Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e15 Episode Script

The Brother's Hook

1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve And excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair (snoring) (grunts) - EUGENE: Aha.
Ah, thank you.
- Huh? Hey.
That's our last apple.
Then why are you using it for target practice? I use these breaks to stay sharp.
- Good.
Stay sharp with your own apples.
- HOOK FOOT: I'm sorry, but shouldn't the concern here be that someone was about to shoot an apple off my head?! Lance, that's our last apple.
Then someone got here just in time.
Apple usurper! (neighs) - LANCE: Oh, come on! - EUGENE: I want my apple back.
(Lance, Eugene shouting, grunting) Don't think just because you got horse slobber all over it, I'm not still gonna eat it.
It's about principle now.
Uh-oh, Pascal.
Sounds like another apple brawl.
(squeaking) I know, Pascal, but I can't blame them.
We've experienced some pretty heavy stuff out here.
(gasps) Oh, Pascal, this is perfect! Great news, everybody! We are going to see Hook Hand in concert.
Not only will seeing some real live entertainment give us a chance to unwind and get our mind off the road and each other, it will be a Hook Brothers' reunion! Wow.
Thanks, Princess.
Seeing my big bro perform sounds delightful.
Hmm Oh, crackers! This concert's tomorrow and it's all the way in West Ipsil, that's at least three days on foot.
We'll never make it on time.
Oh well.
What's for dinner? Don't worry, Foot.
I already have it all figured out.
We have plenty of time.
All we have to do is leave now, not stop to eat or drink, and walk twice as fast as we normally do.
- Oh, and no sleeping.
- (groans) Come on, guys.
We've a show to catch.
(sighs) There he is.
- (cheers, applause) - HOOK HAND: It's so good to be back.
Good night, everybody! Let's go say hi.
That was incredible! We I mean, we only got to hear two notes.
And they were incredible.
Hook Foot, you must be so proud of your brother.
Foot, are you okay? Okay? Yeah, I'm better than okay.
I'm thrilled.
Just, uh, tired from all the walking.
I got, uh walk lag! All right, All right! Who's knocking? - Hey, Rapunzel! - Hook Hand! I can't believe you guys came all this way just to see my show.
Of course.
We wouldn't miss it.
Hey, Hooky.
I gotta admit, I kinda-sorta missed seeing you around Corona.
Oh yeah? (growls) How 'bout a shake? Oh! I forgot.
That's right, you hate me, and you have a really sharp hook hand.
So, I'll just wave, from over here.
Wait a sec.
Razzle Dazzle, is that you? BOTH: Razzle Dazzle? Bring it in, little bro.
You know, it still hurts when you use the hook.
You still dazzlin' everybody with that silly dancin'? (laughs) Whoa.
Hold on a second.
Dancing? Hook Foot, you're a dancer? - No.
- Ha! Yeah, right.
Dancing was this guy's dream.
You believe that? Seriously? How did I not know this? All right.
Actually, dancing was my dream.
- But not anymore.
- Probably for the best, right? Now, who wants a tour of my new digs? Hook Foot, you coming? Why? So I can listen to the jerk that crushed my dreams, brag about how he's living his? Sorry, Princess.
It's just, when I was a kid, dancing was my everything.
It was my dream, but not everyone was happy to let me have that dream.
(laughs) You kiddin'? Dancin's for losers.
HOOK FOOT: Then I find out he had a fancy dream of his own.
And when I asked him if I could join him, he just laughed in my face.
Only losers dance, Razzle Dazzle.
HOOK FOOT: That's when I gave it all up.
Oh, Hook Foot.
That sounds awful.
Eh, it's ancient history, I guess.
I'm just glad this little visit is over and the Brothers Hook can go our separate ways yet again.
Got some good news for ya.
Turns out, we're headed in the same direction.
You guys are ridin' with me.
HOOK HAND: We're headed to a very important event.
It's a glamorous destination wedding for my patron.
He's a king, and he makes sure I get everything I need, so everything's gotta be perfect.
- It doesn't get more perfect than this.
- (glasses clink) (muttering): My brother king I know you're upset about the way he treated you, but people change over time.
Haven't you changed since then? I guess.
I mean, I groom myself now.
- And I can read math.
