TaleSpin (1990) s01e51 Episode Script

Sheepskin Deep

- [thunderclap]
- [man chuckling]
Spin it!
[men vocalizing]
Let's begin it.
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- TaleSpin
- Ohh-ee-yo
- TaleSpin
Friends for life
through thick and thin
With another tale to spin
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- TaleSpin
- Ohh-ee-yo
- TaleSpin
All the trouble we get in
with another tale to spin
Spin it!
[men vocalizing]
Spin it, my friend.
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- Ohh-ee-yeh
- Ohh-ee-yo
- Ohh-ee-yo
- Ohh-ee-yeh, ohh-ee-yo
- Ohh-ee-yeh, ohh-ee-yo
[rapid vocalizing]
Spin it, let's begin it
Bear 'n grin it when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
When you spin it, spin it, spin it
So spin it!
TaleSpin! ♪
[Baloo] Kick 'em in the shins
Make 'em sweat
Yowza, yowza, Cape Suzette!
- Baloo?
- Are we gonna beat 'em?
- Yeah, you bet.
- Baloo!
- Yowza, yowza!
- Baloo!
What's the big idea, Becky?
I need to use the phone.
And I need to warm up
for my school reunion.
It's at Louie's next Saturday.
I've been waiting all week
for my invitation.
Maybe there's a dress code
and they decided not to invite you.
Ha! Here it comes now.
Lay it on me.
A new phone book, yellow pages,
green pages, polka dot pages,
mail-order catalog,
bill, bill, bill.
Forget Bill. What about me?
You must have lost my invitation.
The post office does not lose mail.
Hey, Louie,
where's my reunion invitation?
I don't know, cuz.
Let me do a checkeroo.
Let me see, now.
Baloo, Baloo, huh.
Well, you're not under the Bs.
Ah, here you are, man,
under the letter U.
- What's that stand for?
- Uninvited.
[Rebecca] Uninvited?
But why, Baloo?
Why don't matter.
I ain't wanted, and that's that.
I'm sure gonna miss
seeing the old gang, though.
Crazy Eddie, Stinky Sedgewowsky
and whoops.
Let me see that, Baloo.
[both grunting]
Baloo, why isn't there a picture of you
with the other students?
Well, uh, you see
You didn't graduate from high school!
It's not a high school reunion.
- Junior high?
- Uh-uh.
You didn't graduate from grade school?
Missed it by that much.
Hold it. I know a way
I can go to the reunion.
You're not gonna crash the party?
Never say "crash" to a pilot, Becky.
No, I'm gonna earn my way in.
[man] Kit Cloudkicker,
I'd like a word with you.
How would you feel about sharing
your locker with our newest student?
Gee, Mr. Pomeroy,
I just got it all to myself and Huh?
Howdy, Little Britches.
Or should I say locker mate?
Papa Bear?
What are you doing here?
- Gonna get my diploma.
- From grade school?!
Speak up, kid.
Someone in the next county
didn't hear you.
Class, meet Baloo,
an inspiration to us all.
Oh, shucks.
He's old, uneducated
and accomplished nothing in his life.
Hey, I represent that.
Stay in school,
or you may end up like him.
- No way!
- I'm doing my homework from now on.
[all chattering]
Welcome back, Baloo.
Mrs. Morrissey?
Take a seat next to Kit.
He can be your study buddy for the week.
I remember these
being a little looser.
Yes, ma'am?
Would you like to solve
this subtraction problem for us?
I'd love to, but first
I gotta solve this extraction problem.
Kit, why don't you help him out?
Baloo, if John had five candy bars
and ate three, what would he have?
[grunts] A mouth full of cavities?
[students laugh]
[Mrs. Morrissey] I can see someone
needs to hit the books.
[groans] How was that?
[school bell rings]
Everyone, proceed to gym class,
then return for today's history lesson.
Come on, Baloo.
I'll show you the way.
OK, but I hope
the coach is teaching juggling.
- Why?
- 'Cause I gotta learn it,
to juggle working for Becky
and going to school.
Miss Cunningham's making you work
during school hours?
Of course not.
She'd bust a rudder if she found out.
- You can't do both.
- You're right.
It's time for my morning delivery.
I'll see you in history class.
First day of school
and he's cutting class.
Those rubber baby bottle stoppers
go to the Bambino Island baby clinic,
and this last one goes to the
Upper Geezerland Lawn Bowling Society.
A lot of deliveries here, Becky.
Could take hours.
So? You have something better to do?
You look guilty about something, Baloo.
Me? Oh, I'm as innocent
as a schoolboy.
