TaleSpin (1990) s01e55 Episode Script

Destiny Rides Again

Spin it!
Let's begin it
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
Friends for life
through thick and thin
With another tale to spin
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
All the trouble we get in
With another tale to spin
Spin it!
Spin it, my friend
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yoh
- Oh-ee-yoh
Oh-ee-yay, oh-ee-yay
Oh-ee-yoh, oh-ee-yoh
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Spin it, let's begin it
Bear 'n grin it, when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
When you spin it, spin it, spin it!
So spin it!
Tale Spin!
KIT: Wow! Look at these mountains!
BALOO: Yeah, sure are pretty!
How about I slip out for
a little updraft-surfing?
(CHUCKLES) Knock yourself out,
Li'l Britches!
KIT: Yahoo!
Jumpin' jaybirds!
Oh, no!
KIT: Papa Bear!
Kit! You okay?
Yeah, I think so!
(CHUCKLES) Kowabunga, chief!
Real funny. What was that?
You just shook hands
with a giant condor, my boy!
- KIT: A what?
- A local bird.
Well, forget him!
BALOO: Oh, cheer up!
Once we make this delivery,
we got a whole free weekend!
BALOO: Hey, Kit, what do ya think?
Hey, do ya think Becky would like one
of these llama-hats?
Ugh! Easy, fuzzy! I'm not your mother!
Hey! Hey, where'd ya go?
Muchas gracias, señor.
Now, doggone it,
that kid knows he's supposed to stick
close in strange places!
Hey! Not my snack, little fella.
Here, muchacho.
He likes to play with this!
Oh, thanks, lady.
(PANTING) Now where'd that kid go?
KIT: Hey, Baloo!
Aw, Kit! I told ya not to go
running off like that!
Sorry, Papa Bear
- (SIGHS) You have come at last!
- Huh?
Welcome, O Great Llama!
Great Llama? (CHUCKLES)
Oh, yeah, the hat!
Good! No one saw you!
At last! I've been expecting you.
Hey, listen, lady, I'm no Great Llama.
- Just an ordinary Joe with a silly hat.
- Sit! Sit!
You have come to see Una
about the Idol of Doom!
Idol? Lady, I
I am Una, the last of a line
of fortunetellers to inherit this.
Long time we have waited for
you to come and claim it.
Um, nice artwork, but we
Long ago,
a horrible sorcerer
created a powerful weapon
The Idol of Doom!
UNA: The sorcerer used it
to terrorize our people.
So they finally rose up
and took it from him.
But alas, they could not destroy the idol.
So they hid it in a deep secret temple,
until the day when a hero
would come to destroy the evil forever!
Ooh, boy! Look at the time!
I gotta run!
Here! Take this band.
It will lead you
and protect you on your quest.
No, no, no. I don't go in much
for flashy jewelry.
You must find the idol
before it falls into evil hands.
It is your destiny!
Your quest awaits, O Great Llama!
Do not fail us.
- Hey!
- Whoa!
Gee, Kit, where'd ya dig up that fossil?
Wow, Baloo!
She said you're on a quest!
Yeah, well, I'll be off it in just a second.
I don't know, Baloo.
Maybe you should keep it on.
Una said it's supposed to lead you
on your quest.
For the last time, Kit,
I'm not going anywhere.
KIT: Hold tight, Papa Bear!
But I'm trying to let go!
BALOO: Ow! Whoa!
Baloo! Are you okay?
Gimme a month to recover,
and I'll let you know.
EL GATO: Where is the idol,
old woman?
Safe from your evil hands!
I've been searching for years,
and now I've found you at last!
You are too late, El Gato!
The Great Llama
is already searching for it.
Great Llama, indeed.
Find him!
BALOO: Ouch! I just wanna go home.
Wait a sec, Baloo.
The map says we should go that way!
Nuh-uh, Li'l Britches! Nope!
Nada! No way! I'm outta here!
But, Baloo, what about your destiny?
BALOO: Repeat!
I do not believe in that stuff!
Gimme a hand
with this junk jewelry, kiddo.
Okay, Baloo, but I think we should
check this map out.
Uh-uh! The only thing
that's checking out is me.
- Baloo!
Call the Coast Guard.
Somebody get me a lifeguard!
We will find him and the first thing
is to look for clues.
The smallest detail
should not be overlooked.
Just what do you think you're doing?
Don't you see me over here detectiving
while you sit in the shade?
I want you to make like
the bloodhound. (SNIFFS)
Sniff, sniff, sniff. Get the scent.
Sniff it out, you understand?
Ay, chihuahua, pick up the scent, idiot!
We're not talking hygiene here.
Think llama, llama.
Now go!
Keep flapping!
I hate their feathers, their beady
little eyes, those boney little knees.
Whoa! Whoa! Whooooaa!
What you are staring at?
I'm taking a break.
Pick up the trail.
Am I close? Give me a signal.
EL GATO: Am I warmer,
am I colder, what?
Am I Whoa!
EL GATO: You know,
somehow I expected more from you
Only I, the boss, takes breaks.
Not the help!
Did you find some things?
I stay here, you bring me a sign back.
I, er, have to calculate,
factors such as distance,
and wind condition, the position
of the sun, little-type things.
Not a "sign" sign, you flea bag, a sign!
Wait, wait, wait. Uno momento.
Baloo? Baloo!
Baloo! Baloo! You all right?
Aw! Poor widdle Baloo!
Did he fall down and go boom?
Well, ha-ha (CHUCKLES)
Here's mud your eye!
