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(JANELLE) Right, but it's for Excellence in Creative Writing and they don't even give this award every year.
Yeah, about the short story I published last month.
I sent it to you, ma.
Dad has it too.
It's about the jockey who Okay, well, I already reserved seats for you guys at the awards ceremony.
I figured you could come home and we could have a little family outing.
Come on.
I'm pretty sure you guys have an army of lawyers who could cover you for a couple of days This year when I graduate I can write my own ticket I can get into any writing program I want and Yeah.
You go back to it.
Mm-hmm, I'll just take pictures.
Yeah, I'll text them to Dad too.
Well, I-I love you, guys.
Hello? (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING) You alright Wow.
I'm quite alright And my money's right I don't really care if you cry On the real you should've never lied Should've saw the way she looked me in my eyes She said baby I am not afraid to die Push me to the edge All my friends are dead Push me to the edge All my friends are dead Push me to the edge All my friends are dead Push me to the edge Phantom that's all red Inside all white Like something you ride a sled down I just want that head My Brittany got mad I'm really her man now Everybody got the same swag now One way that I trap now Stackin' my bands all the way to the top (MUSIC FADES) Party time! (LAUGHING) Oh my goodness.
I'm sorry, can you guys get a room? We did it.
You're in it.
(LAUGHS) Preferably one where I don't have to watch your disgusting public displays of affection.
Hate crime, tweeting it.
I don't really care.
As long as I don't have to see (CLEARS THROAT) whatever this is that you're doing on my couch.
Oh, wow.
No, sweetie, baby girl.
You see, Kevin is not worth pouring 20 ounces down your throat like that.
If you really want to get that party boy smile out of your hair, there are plenty of other party favors that could help you with that.
Yeah, go.
Did you read it? "Hi Janelle.
How was your day, Janelle?" "Care for a refreshing drink, Janelle?" Did you read it? Did you? Yes.
I did.
It was amazing.
Thank you.
- Good job.
- Thanks.
Have you seen, uh, Bobby? No, I haven't.
Maybeee I've been trying to tell you for the longest.
Like, a salad bar.
A whole buffet or something.
Bro, my cousin is nuts.
Trap lord, bro.
Xannies, Percs, Addies, coke, lean, and that ganja.
Don't give me that look.
It was crazy, bro.
All that you can ask for.
But you know what's even crazier? Man, boo.
You gotta stop.
We get it.
You're black.
You need to stop talking that shit, little brother.
Mom moved us out here for a reason.
Not a part of that anymore.
Okay, okay.
You gotta chill with the little bro shit.
You're only seven minutes older than me, G.
Right but seven minutes can make all the difference, my dear.
She's clearly the brains of this operation.
You know what, you're right.
Like seven minutes alone with me, my alabaster queen.
It can change yours as well.
Found him.
Oh, oh, oh! (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING) Hey Hey, it's me.
Give me that shit.
Oh my goodness, you look gooood.
I gotta practice a little more in low lighting with these lenses.
Especially if They're not coming tomorrow, are they? (SIGHS) Those mother Ew, I may genuinely throw up.
Oh, really? How about this? Gross.
Hey, yo, Aspen.
If you and them ain't got that group thing going on, Might as well let me and Becky hit.
No Why not? Oh my.
We've got to get new friends.
This is my fam! Okay.
Group pic.
Let's go.
Come on.
Do it.
(BOBBY) All right.
All right.
Okaaay! One, two Good morning.
It's almost like 12:30.
My grandpa was with Patton.
(SIGHS) He was Like liberated Paris.
That's where he met my grandma too.
She came back with him.
It was crazy.
She made him this, like, necklace out of dog tags.
He wore it until he died.
It was pretty serious.
My grandma loved Paris.
She never went back though.
We're still going, right? You promised to take us to Paris.
Oh shoot.
What time was it? My promise isn't going to mean much if my mom finds out I missed another day of class.
I gotta make a cameo on English at least.
I love you.
What the hell are you doing? Get away from there before you give me a damn heart attack.
What? The view's great.
I'm sorry they didn't show.
It's fine.
I didn't really expect them to.