[Baloo] What do you mean
I can't deliver baby bottles here?
It says delivery room, doesn't it?
Sign here, buddy.
I'm running late.
Those who miss history class
are doomed to repeat it.
[children shouting]
And where has our star pupil been?
[panting] I felt sick.
I went to my doctor.
We have a school nurse, Baloo.
You're supposed to be
setting an example here.
Next time bring a note or
you'll get demerits for cutting class.
Right-o, prince-oh-pal.
Today, class,
we have a wonderful little film called
Geography and You.
What are you doing, Baloo?
More deliveries.
But we're supposed
to be studying geography.
I'll do it at 10,000 feet.
It's called "higher education."
[Kit] Oh, Baloo.
[ship horn blows]
[Baloo] The countries
of Bulgaria and Malaria
surround a third country
now known as Hysteria.
How am I supposed to keep
these countries straight
and my deliveries, too?
Sign here. Saxophone mouthpieces
for your embroidery club.
Sign here.
Knitting needles for the marching band.
Here you go.
Two dozen 100-watt light bulbs.
[glass shatters]
Make that one dozen
50-watt light bulbs.
[sighs] Last stop, Upper Geezerland
Lawn Bowling Society.
Uh-oh, no time.
Geography film's almost over.
I gotta get back.
Wasn't that Baloo I just saw?
Oh, I'm sure you're mistaken,
Mr. Pomeroy.
Baloo's at his desk.
Well, we'll just see about that.
Howdy, prince-oh-pal.
Cloudkicker, has he been at this desk
for the entire class?
Uh, sure. Never left it.
Hmm, OK, but I'm keeping
an eye on you, Baloo.
Thanks for covering for me.
Lying for you, you mean.
You're gonna get us both in trouble.
- Nah. I've got everything covered.
- [alarm rings]
Whoops. Except for Becky's 1:00 pickup.
Keep me covered, study buddy.
But, Baloo
You didn't get your bowling balls
for the lawn bowling championship?
Yes. Well, I certainly will
have a word with him.
What is happening to Baloo?
He's never here,
and his deliveries are wrong.
He must have a second job!
Where are the deliveries, Beckers?
Lay 'em on me 'cause I'm in a hurry.
I'll bet you are.
The jig's up, Baloo.
I know about your outside activity.
- You do?
- Yes. I want you to quit.
Becky, this is a chance
to better myself.
- I hoped you'd be happy.
- No more moonlighting.
Yes! No more second jobs.
Oh, OK. No problem.
I promise. Bye.
Why do I have the feeling
he just flew circles around the truth?
[Mrs. Morrissey] In a sentence,
the verb always follows the noun.
Who can tell me what follows the verb?
Kit? Well!
What do we have here?
Thanks a lot, Baloo.
You got us both in detention.
Sorry, Study Britches.
[wheels squeaking]
I have a job for you two.
Clapping all these erasers clean.
Not a pretty job, is it?
Maybe next time you'll think twice
before breaking the rules.
We'll be here all day.
Stop clapping and start applauding, Kit.
I got an idea.
That's the last one.
[Pomeroy coughs]
Chalk one up to engine-uity.
Whose idea was this?!
Hate to brag, but
May I see you in my office, please?
Probably want to give me an early
diploma for this piece of brilliance.
Baloo, it's obvious
you don't belong in this school.
Yeah, isn't it, though.
I'm sort of in a class by myself.
Get it? Class? [laughs]
Yes, a class in reform school.
You're disruptive, lazy
and a nincompoop.
Uh, when do you get to the part
about giving me a diploma?
Diploma? You're expelled!
Please, Mr. Pomeroy,
give me a second chance.
No. You're expelled,
and that's final.
But I have to go to my class reunion.
The old gang's gonna be there.
- It's just a party.
- It's not.
They're my friends.
I haven't seen some of them for years.
Oh, have a heart.
I'd rather have the circulation
back in my ankles.
All right.
I'll give you another chance.
Be here Saturday, 9:00 sharp.
And he'll give me an equivalency test.
And if I pass, I get my sheepskin,
and I'm off to the reunion.
That's great, Papa Bear.
Just one question.
What's an equivalency test?
A test of the year's work.
Oh, no. I'll never pass.
How's this old dog gonna learn
that many new tricks?
- Get a tutor.
- Who?
I can't ask Rebecca.
Wildcat doesn't know the sixth grade
from a socket wrench.
- That only leaves you.
- Me?
I don't call you study buddy
for nothing.
[Kit] Let's start with English.
Any problems
with dangling participles?
Hey, no smart talk.
Well, then, can you conjugate verbs?
That is none of your business.
