Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e16 Episode Script

Rapunzel: Day One

1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where And I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair (grunting) LANCE: You wanna give it a break? That shrub can only take so much.
Thanks to Rapunzel and her little trick at the great tree, I have to relearn everything using this hand, so breaks aren't really an option.
CASSANDRA: Plus, we all need to be on our A-game.
This is Westrabbit Woods.
- There are wild boars.
- (Lance scoffs) - Slayer Wolves.
- (scoffs) LANCE: Double (scoffs twice).
And jumping spiders.
Wha?! Spiders?! (shrieking) I get why Cass is mad at me she told me not to use the decay spell back at the tree, and I did, and she hurt her hand.
(Pascal squeaks) But if she had just listened to me and stayed out of it, this all could have been avoided! And I feel like we could work things out, but she refuses to talk about it! Wow Ugh, I didn't mean to make her look that angry You're right.
I gotta find a way to get her to talk to me.
- CASSANDRA: Rapunzel! - (paper rips) CASSANDRA: They're back.
EUGENE: You'll never guess what yours truly - spotted with his gorgeous, brown eyes! - (Max huffs) RAPUNZEL (gasps): The caravan! Yep, found it myself.
- Well, Max helped.
- (Max huffs) (clears throat) Max found it.
But I was instrumental in that I did not get in the way.
You guys, this is amazing! (all grunting) Uh, allow me.
SHORTY: I believe my work here is done.
How are we gonna get these two back together without Hook Foot? Don't worry, buddy.
We'll figure something out.
It's just gonna take a little TLC and a lot of glue.
And a whole bunch of parts.
No problem! Cass and I are on the case.
We'll go get supplies.
(sighs) Sounds good to me.
Pascal, um, you stay here, okay? I need a little one-on-one time with Cass.
(squeaking) RAPUNZEL: So, lately, I just can't seem to stop thinking about Attila's cupcakes.
It's like when you have a song stuck in your head, but it's a taste that's stuck in my head, isn't that funny? Anyway, what about you, Cass? Anything on your mind? - Piranhas.
- Really? Oof, that's upsetting, maybe we should talk about that.
Really big piranhas.
This place is called Westrabbit Woods.
Okay, that's a little disingenuous.
(chuckles) We'll have to use these trees to get across.
(Cassandra grunting) Cass! Uh, let me help you No! I'm fine, Rapunzel.
Looks like there's a town just over this hill.
Let's be sure before we climb it.
(whistles) (owl hooting) Ah, Owl's here.
You know, I kinda thought this could just be the two of us.
He-he just wanted to stretch his wings, so Oh wow.
Looks like the black rocks pushed everyone out of this village.
- Nothing we can do now.
- (animal screeching) Come on, we've got to look through all of this before the sun sets.
RAPUNZEL: Look at this, Cass! It's an apothecary cart! It's got all kinds of tonics and powders and (gasps) Oh, wow, a snow potion! Raps, come on.
None of this junk works.
(hooting) Oh, touché.
But we're not going to fix the caravan by freezing it.
"Wand of Oblivium.
" Hmm.
"Erases what you wish to forget.
" Ooh, a memory wand! I wonder if it works? Ooh, a memory wand! I wonder if it works? Ooh, a memory wand.
Did I get you? Very funny.
Too bad there's not an "open-up-to-your-best-friend- about-the-thing- you-guys-are-fighting -about" wand, huh? - What was that? - Cass, I know you're mad at me.
But I did the right thing.
- I didn't have a choice.
- Look, if you feel that way, then it's fine.
We're good.
Come on, we should set up camp for the night.
(Owl snoring) (groans) I can't sleep.
Rapunzel, it's only been two minutes.
Give it some time.
Cass, I need to talk about what we both know is going on between us.
Raps, there's nothing to talk about.
- I never said I was upset.
- You don't have to.
Oh, yeah? What makes you so sure you know how I'm feeling? Friends just have a way of knowing.
(hooting) (yawns) Raps, I said it's fine.
RAPUNZEL: And you keep saying that.
But it's okay if you're mad at me.
I'm mad at you, too.
I told you that I had it under control and you didn't listen.
So if you're upset, then just tell me.
And I told you I'm not upset Ow! Please, Cass, I just want things to get better between us.
