Tangled: The Series (2017) s03e12 Episode Script

Cassandra's Revenge

1 I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where And I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair I was always taught nobody's got it all And I never thought I had a shot at all But to my surprise look at how lucky I've been Whoa Freedom to explore Work that I love to do Friends that I adore Specially, well, you-know-who I'm not keeping score Still though, I pretty much win Yes, I get to be the girl who has everything The world on a golden string And somehow it's mine Just look at me, the girl who has everything And I can tell everything Is gonna be fine Think of all I've done Life's really tested me Sometimes I have won Sometimes it's bested me Things got pretty dark Now though the dawn's comin' through Ooh-ooh-ooh Yes, now I'm safe and sound Back with my family When I look around I see how things can be Everywhere I turn there's so much more I can do And I get to be The girl who has everything The blessings this world can bring All falling in line Somehow that's me The girl who has everything Well, practically everything I'm sure there's more everything For now, I've got everything And everything's fine Okay, Fitzherbert, is today the day? I'm gonna be the girl Who has everything Oh.
Uh, hey, Mrs.
You seem like a passionate soul well-versed in the delicate inner workings - of the human heart.
- Hmm.
So let me ask you.
Do you think now is the right time to propose? You're not my type.
The feeling's mutual.
Everything is looking so great, you guys.
Oh, Eugene's surprise birthday party is going to be amazing.
What's going to be amazing? What! Nothing.
Nothing is amazing.
Why Why would you think that anything is amazing? Hey, are you planning a party? No! I I mean, yes, but it is not for you.
It's for my parents! It's their anniversary.
But their anniversary was six months ago.
Uh, no, it's six months from now.
That's what makes it a surprise.
Great! So put me to work.
No! You can't come in.
I have a list of very important things I need for the party.
Lance! Go with Eugene Make sure he's gone long enough.
And get everything that's on the list of very important things.
What? Oh.
Right! Right.
Eugene, come with me.
- I honestly think I'd be more - Okay, bye.
Would you stop pushing me? What's wrong, dear? You seem nervous.
No, I'm just I'm worried that Eugene suspects something is up.
Relax, princess, he doesn't suspect a thing.
How could he? He has no idea that today is his real birthday.
I've even avoided thinking about it around him.
Now, high five Frederic to show camaraderie.
Ha, you're right.
This is gonna be the best surprise first birthday ever! And that's not all.
Come on, Pascal.
This is the biggest surprise of all, Pascal.
Right before he blows out his candles, I am going to propose to Eugene.
He will never see it coming.
I don't wear shoes, but if I did, I believe they would be on the other foot.
I'm gonna be the girl who has everything As soon as he wears this ring And swears that he's mine True, we don't know what obstacles fate may bring But why put off everything When we can share everything 'Cause once he's my everything Then everything will be fine Let's see.
One pair of tap shoes.
One psychic monkey with cymbals toy.
One ham and cheese sandwich.
Check Hold up.
We must make sure the meat to cheese ratio is correct.
Would you hurry it up? Since when are you this thorough about anything? Eugene, the princess asked me to do a job.
Are you suggesting I don't do everything in my power to Welp, that's everything.
Come on, Eugene, quit dillydallying.
Let's go, let's go.
Hey! Wait.
What's with the pushing? All right, all right, I'm going.
Why are we even going in Surprise! Gah! Whoa This is for me? Why? Because today is your actual birthday! It is? Oh, wow! This party is for me.
An entire evening where everyone gathers to pay homage to my existence? Oh, how did I go so many years without Because I sent him away as a babe and his whole life was a lie.
Always a dependable ray of sunshine, Dad.
Well, bring on the cake! Hold up.
I don't mean to nitpick but there are one too many candles on this cake.
Uh no.
Nope, that's right.
You are one year older than you thought, Eugene.
Hooray for another birthday surprise! You are so funny, but also incorrect.
I am 25 years old.
The number of candles on this cake indicates that I'm 26 years old.
One year too many.
No, no, you're 26 years old today.
Yep, that's right.
26! He's 26, all right.
- He's 26.
- Yes.
Yes, 26.
Would everyone stop saying my age out loud? Happy 26th birthday, Horace.