Baloo, cut it out.
What's the use, Little Britches?
I'm just a dumb old pilot
who only knows from planes.
Then planes it is.
That's how I'll teach you!
I'm not picking you up
on my radar, kiddo.
Well, take verbs for instance.
They're sort of like
airplane propellers.
- They make a sentence move.
- Really?
Now you're talking my language.
Let's try math.
What's 10,000 minus 4,000?
Beats me.
Hey, stop!
We just dropped 6,000 feet!
[laughs] Congratulations.
You just subtracted.
I did?
Yeah, but now
we're about to be divided!
- [ship's horn blows]
- Aaah!
[Kit sighs]
[Baloo] Don't ever do math
in my plane again.
[alarm rings]
[mouthing, no audio]
Baloo, I've asked you three times
to deliver these thermometers to the
Did you know that "deliver" is a verb?
Uh-huh. I know
another verb, "fired"!
That's what you'll be
if you don't deliver these.
But I can't. I'm busy, lady.
Busy goofing off.
What is this, a hardback comic book?
"Basic English for Sixth Graders"?
You went back to school, didn't you?
For my diploma.
That's why you've been
messing up on the job.
I'll be finished tomorrow, I promise.
I have only one thing
to say to you.
Here it comes.
I think it's great!
Good for you. Study hard.
And take tomorrow off.
You're a class act, Beckers.
[Baloo] Add the two,
then carry the three.
[clock ticking]
Baloo, you've got to get some rest.
Tomorrow's a big day.
[yawns] No sweat.
I'll be bright-tailed and bushy-eyed.
[Baloo snoring]
[Rebecca] Up and at 'em, Baloo!
Come on, get up, Papa Bear!
The capital of Itsy-Bitsia
is Teensy-Weensia.
Huh? Who? What?
You're gonna be late for your test.
The test!
[alarm rings]
Mother Matriculation.
If Baloo's not here in the next minute,
he's out of luck.
I've got bigger fish to fry.
Mount Neverest is 2,000 feet tall.
Five plus one equals six.
Famous Apache Indian chief
was named
That's it. That's it.
Baloo blew his chance.
[groans] You've got one hour.
Let's see
Time's up, Baloo.
I'll have this graded on Monday.
But the reunion's tonight.
Please, Mr. P, grade it now.
I'm begging, imploring,
and committing various other verbs.
Oh, very well.
Well, Baloo, you surprised me.
You did much better than I expected.
Hot diggity!
Class reunion, here I come.
You only failed by one question.
Better luck next time.
You should feel proud, Baloo.
You only missed by one answer.
One, 21, what's the diff?
I blew it.
Wait a minute.
That answer's not wrong.
Becky, what's the best place
for fly fishing in Cape Suzette?
Uh, Veronica Lake, I guess. Why?
Ahh This is the life.
Perfect tranquility and serenity.
[airplane approaching]
Missed me.
[sputtering] Baloo!
Sorry, Mr. P, but you and me have a date
with a kumquat tree.
[Pomeroy] You're in big trouble, buster.
[Baloo] What can you do,
expel me?
The Formosa Mountains?
Are you crazy?
What are we doing here?
Proving that I got question 43 right.
Well, let's see here.
"What grows atop Mount Neverest?"
You wrote "kumquats."
The correct answer is "nothing."
But that's wrong.
There's kumquats in them thar hills.
I've seen them!
There she is, Mount Neverest.
It's a blizzard. Turn back!
No way.
I'm gonna show you the juiciest batch
of kumquats you've ever seen.
Uh-oh. What happened to all the trees?
Maybe now you'll believe
what the textbooks say.
Oh, but I was positutely certain.
Now I'll never see my buddies.
Wait. What's that?
Blow, snow, blow!
I I don't believe it.
A prettier kumquat tree I've never seen.
Well, Baloo,
how can I make this up to you?
With a passing grade, prince-oh-pal.
And have a crazy time
at the reunion, you glad grads.
Oh, uh, sorry, fuzzy.
You know the rules.
Sure do.
That's why I came out of my coma
and got my diploma.
My main magna cum loudmouth.
[laughs] Congratulations, grad.
[male] Gee, it's Baloo.
- Baloo!
- Hey! Crazy Eddie.
And whoo, P.U.
Stinky Sedgewowsky.
Think you guys can still do
the old cheer?
[all] Kick 'em in the shins
Make them sweat
Yowza, yowza, Cape Suzette! ♪
[laughter and cheering]
[men vocalizing]
Another tale to spin
Another tale to spin
[men vocalizing]
[man chuckling]
TaleSpin ♪
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