Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e12 Episode Script


1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve And excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair! RAPUNZEL: Lombard's Pass.
Looks rough.
But if anyone can cross it, it's us! Although, those swaying towers of rock at the end, ooh, could be a bit of a challenge.
(Pascal squeaks nervously) So the road is a little, um, how do I put this? - Horrifying? - Stomach churning? Hello.
We're talking about crossing Lombard's Pass.
And it's going to feel so rewarding after we do! Besides, if we wanna stay on the Black Rocks' path, it's our only choice.
Now who's with me? That's the spirit! (gasps) My telescope! That telescope was a present from my father for this trip! Ugh! All right.
Let's split up so we find it faster.
Eugene, Hook Foot, you're with me.
We'll search as long as it takes, Princess.
Even if it means we never, ever cross Lombard's Pass.
Ever! You know, look, I hate to say this, Blondie, but maybe we should just move on.
You know? The telescope was a nice gift, but Lombard's Pass is gonna take us hours to And she's already down there looking, isn't she? EUGENE: Thanks for doing this, Hook Foot.
That telescope is really special to Rapunzel.
Between you and me, I don't care about the telescope.
I just wanted to avoid doing something dangerous.
(Hook Foot screaming) - Hook! - Help! I'm too young to splat! Oh, thank you.
That was close.
Are you okay? I guess that's what I get for shining my hook with olive oil.
- (chimes tinkling) - Those chimes are so familiar.
- Sounds like - Our day just got a whole lot worse? Eugene, look! RAPUNZEL: Vigor! Madame Canardist! I am so surprised to see you two! But we are obviously not surprised to see you.
Of course! I mean, Vigor is the world's most "prophetic prognosticator!" (Vigor chitters) The world's most prophetic what-ca-what-icator? (shrieks) Get off! Get off! The old woman's a scam artist who passes the chimp off as some kind of psychic to bilk suckers out of their money.
Now, that's a sound business model.
When you were a child, you were much shorter.
She's right! I was shorter by one foot.
We'd really love to catch up, but we're looking for My telescope! You found it! That is absolute kielbasa! This is my telescope.
(Pascal chitters) "To my love, from your father.
" See? This was a gift, and a reminder of my dad.
You think you are the only person in the world is loved by their papa? Oh, come on! You didn't even know that inscription existed until just now! If you really want my precious telescope, even though it would break my heart, then you must pay for it.
What? No! I am not buying back my own telescope.
Oh, that is correct.
You'd be buying back my own telescope! Fine! Take the telescope! (growls) What's that, Vigor? (snarling) CANARDIST: He says he is very unhappy you upset me, and he is going to cast a most malignant curse on you! (snarling continuing) Vigor says, may there be no success and no luck in your life, until the telescope is returned to me, its proper owner! Well, it's been a real hoot seeing you two again.
Crone, primate, I bid you adieu.
You should really be ashamed of yourselves.
So, back to my height.
Do you see me ever getting taller? Vigor has spoken! (grunting) (panting) I wish I knew I was gonna have to rock climb today.
I would've worn my grappling hook.
Can you believe that? And after we helped her find Vigor when Red and Angry monkey-napped him! Honestly! Really? A curse? Ugh! The whole thing is just absurd! Uh, I don't know if I'd blow it off so quick.
A few years ago, Big Nose ticked off a shaman and got himself cursed.
Really? What happened? I don't want to get into details, but before that day, we just called him, "Nose.
" - Hmm.
- Guys! There are no such thing as curses! You know what, I agree.
I don't believe in bad luck curses, Hook Foot.
The world is full of things you can't explain.
She's right.
Where does wind come from? Why are mimes so creepy? Why is "Peggy" short for Margaret? Who knows really? But just because you can't explain it, it doesn't mean that it's sorcery.
Now, come on, let's get back to camp and have a nice, warm dinner before we Ah! See? If I were cursed, I would have stepped right into that mud puddle.
Madame Canardist is just trying to get into my (yelps) head.
(thunder rumbling) So, you really believe that you're (whimpers) cursed? Well Oh, come on, sweetheart.
Curses aren't real.
HOOK FOOT (creepily): Or are they? EUGENE: The Source Book of Superstitions? Come on! Why do we even have this in the caravan? Ah! Here we go.
(clears throat) "The telltale signs of a hex.
Number one: weakness.
