Tales from the Crypt (1989) s07e05 Episode Script

Horror in the Night

Tminus 90 seconds and counting.
Let's see, one small step for man, one giant Oh, hello, scar-gazers.
You're just in time.
My skeleton crew and I are about to blast off for a little space hacksploration.
Care to join us? Good.
I hope you're made of the rot stuff, 'cause we'll be heading fright years from terror firma, boldly going where no ghoul has got before.
Hey, pal, watch the suit or you're launch meat, which is kind of like the man in tonight's tale.
He's going places, too, except his deathstination is a little more earth-bound.
It's a nasty bit of scare-o-dynamics I call "Horror in the Night.
" There's Starr.
Just one security guard there.
Okay, let's go.
You make me fucking laugh, T.
I don't know why we're even putting bullets in the bloody guns.
Just trying to be prepared, that's all.
Starr said he wanted it real.
Starr said he wanted it to look real, you bloody git.
It's a fucking panto we're putting on.
Know what your problem is, T? At the end of the day, you're just another jobsmith, working for wages.
- You're gonna fuck this up, aren't you? - Not me, mate.
I'm a bleeding professional.
- Did I tell you my idea? - Do you ever stop talking? You should listen for a change.
Aren't you tired of doing someone else's dirty work for crap money? We could do what Mr.
Starr's doing.
Set up a fake robbery, pocket the insurance money and resell the sparkly elsewhere.
Thirty seconds.
I suggest you shut the fuck up and concentrate.
Now, I know what you're thinking, T.
How can we do it without Mr.
Starr's jewelry stores and organization? Well, that's why I've got a Plan B.
We keep the jewels.
See what I mean? Mr.
Starr gets something, we get something.
You're out of your tiny fucking mind.
Nobody steals from Declan Starr and gets away with it.
There's always a first time.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I said keep your fucking head down! Jesus, T, that was a bit over the fucking top, wasn't it? Hey, Nick! You know that idea of yours, like, taking the jewels and running? Well, I think you're onto something.
Maybe that'll shut you up.
Next time, aim lower.
You weren't expecting that, mate, were you? Fuck! Son of a bitch.
- I need a room.
- £25 a night, sir.
I know you from somewhere.
I've been here a long time.
I don't want to be disturbed.
Comprende? We run a very discreet establishment, sir.
No one will even know you're here.
Lift just around the corner, sir.
Yeah? - Fixer, it's Nick.
Listen, I need a favor.
Who the fuck is this? It's Nick.
Nick who? Nick Marvin, you sorry excuse for a The number you have dialed has not been recognized.
Please check your number and try again.
Hey! Anyone around? Fucking dump.
Hey! Hey, wait a minute! Wanker! - What's so funny? - Sorry.
I'm easily amused these days.
What? - Nothing.
- Don't take it personally.
From where I'm at, everything seems a little funny.
I'll bet.
Well, I'll tell you what, sweetheart, if I wasn't feeling so under the weather, I'd be happy to amuse you all night.
You that good? Darling, I could amuse you to death.
That'd be a neat trick.
You all right? You all right? - Back from the dead, huh? - What happened? I couldn't just leave you to bleed to death, now, could I? Mind if I sit down? Poor thing.
What the fuck? Needed a shower to get all the blood off.
I hope you don't mind.
What happened? Couldn't just leave you there down in the lobby to bleed to death, now could I? Me and Lou brought you up.
Lou, the night man.
You mind if I sit down? - Is that your car parked up the street? - Why? I hope it wasn't.
Cops hauled it away.
They were swarming all over here.
- Shit.
- Lou was cool though, said no one checked in since yesterday.
You're lucky.
The bullet went right through.
You just gotta rest, Nick.
- How'd you know my name was Nick? - You told me while I was undressing you.
I liked that part.
- Did you? You got a name? - Do I need one? Poor thing.
You're burning up.
I gotta get out of here.
You will.
Hello? Hey, Lou.
Hey, wait a minute.

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