Baloo, it's the temple.
This really is your destiny.
No, I'd say this is nature's plan
to ruin my weekend.
Oh, Baloo, look!
The llama from the scroll!
Oh, come on, Kit,
just 'cause this is an old temple
doesn't mean the Idol of Doom
is in there!
Uh-oh. Hey, let go!
Uhclose sesame!
- Destiny!
- Stop saying that!
Wow! Come on, Baloo!
Okay, okay.
We'll give it a look-see.
Careful, Kit.
Whoa! What kinda tunnel is this?
(CHUCKLES) A wind tunnel!
According to this,
the idol is in the next chamber!
Ha! If there is an idol in there,
then I'm a groundhog.
Baloo, you better start looking
for your shadow.
KIT: The Idol of Doom!
Who would have guessed
the old lady was right?
Oh, and probably worth
a couple of bucks, too!
BALOO: Hey, pal!
We found that first!
So, you are the legendary Great Llama.
Well, um, not exactly.
I thought not.
Imagine trusting the idol
to a buffoon like you!
Now hold on
But since you are here, I will give you
a demonstration of its power.
Idol of Doom, storm and fire,
blast this cavern, per my desire!
Enjoy the show.
Let's climb outta here!
Oh, great!
I got an idea!
Baloo, catch!
I hated this stuff in gym class.
Oh, man, this is supposed to be
my weekend off!
Argh! I blasted this place too hard!
No, no, that's no good.
Here, take the idol a moment.
- Aw, you shouldn't have.
- What?
See, Kit, I told you he'd give it
back nicely.
Now how's that little ditty go again?
Uh, Idol of Doom, storm and fire
Oh, yeah, yeah!
Idol of Doom, storm and fire
- Look out!
Flatten that creep like a bicycle tire!
Not bad for a buffoon, eh? Ta-ta!
I'll follow you wherever you go!
Good luck, pal!
We've got the only plane in town!
It doesn't matter. I'll get you!
Now you have to destroy it, Baloo!
Nothing doing! Once I take it back
to the old lady, it's her problem.
Why's the door open?
Uh, hello? Lady?
Oh, my! I'm sorry, it's you!
I'm sorry it's me, too!
Come in! Come in!
Okay, lady! Here it is.
Oh, good! El Gato didn't get it!
- You mean the guy with the crow?
- Yes. He was here.
You mean he did this?
Picking on defenseless people.
Wish I could teach that jerk a lesson.
But you can!
Destroy the idol before he gets it!
Complete your destiny!
Stop saying that!
Lady, listen, I don't know how
to get rid of this thing.
Of course, Great Llama.
Forgive an old lady.
(SIGHS) Okay, okay.
I'll see what can do,
but then I really gotta leave.
This thing's driving me crazy!
Come on, you!
Whoa! Ow! Whoa!
I'm not even going to ask.
I can't bust this thing! Argh!
Easy! Don't lose it, Papa Bear!
Lose it Lose it!
Yeah! That's exactly what I'm gonna do!
BALOO: Okay, Kit,
let's deep-six this bookend.
Bye-bye, sweetheart!
Gimme the quickest way
outta this country, Li'l Britches!
Baloo! Four o'clock!
Unidentified flying Idol?
Oh, baby!
Uh-oh, guess who wants in!
Oh, no, no! I said no!
Why is it following me?
'Cause you're the Great Llama?
Oh, man. Maybe there's something
to this destiny thing after all.
What's happening?
Jumpin' canaries!
- What is it?
- It's a giant condor!
I told you I'd find you!
It's that crazy El Gato!
(LAUGHS) At last! It's mine!
Idol of Doom, storm and fire
blast that plane, higher and higher!
- KIT: Whoa!
I never liked this insignificant town.
Idol of Doom, storm and fire,
blast that hill, it is my desire!
(LAUGHS) That's it! Run, you ants!
Come on, baby! Come on!
Good going, sweetheart!
Look, Baloo, he's wrecking the city!
That tears it!
Kit, let's buzz that buzzard!
Roger that!
I can't see nothing but tail feathers!
Whoa, Baloo! Whoa!
BALOO: Think thin!
Argh! Get them!
- Baloo, he's got the aileron!
- She's jammed.
Sit tight, Kit.
I gotta knock it loose.
Oh, baby!
You saved me! Just like Una said!
I come here for a quiet weekend
and I end up fighting
overgrown parakeets!
Okay, pal! We're in this together!
Do your stuff, bangle!
What is going on?
BALOO: A present
from the Great Llama!
EL GATO: Ow! Ooh!
Pop fly to the shortstop!
Well, what do ya know?
I got her unstuck.
Okay, my turn.
Idol of Doom, storm and fire,
come on little llama, grant my desire.
Pluck that chicken!
Can anyone direct me
to the nearest bus stop?
Well, you were right, lady.
This little baby saved my life!
Then its work is done.
But yours is not.
You still must destroy the idol!
Yeah, Baloo!
Hey, no sweat, folks.
The Great Llama's got all the answers!
Idol of Doom, storm and fire,
in a swirl of smoke, you will expire!
(GASPS) You did it, Great Llama!
See, it was your destiny.
(CHUCKLES) Maybe it was at that.
Well, so long, sister.
Thanks for a wild weekend.
You were a great, Great Llama, Baloo!
And I predict the future, too.
I see you and me sitting at Louie's,
sharing a tripledecker
hot-fudge sundae
With extra sprinkles.
Now how do ya know that?
I'd say it's our destiny.
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin!
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