Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e13 Episode Script

The Eye of Pincosta

1 (theme music playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair RAPUNZEL: The hamlet of Pincosta.
Known for its warm smiles, hearty handshakes and world famous Pincostan Pecan Pie! What'd you do? Memorize the travel guide? Only through the V's.
That's why I wasn't very much help in Zuhlberg.
Did someone say pecan pie? What are we waiting for? Can't this thing go any faster? Never mind, I'll meet you there.
(Lance screams, grunts) Probably should have waited until we got to the bottom of the hill.
Do we have to go to the Hamlet of Pincosta? I mean, what is a hamlet anyway? Sounds like a tiny ham.
Am I right? No, thank you.
(chuckles) EUGENE: And you can get a hearty handshake anywhere.
Look, I say we take the scenic route.
I love scenic routes, you love scenic routes! And you know why? 'Cause there's scenery.
Eugene, are you wanted here? Yes, I am wanted here.
Very, very much so.
We have to go, Eugene.
We need food.
(stomach grumbling) We've got plenty of food! Look how full this thing is! (snoring) Shorty's in here, isn't he? SHORTY: Just five more minutes, Mom.
You know, on second thought, maybe I should just hang back with the camper.
Don't worry, Eugene.
These people have probably long forgotten Look, it's Flynn Rider! (metal scraping) So, how's about one of those hearty handshakes I've heard so much about? (door clangs, lock clicks) Five minutes in town and he's already arrested.
That's a new record.
All right, where is he? Well hello, Flynn Rider.
Long time no see.
Uh, Constable Lumph is it? Wait, wait! Don't ruin my moment.
(grunting with effort) Lewis Oh yeah! I've been waiting so long to do that.
Let me do it again.
CONSTABLE: Oh, yeah! Great.
Okay, back to the charges? This rapscallion walked away with the town's most sacred treasure: the Eye of Pincosta.
Which is Which is the biggest diamond in all the land.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I read the travel guide.
The second biggest, actually.
CONSTABLE: Zuhlberg's is bigger.
Okay, yes.
I stole the Eye.
But that was ages ago.
I'm a changed man! (grumbles) Granted I did just pick your jail cell lock.
Habit? (laughs sheepishly) I'd have been fine with "don't do that.
" Under Pincosta law, I sentence Flynn Rider to a lifetime of servitude in the Copper Mines of Malanay.
(gasps) The Copper Mines of Malanay.
Miles upon miles of caves where miners are forced to dig day and night without rest, food or light.
It's a very thorough guide.
The thing is, I actually am kind of more of a rest, food, and light type of person.
So, how do you feel about community service? Because I will pick up your litter like nobody's business.
(whispering) Don't worry, Eugene.
We will break you out of here in no time.
(Constable clears throat) Ha ha ha! Lance, funny guy.
He is just always the jokester.
Oh, right! I'm joking.
(laughs) Definitely won't break you out of here.
(whispering) Yes, we will.
(normal voice) Just messing with ya! (whispering) No I'm not.
(locks clang shut) Sometime, we're going to have to have a frank discussion about whisper volume.
Constable, wait! (yells, grunts) What if I could find the Eye? Hmm.
How? Let me worry about that.
If I can find it, would you release Eugene? HOOK FOOT: And also everybody else? Blondie, do not do this.
I am not letting you go to those mines.
The carriage to the mines leaves in two days.
So the jewel better be in my hands in 48 hours.
Or your friends will toil in the mines forever.
Okay, if I have any chance of tracking the Eye down, you have to tell me everything.
Uh, well What's to tell really? You know, I stole a thing.
A thing was stolen.
That's the end of the story.
And you have no idea where it is? Eugene.
What is it? Okay, see, the thing is, it was a two-man job.
So if anyone knows where the Eye is, it would be my partner.
Who? Lance? (sucks in teeth) Not Lance.
(grimaces) Oh, is it my turn? Oops.
(giggles) Aw, nuts! Looks like I have to buy you lunch.
Unless can we play again? Sure.
But let's make it more interesting.
Your ruby necklace for Your cutlass and diamond-studded dagger? What the? Thanks for the game.
(grumbles) Wow.
Didn't think Princess Sunshine could find me in a place as shady as this.
Well, maybe you're not the judge of character you thought you were.
Le me guess: Rider's in trouble, and you want my help to save him.
I need to find the Eye of Pincosta.
And you two stole it together.
We stole a lot of things together.
Yeah, I know where it is but why would I help you? Because I'm charming? It was worth a shot.
I think you'll help because you still care about Eugene.
And there's good in everybody.
Ha! And you are a terrible judge of character.
