TaleSpin (1990) s01e57 Episode Script

Stuck on You

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Spin it!
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
Let's begin it.
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
oh, yeah ♪
Talespin ♪
oh, yo ♪
Talespin ♪
friends for life
through thick and thin ♪
with another tale to spin ♪
oh, yeah ♪
Talespin ♪
oh, yo ♪
Talespin ♪
all the trouble we get in ♪
with another tale to spin ♪
Spin it!
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
Spin it, my friend.
Oh, yeah ♪
oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- o h, yo ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- oh, yo ♪
spin it, let's begin it bear
and grin it when you're in it ♪
you can win it in a minute
when you spin it, spin it, spin it ♪
Talespin it ♪
Talespin ♪
Well, I'll be dipped.
What you got here is a
loose reticulator gizmet.
You're lucky your atmospheric
flapdoodle ain't busted,
'cause we'd be talking
considerable cash.
Oh, look!
Cleanser's comet!
Aw, silly me. Just the old moon.
Well, as I was saying, good
thing it wasn't your flapdoodle.
Well, I'll be dipped.
Your flapdoodle.
Now lookie here, buddy.
Since I'm crazy Edie,
I'll fix your flapdoodle
and your gizmet
for the ridiculously low
price of six No, nine um
Nine o'clock. Look
at the time. Got to fly!
Get that crook!
I want my money back!
Stop that crazy Edie! Stop her!
Ha ha! We sure fleeced
them backwater rhubarbs, al.
Al, quit trying to eat the help!
Critters like them's
hard to come by.
I don't want to fly all the way
to bayou country to get more.
We're already halfway
to cape suzette.
Cape suzette, and
right on schedule.
Hurry! You know how cranky I
get without my morning coffee!
Don't open the cargo hatch
with the red lever like last week.
I'm tired of fishing
you out of the water.
Al, hurry up!
I'll make a suitcase
out of you yet!
Wow. Baloo, did you see that?
See what?
I think it was cleanser's comet.
Aw, wildcat, don't start
seeing things on me now.
The air show's this afternoon and
the sea duck's going "kerchunk".
If it goes "kerchunk",
it's a dirty filter,
but it went
It's definitely a
cracked clinkenheimer.
Ok, so long as the duck's
sounding piquant this time.
Hey, a lobster tank.
Wow! Lobsters!
Aw, don't worry.
I won't eat you.
I'm wildcat. What's your names?
Ok, I'll name you
Sammy, Frankie, Max
Oh, you're a girl. Sorry.
Maxine and homer.
I like homer 'cause it
rhymes with "wrench".
Ah, don't be jealous, Maxine.
Oh. Collars.
You must belong to someone,
but there's no tag.
That means I can keep you!
I got to pull this apart
so I can get to the
cracked clinkenheimer.
I must be low on
my elbow grease.
I should eat more energy
food, like jellybean omelets.
Cracked something or
another-heimers make me nervous.
I better eat something
light to settle my stomach.
Man can't live on
food alone. Huh?
It's the strain of
worrying, that's what.
For me? Gosh, thanks.
I can do a number
on that engine now.
The cracked clinkenheimer!
Now I can fix it.
You're the nicest
lobsters I ever met.
The strongest, too.
Wildcat, did you fix the engine?
- She's running like a
- Scared chicken.
Right. Let's go.
It's warm. Forget the hat.
I'm not wearing a hat.
Bayou country?
They got good gumbo there.
They got lousy gumbo?
First base. Second base.
He's rounding third base! Home!
Home? Oh!
You want to see baseball
game in bayou country!
Home. Home.
Your home is bayou country.
Guess you want to go home, huh?
I'd sure miss you,
but what are pals for?
After that contest, I'll
get Baloo to fly you home.
Come on. Time to
ace that air show.
Howdy, boys. Miss me?
This is going to be
just like old times,
'cause if I heard right, we
got an air show to bust up!
Ice cream! Ice cream!
Get your ice cream!
Welcome to our
cargo carrier classic
brought to you by
hi-yo silverware,
the finest in cheap utensils.
We're going to
clean up here, al.
Yes, you and me are
going to clean up here.
When do we start?
I'm talking about
the contest, wildcat.
Why don't you
double-check the engine?
Who are you?
The queen of sheba.
I've never met a
real queen before.