Expectation isn't a part of the deal.
That sort of comes with the title.
If it's any consolation, I'm hella proud of you, Jay.
No one can touch what you got.
I'm guessing that award went off the roof too.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, that bitch flew.
Further than the last one? Hmmm Well, shit.
Maybe you need to be taking aerodynamics instead of writing.
I love you, T.
I love you too, Jay.
We, uh Guys, we got a party emergency.
What?! What? (SPEAKING JAMAICAN PATOIS) I didn't know you guys were Jamaican.
More like "Ja-fakin'".
But legit, people are leaving.
No! Nobody can leave.
(SHAD) We're out of party favors.
(JANELLE) Oh! Okay.
Okay, so people go home.
What No! Look, Janelle, one night of quiet is not gonna kill us.
It will.
It will kill me.
What about your cousin, T? Ohh.
My cousin? Yeah, yeah.
The trap emperor.
Freddie, don't you open your goddamn mouth.
Y'all trying to go to the trap now? Trap, trap, trap You don't want to mess with Tyrell.
- I do.
- Tyrell is the plug.
Bitch, shut your mouth.
Let's go to Tyrell.
Who's driving? Yeah! Come on, come on.
(LAUGHING) What? Daddy's little girl.
Come on.
What's the address? 1245 Crow ST.
(HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Chill, bro! It's me, Freddie.
Tyrell cousin.
(TASHA) Luther! Chill with that shit now! What's up, Tasha? You look fine as hell.
(TASHA) I know.
Where's our cousin? Yo, Tyrell! (TYRELL) Yo! (LAUGHS) This whip fine as hell.
Especially the interior.
You must be thirsty after that long ass ride.
Y'all want anything? Tasha.
I ain't getting you nothing.
I'll be hearing from your mother by morning.
We just really need some party favors.
Direct and to the point.
I could appreciate that.
Is this a big party or something a little more intimate? Yeah, it's big.
How big is it? (BOBBY) Big enough.
So you're a man of experience.
I've been around.
(JANELLE) Bobby I like this dude.
So you want that new new, huh? I mean I ain't got that new new-new for you to try, except Hold up.
Drum roll, please.
Miley Cyrus.
That is crack.
What's in a name? You smoke this you'll be playing with Jimi Hendrix.
Who died of an overdose.
That's not much of an endorsement now, is it? Look just hook us up with some party So how about it, stud? You down to ride? C'mon, Bobby Bob.
We'll take it.
I mean YOLO.
Am I right? How much is it? Well first thing's first, honey.
I think the big homie knows what question comes next You gotta be kidding me.
He's not a cop.
I don't know this white boy.
(JANELLE) But I mean we're right on your front lawn and you're in the car and I don't think my neighbors are gonna complain.
God help them if they do.
Ready for this, Bobby? Well.
Now that that's settled, let's talk price.
Seeing as though you're friends And family.
Let's call it a two and a half racks.
(FREDDIE) Ty Bro, we ain't got It's okay.
Keep the change.
So you're a real O.
up in here, huh? A woman of action.
I could definitely appreciate that.
Fill the script.
Hey, uh, Freddie.
You a man now, right, cous? I mean Tyrell, my brother is not working with you.
Yo, pop the trunk! I'll talk to you in a second, snowflake, and Let me know if you need anything else, okay? You know where to find me.
I'm here and open for business all hours.
If you ever need to talk.
I'll be here.
Alright, Bobby.
Y'all come back now, you hear? Yo, Tasha.
Holla at a.
It's a raveee! (CHEERING LOUDLY) (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING) Get that shit out of here.
Tasha, come on, it's not a big deal.
It's just a little something special.
Truffle oil on pizza is special.
Tash, baby Cheers.
(COUGHING) (INDISTINCT SINGING THROUGHOUT) (COUGHING) (LAUGHING) Um (JANELLE) Josh! Hi! Hey! Oh my goodness, what is up? Just hangin' out.
Do you want a drink? Okay.
I'll be right back.
Have you seen Bobby? Have you seen Bobby? Aspen, Becky.
(BECKY) Hi, baby.
