Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Vigor the Visionary

1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair (birds tweeting) RAPUNZEL: I am so excited to see what you have planned for our date.
Don't you worry, your royal blondeness.
Eugene's got it covered.
I've entrusted Max here to seek out and deliver us to the most primo romantic spot around.
You'll see.
We're talking dinner for two, the stars twinkling above, the works.
Now, I'm not saying it'll top our crown-stealing, lantern-watching first date, but I kinda am.
Isn't that right, buddy? An apple tree? Seriously? That's the best you got? (sigh) Should've asked the frog to come along.
Even he'd come up with something better than this.
It's okay, Eugene.
Planning a date is hard when you're in the middle of nowhere.
We can just play it by ear.
Well, anything is better than the horse plan.
(nickering) (distant chimes) Did you hear that? You mean those out of place, mystical chimes in the middle of the forest? Yeah.
(chimes continue) RAPUNZEL: "Vigor the Visionary.
" "See-er and know-er of all.
" Wow.
A real psychic! Excuse me? A real psychic? (laughs) Oh no, no, no.
- There's no such - Ahem! Gah! Holy quiet shoes! Greetings, travelers.
My name is Madame Canardist.
And inside this wagon is the world famous clairvoyant, Vigor the Visionary! He has predicted the fates of emperors, the future of pharaohs, the destinies of dynasties even! And he is offering a once-in-a-lifetime special One fortune for a mere five silver pieces.
Eugene, did you hear that? Emperors and pharaohs!? (laughs) Okay! Well, uh, add princess to that list.
EUGENE: Uh, Blondie, you don't actually believe in this psychic business, do you? Well, I don't know if it's real, but what if it is? It's kinda fun to believe in stuff like this.
(slam) Silver.
His omniscience requires five pieces of silver.
Prepare to be astonished.
He's telekinetic, he's telepathic, and he'll tele-you-the-future! Oh, man Oof! CONARDIST: Please welcome the world's most prophetic prognosticator Vigor the Visionary! (gong rings) (flames lighting) (dramatic music) (squeaking) Aw! He's a monkey.
RAPUNZEL: And he's adorable! Vigor These people have come in search of your infinite guidance.
If you are willing, blink twice.
(gibbering) (gasp) Did you see that? Please! Vigor requires total silence as he contacts the regions beyond.
- (chatters) - (orb hums) (table vibrates) (howling) (chatter) Uh huh.
Got it.
Vigor the Visionary has spoken! "If you see someone fall, pick them up.
" Are you serious, monkey? (growling, chewing) That is the most generic fortune I have ever heard.
Technically, it's not even a fortune.
It's more like advice.
Or a motto.
Or an edict.
RAPUNZEL: Okay! Thanks for the fortune, Vigor.
Oo, oo, oo! Or a credo! Stop me when you finally understand what I'm trying to tell you! RAPUNZEL: "If you see someone fall, pick them up" What do you think it means? EUGENE: Oh, I know what it means.
It means we just paid five silver pieces for a pilfering primate to hand you a phony fortune.
Well, so what? Maybe it was all just a trick, but what if, what if, it wasn't? And, I'm surprised at you, Eugene.
We have seen some really strange things together.
Why are you being so cynical? - Cynical? Cynical? - (Max neighs) Look, Blondie, I believe in some crazy stuff.
You know that I do, right? Life-saving hair? Believe it.
Magical rocks? Sure! Sword-fighting horses? Why not? - Hermano caballo, you sign me up.
- (nickers) But if there's one thing I do not believe in, it's fortune tellers.
And if there's a second thing I do not believe in, it's fortune tellers that also happen to be monkeys.
They're all sleazy, underhanded, fly-by-night, dubious hucksters, and you know what? I'm gonna prove it.
Max? Back to the wagon.
(neighs loudly) (sigh) (crying) (crying continues) Madame Canardist? Are you okay? I never okay again! My Vigor has been taken.
Thieves snatched him right out of his wagon! (sobs) It's gonna be alright.
Don't worry.
Eugene and I will find the thieves that took Vigor, and we will bring him back.
What? Oh, no, no, no.
Come on! The last thing I wanna do is spend the one night we have to ourselves, chasing some monkey Okay, we'll track down the monkey.
I knew you would come around.
I wouldn't go that far, but I have a pretty good idea of who took him (Vigor grunts) ANGRY: Lift it higher! If he gets this one, - we're all out of bananas! - (thud) Eugene! Princess Rapunzel! Uh, hi! Alright, Angry.
Gimme the monkey.
(chomp) What monkey? Angry? Red? Oh! We've missed you! We missed you, too! Especially Red.
She won't shut up about you.
You are so sweet! Oh! Um yeah, and so, so in trouble.