I want nothing to do with Rider.
And doing the right thing has never been a priority of mine.
I'll pay you.
This unlocks the trunk back in our caravan.
A trunk full of gold.
It's all yours.
Not to mention The darts you and that guy were playing with.
Gosh, his are a lot heavier than yours for some reason.
It's almost like you cheated.
Maybe we should go talk to that guy about this.
(table breaks, thug yells) He looks really mad.
Guess we've got a jewel to find, partner.
(laughs nervously) If we want to get the Eye of Pincosta back, we better get a move on.
I think Wait - Is this your horse? - Of course not.
- Well then whose is it? - THUG: My horse! But it will be in a second.
We were only admiring your beautiful horse.
Right, Stalyan? Hey, has he been kind of out of sorts? He has been a little ornery lately.
Of course.
Look, his saddle is too loose, which is chafing his belly.
And there's a thorn in his bridle.
Ouch! Also, don't hitch him next to Rye grass.
It gives horses a tummy ache.
Brown-top grass is much better.
Good boy! Isn't that much better? (horse neighs) All right.
You take care now! Bye! Do you really think I'm the type of person who would steal a horse? And you said I was a bad judge of character? May I have a sip? I am parched.
Plenty of water right over there.
When you come up for air, maybe you could tell us where the diamond is? Virtuous St.
- Where is that? - Not where, who.
Eugene lost the Eye to him years ago.
If we want the Eye, we have to get it from Goodberry.
You know they make cups for that? Yeah, but with a frying pan, Pascal and I can drink at the same time.
Look, we should probably get moving.
Goodberry's place is a three-day walk.
Three days? Why didn't you say that before? We have less than two to get that diamond! Well it would be one if somebody would let us steal horses.
I told you.
We are not stealing anything.
Goodberry's place is due east, right? Whatever you're thinking right now is an awful idea.
STALYAN: I told you this was an awful idea! RAPUNZEL: Uh, right.
Go right! STALYAN: No we want the left! RAPUNZEL: We needed to go right.
Your way has rocks.
Yeah, but your way has that! STALYAN: And when were you going to mention the waterfall? I was trying to! But you interrupted me! STALYAN: Well this current is too strong.
RAPUNZEL: And we're gonna have to go over.
We can do this.
- STALYAN: Did I mention I hate you? - (both screaming) STALYAN: Worst.
We made up a lot of time, didn't we? You're right.
This worked out great.
See ya.
Stop! We have to jump off at the same time.
Or we're both going to fall.
This is a fine situation that you've gotten us into.
On three.
Ready? RAPUNZEL: One Two Hey! You were supposed to jump on three! (sighs) That was a close one.
(Stalyan screams) RAPUNZEL: Hang on! Gotcha.
This is yours.
Goodberry's tents.
I can't believe it.
What are we waiting for? Come on! (sheep bleating) (chattering) This cell is a little drafty.
Okay, I don't like this any more than you guys.
But if we want to stay warm, we've got to cuddle.
Bring it in, bring it in.
Come on, bring it in guys.
I'll freeze, thank you.
And where do you keep getting pie from? I'll never tell.
(sighs) Blondie's only got a day left.
CONSTABLE: Oh, Rider! To get your mind off the Eye, I brought one of my paintings.
It's the Mines of Malanay.
A preview of what the rest of your life will look like.
See you tomorrow.
(laughs evilly) He painted the mines? (all gasp) What are they mining? Skulls? - He didn't finish painting that guy.
- Oh, yes, he did.
Over there.
Hmm, he's got talent.
Unless you got tickets or a bribe.
Oh, good evening to you, sir.
We just need to talk to Mr.
No tickets, no bribe, no deal.
We need to talk to Mr.
You're in our way.
So get out of it.
BOTH: Huh? Oh! Whoa, whoa.
Guys, guys, guys.
I don't want to have to pull out my frying pan, but I will.
Uh, did she say a frying pan? - Oh yeah.
You heard her right.
- Get 'em! Pascal? I can't see! Get this thing off of me! (grunts) (Goodberry laughs) Hey! GOODBERRY: Do you two have any promoters? Look, not every day do you meet fighters who can drop a couple guards like bad habits.
Look, name's Goodberry.
Virtuous St.
That's right.
Walk with me.
Now the best fighters in the world travel sea and land to come here.
At the grandeur of the Goodberry Games! (fighter yells, crowd cheers) (fighter laughs) (gasps) Uh, look, Mr.
Goodberry, we are not here to fight.
We understand that you have the Eye of Pincosta and we need to return it to its rightful owners.
Or a friend of ours is going to be in big trouble.