" Oh.
I am a little bit worn out.
We've been walking for hours! "Number two: cold feet.
" My feet are freezing! You don't wear shoes! Which brings us to number three.
"Bad luck.
" Princess, that's three out of three.
Which means Which means, it's time to stop talking about this baloney and keep moving! (loud rumbling) (gasps) - Flash flood! - Flash what? (all shouting) I'm sorry, but this just screams curse.
Look, I get why you think you're cursed, Blondie.
I I do.
When strange things happen to us, we want to believe it's for a reason.
But remember what you said about making your own luck? The best way to predict the future is to create your own.
Maybe you're right.
Eugene, look! The river receded! (gasps) We can cross it in the morning! See? Bad luck, shmad luck! I guess I was being kind of silly.
(chuckles) Well, I mean, I didn't wanna say it, but yeah, "silly" is the right word.
"Kooky" works, too.
Or "completely ludicrous.
" (shouts) - (spitting water) - Eugene? This is still a coincidence! (sighs) Aah! Something just touched me! Excuse me.
No street clothes in the swimming pool.
(shudders) HOOK FOOT: Psst! I know what to do.
- Hook Foot? - Uh, maybe.
Meet me under the full moon tonight, at midnight.
Tell no one.
(gasps) Why not? Because it sounds more dramatic this way.
(owl hoots) HOOK FOOT: Ooh! So like I said, this ritual guarantees to counter the darkest hexes and curses imaginable.
I will do anything to end this curse.
Hold this.
Let me get the ingredients.
(objects rattling) HOOK FOOT: One tuft of bat fur, a blind beetle, three toenail clippings, a sprinkling of oregano, and last but not least, a weasel tooth.
And you'll need this! Even got one for you, little guy.
Okay, step two: we gotta walk counter-clockwise around the cauldron while the cursed soul reads the mystical spell.
"Spirits on high "heed this verse, "obey my command, and lift this curse"? HOOK FOOT: You're not selling it! You gotta say it with feeling.
I thought you said "we" were performing this spell.
HOOK FOOT: I ain't the one who's cursed! (blows raspberry) RAPUNZEL: "Banish this pain, "banish this sorrow "remove this curse, "or know no tomorrow! "By the winds of the west, "the flames from the east, "crush this hex, "slay this beast! (gulps) Maybe a little less feeling? (knocking) Psst! Rapunzel? Rapunzel? I'm sorry to bother you, but - CASSANDRA: Intruder! - (blow thuds) EUGENE: Oof! Ow! No! Hey! Ow! Ow! Why?! What are you doing? (groaning): Well, I was just looking for a blanket, but now my bigger concern is trying to find my spleen! Oh, there it is, over by my dignity.
Wait, is that a horseshoe? Uh You know, it's bad enough this caravan is covered in garlic and incense, but now you're in on it too? Rapunzel, this curse nonsense needs to end right no Cassandra? Where is Rapunzel? (burbling) RAPUNZEL: "Bad luck curse, "you're nothing but trouble, "but after this chant, you'll be squashed on the double!" Throw in that weasel tooth! (burbling) (screams) (screaming) (cauldron whizzing) (gasps) RAPUNZEL: Where is it? It couldn't just disappear.
(all scream) Oh, boy.
(clangs) (coughing) (muffled): Oy vey.
(grunts, sighs) You guys might wanna get a different recipe for spinach soup.
Well, it was supposed to be a counter-curse.
(sighs) It's no use, Hook Foot.
There's only one thing left to do.
Return the telescope to Madame Canardist in the morning and put an end to this curse.
But that telescope is really important to you.
Eugene, my man, if the lady wants to return it, let her return it.
Yeah, we'll pitch in and get her a new one, a better one, one with more glass.
(sighs) I'll take it back first thing in the morning if I can even make it through the night.
Aw, look! A family of black cats! (cats screeching) Wait, uh, Blondie! Look, I know I said this whole curse thing is silly, but then I remembered something.
And I don't know why I didn't think of this before.
It's an old tooth I found during an adventure once, and I don't know, I just had a "good feeling" about it.
What? I can't believe it.
Anti-superstition has a good luck charm? I never really thought of it that way.
I just held onto it because it made a cool trinket.
But then I saw this: "The moose tooth is one of the most powerful "counter-curse charms in the world, "warding off evil, and inviting positive forces of the universe.
