TaleSpin (1990) s01e58 Episode Script

The Sound and the Furry

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Spin it!
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
Let's begin it.
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
oh, yeah ♪
Talespin ♪
oh, yo ♪
Talespin ♪
friends for life
through thick and thin ♪
with another tale to spin ♪
oh, yeah ♪
Talespin ♪
oh, yo ♪
Talespin ♪
all the trouble we get in
with another tale to spin ♪
Spin it!
Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
Spin it, my friend.
- Oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- oh, yo ♪
spin it, let's begin it bear
and grin it when you're in it ♪
you can win it in a minute
when you spin it, spin it, spin it ♪
Talespin it ♪
Talespin ♪
Hey, Baloo. Did I ever show
you my mind-reading trick?
Counting today, a
million and two times.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well,
this time I'll get it right.
Pick a card. Any card.
Floor me, normie.
Sham-ba-la, sham-Billy.
The stars are gonna tell me.
It was the
Ace of spades. Am I right?
Well, darn my socks!
How ever did you guess?
The amazing Louie never
guesses, man. He knows.
Ok, now for my next trick, I'll tell
you how far we are from macadamia,
without the aid of instruments.
Mumbo-jumbo and a side of
gumbo. I can see it in the stars.
We are exactly 100 miles away.
That's 100 gallons, swami.
You peeked at the gas Gauge.
Me? Peek?
Try to fool my one
and only bestest pal?
Is that a trick question?
Ok, I'll prove there's no hanky
in my panky. Blindfold me, man.
- How's that?
- Tie a knot. Try a granny.
- Come on, now!
- Ooh! Uncle, man.
Make up your mind.
Granny or uncle?
I must be alive, 'cause I
hurt too much to be dead.
- Was that you?
- Nah. It's the welcome wagon.
Hey! We're in macadamia.
How's that for
door-to-door service?
Next time try parking
closer to the curb.
Oh, now, it's not so far away.
Yeah, but that sand
looks mighty hot.
And my tootsies
are real particular.
Ok, I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
Say, are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
Yes, and that worries me.
I'll go negotiate with
the local taxi service.
Incidently, you get
any cash on you?
Why did I know that was coming?
Well, here we are at last
On the road to macadamia.
That sounds like
a song cue to me.
Is that a request?
No. I was warning the camels
so they could cover their ears.
See? Your reputation
precedes you.
Last time we were here,
macadamia was knee deep in dough.
Well, it looks like
the dough ran low.
I've got a shipment for
the king of macadamia.
And I'm picking up a load of
nuts for Louie's place.
Are you the concierge?
Handle with care, guys.
I've been known to tip heavily.
Not in my lifetime.
Excuse me. I've
got a bill here for
Has he had his shots?
Hey, who's gonna pay for this?
And what about my chocolate
- Open up!
- Come on!
What's the deal, Neal?
Come on! Open up!
What are you, the doorman?
Chancellor trample,
special assistant to the king.
You guys owe me $192.12.
And ten bags of
chocolate-covered nuts I paid for.
Don't worry. I'll handle this.
I'm sorry, the kingdom is broke.
Oh, yes. I'm afraid king amuck
has squandered all our money.
We're destitute.
Busted. Tapped out.
And speaking of out
You know the way.
We're not taking
this lying down.
Howdy-do. We
represent floss-o-matic,
the dental care tool of
tomorrow that you can own today.
Can we speak with the
monarch of the house?
Ok, Louie. All clear.
- You sure?
- Positive.
Oh, if I could open my eyes,
I know I'd be seeing stars.
Don't tell me you've
got another plan.
Why, Louie, you read my mind.
Dreadful. Simply
dreadful, you know.
My kingdom bankrupt.
This is all my fault.
Oh, no, father,
don't blame yourself.
But all of our tax
money is gone!
If I'm not responsible, who is?
It's the creep who copped your
cargo and snatched my snacks.
Your majesty, if you allow me
to wed Princess lotta I'amour,
I will donate my fortune
to save the kingdom.
No! I will never marry
chancellor trample.
He is a loathsome, festering carbuncle
on the face of our beloved kingdom.
What are you really saying?
Touch me and
you're dust, buster.
- I like that gal's spunk.