Now, I thought the two of you saw the error of your ways.
And if you're going to steal, why steal this monkey? (Vigor shrieks) And while I'm thinking about it, how could you leave my comb behind? It's the first thing I ever stole And it's a shameful reminder of your criminal past.
We know.
We haven't stolen anything since we left Corona.
Honest! But, we had no choice.
This monkey holds a very important secret (belches) ANGRY: Red and me are walking through the forest, and this weird lady comes out of nowhere and says, "Have you heard of this psychic? "He can tell you your future and your past "for one silver piece! It's a special one-time-only offer.
" EUGENE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on.
One silver piece? She charged us five! She's a crook! And I'm oddly impressed.
ANGRY: So then, this monkey comes out, and does a weird future-predicting dance.
Then he gets this funny look on his face and grabs my necklace.
The weird lady says, "The necklace you're wearing has been in your family for a long time.
" And I think, how does he know that this is the only thing I have left from my family? Then, she reads our fortune.
"Follow the leaf to find your tree.
" Tree? Like, a family tree? Are you saying I have a family somewhere? I didn't even know my family existed.
Then, she tells us, "If it is your family you seek, "Vigor can show you.
but you gotta give the monkey more money.
" When she finds out we're broke, she says, "No money? No monkey.
" (Vigor screeching) So We decided to borrow the monkey.
Thieves! EUGENE: Alright, look, I understand why you did what you did, but no matter what you call it, borrowing without permission is stealing.
You have to bring him back.
No, no, no! - I can't bring him back now.
- (Vigor screeches) Eugene, I know you want them to do the right thing.
I do, too.
But, Angry and Red have been on their own for a long time.
And if there's even the slightest chance that Vigor can lead them to a home, shouldn't we take it? There isn't a chance, - but fine.
- (gasp) That said, you have to promise on Maximus' life that you will give Vigor back once the search is done, and he proves to be a phony.
Is that clear, you two? (sniffing) Deal.
(sniffing) Yah! - Monkey germs.
- Okay, so now, all we've gotta do is figure out how to get Vigor to do his thing.
Oh, that won't be too hard to figure out.
Hey, li'l fella.
Where can we find Angry's family? (shrieks) (gasp) Look! (squeaking) The Wheel of Fortune? (chomping) Why would he eat it? Well, it probably means his diet is deficient in fiber.
(gasp) Red is right! There's a city named Fortuna not too far from here.
That's what Wheel of Fortune meant! Fortune, Fortuna? (derisively) Come on! You got, "Fortuna," out of, "Wheel of Fortune?" That's a coincidence.
Is it a coincidence, Vigor? Blink twice for, "yes," and once for, "no.
" (all gasp) Oh! Oh! What was that? Why, it looks like a single eye-blink.
Is that a coincidence? Hmm? (sigh) (crows cawing) (squeaking) This place gives me the creeps.
Eh, it's nothing to worry about.
It's just a quiet, little town.
(distant crying) With sad, foreboding crying.
(lid rattles) (crying continues) - Beware! - (all scream) (chattering) EUGENE: Okay.
Psychic monkeys, and now we've got a talking octopus, I presume? Yeah, sure.
That's, that's normal.
Why not? Ye scared the whole town, ye did! We thought you were The Daylights! What are the Daylights? The Daylight Thieves.
Nasty crooks of the worst kind they be! They stole my one-of-a-kind mahogany piccolo.
And now, I have no instrument! 'Twas a fine piccolo as piccolos be.
It really was.
It really was.
(cries) Alack! Alas! What is a minstrel without his trusty piccolo? Just a lonely man in fancy, ragged pantaloons.
Beware the Daylight Thieves! BOTH: Beware! Beware! - And, scene! - Ow! (Vigor hoots) Vigor says we need to go this way.
(horses nicker) Eugene, what is it? Look, Blondie, I'm just worried, that's all.
I mean, what if we've come all this way, and she finds nothing? Don't worry.
Whatever happens, we'll be there for them.
- (screeches) - Nyah! (sighs) Monkey ANGRY: I don't get it.
It should be here.
It might be.
I (sighs) can't see a thing through this mist.
EUGENE: Well, the end of the line is Snake Canyon, - and that's kind of - (Max whinnies) hard to miss.
Vigor, this is a dead end.
What do we do now? (squeaking) (sniffs) Eugene, do you have another coin? Oh no.
I say we go back, return the monkey to the weird old lady, and call it a day.
You hear that, Viggy? You're not getting one more shiny outta this guy, ya got it? (hooting) Vigor, what is it? Look! Look! And there's a bridge! (stammering) Anybody could've seen that.
Monkey see, monkey point! RAPUNZEL: Oh, Eugene.
Remind me again.
"If there's one thing I don't believe in, it's fortune tellers.