" (scoffs) No! That thing? You're kidding, right? Is this a joke? Of course it's a joke.
Ha-ha-ha, good one.
Is it a joke? I'm still unclear.
Hey, you read it for yourself, Blondie.
I'm just the messenger here.
Eugene! This is incredible! I mean, I do kind of feel bad for the moose, but hopefully all the rest of his teeth are intact, and he's also got antlers, so Sunshine.
Do you think it'll work? I really do.
Hiyah! (kisses) (chuckles nervously, yelps) (whimpers) (moaning) Of all the Deadly Bridges of Swaying Rocks I've seen, this is the deadliest! But only the second swayey-est.
Don't worry, guys.
We've closed the door on disaster.
(grunts, nickers) (screams) (whimpering) (babbling) Get ready.
Now! Yes! That was impeccable timing! Didn't see the moose tooth coming, did ya, curse? Mwah! Moose tooth? More like my's tooth! Welcome back, Edna.
I kept your room just like you left it.
What is going on here? Ha! What are the odds Shorty has the same size teeth as a moose? I never, ever would've guessed that.
Eugene! That wasn't a good luck charm, was it? That was just Shorty's tooth.
Ugh! And I kissed it, ew.
What are we gonna do now? (whinnying) (all scream) RAPUNZEL: You lied to me, Eugene! You said that was a lucky moose tooth! Now, just a second, Blondie.
I didn't lie.
I simply relayed select truths.
What are you talking about?! Well, I did find the tooth on an adventure.
This adventure to be exact.
EUGENE: After taking the book, I stumbled upon the section of anti-curse charms, and saw the moose tooth passage.
From there, I just kind of rolled with it.
I mean, how was I supposed to know it was Shorty's tooth? Okay, lie or "select truths," we're mere inches away from our doom, so can we please focus on that, people? I I can't! The curse! (whinnying) (whimpers) Rapunzel, look at me.
Think about it.
Bad things only started to happen once you thought you were cursed.
And good things started to happen once you thought you found the counter-curse.
Look, someone once told me that they don't believe in bad luck curses.
And someone once told me that the best way to predict the future is to create your own.
Did I say that? Wow.
That is very poetic.
- I didn't - My luck is no worse or no better than anyone else's.
What matters is what I choose to focus on.
And I'm choosing the fact that we've almost made it across this bridge without a scrape, and there's no reason to stop now! LANCE: That's right, Princess! Show that bridge who's boss! Yeah! You got this, Raps! Tap into that optimism! Ain't that the "tooth.
" LANCE: Good one, Shorty.
RAPUNZEL: All right, guys.
Drop your heads, and engage your hocks! (whinnying) (laughing) Yes! That's the Raps I know! RAPUNZEL: Just two more towers to go.
CASSANDRA: We're gonna need a lot of momentum to make it across both of them to the other side! Then let's make a run for it! (screaming) Oh no! Oh no! - (screaming) - The curse has scrambled her brain! CASSANDRA: We've got to get to the other side! Oh, sure! Maybe we'll just all just flap our arms and we'll fly across! Fly across.
Hook Foot, do you still have all the counter-curse ingredients? Everything except a weasel tooth.
Shorty? I'm gonna need to borrow Edna again.
Gang, hold on tight! It's time for takeoff! Get ready! Now! (whooshing) (neighing) (shrieks) (panting) (sighs) Yes! Blondie, that idea was genius! You saved us! Yeah.
Come on.
No big deal.
It's not like I was cursed or anything.
RAPUNZEL: Max and Fidella are gonna need those.
We've still got a long journey ahead of us.
Thank you for encouraging me.
I guess, I was just looking at things through the wrong end of the telescope.
Pun intended.
From now on, no hexes, no trinkets, no "select truths.
" Together, we make our own luck! Well, it's like I said all along, there's no such thing as curses.
Ow! (yelping) (screams) This is perfectly normal! (grunting) (groans) Aah! Vigor? How in the monkey's uncle did you get over (growls) Why do keep looking at me like that?! CANARDIST: Vigor! - We go now.
- (Vigor chitters) What is that monkey's problem? Why don't you go climb Ow! Who put this here?! RAPUNZEL: Eugene, are you coming? Be right there, Sunshine.
Eh, never can be too careful.
(theme music playing) Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never goin' back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh yeah There's more of me to give