- The rest of her ain't bad either, man.
Father, he only wants to marry
me so he can take your crown.
Is that true,
chancellor trample?
Of course not, your highness.
Macadamia is facing disaster.
The people are ready to revolt.
With the king!
Down with the king!
Down with the king!
The only thing revolting around
here is that cheesy chancellor.
Yeah, let's nail that scam man.
Don't you see, sire, you
have no choice but to
Ladies and gentlemen,
for your amusement,
how about a big
macadamian welcome
for that seer with fear,
the amazing Louie.
Mwah! Mwah!
Wonderful, wonderful.
Thank you, baBaloo,
thank you, my friends.
Ok, step right up. The amazing
Louie knows all, sees all.
Futures told, fortunes found.
Do we have a volunteer?
- A volunteer.
- Well
Now, don't be bashful.
I can see it in the stars.
I predict this guy's
coming into a lot of loot.
That is amazing.
No it isn't. It's a
Silence! The amazing Louie is
about to commune with the spirits.
Does he need a doctor?
He will when I get
through with him.
I predict that you will find a snake
in the grass, here in this very room.
Oh! Goodness gracious!
But do not worry. This one's
not all he's cracked up to be.
Gee, that trick
always worked before.
Looks like the yolks on you.
Wonderful, wonderful.
You've been a great audience.
Cash only, no personal checks.
Sorry, I'm a little
short, you know.
The kingdom's
broke, you also know.
Well, somebody owes us a
$192.12, and ten bags of nuts.
He's attacking the king! Guards!
Hey, we're not attacking anybody.
We're fortune tellers, seers, psychics!
I predict you can't do this
to me. I'm a famous medium.
Good. I like my medium rare.
Stop! Father, these prophets
could be the answer to our prayers.
But how?
Remember the ancient legend?
Somewhere in the palace
is a vast treasure vault.
Nonsense! Fairy tales,
sire. There is no such thing!
They could use their
powers to find the treasure.
Your kingdom would be saved.
Yeah, yeah! And you'd be a hero.
Release them at once!
You hear that? Hands
off the tweed, sneed.
Will you help us?
Oh, baby, you
bet your tiara I will.
Excuse us.
I'm the psychic. I'll help
the gal, you get the $192.12.
Slow down, speedboat.
The Princess needs both of us.
Two heads are better than one.
Which one of us ought
to have examined.
Look, let's settle this
impartial like. Two out of three.
Ok. One, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two what is that?
- Steam shovel. I win.
- What do you mean, "I win"?
Scissors cut paper.
Rock breaks scissors.
Steam shovel smashes
rock. I don't make the rules.
Kingie, you got yourself a deal.
Good, good. Now I insist
that you stay in the royal suite.
But that's my room.
Hmm, then you'll
have to move out.
- May I escort you?
- Lead on, Livingston.
I say, fancy a spot
of badminton later?
Capital idea, old chap.
Fortune tellers, eh?
Well, if they find out
I've stolen the tax money,
I predict a short and
painful future for them.
Peel you a plum,
o' prophetic one?
Please do, baBaloo.
I tell you this royal
fortune-telling job
is one sweet gig.
Uh-oh. Battle stations!
What is he doing?
An out-of-body experience. And
no wonder with a body like his.
Better outta my body
than outta your mind.
Oh, I may go out of mine
if I have to marry trample.
Now don't you worry.
Ol' baBaloo'll save you.
Au contraire, baBaloo. If
anybody's gonna save her, it's me.
Now run along and
scare up a seance, hmm?
Why, you wolf
in bear's clothing!
Don't fight. You see,
I'm very fond of you both.
You're so brave.
You're so strong.
You're so right.
But if you don't work together,
you'll never find the treasure.
- You can count on us, Princess.
- Thank you. And you.
- Guess I'm just her type.
- Yeah. Dumb, dark, and hairy.
Fluff up your pillow and dream.
I'm the guy with the magic.
Good. Then why don't
you just disappear?
Oh, a note to me from lotta.
I got one too.
She wants to meet
me in the garden.
- Sorry, slim, but one's a mistake.
- You got that right.
- Oh, no, you don't!
- Come on, man!
You know, you
look better this way.
Psst oh, Princess
Yoohoo, don't be shy.
