TaleSpin (1990) s01e19 Episode Script

A Star Is Torn

[male voice]
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Spin it!
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh oh
Let's begin it.
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh oh
Friends for life through
thick and thin with another tale to spin
All the trouble we get in
with another tale to spin
Spin it!
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh oh
Spin it, my friend.
Oh-ee-yeah, oh-ee-yeah
Oh-ee-yo, oh-ee-yo
Oh-ee-yeah, oh-ee-yeah
Oh-ee-yo, oh-ee-yo
Spin it, let's begin it,
bear and grin it when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
when you spin it, spin it, spin it
Ha ha!
So spin it
TaleSpin! ♪
[Baloo] I hate this, Kit. I hate it!
Calm down, Baloo.
We're almost to Louie's.
I'm really tired of these stupid jobs
Rebecca keeps giving us.
When we get home I'm gonna give
our genius boss a piece of my mind.
Ow! If I have a piece of my mind left.
[boing, clank]
Fill her up, fellas.
So, get this.
Now Rebecca's got us
hauling kangaroos and milk.
She figures we'll have butter
by the time we get home.
Ah! That explains the up and down.
Baby, the Krakatau special!
My favorite.
I remember these being tastier.
Ice cream's off, cuz.
You've run up a pretty chunk of tab.
And he got pretty chunky
running it up too.
Now, come on, Louie. I'll pay
as soon as I get some extra cash.
You know the rule. When the tab
gets high, kiss scoops goodbye.
Ah, here. On the house.
- Thanks, Louie.
- Yeah, you're a real pal.
The feeling's mutual, cuz.
Nice job, fellas. Here!
Kangaroos, butter
Rebecca, where do you get
these cockamamie ideas?
Hey, we sold a ton of fresh butter.
Butter, schmutter! I hit the roof
so often my head still smarts.
I've never heard the word "smarts"
in the same sentence with your head.
Some day your crazy ideas
are gonna do me in.
My ideas are not crazy!
In fact, today I had my best one yet.
Tomorrow, we're going to open
Are you ready?
Our very own gas station!
I think the heat's gotten to her.
It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
Uh, Miss Cunningham,
Cape Suzette already has gas stations.
Not in the air it doesn't.
Are you out of your
Pilots waste valuable time
refueling on the ground.
They'll pay extra for this convenience.
Mid-air refueling.
You know, Baloo, that's not a bad
Forget it. The plan stinks.
It's dangerous. Unnatural!
I'm not taking no for an answer.
Oh, no?
I'm not taking it for a question either.
Remember, I'm the boss.
Like she lets me forget!
Look, just try it one day.
You can keep all the tips.
Mm, excuse us.
- What do you think, kiddo?
- We could pay our tab at Louie's.
Then I can get me that Krakatau sundae.
OK! Break!
Tell you what, Rebecca.
We'll do it as a flavor
I mean, a favor to you.
Good. Now
The best area
to set up shop is here.
About a tankful away from Cape Suzette.
Baloo, that's near Louie's.
[smacks lips]
How convenient!
[happy humming]
[pilot reads]
Our first customer.
[bell rings]
[bell rings]
That'll be 4.50.
You just saved me a half-hour.
Keep the change, kid.
A fiver. Thanks!
Nice work, Lil' Britches.
Thanks. And look! He liked our service.
- No foolin'!
- [horns]
And so will those guys.
Well, no rest for the weary.
It's still a dumb idea.
Now, admit it, my idea was good.
Not really. We're out of gas.
- That's terrible.
- Tell me about it!
Look at these measly tips.
No, I mean we've got to expand.
Carry more gasoline.
- But, Rebecca
- [knocking]
Rebecca Cunningham?
Uh, the one without the big belly.
I'm from the aviation board.
We have some problems with
your mid-air refueling operation.
- Yeah, man!
- Hold it, mister.
I've checked every law.
It is not illegal.
Well, technically no.
But it's dangerous and unnatural.
Listen, I'm not closing down
just because you have a bad feeling.
Very well. But one slip-up, lady, and
I'll be all over you like mud on a pig.
Rebecca has the ideas, but who does
all the work? Kit and me, that's who.
Just once, I'd like to have the idea.
Hold your courses! We'll be right there.
Here's your change. Good day.
[sighs] No, thanks.
