Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e05 Episode Script


1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where And I'll get there I swear With the wind in my hair (birds chirping) (sighs) Do you hear that? That is the sound of peaceful tranquility Rapunzel! This was supposed to be a quick bathroom break, not a meditation.
I was multi-tasking.
Eeee mmm Sorry, Cass, but look at this view! I mean, doesn't that just inspire you? You know what I find inspiring? Progress.
Getting from point "A" to "B" without stopping to marvel at every meadow, valley, pond and knoll along the way.
(grunts) Look, Cass, I know we have to get to wherever these rocks are leading us, but aren't you afraid that if you focus too much on the road ahead, you might miss the fun at your feet? (chuckles) Don't worry about me, Raps.
If I want fun, I know where to find it.
Oh, yeah? And where would that be? Funeral home? (chuckles) Hey? What's this for? (whistles) - (owl screeching) - (Lance muttering) See? Fun.
You know, that meditation was actually quite relaxing.
Yeah, I feel relaxed.
Nothin' can rattle me.
(screams) Is everybody okay? I thought I heard a child scream.
It was just Lance.
The wheel's broken.
Don't worry, I can fix it.
- (grunting) - (laughing) Here, here.
Let me.
After all I am the strong one.
(laughs) Wait a minute.
Now don't let this sleek, sinewy, insanely attractive frame fool you.
I am the strong one.
I'm stronger than both of you clowns.
(laughs) (Lance and Eugene laughing) - This guy! - Ha, ha, ha.
Sounds like we got ourselves a good old-fashioned muscle challenge! Pa-pow! Pa-pow! I'm not even flexing, really, just standing in weird ways.
- Ahhhhhhhh! - Ooooooooh! Oh, brother.
- This could be a while.
- That's great! It means we have time for a little adventure.
And, seeing as this is the most beautiful forest I have ever seen, I say we take a hike.
Take a hike? Fine! I know when I'm not wanted! Ugh Pascal, keep an eye on him.
I guess it's just you and me, Caspal.
Come on, Cass! Who knows what we might find with a little exploring! I don't know.
Or, we could just hang out here.
- (Hook Foot grunting) - Look at my triceps.
Anybody wanna play horseshoes? Come on! - Explore it is.
- Yes! Ha! Let's go! Woo-hoo! (giggles) Well, I've seen a lot of trees in my life, but these are some of them.
Oh, Cass, look! The Cliffs of Koto! Oh! I have always wanted to go there! Nope! No can do.
We don't have that kind of time.
- Says who? - Whoa! (whistling) WOMAN: Soon, Father.
(bird caws) Woo-hoo! (laughs) (squeaking) CASS: Ugh, do you even know where you're going? No, but that's what makes exploring whoa-oooooh! Ohhhhhhh! - Fun! - Yeah! Real fun.
- WOMAN: What a positively - (gasps) - Rapunzel! Get down! - brilliant afternoon it is! Wouldn't you say, Father? Your assertion, Mother, is undeniable.
Ohh-kay, we should probably visit with the weird people drinking tea on toadstools in the middle of nowhere.
Hi, there! My name is Rapunzel, and this is my friend Cassandra.
And what has brought Ladies Rapunzel and Cassandra to our most humblest of abodes? - She dragged me.
- Uh, we took a little detour out in this beautiful countryside to see what kind of adventure we might find.
Oh! Well how positively serendipitous! Please! Sit! What do you mean, serendipitous? Well, you seek adventure, and you might say Mother and I are somewhat aficionados of fanciful merriment.
I love fanciful merriment! Wow, what a beautiful teapot.
Yes, it is quite beautiful.
And yet, its beauty is a minor benefit next to its magical properties.
- Magical? - Indeed, all of what you see here the cottage, the toadstools, and even the birds all exist because of this teapot.
Uh, I I don't understand.
How would you like to enjoy our very modest forest as a bird? (laughs) Hmm.
Oh Oh, wait Oh, you're serious.
Okay, now we're outta here.
- Ohhh! - Please, don't be alarmed! It It It It can't be.
Oh, but it is.
And it is most wondrously sublime! For, lest you forget, birds are the very embodiment of the term "freedom.
" You owe it to yourselves to enjoy this.
Isn't that right, Mother? Unequivocally.
Seize this opportunity.
Uh, look, um, I I'm I'm usually up for anything, - but this is, um - Insane? I mean, even if we wanted to, how how would we even do that? Well, that's the beauty, dear, you already have.