We can't just push this aside and forget it, like it never happened! You know, I wish you would just forget about the whole thing! (wand whirring) What? Who are you, and how did I get here? Answer me! How did you get me out from my tower? You really don't remember? Was it magic? Did you do magic to me? It has to be magic.
I mean, Mother said people will try anything to steal my hair.
I was just in the tower two seconds ago, and now I'm here, so magic is really the only possible explanation.
(gasps) Oh my gosh! Mother must be so worried, Pascal, too.
(whispering): Hey, don't give me that look, okay? I didn't mean to erase her memory all the way back to the tower! So, you did use some kind of magic on me, didn't you? Uh No, no, I didn't use magic on you.
But the reason you don't remember leaving your tower was because ruffians.
Ruffians used magic on you.
Ruffians? (hooting) Yep.
(gasps) Mother told me to watch out for those! And quicksand, uh, snapping turtles, molten lava, poison ivy, puppets, guys on stilts, the plague, riptides, wooden shoes ooh, pointy teeth.
(gasps) Did those ruffians have pointy teeth? Oh! They're the pointiest! An-and they were after your hair, of course, so-so they put you under a sleeping spell so they could steal you from your tower.
But you see, I I rescued you from the thieves.
Look, look, look, look, look, I'm on your side! You have to get back home to your mom, right? I can take you there, you just have to untie me first.
How do I know I can trust you? I promise.
And when I make a promise, I never break it.
Me, neither.
Promises mean a lot to me, too.
I never break them, ever.
- I'm Rapunzel! - Cassandra.
So nice to meet you! You try anything funny, and I will pan you.
(grunts) Okay, there's gotta be something here that can fix her memory.
So are you gonna take me home or what? Uh, just a minute, packing a few things! (hoots disapprovingly) No, I'm not going to tell her what happened! It'd turn into this whole big discussion about our feelings, and I don't do touchy-feely.
Ugh, the thought of opening up makes me queasy.
Now, help me do this! Ah! - Here.
- (hoots) Hmm "The Wand of Oblivium can be reversed with a simple potion, as follows" I might have called it simple if it had 52 fewer ingredients, but hey, to each his own.
Trust me, collecting them while we "lead her home" is our best bet.
I'll undo the spell, and she never has to know.
RAPUNZEL: It's just I've never walked on grass before.
- (hooting) - Well, I'm sure you'll do great.
Come on.
Wait! There's no lava around here, right? No, you're good.
Now, come on, let's keep moving.
- (Rapunzel screams) - Rapunzel! It's so cute! Look at this! Oh my gosh, look at this one! Oh! Look at this one! Whoa! Poison ivy.
- RAPUNZEL: This is so fun! - Ahh! - (thuds) - Oh! Woo-hoo! Best day ever! Whoa! What's that? Oh! It's, uh i-i-it's a cookbook! I'm making soup.
- (hoots) - A really super special soup.
(gasps) I love soup, too! Mother always makes it for my birthday.
Oh! We need to get you this special spice Mother uses, it's called "minne," it has this bright, blue flower and it's so good! No, no, no, that'd be too much trouble.
I don't want my soup to hold you up from getting back to your tower.
You do want to get back as soon as possible, don't you? Of course I do! (hooting) Don't give me that look.
We did it, didn't we? That's the last of the ingredients.
Raps! Let's get going.
Rapunzel? Oh, no.
Where did she go now? (bird screeches) Got it! Cassandra will be so surprised! Hey! That's my minne! Ugh Whoa! Bad goat! (gasping) No! Aah! No no, no, no, no, no, no! No, you're not a bad goat, are you? No, no you're a good goat! You're a good goat, and you're gonna let me have the minne, so Cassandra can make a good soup.
- (chomps) - Ugh! - Raps? Raps! - (rocks clattering) Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
Give me my minne! (Rapunzel grunting) Aah! (screaming) CASSANDRA: Let's get out of here, shall we? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cause any trouble.
The minne was right there, and I just really wanted you to have it since you've been doing so much for me.
It's not a big deal, Raps, really.
No, Cass.
Saving my life is a big deal.
Thank you so much.
Not just for this, but for everything.
I am so lucky to have someone like you that I can trust.
I don't know what I'd do here without you.
(hoots) Okay, well that's enough for one day, don't you think? We'll head north to the tower in the morning.
Hey, soup smells good! It needs to simmer overnight, remember? We can taste-test it in the morning, and then we'll head to the tower.