What are you guys doing? Have you seen Bobby? Um, no, I don't think so.
Have you? I haven't seen him, sorry.
So you haven't seen him.
Anyway, okay.
That's I'll I'm gonna I'll be back.
I'm gonna go look for him.
Have you seen Bobby? (GIRL MOANING IN THE DISTANCE) (MOANING) (BOBBY) Oh, my God.
(MEGHAN) Oh my God.
Oh my God.
I'm so sorry.
(BOBBY) Shit.
Janelle, come on.
Wait! Janelle, baby, come on.
I'm so Get off me! Don't you touch me.
Don't talk to me.
Baby! It wasn't me! It was the rock! Shit.
- I'm sorry! - Janelle! Janelle.
(BOBBY) Please, baby.
Please, I'm so sorry Please We're fine.
We're fine.
Everything's fine.
We're okay.
- (BOBBY CRIES) - Everything's okay.
We're fine.
We're fine.
Stop, stop, stop.
We're fine.
We're fine.
It's okay.
(TASHA) All I'm saying is and I'm not saying this to undermine your position or diminish the magnitude of your sacrifice.
I'd have cut Bobby's d[CENSORED.]
I mean consensus is boys are terrible.
It's all over the Internet.
(ASPEN) I swear to God I was going to go to History today.
I swear to God.
God doesn't have weed like this.
You good? Perfect.
Last night was a shitshow.
Not a level I'm scared to be on.
But you don't have to be on it.
Let's not do this.
I mean, we Does anybody remember where we went shopping yesterday? (ASPEN) I'm gonna We should.
We should go.
Bye, guys.
My cousin has nothing to do with what went down between your boy and Meghan.
This ain't his first time.
What are you gonna do with Meghan? Do? W-what do you mean what am I gonna do about Meghan? I Nothing.
I'm not gonna do anything.
Look we were all just So messed up and, and They made a mistake and that's what it was.
A mistake, so They're punishing each other more than I ever could.
You built a world on a foundation of one person.
What happens when they disappear? It's not going anywhere.
He's really your forever? Yeah.
He's my Prince in Paris, he's my My sun and my moon so I can't just Let that go, you know.
Can't or won't? Being dickmatized is temporary.
So So I would say vastly irresponsible expenditures of someone else's money can fix most problems.
Well all my heroes are dead.
(LAUGHS) But they're well dressed.
Wait for a second.
(JANELLE) It's okay.
We're right here if you need us.
Bobby, we don't need to talk.
It's, it's fine.
No, it's not fine.
I messed up huge.
And, and I already said I forgave you.
I can't watch this bullshit anymore.
Janelle! Call us when you need us.
After graduation, you and me.
We're going.
I promise.
(JANELLE'S DAD) Rough day at school today? It must be rough.
What are you two doing home? We live here.
Let's worry less about that and focus on how long we're grounding you for.
Grounded? (LAUGHS) Is this the nineties? (JANELLE'S MOM) We are gone for two weeks and we come home to W-what is this? You could not even call a cleaning service to come in and clean up? Is that how little you respect us? How little you respect yourself.
You were supposed to be gone for three weeks and I-I am sorry.
Okay, let's not pretend like you care what I do You said you were getting some kind of award and we got back here as fast as we That was yesterday! Okay that changed the facts on the ground look around you, Janelle.
And let's not even talk about the money that you've been stealing from Daddy's drawers or the charges that you've been racking up on daddy's card.
No, I'm sorry.
The only thing petty is how little you two even care There have to be consequences, Janelle.
Jesus Christ.
You haven't even said hello.
(SCOFFS) Well, hello there, Janelle.
You're grounded.
You can't do that.
My grades Your grades aren't the issue here.
We invested too much in your independence and you weren't ready for it.
Well you should have thought about that before leaving me alone since I was four with nannies Janelle.
Come on.
We love you.
We only want what's best for you.
What's best for me? No.
How do you even know what's best We know these friends of yours are pulling you down, we know that Bobby Blaine is no good for you.
Bobby is the only constant thing in my life.
