TaleSpin (1990) s01e34 Episode Script

Plunder and Lightning: Part 1

- [thunderclap]
- [man chuckling]
Spin it!
[men vocalizing]
Let's begin it.
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- TaleSpin
- Ohh-ee-yo
- TaleSpin
Friends for life
through thick and thin
With another tale to spin
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- TaleSpin
- Ohh-ee-yo
- TaleSpin
All the trouble we get in
with another tale to spin
Spin it!
[men vocalizing]
Spin it, my friend.
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- Ohh-ee-yo
- Ohh-ee-yo
- Ohh-ee-yeh, ohh-ee-yo
- Ohh-ee-yeh, ohh-ee-yo
[rapid vocalizing]
Spin it, let's begin it
Bear 'n grin it when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
When you spin it, spin it, spin it
So spin it!
TaleSpin! ♪
Engine number one's out, sir.
[distressed engine]
Yuck, warm soda pop.
Now, why couldn't she just buy me
an icebox, like I asked.
I mean, here I am,
on time and everything.
[distressed engine]
[engine stopping]
Things have gotten worse, sir.
Engine number two's out.
A guy could die of thirst up here.
I can't hold it, sir!
We're going down!
Easy does it, baby.
Come to papa!
- Oh, no! Sunday flier.
- [man] Mayday, mayday!
Hang on. Old Baloo will help you.
[seagulls in distance]
Hey! Do you know who you are?
You're Khan!
- You saved my life, Mr. Babaloo.
- Uh, that's Baloo.
Yes. I owe you everything.
At this moment, Khan Industries
is worth $3.7 billion.
Hmm, my watch must be running
a few thousand slow.
You may have whatever you want.
Simply name it.
- Aw, you don't owe me a thing.
- Perhaps.
But my motto is "always repay your debts
and never break a deal."
Well, don't want much.
Maybe a refrigerator and
- [Khan] And?
- I don't know.
Some sodas. Oh,
and a bottle opener would be nice.
- I can't really say.
- Take all the time you need.
Drop by my office when you've decided.
Only one stipulation:
You must keep our arrangement a secret.
I may be indebted,
but I don't want it known to everyone.
There you are, Baloo. About time.
Hey, Beckers. Boy, if I could tell you
what just happened to me.
No stories.
Just explain where that came from.
- My icebox!
- Yours?
- I I bought it?
- With what?
Well uh
Did you find some money, Baloo?
I found a quarter in the gutter once.
Oh, yeah, that's it.
I found it in the the gutter.
Which is probably where you were all day
instead of delivering cargo.
Hey! I was on time.
Eh, before I got late.
You may not care about this business,
but Higher for Hire
means something to me.
Yeah, yeah. It means "work, work, work."
No! It means a home.
And a life. And
And everything that's important to me.
Like M-O-N-Y money. All the dough in
the world wouldn't be enough for you.
But not me. If I had the bucks,
I'd quit working, lay back and relax.
- Oh, baby.
- Well, keep dreaming.
You don't even have enough
to buy your plane back from me.
Hey! You're right, Becky.
But I will.
Where do you think you're going, mister?
Baloo? I'm yelling at you, Baloo!
Is Mommy mad at Baloo?
No. She really likes him.
- And he really likes her.
- [door slams]
There are just times when they
like each other better than others.
- [clears throat] Hello?
- Thought you'd be here ten minutes ago.
- Sit.
- I would have been here earlier,
- but I had trouble with my tie.
- How dreadfully uninteresting.
So have you decided
what you want to even the score?
Well, I was kind of thinking
about buying back the Sea Duck.
- If it isn't too much trouble.
- Granted.
Really? That's all there is to it?
As I said, I always repay my debts.
Now if there's nothing further
Well, I don't know.
I could sure use some gas.
And maybe one of them air fresheners.
Yes, yes. Is the score settled?
Well, you said I could
take all the time I needed.
[sighs] So I did.
Well, then I'll be back tomorrow.
I never figured Khan so dumb as to
promise someone anything he wants.
Sometimes I think that guy isn't playing
with a full deck of marbles.
Hiya, Little Britches. Becky.
- What's this?
- Fifty-some-odd thousand dollars
for the Sea Duck. Keep the change.
Wow! Where'd you get all the moola,
Papa Bear?
It was left to me
by my favorite uncle [stammers]
Hoover! Happy Hoover.
I didn't know you had
any rich relatives.
The two of us were very close.
Uncle Huey Hartley
meant everything to me.
- Maybe a million everythings.
- You said his name was Happy Hoover.
Oh, yeah, it was.
Huey Hartley was his, uh, nickname.
Happy Huey Hartley Hoover.
But enough with the past.