- HOOK HAND: May I? Uh okay.
Everybody deserves a second chance.
Maybe you're right.
- Maybe he has changed.
- That's the spirit.
- (door slams) - I'll give it a shot.
Gotta hand it to ya, big bro, this sure is a class joint ya got here.
'Cause to be the very best, one must have the very best.
And the best is what ya get when you're livin' the dream.
Of course, we ain't all cut out for greatness.
Are we, Razzle Dazzle? (accordion playing) I had a dream My dream came true Yes, I got what I deserve and so did you I'm rich and famous and completely respected And I'm livin' the dream My digs are snazzy and my agent's connected And I'm livin' the dream I'm making millions playing national tours Decked in the latest from my head to my drawers Guess you could say my life is better than yours Brother, I'm livin' the dream The ladies love me and the critics adore me Yeah, I'm livin' the dream I hit a pub, they roll the carpet out for me 'Cause I'm livin' the dream My fans surround me, waving autograph books People who are not of my stylish good looks While I endorse with my signature hooks Don't touch.
Those are diamonds for artistes only.
Face it, I'm livin' the dream Your dreams were lame, stupid, poor dreams But hey, we don't all get to be A talent like me Everybody! This former low-life is enjoying the high life - And I'm livin' the dream - Livin' the dream Too bad that your life ain't as awesome as my life - You know what I mean? - He's livin' the dream Look what I got from simply paying my dues The fame, the fortune, the designer tattoos I'd bet you'd love to spend one day in my Uh shoes Then your career's out of steam Me though I'm livin' the dream! I can't believe he treats you like that.
- I can.
- We need a better strategy.
Ooh, I got it.
I'm talking about shock and awe.
- Eugene.
- Sorry.
What are we, barbarians? - But you actually are a barbarian, so - No.
No revenge.
It's time to be direct.
You need to tell Hook Hand how you really feel.
We're here! Everybody out! It's now or never.
What's it gonna be? Go for revenge.
- Sweet, sweet revenge.
- Shh! Eugene.
Hey, big brother.
I got a bone to pick with you.
I never liked that nickname "Razzle Dazzle.
" And another thing.
I don't like the way you made fun of my talents and interests growin' up.
And you know what else? I demand an apology.
(scoffs) Apologize, to you? Get over it, Razzle Dazzle.
It's ancient history.
(stammers): Uh, I If he wants to act like a baby, let him.
I got a show to do and my patron does not like to be kept waiting.
He can be a real jerk.
How big of a jerk do you have to be for Hook Hand to call you a jerk? You are three minutes late, you impunctual, lumpy-faced melody pirate! Oh him.
Everything must be perfect for Trevor Jr.
's destination wedding.
Everything! I have had it with bullies.
Now, look, I know you're upset, Blondie.
But this is a workplace dispute between Hook Hand and his employer, and you're already on your way to interfere, that's fantastic.
- King Trevor, I don't believe we've met.
- Who do we have here? Let's see.
Impossibly long golden locks, a green shoulder slug.
Princess Rapunzel, I presume? Oh.
And your felonious boyfriend.
You're still wanted in Equis, you know.
(clicks tongue) But I shall spare your neck the noose, for it was your thievery what led Trevor Jr.
into the flippers of his true love, Lucille.
RAPUNZEL: Those two seals are getting married? This is a seal wedding? (gasps) Most adorable thing ever! This is not over.
Congrats, you two.
Listen well, buffoon.
This is the most important performance of your measly career, do you understand me? When the ceremony has ended, I will gift the happy couple with a dance, representing the glory of their love.
For as you know, I'm regarded as a world-class dancer.
Should one foul note find its way into my Trevor Jr.
's ear flaps, it is back to the Stinky Weasel with you.
Is that clear? Not one foul note! Not one foul note, huh? (sing-songy): Revenge! Recognize this? Ha.
That old thing? Yeah.
It's what I wore when I was a nobody.
It's your old hook, and you wore it when all you had was a dream.
Of all people, you should know what it feels like to have to hide your dream.
Why would you do that to somebody else? 'Cause dancin' is dumb.
Wrong ans (clears throat) Pascal? Wrong answer, bub.
Just because you're bigger than someone, it doesn't mean that you can look down on them.
