TaleSpin (1990) s01e61 Episode Script

Your Baloo's in the Mail

Spin it!
Let's begin it
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
Friends for life
through thick and thin
With another tale to spin
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
All the trouble we get in
With another tale to spin
Spin it!
Spin it, my friend
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yoh
- Oh-ee-yoh
Oh-ee-yay, oh-ee-yay
Oh-ee-yoh, oh-ee-yoh
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Spin it, let's begin it
Bear 'n grin it, when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
When you spin it, spin it, spin it!
So spin it!
Tale Spin!
And now the announcement
you've all been waiting for!
The lucky winner of the $100,000
Pazuza Sweepstakes is
Rebecca Cunningham.
I'm rich.
I'm rich. I'm rich.
MAN ON RADIO: But remember, Ms.
Cunningham, to get your $100,000,
your ticket must arrive by mail
in the Pazuza Sweepstakes Office
by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.
8:00 a.m. tomorrow? No sweat.
Fast mail, fast mail, see speed.
Speed, see super speed.
Here it is. S-S-T-I-S-D-D.
"Super-Speed Triple-Insured
Same-Day Delivery."
That's outrageous.
Except to a rich lady like me.
Post office closes in an hour.
- That leaves me plenty of
- MOLLY: Time to go, mommy.
Time to go, time to go, time to go, go, go.
Gotta get to the post office.
But I'll be late for my play.
(GASPS) Molly's school play.
Don't worry, honey,
I'll get you there on time.
I'll have Baloo mail my ticket.
What am I saying? This is important.
Every single time I ask Baloo to do
something important, he messes it up.
Then don't tell him it's important.
Of course.
Molly, you're a genius.
Nuh-uh. I'm an artichoke.
Pilot to Navigator,
you got any ketchup left?
KIT: Navigator to Pilot, negative,
all we got is
Ugh! Avocado dip.
Well, it can't hurt.
Okay, now you got our story straight?
We're five hours late 'cause we
were attacked by giant armadillos.
Baloo, you really think
Rebecca's gonna buy it?
BALOO: Trust me.
(GROANING) Millions of them.
Snapping and biting
and, oh, Becky, it was terrible!
It was awful. It was
That's okay.
Now, Becky, I can explain
REBECCA: No problem.
You mean, you're not mad?
(STAMMERING) I am five hours late.
What's five hours in
the grand scheme of life?
By the way,
could you mail this letter for me?
BALOO: Sure, what's in it?
Oh, nothing important.
All you have to do is
give it to the postal clerk
and say "S-S-T-I-S-D-D."
- Got it.
- Good. Here's 20 bucks.
For a letter? Oh, come on, gee, I
(CHUCKLES) Baloo, you're such a doll.
You believe that?
Next thing she'll be telling me
to keep the change.
Now remember, Baloo,
it's not that important!
Oh, and you can keep the change.
You've finally driven her over the edge.
Post office, dead ahead.
Oh, forget that.
Burgers and fries at 3:00.
Fill her up, please.
Baloo, we need that money
to mail Rebecca's letter.
Relax, there'll be plenty
left for a measly old stamp.
A couple dozen burgers,
double cheese, triple fries and five pies.
Now, you want something too, kid?
Excuse me?
He means D-U-D-S-S-I-G.
Beg your pardon?
- No, no. T-I-S-D-D.
No, no. S-S-S-S-T-I-D
Oh, Super-Speed Triple-Insured
Same-Day Delivery.
That'll be $17.50, please.
Uh, yeah.
Listen, you caught me a little short.
You got anything cheaper?
Well, there's First Class, $10.95.
(STUTTERING) It's a little bit steep.
Second Class, $6.35.
Oh, well
Third Class, $2.73?
- Um
- Fourth Class, a buck, 60.
- Not really
- Fifth, 28 cents.
Uh, getting warmer
(CLEARS THROAT) Sir, if I may ask
How much do you have?
BALOO: Two cents and a French fry.
That will be just enough
for 18th Class postage.
Of course,
it's not one of our speedier services.
Who cares?
She said it wasn't important.
Ah, here we are. (GRUNTING)
I hope he mailed it, hope he mailed it,
hope he mailed it
Come on, Molly.
(CHUCKLES) Who says I can't do
something without messing it up?
Baloo? Everything go all right
at the Post Office?