Oh, baby, now that I'm an heiress,
I'm gonna take the Duck and fly.
- You're gonna quit Higher for Hire?
- Hey, I'm gonna do all the things
I've only dreamed of. Like nothing.
And I plan to work at it every day.
What do you say, kid?
- But what about Miss Cunningham?
- Oh, I'll do fine.
Don't worry about me. Why,
with this money, I'll get a new plane
and a pilot.
Only the best for Higher for Hire.
- See? [chuckles]
- But you guys are friends.
We'll still be friends.
It's not like I'm moving
to the other side of the world.
Just the other side of the tracks.
Hey! Just the typhoon I'm looking for.
I think I'll start with a set of trains,
a rolly-coaster,
a platypus, a purple kite,
seven snakes, a pinball machine
- and a carton of chewing gum.
- Granted.
- Is that it?
- It? [laughs]
I haven't even warmed up yet.
A monogrammed hammock,
two pair of snowshoes,
a blue kazoo, a bag of Goobers,
a thousand Ping-Pong balls,
a totem pole, a peck of pickled peppers,
12 dozen snorkels,
[sighs] an electric bow tie,
two baseball bats, one for each team,
100 pairs of wax lips
No, make that 200 pairs of wax lips.
Boy, my mouth is dry.
Whew! Asking for stuff is hard work.
I'll break and be back tomorrow
with more.
[elevator bell rings]
Send in Garth. I have a job.
I do deplore pests.
Well, Molly, pretty soon
we're gonna have a brand-new pilot.
We'll do even better than before.
Aren't you excited?
Uh-huh. But why is the new pilot
called The Barber?
I don't know, honey.
But I'm told he's very good.
[plane approaching]
What's the matter with you?
What kind of pilot flies like that?
Uh, crop duster, ma'am.
But had to give it up. Nerves, see?
Well, in the future,
I'll expect you to fly higher.
Can't! Have this pesky fear of heights.
- I suppose I could wear a blindfold.
- Blindfold?
You're right. Have a pesky fear
of the dark too.
Is there anything else
you're afraid of?
Well, not really.
But you don't have any platypuses
around here, do you?
- I just hate platypuses.
- Mommy?
- I miss Baloo.
- Oh, me too, Molly. Me too.
[chuckles] Point for me.
And another.
You win, Little Britches.
[sighs] Nice rally.
Hey! Spin it again,
old buddy of mine.
That song makes my feet happy.
- Another soda, my good man?
- I do believe I'd like that.
Hey, isn't it grand, being rich?
They're right.
Money does buy happiness.
- [slurping]
- [cuckoo clock rings]
Oh, look.
It's time for another birthday.
But you've already
had four birthday parties.
Yeah! If I keep this up,
I'll be old before my time.
Boy, I love having all this stuff.
Kit? Kit, where'd you go?
Hey, good idea.
Maybe we can play a little
Hide and Go Peek.
You know what I'd really like to do?
Visit Miss Cunningham.
It's been over a week!
- Who?
- Rebecca, your ex-boss.
Oh, right. Yeah, yeah.
I kind of miss ol' what's-her-name too.
What do you say we wander over
and invite her to a party?
- After you.
- No, no. After you.
- After you.
- No, no, after you.
- After you.
- No, no, after you.
- After you.
- No, no, after you.
- [Baloo] After you.
- [Kit] No, no, after you.
There he is.
Yeah. We snatch the lug tonight.
[Becky] Please don't go. I'm sure
my pilot will be back later today.
Or tomorrow.
- [truck door slams]
- [engine revving]
Or next month!
Mommy, what's the matter?
That's the third client
we've lost this week.
It can't get any worse than this.
[plane approaching]
[door slams open]
- [The Barber] I quit!
- What? You can't quit!
- How about my shipments?
- Sorry, lady.
But you never told me
I'd be carrying strawberries.
But that's just cargo.
[shudders] Strawberries
give me the willies.
No, Joe's gotta draw the line somewhere.
[Joe] Strawberries.
That's it! Where am I gonna get
a pilot on a moment's notice?
[car horn honks]
Hi there, sweet cakes.
How ya doing, Beckers?
I'm doing fine, Baloo.
Though I'm kind of looking
for a pilot.
Well, good luck.
There's lots of them out there.
Ms. Cunningham,
what happened to Higher for Hire?
If you're in trouble,
I'm sure Baloo will help.
Don't be silly.
Things couldn't be better.
Hey, outstanding! So you wanna
come to my next birthday party?
- It starts in 15 minutes.
- Thanks, Baloo.
But I'm not much in the partying mood.
Some people have no sense of priorities.
Let's go, Kit.
But Baloo
Baloo, you've gotta do something
to help Miss Cunningham.