Come out, come
out, wherever you are.
La da huh? Nobody to home.
Baloo! Circle the
wagon! Retreat the fleet!
Whoa. What's the scoop?
I almost got turned into a
Louie-ka-Bob. Come on. I'll show you.
I don't see anything.
No jive, Clyde, someone almost
gave me flow-through ventilation.
Louie, I'm ashamed of you
Trying to scare me
off. Now stay put.
But but but
Oh, lotta, it's your
baby baBaloo.
What say me and you
trip the light fantastic
down the yellow
brick road of life?
- I think I feel a chill coming on!
- I'm an indoors type myself.
- After me.
- Right in front of you.
Fools! You missed again!
I got a plan. You help the
Princess, I'll get the cash.
I got a better plan.
Let's get out of here.
- Hide under here. Come on, man!
- Come on. This way.
Am I interrupting?
Back off, lotta. You set us up.
What are you talking about?
This. As if you didn't know.
But this isn't my handwriting.
Please you got to believe
me. Your lives are in danger.
- Thanks for the bulletin.
- Hadn't noticed.
But you promised to find
a secret treasure vault.
Ok, fine. Yo, spirits,
what's your pleasure?
Give us a sign.
Show us the treasure.
They say, "yes, we
have no bonanza."
- Everybody's a critic.
- It wasn't me.
What do we do?
Can't you charm a
snake with music?
Yeah. I'll sing.
I'll take my chances
with the snake.
We better do the old
half-gainer hike. You be the bait.
- How come I'm always the bait?
- 'Cause bait rhymes with ape.
Can't beat your logic.
Don't move. Ready, Louie?
If you've got the
alley, I've got the oop.
One, two
This is us leaving.
What the
Man, oh, man. There
really is a treasure room.
And it was right
under our noses.
My father's problems are solved.
But your problems
have just begun.
This isn't the hidden treasure,
it's the missing tax money.
Yes, which I stole.
And once I persuade
your father to step down,
it will pay for
my reign as king.
You king? Not while I'm alive.
Which won't be long. Fetch!
- Hey, Baloo. What's up with you?
- Not much, old pal. So what do we do?
What do you say we
just clobber these two?
- Ouch!
- Ooh!
En garde!
Whoa! Mama didn't
raise me to be no cold-cut.
- We're at the end of our rope.
- Rope?
- Where'd you learn to do that?
- I saw it in a movie.
Princess, we make a swell team.
I hate to interrupt
this tended interlude,
but I hear the patter
of not-so-little feet.
Quickly. This way.
Go! Give them such a hit!
Talk about your
horns of a dilemma.
There's guards behind
us, guards ahead of us
Sounds like we're about
to become a hero sandwich.
Happy nappin', numb noodle.
They're back
here, on the stairs!
- Let's make like a nose and blow.
- Head for the throne room!
Now I've got me a plan.
It was your plan that got us
in this mess in the first place.
After them! Hurry!
No wonder I can't sleep nights.
Looking for me?
Hi-de-ho, boys! Up here!
No. Up here!
Hi, fellas.
Eviscerate them, you imbeciles!
Oh, good. Is is
the circus in town?
Bring me in.
One bomb coming up.
- Unhand me!
- If you say so.
Wonderful, wonderful,
you know. Very nice.
See, father? You've
been a good king.
It's trample who's been
stealing the people's tax money.
Well, anything to say, trample?
Ooh, convict me.
Jail me. Torture me.
Sounds fair.
I don't know what I
can do to thank you.
I'll be happy to
prepare a short list.
And when it comes
to short, he's an expert.
Isn't it time for
you to hibernate?
Well, I have a
way to thank them.
What do you think? Gold? Jewels?
Or stupid amounts of money?
A nice big reward.
- Stupid money.
- Stupid money.
Shall we wait'll we get home?
- Nah.
- Nah.
It's it's exactly $192.12
and ten sacks of nuts.
King amuck wasn't
as crazy as we thought.
Wanna go back to macadamia?
Oh, no. I've had
my fill of those nuts.
We going out on that joke?
Looks like it.
Talespin ♪
Talespin ♪
another tale to spin ♪
Talespin ♪
Talespin ♪
another tale to spin ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
Talespin ♪
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