Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e11 Episode Script

Max and Eugene in 'Peril on the High Seas'

1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where And I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair (fanfare plays) Hmm.
Come on.
Quit dawdling! Who's dawdling? I'm trying to drink a boat.
You know, my little Schlutchowsen? For as disgusting, loutish and incredibly unsightly as they were, I'm going to miss those stupid freinfloofers! Ha! Well, I'm so glad the ferry's here, so we can finally get off this island.
And when we get back on land, we'll have a brand new set of wheels.
It took six weeks of back-breaking work, - but here we are.
- (chuckles sarcastically) Yeah, of course, four of those weeks were spent ensuring all the specifications were up to Corona Transport Code.
Thank you very much, Max.
(snorts indignantly) Oh, Max.
You're such a stickler.
Aren't you? You're just a stickler.
Look at it.
Good as new! (grunting) (Hookfoot grunts) (whinnies) You should have used your other My other foot.
Yeah, I know.
ALFONS: (laughs) Stupid, stupid freinfloofers! (flies buzzing) Oh my, that's quite an interesting odor.
It's a Genella torch.
The smell of the pompoen plant draws the firefly.
This torch keeps it away.
(roaring) (shrieks) (laughs) See that? They can't stand it.
All right, then! - Prepare to set sail! - (Pascal squeaks) - (splutters) What is that? - What? Oh! It's just my friend, Pascal.
- (screaming) - No, no! No, don't be scared.
He's harmless.
I'm not scared.
It's just (coughing) I don't like lizards is all.
(nervous chuckle) Someone get me my sailing pants! Sailing pants? (whinnies happily) All right! I'll be down in a minute.
You know, Max, there was a time when I really wanted to own an island just like that.
But now that I've lived there, I think I want a better one.
(whinnies) Okay, okay.
Let's go below.
Hey, would you look at that? This is one of my very first "Wanted" posters.
I've been looking for one of these to put in the old scrapbook.
(huffs) Aw, still sour about never getting your hooves on old Flynn Rider, huh? (nickers) (whinnies) EUGENE: "Keep off railing.
" Seriously? See, your problem is you're too rigid.
You're too suck on procedure to see the big whoa! (Eugene groans) Oh! Come on! Let go of me, will ya? - (both straining) - Man, you are a stickler.
Get off! (straining) (both gasp) Hey, hey! A little help here! What's that, yam? - EUGENE: Help! - Oh, I will help myself.
Thank you, kind sir.
EUGENE: No! No, no, no, stop! We're down here in the water! Oh, great! Just great.
(nickers) - (huffs) - Oh ho! Oh, this is my fault, huh? Why couldn't you just let me lean on the railing? Heaven forbid someone would break a rule! Well, don't worry.
We're out in the middle of nowhere.
I'm sure a ship'll just come by and rescue us any second now.
Okay, I'd like to take credit for being right, but that was pure sarcasm just now.
(Eugene panting) There.
Made it.
Not the nicest of accommodations, but a boat's a boat, right? And this boat just happens to have dozens of jail cells.
Max, we've hitched a ride on a prison barge.
(whinnies angrily) Hey, hey, hey.
Easy, Law and Order.
All the bad guys are locked up.
Now, c'mon, let's go find the captain.
(neighs) Eugene, you've got to come down! We're playing charades and Eugene? Max? Hello? Huh! Look, trust me, buddy, I'm sure this prison barge is headed to the mainland.
It's got nowhere else to go.
And we'll meet up with the gang there.
The last of the guards has been taken out! The mutiny's complete.
Did he say "mutiny"? (nickers) Whoa.
Uh Okay, well, a mutiny may complicate things, but we can still CAINE: The ship is ours, boys! EUGENE: Lady Caine Anthony the Weasel, Pocket and Otter, and every other bad guy we've ever put away.
Really?! The horse, too? This boat's like a who's who of people who want us dead.
In fact, the only guys missing are the Stabbingtons.
Looks like the gang's all here.
Okay, so we're in the middle of a prison break.
Obviously, it's pretty clear there's only one thing to do.
(neighs) Are you nuts? No, I meant get out of here.
(whinnies determinedly) Look, I know Max the guard is supposed apprehend the bad guys.
I get it, but there is 50 of them, and not 50 of us.
So, sometimes you got to put the rules aside.
Now, come on.
Let's go find us a lifeboat, and get off of this thing.
(nickers) (squeaking) You hear something? Nah, that's just your stomach growling.
