BODAK YELLOW" BY CARDI B) Pick it up, bitch.
We're not your girlfriend, your property.
These dollar bills don't rent us, they don't buy us, they don't control us.
This is a business transaction with one purpose.
To separate you from as much of your money as possible in a short amount of time.
You know what my MDA is? My beautiful ass.
You wanna see it? Then pay.
You wanna touch? Pay.
You wanna think it's yours in between tracks? Then pay.
We get up every morning to make this money, work ten times harder than you because we have to.
Your job doesn't come with the same disclaimers that ours does.
The disregard.
We're up here day and night doing this emotional high-wire act, without a safety net.
End of the day, it's all on us to get what's ours.
No one's gonna give us our Karma.
We got no one to trust but ourselves and that's the goddamn way it's gonna stay.
(CROWD CHEERING) ("BODAK YELLOW" BY CARDI B) Roll it, bounce it, jump it, catch Roll it, bounce it, throw that, catch Roll it, bounce it, jump it, catch Jump it, fast, throw that, catch Hey hey, I saw you over there busting it open over there.
Are you gonna dance with me? A'ight, one song.
You for real? C'mon.
Yeah, this is better than I thought.
Is that so, Rickie? Watch those hands.
Hey, what you mean watch my hands? As much as I'm spending, I can put my hands wherever I want.
Oh, shit.
Another song, another song.
- I said one song.
- What you doing? I got money.
We all know you ain't got that type of money, Rickie.
You don't know what I got.
How much you need? C'mon now, money ain't no problem.
You want this little petty ass shit? Get it, whatever.
(RICKIE GROANS) Now you gotta do more than just dance, put this d[CENSORED.]
in your mouth.
Oh, shit.
You dirty bitch.
Hey baby, what's wrong? I really f[CENSORED.]
up, he's gonna kill me.
Hey, the bitch swung on me, she snuck me.
Which one? Your bitch, Violet.
(TALKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Give me a towel or something! - My nose bleeding? - Yeah, yeah, it is.
I'm so sorry Rickie, I promise we'll straighten this out.
Man, you ain't gotta worry about it because I ain't coming back.
- No, no, no, please stay.
- I'm not coming back.
I will comp your night.
You gonna get me a new outfit? I will, I promise.
Stay, I'll comp your night.
(SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) It's on my good outfit man, my church suit.
It'll be alright baby, you'll see.
Oh! You are done here.
No she ain't.
Who the hell are you? He's saying who the hell am I? (CHUCKLES) A paying customer.
And I want a dance from her, right now.
You cool with that? Very.
Have fun.
You was bananas the other night.
You brought the f[CENSORED.]
house down.
(LAUGHS) Until you came and bodied me.
No I was just saving face, boo.
I can't have some hot shit MC steal my shine.
Hot shit! (LAUGHS) Not at all.
Besides, that was my first time on the stage.
(LAUGHS) Are you serious? I wish I never even knew that.
Listen babe, you ain't even gotta dance for me.
I'm a pay you either way, under the table.
To hell with that guy! I felt great out there though.
Like, I belonged or shit.
That's 'cause you're a natural.
Look, I'm ready to get up out of here and make a change in my life.
(LAUGHS) Okay, so listen.
I have three openers.
And you're gonna get the shit slot.
Literally opener for two openers.
- That's fine.
- It's barely any money.
I mean, it's shitty hotels.
That's great! Oh my gosh, I have a feeling I'm gonna regret this.
But I also have a feeling you're gonna be the loudest one on that stage.
- ("WAVE" BY NEFERTIITII) - I'm on a wave I'm on a wave I'm on a wave Been setting trends You late Where you been? You want a real job? I do.
You want to apologize? (SIGHS) I do.
(CROWD CHATTERING) What's this, my advance? Yeah, hire a new choreographer.
So, I'm waiting.
I am so sorry I took your head off the last time I saw you.
Bitch, we're good.
(BOTH GIGGLE) Let's go.
Let's get the f[CENSORED.]
outta here.
Y'all wanna go on tour with me ladies? (CROWD CHEERS) Y'all wanna go on tour? (LAUGHS) Yes! What the hell is going on here? Let's go ladies.
- All of you.
- No one moves one more goddamn inch.
That money you tossing, ain't worth shit.
You're a weak little man, who think he running tricks.
If you look in the mirror, you ain't nothing but a dick.
(SCOFFS) So do us all a favor and pick that up, bitch.
("BODAK YELLOW" BY CARDI B) Bitch! Said little bitch You can't f[CENSORED.]
with me If you wanted to
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