TaleSpin (1990) s01e64 Episode Script


Spin it!
Let's begin it
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
Friends for life
through thick and thin
With another tale to spin
- Oh-ee-yeah!
- Tale Spin
- Oh-ee-yoh!
- Tale Spin
All the trouble we get in
With another tale to spin
Spin it!
Spin it, my friend
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yay
- Oh-ee-yoh
- Oh-ee-yoh
Oh-ee-yay, oh-ee-yay
Oh-ee-yoh, oh-ee-yoh
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Spin it, let's begin it
Bear 'n grin it, when you're in it
You can win it in a minute
When you spin it, spin it, spin it!
So spin it!
Tale Spin!
BALOO: (READING) "As the decisive
battle of the Great War raged on,
"the Squadron of Seven found
themselves outnumbered 10 to one.
"Squadron leader Rick Sky
"grinned and told his men
it was time to earn their pay.
"The seven brave men fought valiantly.
"One by one,
their adversaries dropped liked flies."
Man, oh man.
What I would've given
to be Rick's wingman.
To have flown with the greatest.
So, Baloo, you don't even know
enough to come in out of the rain, eh?
Sorry, Karnie.
But I'm not carrying any cargo this time.
Will ya take a rain check?
Enough of your witless witticisms!
Cargo or no,
kiss your ailerons goodbye.
Karnie'll never find me in here.
Hey, I'll never find me in here.
Ahoy there!
Knew I shoulda brought my umbrella.
My men! Did you pick up my men?
Maybe they got through!
Must check with Search and Rescue!
(COUGHING) Do you think
maybe we can talk inside?
It's gettin' a little damp out here!
(PANTING) I say, old man,
thanks for hopping down to fish me out.
I haven't seen a flight jacket
like that in years.
I just bought it last month at the PX.
Here, want it?
- Ah, no, I can't. Can I?
- Go on.
Just my way of saying thanks
for savin' my hide.
Hey, we better make air-tracks.
I've got a couple of guys on my tail.
(CHUCKLING) I say, don't we all?
BALOO: I don't mean ta be nosey,
but what were you doin' out there
in the middle of nowhere?
RICK: Last I remember,
my men and I were hauling
a shipment of silver for the war effort,
then we ran into this blasted snowstorm.
War? What war?
The Great War.
Surely, you heard of it.
Made all the papers.
Uh, the Great War ended 20 years ago.
You're pulling my ripcord, right?
Just who are you?
Where are my manners?
Captain Rick Sky,
leader of the Squadron of Seven.
(LAUGHING) Oh, yeah, right.
And I'm Amelia Bearhart,
(LAUGHING) Leader of the loonies.
I tell you, I am Rick Sky.
Ah, get outta here.
Sky would be at least 50, now.
Besides, I don't think
you want to be him.
And why's that?
Because when he didn't return
from his last mission,
everyone figured he and his men
stole the silver treasure.
So, Baloo wants to play games?
Here, let me give you a hand.
BALOO: Wait!
Handles quite nicely.
Baloo, you dare to cross Karnage?
Ah, you naughty, naughty boy!
You will regret this
(GULPING) as soon as I find you.
Man, oh, man!
I've never seen anyone fly like that.
You really are
Nah, you can't be, can you?
Now, what's this bloody rubbish
about my squadron stealing the silver?
Aw, Baloo,
so what if he says he's Rick Sky?
Maybe he's got comic books like you do!
I tell you, this guy's up to something!
I say, careful, or he might hear you.
Oh, she doesn't mean it.
She always gets this way,
(CHUCKLING) always.
It's all right.
Now look what you did.
You hurt his feelings.
Oh, feeling's shmeelings.
There's something fishy going on.
Uh, Wildcat, watch where you're going!
Sorry, Ms. Cunningham.
Just brought over
some spare gizmos like you asked.
Gonna fix up the Duck
as spic as a new born span.
Besides, even if he were Rick Sky,
he'd still be a thief.
Hey! It just so happens he was awarded
the Distinguished Flying Cross.
Look, just get to work.
You still have a shipment
of fireworks to load and deliver.
Don't over-rev your engines, lady.
- I'll get right on it.
Wildcat, could you get right on it?
I said for you to load the fireworks.
I've got someone to talk to.
But Wildcat will
RICK: (SIGHING) It's all changed.
My men are gone.
People think I stole the silver
Is it true you shot down 37 planes?