Got to go, buddy. Drop
by the palace sometime.
Homer, did you
follow me from home?
I missed you, too.
How's it look?
Good thing I double-checked.
There was a lobster in the engine.
A furry lobster?
His name is homer.
Good thing you wore that hat.
You've been getting too much sun.
What is it, homer? You
want to show me something?
The queen's got Maxine!
Maxine, you in there?
He'll blow my scam.
Oh, Maxine!
Hey, don't mess with my engine!
I wasn't messing
with your engine.
I was looking for a friend.
I'm not interested
in making friends.
Pilot no. 1, please
get into position.
Out of my way. That's my cue.
Psst! Psst!
Springing a leak, homer?
Come here, buddy. I know
where your friends are.
But, your majesty,
Maxine's in that plane.
Of course she is.
She's part of the show.
Why didn't Maxine tell
me she was in show biz?
Go in. Your friends
are waiting for you.
Yo, Frankie.
See you later, chump.
Not only are we alone. We can't
see Maxine's show from here.
The pilot who load his cargo,
completes the obstacle in
record time will be our winner!
On your Mark, get set, go!
Looks like engine trouble.
Oh, I'll be dipped. It's
your mud wumper, all right.
I got to fly home.
Can you fix it?
You crazy? If I can't
fix it, it ain't broke,
but it'll cost you.
Well, folks, the way
things are going,
our last contestant will be
lucky to even get off the ground.
On your Mark, get set, go!
A personal best for Baloo.
Now watch him blow it
on the obstacle course.
Four down and one to go.
Just a little harder, homer.
Pretty strong for a
little guy, aren't you?
You trying to tell me
something, homer?
The guys are in trouble?
Maybe Baloo will help us.
Why ain't Baloo's plane
falling apart like ours did?
That plane ought to
be spare parts now.
Baloo cleared the obstacle
course in record time.
Something's gone wrong.
We better grab our other
little stinker and get out of here.
Didn't Baloo mention
a secret weapon?
And his mechanic was
snooping around my engine.
I won! I bet they carry
me on their shoulders!
Ta-da! What do you say?
Get him, boys!
Let's tar and feather him!
Tar and feather him!
I've heard of sore losers,
but this is ridiculous.
Tar and feather him!
We don't have any tar.
We don't have feathers.
We got airplane grease.
And we got spoons.
Grease and spoon him!
Grease and spoon him!
Grease and spoon him!
All right. You happy now?
No, not until we
wreck your plane.
No! Not my baby!
Baloo, help!
I'm the one who could use help.
This is homer. Homer, Baloo.
And he said the other
lobsters are in trouble.
Don't harm him. He's crazy.
Homer's cute for a lobster,
but homer don't
have his facts straight.
You're the one who's in
trouble for wrecking our planes.
Grease him up!
Great. Charades.
- The son of Frankenstein.
- My mother-in-law.
I got it. I got it. The
queen of sheba!
The queen of sheba
wrecked your planes.
Why would she want to do that?
Hey, you little thief!
That's it! The queen
of sheba's a thief!
Crazy Edie was anxious
to take our money upfront.
And she hasn't fixed
a single plane yet.
Oh, little critter!
Baloo, we'll lay off your
plane till you're proven guilty.
Let's try this one more time.
We found him, al!
- My baby!
- My baby!
It's the queen of sheba!
- Edie!
- So long, suckers!
She's got our money!
And my lobsters!
Let's grease and spoon her!
Chew on that a while, crocodile.
Come on, al. Last chance.
I scream, you scream,
we all scream for ice cream.
I'm short one gator
but I still got my health.
Bye, queen.
Hey, I I'm ticklish!
Come on, guys!
Your highness whoa!
Traitors! Turncoats!
You're all fired!
Happy landing, buddy!
Whoa. I almost fell.
Everybody join paws!
Hey, you! Get off of my cloud!
You still got to
catch me, chump.
Nice of you to drop in.
Well, I'll be dipped.
And spooned.
No more ring around the collar.
Aw, you're welcome.
Bye. I'll come visit.
Looks like you made
some new friends, wildcat.
You're going to miss them.
It's a good thing
they're not staying.
How is that?
You know how hard it
is to find lobster food?
Talespin ♪
Talespin ♪
another tale to spin ♪
Talespin ♪
Talespin ♪
another tale to spin ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
Talespin ♪
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