I am a year older than I think I am? This explains the lines on my eyes.
Are these crow's feet? Right, well, why don't you take your mind off your age and make a wish? Come on.
Well, I can think of at least one wish I'd like to have come true in the very near future.
What the Swell party.
I'm guessing my invitation got lost in the mail? I think for the next party I'd like to have at least some input on the guest list.
If you don't mind, I'll just help myself to a slice of this cake.
What does she want? Why show up here now? Is she here to apologize or for a fight? - She's probably here for a fight.
- Quiet! It's Where have you been? Helping myself, you might say.
It's about time I helped myself, don't you think? - I think she wants to fight.
- Shh! I thought a lot about how we left things and it makes me sad.
Oh, it makes me sad, too.
I I miss you, Cassandra.
I want us to be friends again.
Yeah, we both have things the other wants, which brings me to why I'm here.
I want you to give me the scroll.
I wouldn't do that.
The scroll has the instructions to wield the power of MoonStone and the Sun-Drop.
Stay out of this, Fitzherbert.
Blondie can think for herself, hmm? Give me the scroll and I'll leave Corona in peace.
Cassandra, I don't think Oh, I know.
It's hard making decisions when the only friends and advisors you have left are ex-convicts and losers.
Hey, we are not ex-convicts! Technically, we have never been convicted of anything.
I'll give you some time to decide.
Enjoy your party, Fitzherbert.
Just to be clear, because I think it's important, I did not wish for that.
I can't give Cassandra the scroll.
Hey, I agree.
On the one hand, if she gets the scroll, it could be the end of the world.
On the other hand, she did say we would never see her again, so, you know, pretty big upside.
Who knows what she's been doing since she disappeared.
Probably practicing betrayal.
Thinking a lot about doing harm.
Reading a lot about doing harm.
So, Cass gets the scroll, total destruction of us.
Got it.
So we should hide it, yes? Where is it? That's the other downside.
I don't have it.
If you don't have it, well, then, who do have it? The results are in.
Who will win first prize for best metal? Will it be steel for its durability and thermal conductivity or iron for its lustrous shine and high melting point? Brrr, pow! Ah, yes, thank you, Ruddiger.
This is perfect.
Warm cocoa will really hit the spot.
Thanks, bud.
Hi, Varian.
Hi! Hi.
I, uh, wasn't, uh, expecting you so soon.
I mean, we did agree that I'd need at least five weeks of solitude to decipher this thing, so I thought I had some-some privacy.
Varian, don't be embarrassed.
Hey, Goggles, real quick.
Do you have any anti-aging alchemies, maybe some skin-tightening serum? I'm getting older by the second.
Hey! Please be careful.
That stuff is very delicate.
Oh, thank goodness.
You have the scroll.
I do.
Oh, I do.
And it took awhile, but I composed this key to translate the text in its entirety.
Varian, you're a genius.
What's it say? This is the healing incantation, this is the decay incantation and this, oh-ho, is a third incantation.
It would allow whoever possesses the MoonStone to wield complete control over the black rocks.
That's why Cassandra wants the scroll.
Yes, yes, but there's more.
It says here that there are four incantations, not three.
But I can't seem to find it anywhere on this scroll.
Uh, guys, you might wanna stop talking about the secrets of the scroll.
Don't stop on my account.
Cass! Varian, don't get any closer.
Hide the scroll.
We cannot let her get her hands on that incantation.
The-the scroll is worthless without the translation key.
Well, then it sounds like I need two things.
Get that scroll out of here.
Blondie, I got this.
Her armor is made of the ro Whoa! Aah! Give me that scroll, Rapunzel.
Cass, let's just talk.
Oh, sure, let's have another chat about how my mother chose you over me.
Cass, Gothel took me and held me against my will.
It wasn't my decision, you know that.
Well, was it your decision to push her out a window? Ugh, you weren't there.
You have no idea.
Then why don't you make me understand? Get off.
Look at me.
You know me, Cassandra.
I have always supported you.
Whatever this anger is Come on, let's face it together.
Cass, somewhere inside you know this isn't right.
Just come back home with us.
We can figure this out.
Questioning your path, are you? No, I wasn't.
Who are you talking to? Cass, I'm not gonna fight you.