- She said everything was hunky-dory.
- But you saw the place.
So everyone has their off days.
Look at me.
One day, I had nothing.
And, heh, things worked out.
- She needs your help.
- Not like I owe her anything.
- I paid her.
- She'd do the same for you, Baloo.
I gave her 50 Gs, even invited her
to my party. What's the big deal?
'Cause I'm the galoot
with the loot.
Ow! Must be defective.
Hey, if that's another birthday cake,
just dump it over there.
[muffled yell]
Oh, I'm never gonna stay
in business like this.
[Kit] Baloo's been kidnapped!
Baloo's been kidnapped!
- What?
- They have Baloo
and want $200,000!
"Put the money in the trash can
under Clapton Bridge at midnight.
If you contact the police,
you'll never see your friend again."
You've gotta do something,
Miss Cunningham.
What can I do, Kit?
I'm nearly broke.
Mommy? I got some pennies.
Will that help?
Maybe if we sold everything he owns.
[muffled yelling]
You ain't goin' nowheres, brother.
Yeah. We did like you asked, sir.
Nah. He's not hurt yet.
Will you shut up?
Oh, no, not you, sir. No. Yes.
I do like my knees very much, sir.
- [thump]
- Ow! [screams]
And have a nice evening.
[muffled yells]
[panting, sighs]
There. That should take care of him.
- [yells]
- [crash]
Go get him!
How'd we do, Miss Cunningham?
Good news?
I'm afraid we're still short by a lot.
But we sold everything.
Even the Sea Duck.
Well there's still one thing
that hasn't been sold.
- But I'm only a kid!
- No, Kit.
- But what else is left to sell?
- Higher for Hire.
I'm sorry, Miss Cunningham.
It's just a dumb old business, anyway.
The important thing now
is we get Baloo back.
Shh! You wanna scare away
the kidnappers?
But all Molly's pennies are heavy.
Well, we're just lucky she had enough
to put us over the top.
Look! It must be the kidnapper.
Judging by his attire,
he's not a very good one.
Excuse me, mister. But I think
I have what you're looking for.
Fish sticks? Mmm.
No. $200,000.
Oh, yes! Yes, yes, yes!
Oh, this will buy
a lot of fish sticks.
- Wait! Where's Baloo?
- We have Baloo.
- Did you bring the money?
- [coin clinking]
Excuse me.
[Kit] Give me that!
[struggling grunts]
[man] My fish sticks!
It's all here. Now, where's Baloo?
[Baloo] You're not taking me alive!
- [Baloo] Help!
- [Kit] Baloo!
[engine accelerating]
Miss Cunningham!
- [snap]
- [screams]
[Becky] We've gotta head him off.
[Kit] Come on, faster! Faster!
- [ship horn blows]
- [Kit] Oh, no!
Wait! I've got an idea.
- [Baloo chuckles]
- [snaps]
I'll be free in a minute.
[reel cranks]
[crash and explosion]
- Baloo! Are you OK?
- Just dandy, Little Britches.
Oh, we're glad you're safe.
Hey, thanks a million, Becky.
You really saved my anchovies.
You don't know the half of it.
Miss Cunningham sold the Sea Duck
to raise the ransom money.
- You sold the Sea Duck?
- And Higher for Hire.
- What?
- Hey.
I was getting tired of the silly
old business anyway. [sniffles]
Now, look. All this running around
in the wet night air.
- [Becky] I've caught a cold.
- Now, wait one second.
There's someone I have to see.
I was expecting you 15 minutes ago.
- I gotta ask you another favor.
- And this is the last one, correct?
I just want everything
the way it was.
- Here you are.
- What's this?
- Everything back to the way it was.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I guess I should be on my way.
Yes. A wise decision.
He didn't suspect a thing.
Thought we were real kidnappers.
Yeah. We taught him a lesson
he'll never forget.
But why didn't we just bump him off?
I always repay my debts.
And I never go back on a deal.
And this one is concluded
ten minutes ahead of schedule.
Now, shall we move on
to more important matters?
I'm really sorry, Miss Cunningham.
- But at least we got Baloo back.
- [Baloo] Hold on! Hold on!
- You OK, Papa Bear?
- Yeah.
Yeah, couldn't be better.
This is for you, Becky.
I I don't understand.
It's the deed to Higher for Hire.
Yeah, that's right.
It's all yours. Along with the Sea Duck.
- But where'd you get it?
- I can't say.
But it's perfectly legal.
You know me
- Well, it's still perfectly legal.
- But why?
Because I owe you everything.
You'd so the same for me. Right?
I would now.
I would now.
[men vocalizing]
Another tale to spin
Another tale to spin
[men vocalizing]
[man chuckling]
TaleSpin ♪
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