TaleSpin (1990) s01e63 Episode Script

The Incredible Shrinking Molly

Spin it!
Let's begin it
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
Friends for life
through thick and thin
With another tale to spin
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
All the trouble we get in
With another tale to spin
Spin it!
Spin it, my friend
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yoh
- Oh-ee-yoh
Oh-ee-yay, oh-ee-yay
Oh-ee-yoh, oh-ee-yoh
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Spin it, let's begin it
Bear 'n grin it, when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
When you spin it, spin it, spin it!
So spin it!
Tale Spin!
Give my creation life!
Maybe I should have used a seven iron.
Isn't this great, Baloo?
- You're not scared, are ya, Papa Bear?
Ah, no!
I had just dropped a, uh, a nickel.
(CHUCKLING) Aw, ya big baby.
Molly! Where's Molly?
The balcony, Ms. Cunningham.
Take that! And that!
Molly! You shouldn't run off like that.
You're too little.
Uh-uh. I'm bigger than the monster.
Besides, I couldn't see over the chair.
Come on, young lady.
Until next time, the balcony is closed.
- Baloo!
- We've gotta finish the inventory!
- I am. I am!
The account book is upside down.
Hey, creative accounting.
Hey, careful, short stuff!
There's someone in that building!
No. It's deserted.
I'll bet the Mad Doctor lives there.
(CHUCKLING) And I've got
the Sea Duck in my pocket.
When you're little, no one ever listens.
Incoming, Baloo!
BALOO: What? Oof!
Mommy, the Mad Doctor is out there.
We should go see what he's doing.
Not now, dear. I have work to do,
and you're too small to go alone.
No, I'm not. I can
Molly. I said no!
Besides, it's going to rain, pumpkin.
Mommy said I can't go out.
But she didn't say anything about
Danger Woman!
Ah, I knew we'd get away easy!
No one ever notices me.
Something is going on, Lucy.
I just wish I was a little bigger.
I can't see, can you?
Oh well
Where are we, anyway?
Looks like a job for Danger Woman's
trusty sidekick, Lucy.
Good work.
- I knew it.
Aw, a little lost mousey.
The Mad Scientist.
The lights!
DR. ZIBALDO: Who's there?
Oh, Lucy!
- What?
Good news, Rebecca.
We're almost done.
- I finished a half an hour ago.
- Oh.
Have you seen Molly?
Well, she wouldn't be in there.
Oh. Right.
Kit, do you know where Molly is?
On second thought, maybe I do.
REBECCA: How could Molly do this?
Aw, you know how little kids are.
BALOO: I'm sure she's fine.
Ah, maybe we should check those nice,
safe houses down the street first.
REBECCA: Hello? Anybody home?
Ah, you don't suppose
there really is a mad scientist in here?
- No. Just a mad mother.
Whoa, this place needs an exterminator.
Look! Molly has been here.
- Molly!
- Come on out, kitten.
KIT: Molly!
- Oh!
BALOO: Watch out.
He's coming around.
- Ah!
- Easy. Easy.
What do you want?
Are you robbers? I knew it.
Here. Here. Uh-uh.
Take my watch. Take my money.
Take me out to the ball game.
Take, ah
You are robbers, right?
We're not robbers. But who are you?
I'm Dr. Zibaldo. I live here.
He is a mad doctor!
I'm not mad.
Of course, I'm not thrilled
about you being here, either.
Dr. Zibaldo! Where is my daughter?
Unwelcome person! I don't know.
I'm sorry but my Molly's missing.
Can you help me?
Why is it toast always
lands jelly-side down?
You could drop 10 slices, 100 slices
- and every one would
- Wow!
I'll bet a radio this size
can pick up the moon.
(SCREAMING) Don't touch that!
It's not a radio!
It's a Shrinking Machine, my life's work.
It makes things smaller,
so they'll fit into suitcases better.
Or will, once I perfect it.
Sounds like he could use
a good shrink himself.
- Oh, dear!
Someone's turned it on!
Molly! Tell me!
Could my daughter have been shrunk?
Goodness. If she were,
do you know what this means?
She's gonna need
a whole new wardrobe.
What's more, my invention works!
It works! (LAUGHING)
So that's what happened.
The machine shrunk me.
And I thought I was little before.
Baloo! Baloo!
Ouch! I think you got fleas, Doc.
(YELPING) Mommy! Mommy!
I must record this success.
Where is my pen?
Doctor! We've got to find my little girl!
Yeah, Doc, and now!
Excuse me, but you really
should refrain from stomping.
If the little girl is shrunk,
you could, uh, squash her.
Oh my gosh! Everyone freeze!
It's the little lost mousey.
Only you look bigger up close.
- Nice mousey. Nice mousey.
Um, Becky, not that I'm complainin',
- but my arches are beginnin' ta fall.
- Hey!
Easy on the upholstery, lady.
- A rat! A rat!
I'll get it!
Help! Help!
Mommy! Don't squish me!
A rat! A rat!
- Hold on, Becky! I got it! I got it!
- KIT: I got it! I got it!
(PANTING) Doctor.
What are you doing?
Making toast. What else?
How can you think
about food at a time like this?
Beats shmooshing shrunken little girls,
doesn't it?
REBECCA: Everybody freeze!
Here we go again.
How am I going to find her, Baloo?
She could be anywhere.