" But, what, ugh, what was that second thing that you don't believe in? Fortune tellers that are also, ugh, what again? Oh, whatever.
I give up.
Lead the way, monkey boy.
- (flips coin) - (squeaking) But let the record show that I follow only out of a sense of obligation to the group as a whole! (creaking) (gasp) Look! There's people inside! Look, I know you're excited, but let's play it cool.
Okay? Seeing you will probably be a shock to them, so we should do the talking first.
(door creaks) Mom! It's me! Your daughter! I know you weren't expecting this, but Vigor told us to follow this leaf symbol on the necklace you left me with to the tree, and we weren't sure if we would find anything, but we did and now we can be together forever! Uh, this is Vigor, and what she's saying here is, you are her long-lost family and she's come to live with you.
(chuckles) So Congrats! Finally! After all these years! William, our our little girl has come home! What was that, Petunia? (Vigor hooting) I thought we would never see you again.
Thank goodness you're home.
You gotta take Red, too.
We're a package deal.
Oh, of course she's welcome.
(whispered) Thank you.
(Vigor grunting) (door creaking) RAPUNZEL: I understand you had your doubts about Vigor, Eugene.
But, he did lead us all the way here.
And just look how happy the girls are.
I, uh, I I dunno, Rapunzel.
I just have this feeling like something's not right.
Maybe we should go back.
- (tooting) - Dee! Vigor, did you take that whistle from their house? Blondie, that's no whistle.
That's a piccolo.
A mahogany piccolo.
(horses neighing) Faster, everyone! The girls are in big trouble! (chop) Wah! Whoa! Rapunzel! Eugene! (horses whinnying) Making yourselves at home? (laughs) I wouldn't.
They won't be coming back.
Now that we're alone, we can be completely honest.
We aren't your family, and this isn't our house.
It's our hideout.
We're The Daylight Thieves.
I don't get it.
Why take us in if you don't want us? And turn away our long lost child? Coulda given us away.
Not worth losing our hideout.
Was better safe than sorry.
(laughing) Yeah! And now that we're safe, you're gonna be real sorry.
Just like your friends.
(whinny) Eugene! Don't worry, I'm coming.
No! No, no, stay where you are.
I'll find a way up.
(Vigor shrieks) (screaming) Ooh! (grunts in pain) Of course, that would be easier if I could see my hand in front of my face.
Or without a monkey on my head! - (hissing) - (shrieking) Or snak snakes! Oh boy.
This place is called Snake Canyon.
Of course because snakes! That's why you're afraid right now, got it? Eugene! Eugene! So! How do you get outta here? (hooting) Right! Smart! Be a monkey.
Alright, ignore the snakes, Fitzherbert.
- Ignore the snakes.
- (hissing) They're just really long, gross turtles without shells or legs! That's all! - (hiss) - Oh! Ah! (screaming) Huh? I thought I told you to stay up there.
Yes, but, "If you see someone fall" "Pick 'em up.
" Yeah, yeah, I know.
(Vigor chattering) (galloping) You let those little girls (groaning) EUGENE: Go? Oh, man, I love these girls.
Red? Where's Angry? I, I shoulda known better.
I don't know why I believed that stupid monkey.
Guess I just wanted to believe I had a family so bad, that I fooled myself.
"Follow the leaf to find your tree.
" Hey Did you know that when I found Rapunzel I was looking for a crown? And when Rapunzel found me, she was chasing lights in the sky.
(chuckles) That's what we thought would bring us happiness.
That's weird, right? So? Why are you telling me this? Well, because you thought finding your tree would bring you to your family.
But, who's by your side right now, when you're feeling your lowest? EUGENE: You have a family in Red.
And if the journey helps you realize that, then following the leaf helped you find your tree.
So I don't forget who my family is.
(gasps) Mmm.
(soft nickering) (Vigor shrieks) Vigor! (laughing) ANGRY: We're real sorry we took your monkey.
Did he show you what you needed to find? Yeah, he did.
Then that'll be five silver pieces! (laughter) That's a good one.
Oh, you're serious.
Yes, you are.
Alright, you heard the lady, girls.
Looks like you're gonna have to figure out some way to pay.
(horses nicker) Man, I hate it when they do that.
(coins jingle) (Vigor grunts) (nickering) So, Vigor made a believer out of you? Well, I wouldn't go that far.
- (creepy music) - (Vigor shudders) - Hah! - (Max nickers) What are you looking at? (Vigor screeches) Just looking forward to getting back to our date.
And, what do you predict we'll do? Hmm The spirits tell me whatever it is, it'll be free! Free? Yes because that lady and her cheeky monkey took all our cash.
(theme music playing) Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never goin' back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh yeah There's more of me to give