Thirty-eight, counting me.
What, you shot yourself down?
(CHUCKLING) Must've been awful
anxious for a dogfight.
My men and I were on patrol
when several of the enemy sneaked in
and started making
sauerkraut of the city.
Well, we dropped on them
with guns singing.
Yes, the dodgers
didn't know what hit 'em.
Unfortunately, some of my strays
ricocheted off bedrock
and cut a line straight up my belly.
Quite embarrassing, actually.
I remember that battle!
That's how you earned
your Flying Cross.
And now no one believes me.
I do.
Thanks. But I'm afraid that's not enough.
I can't rest until
I've restored the honor of the squadron.
Becky, you seen Rick?
You mean that imposter?
He rushed out of here
a few minutes ago.
Imposter! Imposter!
Huh, he's not an imposter.
Why, you won't even give
a joe a chance to
The Sea Duck!
Just when I almost believed
I'm sorry I had to be
right about him, Baloo.
There is no Rick Sky.
Yeah, hey!
I never believed in the first place.
The rat's log book!
I loaded up all the fireworks
(COUGHING)what was left of them.
Hey, look at this,
the last entry was made 20 years ago.
Like, that was nearly two decades ago
Well, you know, practically, sort of.
You know,
if this guy really were Rick Sky
Well, I just meant
that if he thought he were,
he might retrace his last flight.
All I have to do is
Oh, but where am I gonna find
the wings to go after him?
Well, uh, I can slap together a plane
in two hours with the parts I got.
And since I only have half the parts,
it should take only half as long.
Will it fly?
Will it fly? Will it fly? Might.
Hmm, this baby
can definitely use a tune up.
Hate to do this to a chum.
I've got no choice.
I can't let my men down.
- So, Baloo, you come back?
Now it is time to pay the pirate.
BALOO: Oh, no! That idiot!
He steals my plane!
He gets himself captured by pirates!
What else could go wrong?
Yes, yes, I, too, have the suspicion
that someone is flying above us.
Well, I guess I can't count
on the element of surprise anymore.
Phew! This calls
for a little evasive action.
I must have a talk
with Wildcat when I get back.
Uh, just what I always wanted.
A plane with its own basement.
(GULPING) Reminds me,
I was supposed to pick Becky
up a pound of ground round.
(SIGHING) There, that wasn't so bad.
Oh, only an idiot would go in there.
Might as well get started.
Gonna have to take
a bath when I get home.
And it's only Monday.
Hmm, must be Karnie's room.
Take this, and that, and this again!
- Your turkey lunch, Captain.
Ugh! Would you have
preferred the ham instead?
Mmm, I thought I heard a noise.
Mad Dog, go inside
and find out what it is.
You sure you wouldn't like to go?
(STAMMERING) It is your room.
And you may not have tidied up
Get inside, flea brain!
What is this?
- I know they are bones.
Karnage's food has been
(STAMMERING) nibbled!
And I suspect the nibbler
may be very nearby, sí?
Lose something?
Don't you go anywhere!
I'll be right down
I say, can I give you a hand?
No, but maybe I can give you a fist!
I see you're upset about the plane.
I'm sorry, but I will not rest
until I find the silver
and restore the honor to my squadron.
You must understand.
Quit with the lying baloney.
If you were Rick Sky,
how come you got caught so easy?
You were only outnumbered 10 to one.
That was your fault.
You didn't tell me
your blasted plane had no guns.
Imagine my surprise.
Well, if I'd known you were gonna
steal it, I'd have put some on for ya!
That's perfectly all right.
Apology accepted.
Now, what say we get out of here?
Now, just 'cause
I'm helpin' you skedaddle,
doesn't mean you're off the hook.
If you're so angry, why don't
you just leave me to the pirates?
Because even a low-down, no-good,
stinkin' snake deserves better than that.
(LAUGHING) Thanks, I suspected
you liked me all along.
Baloo to Karnie, Baloo to Karnie
Baloo? I have your plane, you know.
It's a lovely
Hey, what are you doing unblown up?
BALOO: Didn't want to miss
the big surprise attack
being thrown in your honor.
KARNAGE: Surprise attack?
KARNAGE: Wait. I see no attack.
Maybe Baloo thinks
he can pull the steel wool
over Karnage's eyes, yes, no?
Sounds like old Karnie's still flyin'
one taco short of a combination plate.
Come on, back to the Duck!