I've got more than I want as it is.
Oh, man!
This place is dead as a rock.
Louie, how about a Krakatau
for a steady customer?
How about payin' your tab?
Mon frère, old pal, amigo,
mate, buddy, paisano, chum.
One Krakatau comin' up.
I don't get it. A couple of days ago
business just dried up.
It's funny. You're doing lousy,
but I'm doing fantastic.
Yeah. The money hasn't stopped flowing
since we started our refueling service.
You have a refueling service?
- Yeah. Up there.
- Man, it's a gold mine.
Are you dopes?
You stole all my customers.
Hey, it was Rebecca's idea.
But you're going along with it.
Come on, Louie, the skies are free.
I mean, it's nothing personal.
I thought we were pals. Go!
- But my sundae!
- Now!
Come on, Lil' Britches.
All set for another day
of petrol patrol?
- Ready as ever.
- Good. Huh?
[Baloo reads]
Baloo, look.
The nerve of that Louie.
Competin' with us!
[Baloo] He's got more workers
than Rebecca has dumb ideas.
Best service I've ever had.
Kit, Louie's made a monkey out of me!
So, I guess that's that.
Kit and I go back to being pilots.
Baloo, use your head!
If he can offer better service,
so can we.
But he's got a zillion little guys
runnin' around everywhere.
True, but has he got a mechanic?
[goofy laugh]
Hi. You need a mechanic?
My engine's making too much noise!
I can't hear you!
Your engine's making too much noise!
Hold on!
There. Now what's your problem?
[shouts] Uh, nothing
Nothing. Thanks.
- Here.
- Huh? Well, thank you.
Ha-ha! Let's see Louie
compete with that.
That's right. Lower prices.
And a free dish with every fill-up!
Ha-ha! Collect the whole set.
Well, Baloo, he did it.
Don't be such a quitter, Baloo.
It'll take all of our profits,
but this idea will get Louie for sure!
Come one, come all,
to the greatest station in the skies.
Baloo's Lube 'n' Lunch!
That's right, eat here and get gas.
Make way for the moolah!
Hi-dee! So, you liked my ad.
Actually no.
But I've got all the gravy-boats I need.
Is that a good restaurant?
Four stars. And a moon.
Great! Give me your best meal.
One hot-dog, coming up.
Don't forget your free beach blanket.
[Baloo] Monkey see, monkey do.
That Louie copies every idea I get.
Actually, Baloo, it was Rebecca's idea.
That's not the point.
How do you like them apples, Baloo?
Since we're new in this neighborhood,
maybe I ought to send a gift.
And another thing. That Lou [mumbles]
I didn't know Louie was a [mumbles]
Must be on his mom's side of the family.
That does it. Louie, this means war!
How can you be so sure Louie did it?
- Ha-ha-ha!
- Call it a hunch.
Baloo, a customer's coming.
And he's all mine.
Gas stations, men!
No barnstormin' bear's
gonna bust my business!
- I've got the best service, cuz.
- I'll give you lower prices.
- I'll give you free lemonade.
- Well, I'm throwin' in a free lunch.
I'm gonna give him a $10 rebate.
A month's supply of unleaded.
But but I don't want unleaded.
- [both] Who asked you?
- He's my customer and that's final.
Hey, some pump pressure!
Uh, they look kinda backed up.
Maybe you'd better let me
shoot the juice, Bruce.
Perhaps it is best.
I don't get it.
Why that dirty
Heh-heh! Baloo's a boob and a half.
He'll be out of business real soon.
Flyboy, you're getting the finest fuel
available this side of the other side.
There. Filled to the brim.
You've been pumping my gas, cuz.
Here you go. Five dollars.
Hold it, banana breath. That was my gas!
But I did the pumpin'.
Then I'll do the thumpin'.
Gonna give you some of this now.
I've taken all I'm gonna take from you.
Well, I am not done dishin' it out.
Give it to him, Baloo!
I'm tired of you stealin' my business,
you bottom-heavy bozo.
Tired? Why didn't you say so?
Good idea.
Hey, knock off the
- You say something?
- [mumbles]
Yee-ha! Ride 'em, Louie! Ha-ha!
Sellin' food and gas is my territory.
[Louie laughs]
- Uh-oh.
- [both scream]
This is all your fault.
- You started it.
