Tangled: The Series (2017) s03e11 Episode Script

Islands Apart

1 (theme song playing) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where And I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair RAPUNZEL: (sighs) Okay, okay.
Uh, what about this one? KING FREDERIC: Oh, that's your coronation, of course.
RAPUNZEL: Yes! (laughs) Ah, and this.
Okay, this.
What happened here? KING FREDERIC: Ah, that That's when Eugene and I stole the Royal Seal of Equis.
Seal! Seal! - I get it now.
- Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Right again.
Yes! I remember this.
Yeah, it's when I broke through the wall.
(laughing): No.
It's when I realized what a brave and independent woman you had become.
It's good to have you back, Dad.
And I have you to thank for that, Rapunzel.
Throughout this entire ordeal, never once have you strayed from our side.
(squeaks) Family sticks together, right? Family sticks together.
(chuckles) EUGENE: Can you believe the audacity of Lance? Not only did he borrow my moisturizer, but he left the lid off.
Now it's all dried out.
(hoots) - (gasps) - Guys, don't worry.
I have a backup bottle.
Owl, are you okay? Where you have you been? Wait.
Does this mean? - (Pascal squeaks) - RAPUNZEL: Where's Cass? - It's a pompoen.
- (sighs): Oh.
Looks like we're going back to Tirapai Island.
Blondie, do you really think Cass would go back to that island? I mean, with all the cursed idols, giant fire-breathing houseflies, and crazy fish-people? Actually, come to think of it, Cassandra is a pretty good fit for that place.
This is our best lead so far.
We haven't heard from her in months.
And then suddenly Owl shows up with a fruit that can only be found on Tirapai Island? I would say that's a pretty good sign.
At the very least, it'll be nice to see Alfons and the other Lorbs again.
EUGENE: Oh, right.
The little leaf guys who think they're superior to human beings.
They are a delight.
(whooshing) Hello? Little leaf people, hello? Well.
Their little leaf people village looks empty.
I was not expecting it to be this qu - (loud cawing) - (gasps) (caws) He did that on purpose.
(laughs) (caws) Hello? Alfons? Okay.
So, no Lorbs.
It's the frienfloofers! Hello, is anyone there? Anybody home? No? - (rustling) - Did you hear that? Yep.
Woop! Hey, wait! - Stop! Come back! - Whoa! (groans) We just have a few questions! (Owl hoots) This little guy sure can move.
And with such little legs.
(hooting) Ah! Don't hurt me, wild frienfloofers! Don't you recognize us? Hmm.
Eh, sorry.
All frienfloofers look alike.
Except the new one.
What? The new one? Could he mean? Cass? - (upbeat rhythmic music playing) - (Lorbs exclaiming) You can tell the new one apart by his mustache.
Mustache? (humming) Princess? Fitzherbert! - What a surprise! - (Eugene grunting) - Join the party.
- Captain? What are you doing here? I think they call this one the Glaushsnuffer.
Aren't these Lorb fellas great? No, not really.
They treated us like pets.
Didn't have that problem.
That's because we love his mustache.
(laughs) His mustache? Really? That's the reason? Well, look, it's not my fault my face is perfectly suited to a goatee.
Oh, I know, I know.
No one's making fun of your perfectly sculpted face.
But Captain, really, what are you doing here? Xavier said you left Corona months ago to look for us.
I did.
And I searched for you for a long time.
After a while, word had traveled that you'd returned to Corona.
And Cassandra had made other arrangements.
Captain, I know how difficult this must be for you.
Difficult? No.
See, that's what makes this island so great.
I want you to meet someone.
(hoots) Hi, Daddy! BOTH: Cassandra? - (fire sizzling) - (Rapunzel pants) RAPUNZEL: But that's CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: Cassandra.
- My daughter! - EUGENE: Um Captain, while she may look like Cassandra Can it, Fitzherbert! (laughs) And she certainly sounds like her.
Uh, I can't help but think that you may have overlooked one small detail: She's four! LITTLE CASSANDRA: Daddy, watch me! CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: What is it, Cassandra? This must be why Owl brought us here.
(hooting) Oh, what do we have here, little one? Captain.
Uh, a word, please.
(shrieks) Captain, um Where did she come from? Uh, I understand your concern.
At first I couldn't believe it, either.
But now I think I can explain.
Well, we're all ears.
I guess sometimes the universe simply hears your heart's desire.
Well, that clears that up.
And gives you a second chance.
It's time for shalpendoofen! CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: Oh, boy, shalpendoofen! They always win, but maybe today's our day.
Right, Cass? That's right, Daddy.