(sighs deeply) (grunting) (straining) Won't budge.
(groans) (whinnies indignantly) See, yeah, yeah.
I know! Destruction of property isn't exactly official maritime procedure, but neither is a rusty winch.
(whinnies) (yelps) (screams) Oh! Whoa! POCKET: Wasn't your stomach growling this time.
OTTER: I could swear it was coming from this way.
(whispering) Pull me up.
Pull me up.
I thought I heard a noise over there.
Yeah, no, I could swear it was coming from this way.
- (Eugene yelping) - What was that? Keep your eyes peeled.
(thunk) Was that there before? (bell rings) Ooh, dinner! I'm starvin'! Get me do (screaming) (whinnies) (caws) (neighs) (splash) Ha ha! Worked like a charm.
A priceless dagger I've had for 15 years drifting away on a barrel to be lost in the ocean forever.
It's all right, though, because at least I'm stuck on a prison barge! Uh, Eugene? Maximus? Uh, Eugene? (chirps) Maximus? Eugene? Did Owl find anything? (chirps) (hoots) (chirps sadly) - They're not on the bridge.
- I checked all the cabins.
No sign of 'em in the kitchen.
(chewing) Ah! But let let me go check again.
Guys, I'm starting to get worried.
How could they just disappear? They didn't disappear.
They were just in the water yelling for help.
You mean they fell overboard? Shorty, why didn't you say anything? I told you we shoulda told somebody! Aw, I can't stay mad at you.
No, we have to tell the captain.
We've got to turn this boat around.
They could be anywhere by now.
POCKET: Ya know what I'm gonna do when we get into town? I am gonna pillage.
Pillage? Not me! I'm gonna plunder.
Plundering and pillaging are the same thing! Fine.
Then, I'll loot! Pillage, plunder and loot are all synonymous, you morons.
I prefer to "despoil.
" CAINE: Boys, boys, boys.
Let's not argue over semantics.
There'll be plenty of time for that later.
Let's keep our wits about us until we've made it to the mainland.
I just don't get it.
These guys have got to know that a boatload of convicts would have the law all over them as soon as they pulled in to the port, so what are they up to? (whinnies) For the last time, no, we are not going to try to lock them up.
All right, smartypants.
I'll make you a deal.
If you can show me where it says an off-duty guard is obliged to quell an out-of-his-jurisdiction prison break, I'll think about it.
A Compendium of Corona Law and Procedure? Seriously? You carry this around wherever you go? (neighs) Okay, fine, plain English.
If you see somebody do something bad, you should do something about it.
But here here's the thing.
I'm sure they don't mean anything crazy like stopping a prison barge mutiny.
"Such acts include but are not limited to: "vandalism, theft," blah, blah, blah "smuggling, burglary, and prison barge mutiny.
" Well! I think that's a stupid book.
Listen, we need to find someone who knows where this boat is headed, all right? And then we get him to talk.
- EUGENE: Psst.
- Si? Che cosa? (Giovanni grunts) (nickers) Che stai facendo?! EUGENE: Lose the act, buddy! I already exposed you as the Fake the Giovanni, remember? (normal voice) All right, fine.
What do you want? We want to know what you guys are up to.
Now, listen to me, the Fake the Giovanni It's Dale.
I don't care what your Dale? Really? You don't look like a Dale.
All right, Dale.
Yeah, it really doesn't feel right.
Now we can do this the Eugene way or we can do this the Maximus way.
- (neighs angrily) - (scoffs) I'm not telling you anything.
(neighs ferociously) Well, you'd better be careful.
He means business.
(neighs viciously) (huffs) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Max, take it easy! Call him off! I'm trying! - He's lost it! - (neighs viciously) Okay, okay, I'll talk.
We plan to intercept a local ferry, get rid of its passengers, and use it for cover when we get to the mainland.
(whimpers) - (neighs loudly) - Ha ha! I told you these knuckleheads had to have some kind of Ferry? He means Rapunzel's ferry.
Let's get to the bridge and find a way to turn this ship around.
(Max neighs) We have to go back and look for them! My friends could be in serious danger! I'm sorry, but I've got a schedule to keep, kid! If those Genella torches stop burning before we make it to the mainland, there'll be nothing to keep the firefly from destroying all these crops! CASSANDRA: Raps! Come look at this! Ah, yep! What we got here is a barrel of 100% grade-A gruel.
Oh, from a prison barge.
This is really taking me back.
Wait, Hookfoot.
