Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e19 Episode Script


1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where And I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair (birds chirping) CASSANDRA: Morning, Raps.
(yawning) Mmm Good morning.
What's with your outfit? I know! It's cute, right? Cass? Uh we're in Corona? Well, where else would we be, silly? (gasps) My hair! What what happened to my hair?! EUGENE: Eh, looks like just a mild case of bed-head.
(chuckling) You've had worse, I'm sure.
- And good morning, Cassandra! - Good morning, Eugene.
Looks like someone's got some pre-coronation jitters.
RAPUNZEL: Coronation?! What are you talking about? (chuckling) Very fun Oh, you're serious.
Yeah, no, Sunshine.
It's your coronation weekend.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, it's just that (sighs) This isn't how things are.
The coronation already happened.
My blonde hair is back.
We left Corona almost a year ago to travel to the Dark Kingdom.
Sounds like you had some dream last night.
The coronation that hasn't happened yet happened and also Dark Kingdom stuff? Sounds like someone was stuck in a tower a little too long.
This one has such a vivid imagination.
(sighs) It felt so real.
But then again, everything seems so perfect here, I must be coming off of a crazy dream.
CASSANDRA: Well, Raps, You know I love goofing around with you two, but it's a big day and we do have a schedule to keep.
So, whattaya say we get this day started, huh? - (Pascal squeaks) - Okay.
That sounds perfect.
Rapunzel! There you are! Hi, Dad! - Pops! Up high! - (King Frederic chuckles) (chuckles) Cassandra, I need to borrow our princess for a moment.
KING FREDERIC: (sighs) Look how happy everyone is today.
(birds chirping) Good morning, Rapunzel! I am ready to party! And it's all because of you! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how proud I am of you.
Oh! And show you the many festivities we've planned! See? (music playing from model) (miniature fireworks whistle) (chuckles) Can you believe these jokers were gonna disrupt the coronation? Ha! Not on our watch! Today is going to be the happiest, most perfect day Corona has ever seen.
(laughs softly) It already is, Dad.
Good then.
I must be off! I get to judge the pudding contest! Best day ever! (laughs) (bird chirping) (sinister music) (gasps) (whooshing) Who are you? And what do you want? Ugh! (grunting) Whoa! A frying pan?! Who are you? Because that's kind of my thing.
Okay - Try not to freak out - Try not to freak out?! (laughs) Oh, why would I freak out?! Meeting myself is perfectly normal, right?! Trust me, I am not freaking out.
I'm meeting myself.
I'm meeting myself.
(thud) - I'm meeting myself! - Right?! BOTH: So neat! (gasps) BOTH: You said the same thing I said! (laughs) BOTH: Best day! BOTH: Ha! You thought I was gonna say "ever" but I stopped! Not to sound conceited or anything, but you are the best.
- I was gonna say the same thing! - I know! Okay.
You know as amazing as this is, I sort of feel like I'm officially losing it.
You're not going crazy.
I know you remember the black rocks, the world outside Corona, your our destiny.
No, my destiny is here in Corona.
This isn't Corona.
This place isn't real.
The real world isn't as easy.
It's in your head.
You're still in the House of Yesterday's Tomorrows.
You're under a spell.
No, that's that's not true.
I like it here.
I know you do, but it's all a dream.
And if you don't do something soon you'll be trapped here forever! EUGENE: Rapunzel! - EUGENE: Rapunzel! - Where could she be? EUGENE: Rapunzel! You know, this is a hoot, but we'd cover more ground if we split up.
Cheekbones, Sandwiches, you take that hallway.
EUGENE: Oh, now she's doing clever nicknames? Wonderful.
(owl hoots) VOICE (whispering): Cassandra.
Hello? - Rapunzel, is that you? - (owl hoots) VOICE (whispering): Cassandra Huh! This door gives me the creeps.
(footsteps) Did you see that? Someone's in there.
Rapunzel, are you in there?! How do you wanna go about picking this lock? The click-clack? The tweezer twist? The flippity flappet? - (thud) - Ah! The boot pick.
Less subtle, but efficient.
What is this place? (Pascal squeaking) - Rapunzel! - MATTHEWS: Less noise, please.
Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh, less noise.
EUGENE: Matthews! I knew you were up to no good! You have no idea how no good I really am.