Okay? The last time I checked the real problem is you two don't know a single thing about your own daughter! (JANELLE'S MOM) Janelle! (JANELLE'S DAD) We're not finished here.
(CRYING) (PHONE RINGING) (WHISPERING) Please, c'mon, pick up (BOBBY'S ANSWERING MACHINE) What up? You know what to do.
Bobby Call me back, okay? I need you.
I need to talk to you.
Just call me back, okay? I love you.
(JANELLE'S DAD) Janelle! Where are you? We got a lot to talk about! (ENGINE STARTS) Returned customer.
So what is it that you need? To (VOICE CRACKING) Forget.
Look, if you really wanna forget I'm the king of that.
That's just a cop out.
I got a much better solution.
What's that? You need that Justin Bieber.
Why do you name all your drugs after white pop stars.
(TYRELL LAUGHS) Well, that white girl is coca-crack but that white boy is the heroin.
It'll make you forget everything.
Take you straight to heaven's gate.
I won't remember any of it? Nada.
Let me take you to heaven.
(JANELLE'S DAD) You're her boyfriend! It's been over 36 hours! Nobody's heard from her.
My girl is missing.
How do we know that you're not involved in this? Are you messing with me right now? You left Janelle alone for months at a time throughout her entire life.
You even know what that does to somebody like Janelle? We made mistakes.
Acting like she doesn't even exist isn't a mistake.
All the dances and and birthdays and awards that you weren't there for, I was there! You know all this talking and here you are, shaking like a leaf.
Do you need some water, Bobby? I'm fine, Mrs.
My God, you look so much like your mother right now.
That's none of your business.
Doesn't he? She couldn't hold her shit either.
We're calling the police one time to find her the other, to have you arrested for whatever you're in possession of.
I'll find her.
Just give me a couple hours.
Clock's ticking.
Have any of you guys seen Janelle yet? What, she hasn't hit you back yet? No.
What's your cousin's address? (LAUGHS) Bro Yo, please, dude.
It's just a flyer.
It's probably not even right, but I need to turn over every stone right now.
What the hell is the address? Bro.
If she been up for this long you think she's trying to leave now? Give me the address! 1245 Crow St.
Shad, you're driving.
- Are you high - You're driving me, Shad! (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING) Yo.
Just wait here.
I'll be back with Janelle Nah, you don't get it bro.
Them dudes don't play around.
I don't got no pass.
Don't be a [CENSORED.]
You the one trying to ramble a ho.
You can't look at me like I'm lying.
Shad? Look, I love you, boo, but These guys are heavy as hell.
They were strapped the last time we came through.
Look, I'm sorry, bro.
Shit! (MAN COUGHING) (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING) (TYRELL MOANING) Janelle! (TYRELL LAUGHING) (JANELLE) Bobby Oh, it's Bobby Bobby Bobby We love Bobby.
You piece of shit! (BOBBY GRUNTS) (TYRELL) O.
Bobby Bob.
Triple O.
You mad, son? Janelle Baby What'd they do to you? Do? I mean come on, Bobby.
A lot.
Just look around.
Pop this little bitch! Put him and Snowflake in the Benz.
And set that bitch on fire.
(LAUGHS) Ooh! You a thinker, Luther! See, that's why I keep you around.
I mean I kind of regret it.
Janelle's a sweet kid.
It was a mistake.
It was.
She knows that.
Why is it white dudes always cry "mistake" when they fall into some ass? That wasn't a mistake.
That was a choice.
What's the mistake you running here trying to save her ass like you John Wick or some shit.
But all she wanted me to do was take the pain away.
Which I did.
This ain't a movie bitch.
You destroyed her.
(TYRELL) Come on, Bobby.
Look, don't high-road me, son.
Only damage that I might have caused is just fast forwarding what you already started.
I never did that.
I never did that.
She was already doing hard shit before I ever She was - Bobby! - She was! Bobby! It's just us here.
Right? Now that cough show was almost convincing.
But I do this shit for a living.
I know a junkie when I see one.
He keep on calling me, he's calling me.
(LAUGHING) Asshole! Whoa, whoa! - O.
, huh? Hard Bobby.