No problem.
Even saved you a French fry.
You were right, honey.
They don't call me the
artichoke of happiness for nothing.
Baloo, you're so wonderful!
I am?
See, usually you're so unreliable
I want to strangle you,
but today, oh, today, you actually
did a job without messing it up.
Oh, shucks, it was nothing.
Hello? Richelieu's Department Store?
Cunningham here.
I would like to order the gold plated
shower curtain on page five, yes
And the grand piano on page nine.
Then I will have two pairs of
diamond-studded earrings.
Why don't you make that six pairs?
Becky, what're you doing?
That stuff will cost a fortune.
Which I've got.
I just won (CHUCKLES)
the $100,000 Sweepstakes!
A hundred (CACKLING)
100,000 smackers? Ooh!
- Becky, that's great.
The cash arrives as soon as my ticket
gets to the Sweepstakes Office
8:00 tomorrow morning.
Oh, you better mail that ticket now.
Where is it? I'll mail it for you.
But you already did.
It's on its way to Pazuza,
REBECCA: Baloo? What's wrong?
(STAMMERING) I just remembered.
It's the first day of grouse season
and we're gonna be late.
Oh, quick.
That letter we sent to Pazuza?
We gotta have it back.
Sorry, sir, it's already on its way.
Now, don't worry,
the mail always gets through. It'll arrive.
- Yeah, but when?
- 8:00 tomorrow morning.
If you'd sent it S-S-T-I-S-D-D.
But 18th Class,
uh, about 10 weeks.
Seven with good behavior.
BOTH: 10 weeks! (GROANING)
Ten weeks? I won't last 10 seconds
when Becky finds out.
18th Class Division, basement.
Come on, kid.
So where's Becky's $100,000 ticket?
BALOO: Here it comes.
Huh? What? Who?
A letter.
My first letter in 40 years.
Yeah, and I want it back.
I'll fly it to Pazuza myself.
What? That would be a federal offense.
Nobody can touch mail in transit,
excepting postal employees.
You paid for it. (LAUGHS)
We're gonna deliver it.
We We
Well? Well?
Is something wrong with the letter?
No, just trying to remember
what to do with it.
You deliver it, on the double!
It's all coming back to me.
First, we sort it
Then we stamp it.
Oh! Come on! Hurry! Hurry!
Then we send it out to the mail boat.
- Boat? Oh, no.
A boat will never get to Pazuza on time!
Oh, not the S.S. Rocket.
She's the fastest ship in the fleet.
At this rate, it'll take hours to get aboard.
If I can't touch it, I'll help it along.
So where's the fastest ship in the fleet,
the S.S. Rocket?
Oh, look.
This is the S.S. Rocket.
18th Class Postal Cruiser Deluxe.
Captain Grindstone Griff,
at your service.
(GASPS) A letter. My first letter in
Forty years?
Aye. How did you know?
Lucky guess.
Pazuza, eh? Must be from the admiral.
Don't worry, men,
the battle plans are safe with me.
We'll be across the bay
at the airmail station in no time.
Airmail? You hear that, kid?
They're sending it airmail.
Our troubles are over.
Full steam ahead.
- This is full steam?
Captain, we gotta hurry.
Another hour and it'll be dark.
All the better to conceal us
from our enemies.
We'll take them by surprise.
Baloo, look.
Oh, Ms. Cunningham,
this one is definitely you.
Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.
Do you have it in pink?
Oh, the nerve of that gal spending
her money before it's hatched.
I was looking for a speedboat
and now I got one.
KIT: Baloo.
Aye, aye, me hardies.
Darn the torpedoes.
Batten down the hatches.
Full steam aport.
Baloo, look out.
Oh, man,
if I'm dreaming, don't wake me up.
(CHUCKLES) Pazuza's just
a stone's throw away now, kid.
Look at those babies.
Hey, have we got the right stuff
going for us or what?
RALPH: Good work, Griff.
I'll be flying on to Pazuza myself.
Forty years I've waited for this.
Make way for 18th Class.
(LAUGHS) Hey, even he can make it
on time in one of these planes
That's it, Matilda,
keep it going and you can do it.
He'll never make it, Baloo.
Hiya, sonny. Name's Ralph.
Right Stuff Ralph, they call me.
BALOO: They would.