(both grunting, groaning) Matthews! Not quite I am Tromus.
- (squeals) - And my master, Zhan Tiri, has a great need for this little sun drop.
Once these vines wrap round her completely, she'll have surrendered to the dream world, and the sun drop's limitless power will belong to Zhan Tiri! Blondie! Wake up! Mm-mm-mm-mm, nope.
The only way that's going to happen is if Lemon Head wakes herself up.
But will she want to leave paradise? Probably not.
The only way to escape Dream Corona is to go where the sunflower once grew and grab Grab the black rocks? Wait, no.
This is nuts.
You're not even real.
- You're right! - I'm not! We're so smart.
C'mon, we don't have much time.
I don't know if I can.
What about the coronation? If you decide to put that crown on, it will mean that you accept this world and you will be stuck here forever! (grunting, groaning) Ugh, it seems as though her subconscious self is acting up.
It's time to reenter her dream, and tip the scales.
(squeaking) Rapunzel! Work work work! A disciple's work is never done.
EUGENE: Rapunzel! - Listen - Rapunzel! There you are.
Eugene! Oh You are not gonna believe this.
- Look! - What?! She was just there! It was me! Well, not me, but me, you know? With my hair back, and she wanted me to lead her to the black rocks.
Wants you to lead her to what? (laughs) I'm sorry, ya lost me.
- (smooch) - Hey, it's such a perfect day, what do you say we get some fresh air? (sighs) You're right.
I need to clear my head.
Follow me.
RAPUNZEL: Woo-hoo! - Eat my dust! - (Maximus whinnies) Oh, come on! You know I'm on a low-dust diet! (horse neighs) (Pascal squeaks) (grumbles) (horses grunting) - (Pascal squeaks) - Wow, Pascal that is some view.
(squeaks) - (screams) - (yelps) - (sighs) - Hi! Would you stop materializing everywhere?! You can't keep avoiding me! You know us! We are way too persistent! I know.
I love that about us.
(squeaks) Rapunzel, you need to snap out of this.
Look, it's a tough choice, but you have to make it! Why?! Look at it out there! This is where I belong.
EUGENE: Ha-ha! Okay, I know what you're thinking.
Now, it may have seemed like you won.
(chuckles) But hey, you okay? Yeah I'm okay.
(chuckles) I just, uh, I-I thought I saw someone.
Saw someone? The pressure of the coronation has really gotten to you, hasn't it? You must feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but, it's not.
All of us are here to carry that weight, to make those choices for you.
Which, speaking of "all of us," it's about time we head back to the castle for the welcoming ceremony.
Besides, nothin' to see out there, but a whole lotta nothin'! EUGENE: I can think of no better way to celebrate the love I have for this woman than this.
- (gasps) Oh, Eugene! - (indistinct party chatter) Just listen Why are you doing this?! (party-goers gasp, indistinct chatter) I gotta admit, I was not expecting that response, but hear me out.
Rapunzel, from the moment I entered your tower I know leading the team out on the road hasn't been easy.
It would be easier to step back and let someone else make the tough calls, but you know we can't do that.
We have to go back.
Even if what you say is true, why would I leave all of this? RAPUNZEL: Cass is fine.
My friends are safe.
Nobody is asking me to make some kind of huge life decision.
(indistinct murmuring) Ugh, you know what I mean.
Everything is perfect here, so why would I come with you?! If you don't, it could literally be the end of the world as we know it.
Well, maybe, I don't want that responsibility.
Maybe I just want to be happy.
Is that too much to ask?! So is that a maybe? Don't do it, Rapunzel.
No it's a yes.
- (excited party chatter) - My answer is yes.
I would love to marry you, Eugene.
And to stay in this castle forever and ever - (applause) - and ever.
(Pascal squeals) Magnifique! The power of the sun drop is nearly in Zhan Tiri's grasp! (grunts) How did we not see this bad guy coming? We're usually pretty good at that sort of thing.
Wait until I'm free! That's just it, mon ami.
You never shall be free - (shrieks) - And in a few moments, nor shall she! (dramatic music) (door opens) I used to be so much like you.
I had silly dreams of finding adventure and saving the world.
Luckily, I had a place to put those dreams.
(box creaks) My (gasps) I mean, a journal! - (gasps) It's blank? - Of course it is.