Easy, honey! We just gotta think
this through rationally.
(YELLING) I am thinking rationally!
No, you're thinking loudly.
I hate being little!
Mommy! Mommy! I'm right here!
Now just calm down.
I'm sure Molly'll pop up soon.
She's a trooper.
Look! There she is!
What did I tell you!
- Molly!
- Molly!
Maybe being tiny isn't so bad.
Uh-oh. Sounds like the army's coming!
Hooray! A ride back to Mommy!
We should split up.
Each get on our knees and search.
BALOO: Naw, never work.
What we need ta do is think small.
I really don't like this, you know.
Dr. Zibaldo, we have no choice.
Easy for you to say.
But if something goes wrong,
it's my insurance premiums
that'll skyrocket.
Whoa. Umph. Hey!
We're only half way to Mommy.
- Uh-oh.
(CLAPPING) Good trick
Umm, but I bet you're stuffed?
KIT: We're ready when you are.
All set here, Kit. Let's start shrinking.
Funny. All the time
that I was inventing this machine,
I never once thought
that a person would want to be shrunk.
What's the matter?
You shrink 'em, you unshrink 'em later.
You kidding?
A machine that makes things bigger?
You've been reading
too much science fiction.
- What?
- What?
Baloo! Miss Cunningham! You all right?
BALOO: We're fine, Kit.
If you like bein' dinky.
Never mind that. We've got to find Molly.
BALOO: Yeah right, right.
BALOO: How about a hand,
little britches?
Roger, teensie-weensie Papa Bear.
- Whoa.
Easy, out there.
We ain't maracas, ya know!
KIT: Cleared for takeoff!
Doc, you've got work to do.
- Scat, rat!
Pick on someone your own size.
Okay. It's off, Doc. What next?
You know, I once tried
to develop an English muffin.
It had nooks, but no crannies
Doc! Right now you have to fix
your Shrinking Machine.
- Remember?
- Oh. Right. Hand me the pliers.
Over there! Baloo! Over there!
REBECCA: Kit! The rat! Molly!
This place has rats?
I've been meaning to get a cat.
After them, Baloo!
Funny, I don't recall the engines
ever making that sound before.
And they're not making that sound now!
BALOO: Hang on!
BALOO: Who put the bee
in their bonnet?
These guys are good.
Help, Kit! We've got hornets on our tail!
Eat plastic, flyboys!
Kit! Stop!
Looks like it's up to us.
Let's see how they like
being stung for a change!
REBECCA: (GIGGLING) That's taking
care of those buzzy bodies!
Awful cowardly for hornets.
Must be yellow jackets.
REBECCA: But we're too late. Molly.
BALOO: Hold tight!
And Mommy thinks my room is a mess.
REBECCA: She's all right!
Oh, too close. With that rat babysitting,
I can't land this thing.
Maybe you won't have to.
Where are you going?
Out the back. Kit does it all the time.
Hold it. Kit knows what he's doing.
Baloo! That's my daughter.
BALOO: And Kit has a board!
Hold tight!
Believe me,
I'm not planning on letting go.
- Mommy!
I'm coming, honey!
There. All back together again.
Oh, fiddlesticks!
I hate it when there are leftover parts.
- What do they do?
- Beats me. We better test this.
I don't understand.
Doc, the plug!
- Oh, baby! I'm so glad you're safe.
- Me, too.
(SCREAMING) Full throttle, Baloo!
Baloo. Fly between the spheres.
The doctor'll make you big again. I hope.
- REBECCA: Baloo.
- BALOO: What?
If we're flying full speed
when we enlarge,
won't we smash into the wall?
Yipes! Put seat backs and trays
into their original positions
and prepare for an emergency landing.
Hurry, Doctor.
Here goes.
REBECCA: Brakes, Baloo! Brakes!
Ooh, first time I ever landed
on a runway shorter than my plane.
- Nice job, Doc!
What in the
- Oh dear!
- BALOO: The machine, Doc! Shrink 'em!
KIT: The plug!
Remind me to pick up
an extension cord tomorrow.
- If ya got a tomorrow.
Rats. No offense.
- What do we do?
- Beats me.
He's got us surrounded
and there's only one of him.
Molly! Come back here!
MOLLY: Don't worry,
I'm so small no one ever notices me.
- But
- Shh
(WHISPERING) The kid's right.
We've got ta give her a chance
by keeping the rat entertained.
Did you hear the one about
the two peanuts that got on the subway?
One of them was a salted.
- Critic!
Oh no! Molly! Honey!
- Shoo!
Molly, don't ever run off like that again.
You could have been hurt.
I'm sorry, Mommy.
But I knew no one would notice me.
We do notice you, sweetheart.
Maybe we just don't show it enough.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry.
BALOO: Hey, we're sorry, too, Doc.
And I'm sorry, also.
What are you sorry for?
I don't know.
It just seemed to be the thing to say.
Doc! Your machine!
Now I remember
what those extra parts do.
I'm sorry.
We covered that.
I'm through with shrinking anyway.
I've got a new idea. Television!
What's television?
A device to send radio shows
into your house with pictures.
So, anyone for toast?
What an odd little man.
And what a dumb idea!
Radio with pictures. (LAUGHING)
I'll bet this is the last time
we hear of Dr. Zibaldo or television!
Come on. Let's go home.
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin!
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