(BOBBY SCREAMS) Alligator tears.
God damn it.
You good.
so you want a replay telling her how much you love this sweet, pretty, talented, generous, little snowflake.
I mean what's not to love, right? That's my grandmother's necklace.
World War II and all that bullshit.
Look, Bobby.
It was only a matter of time before you sold it for a hit right? At least now you, uh you know where it is.
You know what I heard? The two of you were running off to Paris together.
Pimps been hitting tricks with lines like that since the Pyramids.
So save your tears.
'Cause ain't nobody buying that shit.
Well except for her at one point.
No, no, no, no.
No! No! No! You can't kill us.
You can't kill us, okay? Her parents are calling the cops.
They'll be all over this place.
(TYRELL) Kill you? What the hell do you think this is? Bobby, this ain't some lame Netflix shit that you binged.
Here's what we're gonna do.
See, I don't give a shit how you break it down or how much you use.
But if you stop it out too much you won't get any return customers.
I don't have any customers 25 stacks in my hands by next week.
I'm your new party supply store.
Now you know where I work.
You know where I live.
You know what I do.
If I get hitched You going down with me, white boy.
Come on, sweetie.
It's time to go home.
Your ride's here.
(BOBBY) Come on, baby.
Oh, Bobby Hi, Bobby Yeah, we're through.
Bye, Bobby.
(JANELLE) Bye, Tyrell.
I'll see you later, snowflake.
(BOBBY) You gave him my grandmother's necklace.
How could you do that? Look at you.
Bobby (SCOFFS) Your life goes to shit in what, two days? Shooting up with those, those animals? I don't understand.
Of course you don't understand! I can't bring you home to your parents like this.
They'll throw my ass in jail! Do you have any idea what you've done?! Do you have any idea what you've gotten me into?! You stupid junkie bitch! Ugh.
(TASHA) What the hell are you doing? (BECKY) Baby, What's wrong? (BOBBY) Tell her.
Tell her! (SHAD) Dude.
She've been shacked up with Freddie's cousin for two days while him and his pet gorilla pounding her in every hole! Hold up! I wasn't the one who put a gun to her head shot her full of shit and made her [CENSORED.]
a bunch of [CENSORED.]
! (BOBBY GRUNTS) Stop! Stop, stop, stop! Stop.
Bobby Bobby, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
I messed up.
Just like you did, it was the drugs.
It was the drugs, right? I'm sorry, okay? You're my everything.
We can still go to Paris, right Paris?! Put another hand on her.
Bobby We can still be good together.
I mean, we've been through messes before and we can get out of it, it's no different.
We can We can go to Paris and start over.
Just like you said, start over in Paris.
You and me.
You? With me? You're disgusting.
What makes you think I'd ever want to sleep with you again? Jay, honey, get down.
(JANELLE) I forgave you.
All of you.
Oh, God.
I forgave you because you're my family.
Here we go with this shit.
Honey, please come down from there! Please, please, calm down.
Yo, Janelle, yo.
Please just get down, yo.
You're scaring the shit out of all of us, yo.
Just get down from there, you're not going anywhere.
No one buys this drama queen little girl lost bullshit anymore.
You sorry piece of shit! Shut your mouth.
Jay Forget Bobby and all this noise.
Just come down, please.
We can walk away, you and me.
Janelle Look at me.
There's nothing in this world worth making this decision.
You say something to her and make her believe it.
Say something now, goddamn it or I swear to God I make a phone call and you will hear a knock at your door.
I don't really care if you cry.
I should've never lied.
Should've saw the way she looked me in my eyes.
She said, baby I'm not afraid to die.
Please don't do this, okay? Look, I made mistakes.
I said some shit I shouldn't have.
But The truth is.
You're my everything.
I love you.
Nooo! I don't really care if you cry On the real you should've never lied Should've saw the way she looked me in my eyes While what you just saw was pure fiction.
It is also the reality of millions of people struggling with substance abuse, impacted by sexual violence, and grappling with the thoughts of suicide.
If you or anybody you know is struggling with these issues, please get the help that you need.
or text 741 741.
Remember, you're not alone.

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