TaleSpin (1990) s01e59 Episode Script

Ransom of the Red Chimp

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Spin it!
hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
Let's begin it.
hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- Talespin ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- Talespin ♪
friends for life
through thick and thin ♪
with another tale to spin ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- Talespin ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- Talespin ♪
all the trouble we get in ♪
with another tale to spin ♪
Spin it!
hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
Spin it, my friend.
- Oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yeah ♪
- oh, yo ♪
- oh, yo ♪
ba-ba-ba da-da-da ♪
spin it, let's begin it ♪
bear and grin it
when you're in it ♪
you can win it in a minute ♪
when you spin
it, spin it, spin it ♪
- Ha-ha-ha!
- Talespin it ♪
Talespin ♪
Louie, my man,
I think your tiddly's
done tiddled its last wink.
Ha ha. You were saying?
Ahh. This is the life.
A bag of chips, an
orange fizzy, and bal.
Baloo, you are so right.
And your Hawaiian boys.
And now, the news.
Millionaire pilot
Louise I'amour,
five-time winner of
the scatmandu air race,
is winging her way to
this year's competition,
but first plans a visit
to that garden spot
of the south seas
Louie's island.
Aunt Louise coming here?
Run for your life!
It's aunt Louise!
Not that it's any of your
best buddy's business,
but what's going on?
Aunt Louise is coming.
She'll want to dance.
Sounds good to me.
She'll want to party.
My kind of gal.
But the worst thing is,
she'll call me, "Louis!"
You got to help me, man.
You got to save me, Baloo!
I got to get out of here.
Man, what a pilot!
You like her. Talk to her.
Tell her nobody's home.
Tie her up, kid.
Here. Buy yourself a buffalo.
Is that who I think it is?
Louis, my little Louis!
Oh, my, how you've grown.
Look at this boy.
It's not Louis, it's Louie!
I'm here for five weeks.
I couldn't wait to see my nephew
because he loves to part-y-y!
Tear up your dance
card. This one's mine.
Help me. The whole
joint's going crazy.
You can say that again.
We got to make her leave.
Vamoose. Bye-bye. Gone.
That sound is gone.
Hang on.
Boogie bear's cutting in.
Boogie down, fuzzy.
- Ohh! Ohh!
- Ohh!
Now what made it do that?
Sorry, folks. No
music, no dancing.
No dancing, no party.
No party? No way!
Batter up!
Oh, no. Stop!
No baseball, either.
Who said anything
about baseball?
Hit it, boys!
We're going to go skiing.
Something is casting a shadow
on the splendor my radiant tan.
Thank you. Turn me now.
No what is
keeping you held up?
Do you want your capitan
to become French toast?
What's the matter with you?
Well, you see, your
carnagitude, we're bored.
We are. We haven't done
any good pirate stuff lately.
So, my lethargic looters.
You want to engage in
some piratical proceedings.
That's sounds good.
You bet.
All right, then.
The generous Don Karnage
hereby grants you permission
to go loot, plunder,
do something piraty.
My fierce minions, may
I suggest a kidnapping?
Kidnapping? Yeah! Oh, boy!
Someone weak,
helpless, and rich, I think.
Someone like
No, stop!
Hold your horses!
We don't race horses,
cupcake. We race gorilla birds.
Baloo! Baloo! Do something, man.
Sure. Got a 5-spot?
Five bucks on aunt louisey.
Relative or no,
this gal's got to go.
This is skip skidoo,
scandal scout extraordinaire,
with a hot scoop from scatmandu.
Wait. What was that?
The scatmandu
championship air race
has been moved up to tomorrow.
That's right tomorrow.
And pilot Jacques tujour
says he'll beat the ailerons
off that second-rate
pilot Louise I'amour.
If she isn't chicken.
Them's fighting words!
I never met a pilot
I couldn't outfly.
What? Party over already?
Oh, Louis, I almost forgot you.
Forgive me, sugar.
I have to haul
tailfeathers out of here.
So soon? You just got here.
Oh, I know, baby.
But I really must.
I've got a title to protect.
That's ok. I understand.
Next time, we'll race wart hogs.
I can hardly wait.
Man, what a nightmare.
Man, what a party.
Jacques tujour! When I
meet that phony-baloney,
I'll rub his face in
his own axle grease.
I can't stand somebody
with a big mouth.
What in the world
Will Don Karnage be proud of us.
Iron vulture to base.
Iron vulture to base.
Come in, captain.
Oh, now what is it?
Success, your loftiness.
The chicken's in the henhouse.
What chickens? You're
supposed to kidnap a rich lady.
What we mean is,
der wiener's in der schnitzel.
I am certainly
very happy for you,
but what are you talking about?
Don not bother me
until the cat's in the bag!
Oh, the cat is in the bag.
That's a tune of
a different color.
You may bring
the prisoner to me.
All right.
What's going on?
You are our prisoner.
You cannot escape.
Oh, is that right?
Well, ok, tough guys,
show your pallid pusses.
You are in the clutches
of the ferocious air pirates
of Don Karnage.
Oh, yeah. Har.
You're kidding.
You call that a har?
Quiet! You're supposed
to be begging for mercy.
Can you see we have you at bay?
That's no way to
hold someone at bay.
Give me that.
No! Mercy!
Hey, she's a-pretty good.
Hey, nice accent.
You try it. Practice
makes perfect,
you big Swedish meatball.
That's the stuff!
Here now wait.