I just maybe a small part of me doesn't want to go back to the tower.
Oh, wow, it feels good to get that out.
The world is just such an amazing place, and I don't know if I'm ready to give it up.
I feel so bad saying this because my mother only wants what's best for me, and the world is kinda dangerous, but - isn't that what makes it exciting? - Why are you telling me this? Because we're friends.
That's what friends do, right? They tell each other what's in their hearts.
Well, good night.
(hoots) Raps? Good night.
Oh, wow! The stars are so bright tonight! I've got to chart these.
So, if the North Star is there (gasps) We're going the wrong way! You're not taking me back to the tower, are you? What are you talking about? You said we were heading north, but we're not.
I chart stars, I know.
(chuckles nervously) Rapunzel, look.
I can explain.
And why don't I remember drawing this? Hmm? You did use some kind of magic on me, didn't you? No, no, Raps, that was the ruffians! I saved you from them, remember? Maybe you did, but only because you wanted my hair for yourself.
And to think, I risked my life getting you that spice.
Mother was right about everything! (hoots) Okay, okay, so I shouldn't have lied to her! We've got to find her before she gets herself into trouble! Everything's gonna be okay, I can find the tower myself.
I'll be okay, as long as I don't run into any Aah! Ruffians! - Where? - Ruffians! I will not let you steal my hair! You could probably stop hugging me now.
- EUGENE: Blondie! - LANCE: Princess! SHORTY: Long-haired girl whose name I can't recall at the moment! - Princess! - Rapunzel! RAPUNZEL: They have Pascal! They are not gonna get away with this! No time for details.
We have to find Raps, she lost her memory, she thinks she never left the tower.
We'll cover more ground if we split up.
Oh, boy, that's a lot to take in.
I'm gonna need a moment.
No, strike that, that moment's not helping.
CASSANDRA: Eugene! Focus! Right! We need to find her! But hey this is fresh-out-of-the-tower Rapunzel, right? She's inexperienced.
We've got the upper hand! (hooting) All right, Shorty, keep your eyes peeled.
Shorty? Shorty? - (leaves rustling) - (high-pitched) Shorty? - (rustling) - (whimpering) Huh? (whimpers) (screams) Oh ow.
(groans, whimpers) (whimpering) - (screaming) - (screaming) - Aah! - (Lance babbling in fear) EUGENE: Lance? - (crashes) - And then, and then, it's, like, it just came out of nowhere, it was like a stealthy, jumping sp-p-p-p-pider ghost! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down, what happened? Shorty! She took him! (whimpering): She took him! Lance, he's right over there.
Yoo-hoo! Hey, fellas.
Quick question: How good are you at untying knots? (gasps) (Lance and Eugene scream) EUGENE: Upside down, we're upside down.
Okay, Rapunzel, maybe I should have given you a little more credit.
I mean, this is an awesome trap, but you can stand down.
Huh? - (Lance squeals) - (piranhas growling) (babbling in fear) Let Pascal go, or I will drop you! Look, Sunshine, Pascal's just fine, but he's not with us, he's actually looking for you No! I don't believe you! Mother said everyone is a liar and a thief out here - and she was right - CASSANDRA: Rapunzel! You! You lied to me, too! Don't try to deny it! Is it possible for this conversation to happen when we're on the ground? If I get out of this, I promise I will never eat another fish as long as I live! Except for tuna.
And salmon Aah! Okay, just tuna! All right, all right! Yes, yes you're right, Rapunzel, I did lie.
I did use magic on you.
And this potion will bring back your memories.
Memories? I erased some of your memories.
I didn't mean to, I (sighs) Look, I'm not big on talking about feelings, and I didn't want to tell you how mad I really was about what happened at the tree.
So I, I kept it all in until I lost my temper.
And how do I know you're not just lying again? Friends just have a way of knowing.
- Oh, thank goodness.
- So long, evil fishes! (branch snaps) (both yelling) LANCE: Tell my story! (horse grunting) CASSANDRA: And I could have beaten the tree without the decay spell if you had just trusted me.
So, that's why I'm still angry, Rapunzel.
But still, I never should have even touched that wand.
It's okay, Cass.
I get it.
But, Raps? I won't always be mad at you.
I'll get over it that's what friends do.
(squeaking) - (panting) - Phew! See? I told you we'd get 'em back together.
LANCE (laughing): Yeah.
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never going back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh There's more of me to give