Oh, how're we gonna get Rebecca's
letter delivered on time without a plane?
Oh, Baloo,
she's never gonna trust you again.
I know how to get her to trust me.
We'll steal her plane.
Becky must've fallen asleep.
Past my bedtime, too.
Say, where's this airplane
you're donating to the Post Office?
Shh! Right over there.
Baloo, this is crazy.
Rebecca's gonna
hear us take off for sure.
Baloo? Is that you?
Well, what do you think?
It's me, isn't it?
(STUTTERING) Uh, real nice, Becky.
Gosh, you know that envelope
looks familiar
Oh, man, look at the time.
Sorry, Becky, gotta go.
Moose season, you know.
Gotta be early to catch us
a chocolate one. Bye!
Baloo, if I didn't know better
I'd say that envelope looked just like
the one you mailed to Pazuza.
Well, actually, it is going to
It's no use, kid.
We gotta tell her the truth.
It's a letter to Santa.
I thought maybe if we promised
to be really good this year,
he'd cough up 100 grand for us, too.
And why is he wearing a postal uniform?
Hey, nice plane, sonny.
But what're all these newfangled dials
and buttons for?
And why is he flying my plane?
Move it, Ralph. I'm the pilot.
Hey, only postal employees
can fly the mail.
Until this letter's delivered,
I'm the only one
who can touch these controls.
Oh, it's 12 hours to Pazuza, 11:00 now,
that gives us 10 hours
to get there by 8:00.
Look, Ralph, I'll make you a deal.
Baloo, Baloo.
Yeah, kid.
It's five minutes to 8:00.
And there's Pazuza.
BALOO: We made it!
BALOO: There's the Post Office.
What gives, sonny?
Emergency 18th Class delivery.
18th Class? Huh.
Put it in the pile
and wait your turn, buddy.
Baloo, only three minutes left.
Oh, my, what a terrible time for me
to get a hay fever attack.
KIT: Huh?
Hey, hey. Hey! Hey!
RALPH: What's going on?
(PANTING) Sweepstakes Office,
3270 Chickapin Hill.
Okay, go, go, go!
You got it, sonny.
The mail must get through.
Neither storm nor sleet nor gloom
Baloo, where is Chickapin Hill?
MAN ON RADIO: Only two minutes to
go before that lucky winner
Rebecca Cunningham
becomes a sore loser.
Neither hail nor storm
Hail nor snow
Nor gloom of
Will stay these rounds
from their appointed, uh, carrier.
One minute, Baloo.
RALPH: Okay, neither sleet
nor storm
Gloom, gloom or hail, hail, doom
Doom of night.
Only 30 seconds to go.
RALPH: Neither snow
nor sleet nor, uh
Ten, nine, eight, seven,
- six, five, four, three, two, one.
- Well, I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry, time's up.
There, there, Papa Bear, it's okay.
So what if you blew Becky's chance
to be rich and live the good life
and do all the things
she's always wanted to do?
I still think you're the greatest.
Sorry, deadline's past.
The mail must get through.
Hey. Do you guys know this is a
Yeah, I know, "Return to sender."
No, no. That letter. I gotta
Hey, wait a minute.
BALOO: Poor Becky.
She's gonna have to
take all this stuff back.
Aw, it's only money.
Oh, it's not that, little britches.
I've been broke all my life.
It's just Well, she trusted me.
Baloo. Kit.
Have I got surprises in store for you!
An Aronka P39, Thunder-Buster.
You know how
long I've wanted one of these?
Uh, Becky
(GASPS) What's this?
You always wanted a soda pop machine.
Well, here it is.
Oh, Baloo!
I I didn't know it meant so much to you.
(SOBBING) Becky? You're not rich.
(CHUCKLES) What did you say?
We didn't make it to Pazuza in time
and it's all my fault.
That means I'll have to send
everything back.
Oh, Baloo,
this is my fault.
No, it's not, Becky, it's mine.
Yes, it is. I should've told you
what was in the letter,
but I didn't trust you.
BOTH: Go away!
Baloo? It's to us, from Pazuza.
It's from the Sweepstakes clerk.
He wants to buy your genuine
one-of-a-kind totally unique
18th Class stamp for (GASPS)
Where's the stamp?
I threw it in the trash!
Hey! Hey, stop!
Come back! Come back!
REBECCA: Wait up!
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin!
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