There's no point in having a journal if somebody's going to fill it for you.
(chuckles) QUEEN ARIANNA: "Sois satisfaite!" It means, "Be satisfied.
" As princess, you need to show your subjects that you are content.
What if I decide t Rapunzel, you don't have to decide anything.
Be content with where you are? (door closes) Something's not right, Pascal.
(squeaks) (shattering) - (door opens) - CASSANDRA: Raps It's coronation time.
Why are you looking at me like that? Cass are you happy here? Of course, why wouldn't I be? My best friend is getting crowned princess.
What's better than that? (sighs) Hm Absolutely nothing.
(laughs softly) Good.
Now, what are we waiting for? Let's get you coronated.
Time's almost up.
I would start getting nervous if I were you! Rapunzel, please wake up! (dramatic music) EUGENE: Rapunzel! VICAR: The wearer of this crown is a shining example of the promise that is Corona.
Once you put that crown on, you'll accept this world, and you will be stuck here forever.
(shattering) - (indistinct party chatter) - (heart beating) This isn't real BLONDE RAPUNZEL: The black rocks are the only way out.
You have to touch the black rocks! (energy charging) - This isn't real! - (metal clanging) (indistinct worried party chatter) Oh, I know! Being crowned princess, it just doesn't seem real, right? Ha-ha Blondie, what're you doing? Just put your crown on.
Everything's fine! It is tempting to follow the path of least resistance, but that is not me! (sighs) MATTHEWS/EUGENE: This one's got some kick! (chuckles) I tried to do this the easy way.
(whooshing) You said no to the dream.
Let's see how you enjoy being trapped in your worst nightmare! Max! To the black rocks! - (neighs) - (Rapunzel yells) (flames crackle) You did this to me, Rapunzel! It's all because I followed you! (metal clangs) (shattering) - (grunts) - (cloth rips) This would be a bad time to be wrong about this being a dream! You don't get it, do you, Princess? I control this world! (tears curtain) (thunder cracks) Uh, hey! Other me! I could really use your help right about now! Where am I when I need me?! (whooshing) Hi, again! Need a little help wrapping these guys up? If you wouldn't mind! I love how polite you are! (whoosh) - (shatters) - BLONDE RAPUNZEL: Ha! Dream fighting is easy (rumbling) (roars) (roars) (screams) No! Pascal! (gags) Don't worry, I'm not real, remember?! Now, run! (chomp) (dramatic music) Pascal, please stop! I hate to do this, but you're giving me no choice! (grunts) (screams) (gasps, grunting) (thunder and lightning) Hello, Rapunzel.
Oh, I've missed you, my precious flower.
When will you realize I will always get the better of you, whether you're trapped in a tower, or trapped in your own mind.
My own mind You're right.
This is my mind.
I'm in control.
(cackling) How many times must you hear before you understand that Mother knows be (bang) I have always wanted to do that.
I have had enough! You will not escape my control! You have no power over me here! RAPUNZEL: You thought by dangling an easy life in front of me, that I would follow you into oblivion.
- Well, you were wrong.
- (shattering) (rocks emerge) I am a lot tougher than you think.
From now on, the only thing that I follow is my destiny.
(rock activates) Nooo! - (gasps) - (building crumbling) - (Pascal squeaks) - EUGENE: Blondie! Eugene! Hate to be a squeaky third wheel, but can we get out of here, please?! This place is coming down! Follow me! (rumbling) (whooshing) This isn't over! (whooshing continues, stops) (Rapunzel sighs) Everybody okay? (Pascal squeaking) (sneezes) SHORTY: Well, well, well.
Shorty? Look who finally decided to show up.
Max! Fidella! Oh, it's good to see you, too.
Have you seen Cass? - (mysterious humming) - Hold on a second.
(dramatic, mysterious music) EUGENE: Get ready, guys.
There's no telling what kind of subhuman monster might come through that door.
(banging on door) (owl hoots) It's even worse than I thought.
Cass! (gaps) Thank goodness you're safe! Are you all right? Where were you? I'm fine, Rapunzel.
Let's get movin', huh? Oh, okay then.
Time to hit the road.
Destiny calls! (door slams shut) (theme music playing) Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never goin' back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am, I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh, yeah There's more of me to give