(upbeat rhythmic music playing) (Lorbs singing, chattering) (both gasp) EUGENE: She doesn't have a shadow? Now that is creepy.
And normal Cass is creepy enough.
So this little girl, what is she? I don't know.
I don't know.
But we do know there is dangerous magic on this island, so we've got to figure out where she came from, before the captain or anyone gets hurt.
So, what's our plan? Um, I need you and Owl to poke around and see if you can find out what type of magic this could be.
(hooting) RAPUNZEL: And more importantly, how to get rid of it.
Meanwhile, Pascal and I will keep an eye on that uh, whatever she is.
There's no telling what kind of danger the captain could be in.
Daddy, Daddy! Look what I found! So nice of you to join us on our outing today, Princess.
- Fun, fun, fun, fun.
- (Pascal squeaking) Fun is good.
Captain, watch out! (Little Cassandra gasps) CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: Huh? I wanted Daddy to do my hair.
(clears throat) Um, I Oh! I thought I saw A bee! I saw - It was a big bee.
So big.
- Um-hmm.
And didn't want you to get stung.
Right! This one.
I'm not seeing anything in any of these books that could explain where Little Miss Most-Likely-to-Eliminate-Us-All In-Our-Sleep came from.
(hoots) Yes, it is possible I missed it! Did you see how small this writing is? (water crashing) She's gonna push him.
No, no, no, no, no! No! Don't you dare! Start without me.
I love kites! (squeals) They're like lanterns' cousins, aren't they? (Rapunzel chuckles) (Pascal squeaks) (hooting) Well, not sure if these mean anything, but maybe Rapunzel could help us make heads or tails out of them.
Oh, poor lost frienfloofer.
Can I help you find your owner? No, see, I don't have an owner.
(yelling): Stray frienfloofer! - Stray frienfloofer! - Is this a sign that I should go for a mustache? - LORB: Stray frienfloofer! - (hoots) - Stray frienfloofer! - (Lorbs yelling) (all yelling) (distant muffled grunting) Hello? Someone in here? (distant grunting continues) Huh? (squeals) (squeaks) (squeals) RAPUNZEL: Maybe she's not dangerous, Pascal.
I know she's not Cass, but - Look how happy they are.
- (Little Cass giggling) - (squeals) - If she's harmless, why should he have to lose her again? Daddy, Daddy! Higher! No one's ever going to harm you, little one.
You're safe with me.
(both laughing) Good night, Princess.
- Psst.
- Eugene.
- Look, I am starting to think - Ba ba ba ba.
- What? - You have to follow me.
- LORB: Ha! There he is! - And the faster the better.
(Lorbs yelling) What? What is it? Did you find something? (panting) More like someone.
Alfons! Where have you been? I found him locked up! Yes! It was awful! The mustached frienfloofer.
He did this! - The Captain? - Oh, yeah.
Follow me.
I will explain everything.
The mustached frienfloofer came for this.
The Fountain of Anbietengenpfeifen.
It was enchanted by the Lorb Warlock, Horb, to grant wishes.
So that's how four-year-old Cass got here.
He wished for her! I first suspected the mustached freinfloofer's intentions when I found him digging in search of the fountain's magical coin.
I tried to warn him, but he didn't listen, - and locked me up! - Warn him of what? You know firsthand of the wickedness behind Lorb magic.
The fountain gives you what you want.
At first.
At first? Oh, let me guess.
Then the wickedness comes in.
Unless the wisher takes his wish back, the fountain takes even the purest of wishes, and twists them into the darkest nightmares at sunset on the ninth day.
When did he make the wish? - Oh.
Nine days ago.
- (Pascal squeaks softly) Of course.
Captain? - We really need to talk.
- (hooting) Look, we know about the fountain.
And I know this is really hard to hear, but Something really bad is coming if you don't take that wish back right now.
It's worth the price.
But the magic on this island nearly did us in.
You cannot take that risk.
I have to.
It's my only hope.
Rapunzel, when I said I stopped looking for Cassandra, I lied.
(sword clinks) I traveled tirelessly in search of my daughter.
And then (swords clanking) I found her.
Casandra, why have you turned your back on the princess? How dare you ask me that? You knew all along how much was taken from me.
You knew who my mother was, and you kept it from me.
Cassandra, I only did what I thought You only did what was best for yourself.
That's all anyone in my life has ever done.
Well, now that's what I'm doing.
This is mine.
This is my destiny.
I command you to surrender! - Never! - (crashing) (grunts) - (rocks crumbling) - (Captain of the Guard grunting) CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: Cassandra! Cassandra, no! She was filled with a rage I have never seen.
That person wasn't Cassandra.
So you see, this is the only way I can fix my mistakes.