That's Eugene's knife.
That's where he and Max must be! RAPUNZEL: Captain, we have to find that barge.
I told you, I got a schedule to keep! (ringing) We can do this the Rapunzel way or we can do this the Pascal way.
(whimpers) (rats squeaking) You see what happens when you bend the rules a little bit? I mean, you won't find that good-guard-bad-guard technique in any textbook.
(neighs angrily) "Good-guard-bad-guard interrogation tech" Wow.
This is a (in fake accent) I have some news for you.
Flynn Rider and his cavallo.
They-a onboard the ship-a.
Ugh! Lose the accent, Dale.
(normal voice) Okay, Flynn Rider and the horse are on the ship.
What?! Fitzherbert and Maximus? (growls) There's no escaping those two.
Of course, there's no escaping us either.
Find them.
Now! (nickers angrily) Oh, what are you saying? So it's my fault he got away? "Don't forget to tie them up.
" Ooh! You know what? I am so sick of this thing.
If you'd let me just lean over the railing, none of this would have happened! (nickers inquisitively) (neighs angrily) Now, this should lead us to bridge.
The bridge is back this way, Eugene.
Ha! You know, I've never heard you call me by my real name before, and I've got to say I am touched that you feel close enough Clam him! Funny how we keep meeting like this, isn't it? Funny? You know, you and I have very different senses of humor.
Maybe that's why we never quite jelled.
(Eugene screams) (snorts) (snorting, huffing) (neighing, panicked) Where you goin', Eugene? Scared? Scared? No! Oh, I get it, because I keep backing away.
(chuckles) Of course, right.
No, you see, I just needed you guys to stand right there for me.
Huh? (both yelp) Rider! Hey! Now that's better.
(clangs) (nickers evilly) (panting) (Eugene exclaims) - Max! Get! Bad horse! - (footsteps) Yeah, hey, you know, this might not be the time to ask, but where's the sauna on this cruise ship, because I am sore as all get out.
We get to bust out of prison and take out that double-crossing back-stabber and his do-gooder horse friend.
It's a pretty good day.
Well, this is just great! Thanks a lot, Max! (whinnies indignantly) Oh, this is too your fault! Look, I don't want to spend my last moments mad at you, but, buddy, do you have to be such a stickler? I mean, I know you only do it because you have everyone's best interest in mind, but just once I'd like to see you to let loose and break some rules.
Who knows? You might like it.
Or might have liked it, anyway.
Well, if I gotta go down, I couldn't think of a better horse to do it with.
Avast, ye mateys! "Avast, ye mateys"? Eh, I was in the moment.
Fire! (laughing) Huh! Fruit.
All they've got is fruit? (screams) Oh, man, do I love that girl! - Going somewhere, Eugene? - (cracks knuckles) Hope you're not picky, 'cause there's only one thing on the menu! (whispers) We'll pay you back, I promise.
There's more where that came from! Fire! (snickering) Oh, come on! Even you can do better than that, princess.
I plan to.
Lance, Foot! Now! Aw.
(patronizing) Now, what are you gonna do? Oh.
I'm not doing anything.
He is.
(roaring) (roars) Ha ha! Your friends are gonna make us angry.
EUGENE: A couple of sunny guys like you? Come on.
SIDEBURNS: Take 'em down! (metal clanging) - (swords clanging) - (wood splintering) (Eugene grunting) (Eugene laughs) Who'd have ever expected that one day, I'd be free and you'd be the prisoner? That is pretty funny.
Although, here's the thing: You may have the sword but I've got your feet.
- Huh? - (chirping) (exclaims, groans) (thugs chuckling) (Hookfoot gasps) (screams) (metal clanging) (Eugene exclaims) (neighs) You know what? To heck with the plan.
I'd rather take my chances sailing this barge to the mainland.
- (flicks match) - Say goodbye to your girlfriend, Eugene.
Wait, no! (groans) (whinnies in shock) Eugene! What do ya know? This thing isn't completely useless.
(chuckles) (panting) Hey! Law and Order! (wood splintering) I hate to be a stickler, but it looks like we're in violation of the property damage code.
(chuckles) (neighs) I gotta say (chuckles) that was not how I expected this to trip to go.
(kiss) Hey, Foot, keep off the railing.
Oh, yeah, or else what? Whoa! Or else that.
Rules are made for a reason.
Isn't that right, buddy? (whinnies) (theme music playing) Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never goin' back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh yeah There's more of me to give