Nyah-nyah, missed me.
We are under attack! Fire!
Yes, I see nothing either, too.
That is why we must shoot
everything not in sight.
- The hangar! It was a trick!
Stop them!
Seems like we have
some uninvited guests.
Bit of a sticky wicket, whot?
When it looks bad,
there's only one way to go.
Rather a squeeze.
Try banking her in at 30 degrees.
(LAUGHING) Well done!
Now, how about I toss you
out the window, you thief?
Do to me as you wish,
but never say I'm a thief.
No? Because of you, I lost my cargo,
I've got pirates up my exhaust pipe,
and if they don't kill me, Becky will!
No thief, huh?
No. No thief.
Take this.
I know it won't replace what you've lost,
but it's all I have.
BALOO: The Flying Cross!
Hey. You really are Rick Sky.
Yes, we seemed
to have covered that subject.
Now we're back on,
will you throw me out or not?
Nah. And I don't want your medal, either.
Hey, ever since I was a kid,
all I ever wanted to do was fly with you.
I never wanted anything else.
Look, old man. It'll mean heading
right back through the pirates.
We probably won't make it home alive.
(CHUCKLING) Hey, we've been in sticky
wickets before, hey, whot?
RICK: There, the White Cliffs of Rover.
Last I recall, this is where I last recalled.
I say, there! Two o'clock, low!
My plane!
Did you get a load of that?
What? I say, you look
like you've just seen a ghost.
I may have.
BALOO: Friends of yours?
Yes, and looking quite well, considering.
- But how?
- The snowstorm, of course!
We must've frozen.
Somehow, I thawed out
and floated out to sea.
A regular chip off the old block.
Well, they're sure in there solid, all right.
Come on, papa needs
a new pair of shoes.
Phew! Talk about them
icy fingers of death.
RICK: Scott,
I say. Captain, who's that old geezer?
Men, meet Baloo.
If it weren't for him,
we might still be part of the scenery.
I'll explain everything later, Reg.
Right now, we have a job to do. Fall in!
We still have silver to deliver.
The honor of our squadron
depends on it.
Captain! Incoming bogies.
I got you now!
Uh-oh, change in plans.
Baloo, you must deliver the silver,
we'll hold off the pirates.
But your old planes are no match
for the pirates and their guns.
And you have no guns at all.
Look, I got you into this.
And now you're the only one
who can get us out.
Take the silver,
complete our mission. Please.
All right, men, it's time to earn our pay.
Hey, wait! Don't send me away.
I've wanted to fly
with you guys all my life.
It's an order, Baloo.
- An order?
- That's right.
You're part of the squadron now,
so you can't refuse.
Then be careful.
There's five times
as many of them as you.
I know it seems a tad unfair,
but we'll let them have the first shot.
(GIGGLING) This is a joke, yes?
Well, Karnage has a great
sense of humor. Attack!
(CHUCKLING) I got him. I got him.
Where'd he go?
Now you've really got
Karnage's dandruff up!
I, Don Karnage,
the scurvy of the sky, has returned.
Some hot-shot pilot you are.
I thought I gave you
a direct order, Baloo.
Thanks for disobeying.
Let's go in after them.
Nah, no one would be so stupid
as to attack the Iron Vulture.
They are stupider than I thought!
Don Karnage is a pirate of mercy.
He will let them go
this time with a warning.
Now, retreat!
RICK: I say, most fun I've had in years.
BALOO: Yeah, we sure kicked
some pirate posterior.
REG: Uh, Captain.
I'm afraid it's time for us to go.
Uh, low on fuel, you know.
So, come back with me.
Wouldn't make it, Baloo.
Besides we're a little behind the times.
We wouldn't really fit in, don't ya know?
But where will you go?
RICK: Out there somewhere.
We'll be all right.
Anyway, I'm counting
on you to deliver the silver.
You're one of the squadron now.
BALOO: So, like I told you, Becky,
I used the fireworks
to escape the pirates
and then helped Rick find the silver
and defrost his squadron.
Now, what's not to believe?
(GASPING) That's the missing silver!
Well, it ain't my fillings.
And as soon as I'm refueled,
I've got a mission to complete.
(STAMMERING) Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu
"And when it was over,
"the Squadron of Seven flew off,
"never forgetting the lone pilot
"who helped them recover the treasure
"and their honor."
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin
Tale Spin
Ooh, ooh
Another tale to spin
Tale Spin!
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