Captain, please.
We are out of time.
- It's almost sundown.
- (ground rumbling) Captain, you don't understand.
Only you can take your wish back.
If you don't take that coin out of the fountain, the Lorb magic will turn on you.
Blondie, I think that ship has sailed.
(hooting) I recognize that bird.
- Hello.
- Hello.
ALL: Hello.
So glad we came back to this island.
Run! Okay, okay.
I don't know what wickedness I was expecting, - but it definitely was not this! - (birds cheeping) (hooting) (yelling) Well, hello, friends.
(laughing evilly) (mocking laughter) (evil laughter) (all laughing) All right, blondie.
Let's do this.
And just remember, they are not the real Cass.
(evil laughter) - (Swords clinking) - (Eugene yells) - (Eugene yells) - CASSANDRA 1: You're still here? I thought Raps would have dumped you by now.
Your goatee looks as dumb as ever.
Oh! Well, now I'm keeping the goatee just to spite you.
- And you.
And you.
- (Owl hooting) (cheeping) (hooting) - (cheeping) - (Cassandras laughing) Oh.
Hello, Cassandras.
How would you like me to address you? - (Rapunzel yells) - Don't fight me, Rapunzel.
You have to wear your shoes.
- Ah! - Just let me braid your hair.
(Pascal squeaks) (grunts) You're gonna pay for that.
Just let me brush your hair! Dad! (grunts) Dad, are you in there? Come out, come out, wherever you are! - (grunting) - (hacking) Captain, please.
You have to undo the wish.
- (Kid Cassandra grunting) - He's gone.
Don't be afraid, little one.
Daddy's got you.
Wait! Please.
You have to undo the wish.
I don't want to hear it, Rapunzel.
I have my daughter back! Captain, I know these feelings are real.
But she's not.
The real Cass is still out there somewhere.
Daddy? RAPUNZEL: Listen to me, soldier.
You do not just get to forget about Cass and start over.
Family sticks together.
No, Rapunzel.
This is my only chance.
No! I know I can do right by her this time.
EUGENE: Whoa! Ah! Get him! Ha ha! (Cassandras laughing, yelling) Everybody, hang on! - CASSANDRA 1: There they go! - CASSANDRA 2: Get him! (Eugene yelling) (hooting) Now we can start over, Daddy.
Right? No one but you and me.
(grunts) (sighs) - Daddy? - (sighs) (grunts) I can't believe it.
He's given up.
(clanks) (balloon whooshes) (Owl hooting) - CASSANDRA 1: He will pay! - CASSANDRA 2: Get them! Would you believe I'm actually starting to miss the real Cass? - (laughing) - EUGENE: I mean, her charm, her wit - The fact that there was only one of her - Get him! (evil laughter) (Owl hooting) Princess, you're right.
I haven't failed Cassandra yet.
Just as long as I don't abandon my daughter.
My real daughter.
GUARD CASANDRA: He will pay for his wish.
Captain, go! We'll hold them off.
(sword slides) That is one of the fake Casses, right? (chuckles) You are not real.
You would say that.
You never take me seriously.
(yells) (grunts) Aah! - (swords clink) - (Eugene grunts) (yells) (sword clangs) Daddy, what are we doing? Why are we here? I'm sorry, Cassandra.
- I'm so sorry.
- (swords clinking) You gotta take the coin out, Cap.
We can't do it for you.
You mean, you're gonna leave me? No.
I'll never leave you.
The real you.
From now on.
I'll always be with you.
- (water lapping) - No, Daddy.
Please don't.
Please! (sword scraping) (exploding) (sword clinks) Okay, Eugene.
You take the hundred on the right.
I'll take the hundred on the left.
(laughing evilly) (Owl hooting) Let's go get my daughter back.
Sorry for all the trouble.
Eh, say no more.
This island seems to have that effect on frienfloofers.
We'll find her, Captain.
I won't give up until we do.
We'll miss you, mustached frienfloofer! And you, too, wild frienfloofer! It's good to have you back, Cap.
It truly is.
Let's go home.
(hooting) (bird cawing) (sighs) I told you.
This is all that's left of the Great Tree.
The incantations were destroyed.
Those incantations were our only hope of unlocking the power of the moonstone.
Aside from the Demanitus Scroll, but that was destroyed millennia ago.
Did you say Demanitus scroll? Ha.
Looks like our next stop is Corona.
Oh-oh, oh-oh Now I got my eyes open and wide My heart burnin' like fire Feels like I'm so alive I'm never going back Whatever I want now, I'm gonna chase Who I am I can't contain it I'm not gonna hold it in 'Cause there's more of me to give Oh yeah, there's more of me to give
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