You should support your brother.
If it weren't for us supporting your dream, you'd still be wearing this.
(lively chattering) (Trevor muttering) And now, I shall favor the couple with my dance.
Maestro Hook Hand.
Enough dawdling, fool.
Play! (clears throat) Ladies and gentlemen, and seals.
I got somethin' to say.
Playing the piano for people like you was always my dream.
And I'm living my dream because people that could've laughed at me, didn't.
But the truth is, I haven't always been as supportive of other people's dreams as I should have.
Enough of this sentimental hogwash.
It is time for my dance.
- (crowd cheers) - Uh, does anyone else smell fish? Always thinkin' with your stomach.
(Hook Foot gasps) Oh! (audio in slow motion): No! HOOK FOOT: No! (gasping) (spits) You are a failure.
And as of this moment, I am revoking my support of your music.
Remove this leather-clad, silly mustached gremlin from my sight.
Hold on.
How dare you talk to my brother that way? He's got more talent in that one hand of his than you got in your entire body.
Who are you to judge talent, you chipmunk-faced meat hook? Who is he? He just happens to be the best dancer in Corona.
He could dance you under the table any day.
Unless you don't think you have what it takes.
This ruffian is the best in Corona? Ha.
Rapunzel, I don't think this is such a great idea.
You can do this.
If it's a dance-off he wants, it's a dance-off he shall have.
The stakes? If I lose, I shall double my contributions to this sad sack's piano career.
But if I win he'll never play another note, - ever again.
- (crowd murmurs) Let the dance-off commence! Um, a little problem here.
- My piano is full of fish.
- Problem solved.
- (burps) - I could use some accompaniment? Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, betting Hook Hand's entire future on that guy's ability to dance? You can't achieve a dream without first risking failure.
- (pants rip) - (piano stops) You shall listen as I proclaim the dance-off rules.
The first dancer goes, and second the dancer shall match and embellish.
After which Lucille shall choose the winner.
All these people here and you pick the seal to be the judge? Of course.
That is, after all, her official title.
She is the "Seal of Approval.
" - (crowd groans) - (Trevor chuckles) Step, change, pas de bourrée.
Step, ball, change, pas de bourrée.
- (Hook Foot grunts) - (crowd laughs) (laughing) It does look like the best dancer in Corona isn't up to the challenge.
Your Majesty.
(cheering) LANCE: Woo! All right! Get down, Hook Foot! (cheering) (seals barking) - (hook clangs) - (groans) (crowd gasps) (chuckles) - (Trevor laughs) - Ugh.
That's it for me.
I can't do it.
Not without my hook.
Maybe he's just too good.
Hook Foot I Rapunzel, let me talk to him.
Come on, Dazzle.
I need you to dig down deep, and find them guts and show this chump what real talent looks like.
But even if I wanted to, my hook Maybe this'll help.
It's only for true artistes.
Now get in there, and live your dream.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
(crowd cheering) - (music ends) - (cheers, applause) Okay, that's enough.
Lucille shall now choose the winner.
You know what to do.
(honks horn) - (cheering) - That's my little brother! This challenge is not over.
Do you hear me? It's not over.
You enjoy twirling, do you? Well, get a load of this! Whoa.
(crowd laughs) Oh, what utter humiliation.
Smathered in tarter sauce, icing, and mackerel.
I don't deserve this! It was so great getting to see you again, Hook Hand.
You too, Princess.
Thanks for everything.
I'm really gonna miss you, big brother.
Well, I ain't gonna miss you.
I mean, how am I gonna miss you if you're on the road with me? Really? You mean it? But my friends.
I'd have to leave them.
Hook Foot, we love having you with us.
But this is your chance to follow your own destiny.
Live your dream.
Thank you.
I don't think I've ever been more happy.
- (Hook Hand growls) - Okay.
I thought the moment brought us over this emotional hump.
My bad.
- I'm gonna miss that guy.
- Me too.
Yeah, underneath their rough exteriors, the Hook Brothers are really sweet and thoughtful guys.
Except for the fact that they left us in the middle of nowhere, without transportation.
- (groaning) - No groaning, people.
We've got a destiny to discover.
Now, move out! Oh-oh, oh-oh Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never goin' back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh yeah There's more of me to give