A friend of hers.
So, uh, you mean this, huh? It's pretty, isn't it? It's big.
But you know what it ain't? Yours.
Now if you're not here to battle, scram! I've got fighters to tend to.
They are the meanest, the toughest, the coolest, the strongest, the never-givin'-upin'-est people you've ever seen in your life! FIGHTER: We quit! (gasps) What? No, no, no, no, no! I won't hear of it.
Big fight's tonight! We're not going up against Malice Marauder.
We've got families.
Well doesn't that just put a crimp in my cards? My main event is history! I'm ruined! Kaput! Financial disaster.
I'm going to lose my tents, my carts, my chairs, my good name - everything! - Oh What if we fight your challenger? - STALYAN & GOODBERRY: What? - Yeah, that's right.
We'll fight in the main event and if we win, you give us the Eye of Pincosta.
"Malice Marauder versus the Maidens of Mayhem.
" Ha ha! You know something? It's a deal.
Okay, see you tonight.
Hoo-hoo! Going to be a great show! It'll be the fight of the century (continues indistinct) STALYAN: We have no chance of beating Marauder.
Even if we're better fighters, which we're not, Goodberry will rig the game so we lose.
You know that, right? (Pascal squeaks sadly) (squeaks happily) We'll have to take Goodberry at his word.
Oh, you have so much to learn about the world, Princess.
Just because I hope for the best from people, doesn't make me naive.
Yeah, about that (chain locks) Hey! What? (squeaks angrily) Sorry I can't stick around for the fight.
I think Goodberry's gonna be sore when he find this missing.
Your froggy.
You're going to free Eugene and try to win him back, aren't you? A thief belongs with a thief.
I told you you were a bad judge of character, Princess.
Sorry, Pascal.
(drumroll) AUDIENCE: Malice, Malice! Fight, fight, fight! Malice, Malice! Fight, fight, fight! Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Goodberry Games! That's right.
Are you ready for a knock-down, lock-down match of the millennium? - (crowd cheering) - Well, here we go! She's from far away but eager to join the fray.
It's the princess with the punches, the Maiden of Mayhem! (crowd boos) (crowd heckling) (gasps) (grunts) (sighs) And our champion needs no introduction: Shes brings the might, she brings the bite, and she'll bring the smite.
Give it up for Malice Marauder! Oh boy.
RAPUNZEL: That's Malice? All right, this isn't so bad.
(growling) (growling) GOODBERRY: Hey, hey! Easy! Look, lady, put me down.
Okay, you want your money don't you? Um, I think we're in trouble, Pascal.
RAPUNZEL: Stalyan.
It's Rapunzel.
If you're reading this note, it means you probably betrayed me.
- (scoffs) - RAPUNZEL: But remember, there is good in everybody.
Even you.
And I hope you will make the right decision in the end.
Let the games begin! (crowd cheering) (growling) (yelling) (laughing) Ha! Oh! (yelling) (laughing) Phew.
I've got you right where I want you.
Just wait until my second wind kicks in.
(squeaking) (Malice growling) (squeaking) Miss Brighty-bright, here comes the nighty-night! STALYAN: Hey, Malice! Huh? Mind if I cut in? Looks like you owe her a frying pan.
Stalyan! (yells) (crowd cheers) Hey, what are you doing? Not my chair! GOODBERRY: Hey! That's my good chair! Give me my good chair back! No, not my table! Hey, come back with my table! RAPUNZEL: What is it with her and furniture? (yells) Brings back memories.
On three this time.
Count it, blondie.
(growls) RAPUNZEL: Okay.
One, two, jump! (woozy laughter) (table crashing) (bell dings) I don't believe it.
You are all witnessing history, everybody! I present the new champions.
The gals with gall, the sisters who can twister, the sweeties who bring the heat-ies, give it up for We'll be keeping the Eye.
And your horses.
And by keep I mean borrow.
If that's okay.
You know, now I get why he went for you.
Eugene? I looked at him and I saw a thief.
And you looked at him and saw a good person, which made him want to be a good person.
And it worked on me too.
Tell Eugene I said hi.
You're not going to come and get your payment? (chains unlock) You really lucked out with this one, Rider.
Oh, I know.
To the vault, men! CONSTABLE: (giggles) Watch your grip, Lewis! You know I'm ticklish.
I'm sorry you had to deal with Stalyan.
She's not that bad.
She didn't even take the payment I offered.
Where's my key? We've been robbed! (gulps) STALYAN: You guys are a really good match, and I'm not gonna say that that's easy for me to deal with.
Heeyah! But the gold will help.
Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never goin' back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh yeah There's more of me to give