You've drunk the tea.
Oh! Uh, uh I d I don't believe this! Are you kidding me? (Rapunzel sighs) We're birds! What do we do? Whoa Uh.
What Ooh.
Ooh What did you do to us? Oh, no, please.
Please, my crumpets.
There's no need for distress, I assure you.
(laughs) Forgive our chicanerous ruse, dears, it's often the only way to demonstrate that this gift is harmless and most temporary.
Our only caveat you must return within one hour, so as to avoid the affliction we call "avarian totalis.
" What does that mean? It means you'd become, well a bird brain.
You'd not only look like a bird, you'd think like a bird.
Your desire to be the person you once were would dissolve, and you'd remain a bird forever.
Oh! Oh, wow, since you put it that way give us those eggs now! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, Cass, Cass! (gasps) Did you see that? I I just flew! Ohh! Ohhh! I'm flying! Indeed, we only meant to share our wonderful elixir with you.
Come, now let us return you to your original, beautiful state.
Uh, just a second.
Cass? Can we talk? - I know this is weird.
- No no no no.
Having 70 feet of magical hair is weird.
This? This is full-blown wacko! Okay, yes! It's wacko.
But when are we gonna get this chance again? They can turn us back whenever we want.
And Cass we can fly! (sighs) I am so going to regret this.
Yes! Thank you! Okay, we will be back in one hour.
Mm-hm we're counting on it.
RAPUNZEL: Woo-hoo! Life's been so unsatisfying Looks at me, now I'm flying Free wheeling, from cloud to cloud to cloud Wings spread and the sky below me There's no one to stop or slow me Pure freedom, and everything's allowed Down there, I know there's tons of burdens I must bear Somewhere, but from up here The world looks so small And suddenly, life seems so clear And from up here, you coast past it all The obstacles just disappear You never feel heavy or earthbound Your worries are just inner fear There's nothing but you looking down on the view from up here You've got to try this! - I don't know.
- Come on, Cass! Just watch, it's easy! Stretch out with the wind behind you - Here we go, look out below - Go on up, let the current find you Safe landing and sail from tree to tree Stick close, don't leave me, please Head up to the stratosphere With only the stars to steer us - Just think of the possibilities - I think I've got it Below, we spend our whole life trudging to and fro - Now - Whoa! BOTH: And from up here the world is all yours Each mountain and meadow and pier And from up here, life's duties and chores Are barely worth shedding a tear And all of the sky that's before us Straight up to the far stratosphere So head for the blue and let's take in the view from up here It's just me and you looking down at the view from up here - (grunting) - Hey, Blondie.
Look at this! One-armed pushups! Blondie? Cass? Wait a minute, guys.
Where are Cass and Rapunzel? Let me look for them.
Could they be under this big, heavy tree trunk? (grunt) - No! - Maybe they're not under a tree, maybe they're up one! I didn't see 'em, but I'll check again! Nope, not up there! No! (grumbling) Guys! Can we stop showing off just for a minute, and focus on finding the girls? Come on, guys! ALL: Whoaaa! (both grunt) Oh! How lovely.
Look, Father! Unforeseen guests.
What a delightful transpiration! Join us for a spot of tea? (sighs) Okay, Raps, are we done yet? Just a little longer.
This is the most amazing (chirp) Wait! Did I just (chirp) (gasp) Yeah, (squawk) you did! - (gasp) - So did (chirp) you! Oh, no! (squawk) We're getting birdbrain! We need to (squawk) head back! (squawk) Now! That was amazing! Thank you so much! But now (chirp), we'd like to be changed back.
(chirp) I'm sure you would, dear.
But it pains me to say, we have different designs.
We (squawk) need those to change back! I'm afraid we shan't oblige, my little chickadees.
For you see, we don't want you to change back.
We want you to become the newest addition to our aviary menagerie.
(birds squawking) Think of all this as an avian art collection, to which we're always adding new pieces.
Ohh! Wait! Those are all people! Indeed, for people make the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind birds.
Come now, darlings.
Off to your new home.
(sighs) Cass, I should have listened to you.
- I just wanted to show you - Show me how to seize the moment? Here's what the moment got us.
(sighs) I know you take a lot of pride in your irrepressible, carefree spirit.
It's what makes you you.
But did you ever stop to think that maybe that attitude can be a bit selfish sometimes? I'm sorry.