You're the prisoner.
We're the air pirates.
Air pirates?
With tubs like those?
Ha ha ha!
I could beat you blindfolded.
Ha ha ha!
I'd like to see you try.
Honey, you're on.
They do you all the time
Louie, Louie.
Allo, allo, Louie.
Oh, Louie-type person.
It is I, Don Karnage,
speaking to you with my voice.
What do you want, scam man?
Run out of babies to steal candy from?
No, no, no! I'm
feeling cranky today.
Do not upset me further.
You'll be interested to know
we have a certain
chicken in our henhouse.
Cat in our bag? Pig in our poke?
We've kidnapped
your aunt Louise!
You what?
I know. I know.
Amazing. But true.
Oh, no. Louise.
If only I hadn't sent her away.
However, I am
feeling generous today.
Shall we set the ransom at
$1 million?
A mill you
sleazy, slimebaggy,
lowlifey uh-uh.
You're making me more
generous by the minute.
$2 million.
You miserable, disgusting
$5 million, and
not a penny more.
If you don't pay,
I will be forced to harm many
hairs on the old lady's head.
Squawk! Squawk!
They're torturing her. Oh, no.
Stop! Stop!
Sacramento deli
Ok, Karnage, you win.
I do? But of
course. I always do.
Rendezvous the riches to me
twenty miles
south of your island.
Be there at the
stroke of Midnight.
You will never see her again!
Oh, boy. Louise
And it's all my fault, man.
Oh, man, where we
going to get $5 million?
We're not.
We're going to save
her. It's up to us.
Wait a minute.
Us? You and me?
Against those pirates?
Pirates or no pirates.
Karnage or no Karnage.
I'm not leaving
that defenseless old lady
in the clutches of
those barbarians!
Hee haw!
I could beat you with one
foot tied behind my back.
Hoo hoo hoo!
Ha ha ha ha!
And we'll carry on!
Hey! What's this?
Hey, what's going on down there?
Food fight!
Hey, Don Karnage
isn't going to like this!
Truly magnificent!
Do I not agree?
This is the splendid Don Karnage
calling the iron vulture.
Don Karnage to iron vulture.
Where are you with my
$5 million hostage person?
Don Karnage to iron vulture!
Stop, you imbeciles!
Stop! Stop!
Step on it, Baloo.
I'm stepping, I'm stepping!
If anything happens to
her, I'll never forgive us.
We don't got what
Karnage wants
Five million bucks.
We got brains.
We got brawn.
To save aunt Louise,
we'll lay down our lives!
We will?
What is going on here?
I said, what is going on here?
What kind of idiot
is driving this ship?
Say that again?
I said, what kind of idiot
You? Get away from that wheel!
You can't ship steer!
You are my prisoner!
Shiver me timbers!
I simply adore men with accents.
Are you not possessing
all your marbles?
Ooh, sugar!
Madame, get a grip on yourself!
I'd like to get a grip on you,
my sweet potato pie-rate.
Cyst and disease.
You are my captive!
Then captivate me!
Yaah! Yaah! Yaah!
Now I've got you,
my little passionate fajita.
Who do you think
what are you?
Go, now!
What in blue blazes was that?
The pounding of my heart.
Hey, karny, how do
you like them coconuts?
You were supposed to
be bringing me $5 million,
not ruining my adventure.
Not a chance, man.
The cavalry's coming
to get you both.
You want us to blast
them out of the sky, boss?
Did I say five million?
It was a figuring of speech.
Five thousand aah!
Ha ha ha ha!
Forget it, Karnage.
No deal!
Of course not! How silly of me!
I meant 500 yaah!
Captain, they're coming aboard!
Don't you want us to fight them?
No! Pretend to fight them.
But trust me!
Come here, my little
Don Juan Karnage! Ooh!
- Grr!
- Grr!
- Grr! Grr!
- Grr!
Way to go, Louie!
All right, Karnage,
let her go, or I'll
I'll wallop you, too!
Merciful humanitarian than I am,
I wouldn't dream of taking prisoners
a moment longer than necessary,
but being a pirate,
I must make a profit, no?
No! I haven't got $500.
Of course not! Ha ha! 50.
Uh, 15?
Ok, ok $9.00.
$8.00? $6.50?
They do kind of
make a cute couple.
Well, if marrying him
will make her happy
$5.00! That's the
best deal in town.
Gee, I Don't have cash on me.
Here! Here! She's yours!
Come on, aunt Louise.
We're going home.
Oh, no, no Louis, no!
You don't understand!
No, this is true love!
Oh, now, aunt Louise there
are other sharks in the sky.
Au revoir, mon cherie!
Hasta luego, liebchen!
Arrivederci, roma!
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Play it again, man.
Another sarsaparilla, Louis.
Make it a double.
Pardon, for the only man
I ever loved this week.
Louie! Baloo! Bon jour.
Louie, could you get
me how do you say?
Le French fry and
fromage burger to go?
Say that again?
Oh, madame, pardonnez-moi
for not introducing myself.
Jacques tujour at your service.
So you're going to
beat me flying, eh?
I don't like your attitude,
but I love your accent!
But, madame
I have an air race to attend!
Not anymore,
my little croissant!
Ha ha! Tojour I'amour.
Talespin ♪
Talespin ♪
another tale to spin ♪
Talespin ♪
Talespin ♪
another tale to spin ♪
hoo hoo hoo hoo
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ♪
Ha ha ha!
Talespin ♪
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