- You did.
You did!
[both scream]
- Now what do we do?
- Stall for time?
In 20 seconds, we're gonna be flatter
than the funny pages. Do something!
Hey, look, the beach blanket!
Grab the corners.
You know, cuz, this was a great idea.
Yeah! We got it made.
[sighs] What happened to us, Louie?
We used to be friends.
I guess we sorta got caught up
in Rebecca's fancy-pants idea.
I don't want to be a gas jockey.
I want open skies. I want adventure.
I want a bandage!
Yeah. And I'd rather be down here,
bein' Louie!
But you can't do that
if I'm still in the sky.
And you can't quit
'cause Rebecca's makin' a fortune.
Looks like we're stuck being enemies.
Wait a I'm getting an idea.
I thought I smelled somethin' burning.
We'll go back up there
and blow it all up!
Lock, stock and oil barrel.
Your brain should be down
any second now.
Don't you get it? That inspector said
one slip-up and he'll close us down.
So we cause a slip-up.
When Baloo's Lube 'n' Lunch goes down
in flames, it'll be panned forever.
Count me in, cuz! The sooner the better.
How about today at three o'clock?
Today? At three o'clock?
According to flight regulations,
I have the right to make surprise
inspections of your service station.
Fine! Now you'll see how safe
our Lube 'n' Lunch really is.
It better be.
[Baloo] Ha-ha!
In 15 minutes we get out of the sky-high
octane business once and for all.
Now to put this where
no one will see it.
All done, Baloo.
No one will come near the place now.
Come on! We can watch
the fireworks from my place.
You'll see, inspector.
This operation runs like clockwork.
Closed? They shouldn't be closed.
This is the life.
Hey, Louie, you got any peanuts?
Comin' right up.
Baloo, someone's at the station!
[Baloo] What kind of an idiot
would fly up to a closed station?
- Rebecca!
- She'll be blown to smithereens.
I hate smithereens.
Rebecca! Rebecca!
She's too far away.
Baloo! Baloo!
Where are you hiding? Ah-ha!
Mrs. Cunningham?
Would that be your Baloo?
Seems like a friendly sort.
What do you think you're doing?
Get over here! He's the enemy.
- But
- Now!
Excuse me, I have to
Baloo, the customer comes first.
And where's your hat?
My hat?
Right. What'll it be?
Gee, they all look so good.
Uh, this one that one.
Good choice.
All full. Have a towel.
I'll put it on your account.
- Thank you. Goodbye.
- Hold on, Baloo.
This is a full-service station,
Uh, right.
- Just a minute, Baloo.
- We don't have a minute, Becky.
Inspector, would you like a snack?
Actually, I am a bit peckish.
- Here. Can I help you chew that?
- Baloo!
Baloo's gonna get a real close look
at the explosion, huh?
Come on! We better go get him.
That was tasty.
Well, everything looks in order,
Mrs. Cunningham.
I guess we'll be off now.
It's about time!
Uh, it's about time
I did some more work here.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye, Baloo.
Oh. Nice work.
Uh, thanks. Bye. Bye! Bye!
Hurry. We gotta get there fast!
Relax, Kit. According to my watch
we still have five minutes.
Of course, it is my watch
and I am slow.
- Where'd he go?
- [groans]
Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard.
They say you're gonna be
all right soon, Baloo.
Yeah! They haven't made the exploding
gas station that can bring me down!
I brought you a present.
No! No fireworks.
Take it away, take it away!
Kit, don't let Rebecca sell me any more
of her nutsy notions, OK?
Shh! Here she comes.
Oh, poor Baloo! Does it hurt much?
I can't imagine
how it blew up like that.
Well, you won't have to worry about
the gas station anymore.
- The inspector shut us down, right?
- [sadly] Yeah.
Oh, yeah!
Ow! I mean, too bad.
But don't worry.
I have another great idea.
- Kit!
- Milk shakes!
- Milk shakes?
- Milk shakes?
See, we get another kangaroo
and some ice cream.
The shaking mixes the milk shakes
and you sell them in mid-air to pilots.
What do you think of "Skyshakes"?
Or "Dairy Team"? Over 1,000 served!
Another tale to spin
Another tale to spin
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
Oh-oh oh-oh oh
[Baloo] Ha ha ha!
TaleSpin ♪
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