This trail of black rocks is your destiny, but I dropped everything to make sure you get to the end of it.
I'm taking this seriously.
Why aren't you? Because I'm scared.
You're right, Cass.
These rocks are my destiny, and that's terrifying.
What if they lead to somewhere I'm never supposed to come back from? We're home! RAPUNZEL: Our friends are gonna come looking for us, and when they do, you (chirp) are in trouble! I don't think your friends are gonna be much help, Blondie.
(gasps) You're all birds? - Well, I'm the strongest bird - Not the time, Lance.
EUGENE: You know, I like to think that I'm the prepared kind of guy.
Type of guy who's ready for anything this crazy world throws my way.
But this bird thing, I can't say I saw it comin'.
Ugh, this is (chirp) all my fault.
Her squawks are getting more frequent.
If we don't break one of those eggs over her soon, she's gonna go full bird.
We all are.
I got a plan! We should go over there, get the eggs and turn us back into people.
EUGENE: Good thinking.
And how are we gonna get over there? LANCE: That's where the plan falls apart.
I guess if we can't bring the (chirp) eggs to the cage, we have to bring the cage to the eggs! (grunting) Do it with me! All right! Let's go! Flap like you've never flapped before! HOOK FOOT: I have never flapped before.
RAPUNZEL: Okay, now! - Whoaaaa! - (crash) RAPUNZEL: We did it! Maybe we can get out! (grunting) Yes! We can totally do this! (all grunting) (laughs) Oh, you see that? Together, we're unstoppable! - That's right! - You know it! And it doesn't matter who's strongest.
- It totally matters! - Oh, it most definitely does.
Yeah, you're right, come on, who are we kidding? What is the meaning of this? Don't worry, Father.
Allow me.
(all squawking) (squawking) Ahhh! Ahhhh! (squawking) Anyone planning on a premature egress will be most disappointed! I'll draw the hawk away, you guys get those eggs! (squawk) (squawk) (squawk) Oh, my dear girl, you haven't a chance.
That's quite far enough, you you guttersnipes! Guttersnipe? You just crossed a line, Dad.
Ha-ha-ha, come on, guys! Let's get him! Gaah! The horror! Aah! Aaah! I will go get those eggs! You guys free the other birds! Here you go, Eugene! Ooh! Ahh! Eugene? Thank you! (laughs) (clears throat) - Yes - Wha! (squawking) RAPUNZEL: You're (chirp) free! (chirp) (squawking) (squawking) Aaah! This bird stuff isn't half bad! (squawking) Ugh! Ahh, is that all you've got? (whistles) - (hooting) - (squawking) (hooting) Ohh! Ohh! Ha-ha, we did it! - (hooting) - We beat her! - (hooting) - Woo-hoo-hoo! - Lance, would you hurry it up? - I'm trying! (squawking) RAPUNZEL: There's only one egg left! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoooo! Raps, I take it all back.
That was Oh okay okay, okay, that was abrupt.
But let's turn you back now.
All right, where's an egg? Heh There's another egg, right? You used the last egg on me? No, but that means you can't No.
(grunt) - (chirps) - Oh, Raps? You're my best friend.
- Oh Please, don't leave me.
- (chirps) (chirps) (chirps) (grunting) Where are the other eggs? Give me another egg! But there are no more! Please! Have mercy! - Aah! - (glass breaking) No! I'll never be able to make my tea again! That's what I was counting on.
(chirping) SHORTY: Why so glum, chum? Shorty? Oh, please, please work.
Raps! (laughs) Oh! Ugh! Am I the only one craving worms? I know I am.
(hiccups) Mm-hm-mm-hm-mm-mm-mm That's weird, I'm a person.
Well, I guess if we learned anything, it's that we are stronger together, huh? - You know it.
- Agreed.
(sighs) Listen, Raps? What you said before about being afraid? It's okay.
I'd be afraid, too.
But I want you to remember that no matter what you have to face at the end of this road, you're not going to face it alone.
Thanks, Cass.
Hnn Really.
All right, let's lift this thing.
And I should probably RAPUNZEL: Guys, sorry, but, we really gotta get going.
Oh, yeah, I mean you know, of course.
- Uh-huh, yeah.
- I think we should probably hit the road.
- (Lance screams) - EUGENE: All right! I'll get it! RAPUNZEL: No, Eugene, we got it! (theme music playing) Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never goin' back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh yeah There's more of me to give