She's trying to trick you.
Don't wanna fight, don't fight.
No, stop! Whew.
Guess I don't know my own strength.
Get out of there! I can't ho - hold it! - Thank you.
Rapunzel! Hey, Varian.
If you wanna read that scroll, you are gonna need my translation key.
Ha! And now that I've destroyed it, you'll never know what the scroll says because the only translation in earthly existence is locked safely away up here.
- Boom! - Is that a fact? Oh, yeah.
I should not have said that out loud.
Then I guess you're coming with me.
Rapunzel, hurry! Rapunzel! Ohh! Hurry, Pascal, let's go! Jump! Cassandra! Varian! She took him.
So this is your plan? - Running away? - No one is running.
One would think that now that you have the power of the black rocks, you wouldn't feel the need to hide.
I don't hide from anything.
I don't need to remind you that defeat is not an option.
And when Rapunzel comes for you, you must be prepared to protect what is rightfully yours.
What you need is A stronghold.
And I know just where to build one.
Huh? Huh? Hey, where are we? I need that third incantation, Varian.
I knew you'd say that.
That's why I went through your little bag of tricks.
I found something in here that might change your mind.
Recognize this? Ha! No.
Ugh, yes, it's a true serum of my own design and it compels the drinker to tell the truth and answer any question asked.
Wait, but I never drank that.
Lucky for me you sleep with your mouth open.
So let me ask you, what's the third incantation? I, uh Crescent high above evolving as you go raise what lies beneath and let the darkness grow.
Crescent high above Crescent high above evolving as we go raise what lies beneath and let the darkness grow.
Bend it to my will, consume the sunlight's glow.
Rise into the sky and let the darkness grow.
What is that? Let darkness grow.
Home sweet home.
We have to figure out what Cassandra is planning to do with Varian and the scroll.
We're not just gonna sit by and let her ruin Eugene's birthday or or anything else.
Right? - Yeah I don't know.
- Sure.
Just give me a minute.
Seriously, guys? Cass has Varian.
Not to mention an incantation that can control the rocks.
We have to stop her.
Uh, princess? Were you in the same fight as us? We don't stand a chance against Cass and that unbreakable armor.
Oh, come on, Lance, she wasn't that bad.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What were you doing during that fight? There was a large boulder and you were Yeah, yeah, like that.
Okay, okay, he's getting offended.
What are you laughing about? You were right there with me.
No, no, no, no, no.
You're remembering it all wrong.
You know, they say memory is one of the first things to go with age.
Are we finished? Listen, I know Cassandra's dangerous but we cannot forget she's also our friend.
Fine, there's only one big problem.
We don't know where she is.
I think we know where to look.
You've done well, Cassandra.
Soon Rapunzel will come for the boy.
- And then what? - Then you will face her with the full power of the MoonStone.
Who is she talking to? Look, I know none of this is your fault.
And I don't want to hurt you.
So when Rapunzel comes for you, don't try anything foolish.
Cassandra, you're angry, I get it.
Believe me, I know what it's like.
But you are making a mistake.
The path of hate is a dangerous track You take one step and it's hard to turn back It pulls you along and though it seems wrong It feels right Don't you see this path you're on Leaves a permanent mark It feels good at first then it slowly turns dark With each passing day you're further astray From the light Suddenly you'll lose your way And lose the thread Lose your cool then lose your head Every loss is harder to excuse Then you'll see you'll lose your faith And lose your soul Till you lose complete control And realize there's nothing left to lose Nothing left to lose Cass, trust me, becoming the villain isn't the answer.
Is that what you think I am? The path I'm on is a path paved in black I'm taking that road and I'm not looking back Each twist and each turn Leads straight where I'm yearning to go Yes, it's true, my path is dark But I see where it ends My rivals will fall as my power ascends Despise me, that's fine I'm taking what's mine Even so Not like you You lost your nerve You lost the game But you and I, we're not the same I'm not lost This fate was mine to choose So I chose to lose my doubts And lose my chains Lose each weakness that remains Now that I have nothing left to lose Nothing left to lose You have so much to hold on to I only want my rightful dues Listen, please, you've lost your grip And lost your mind All's not lost, don't be so blind Cut your losses, drop the IOUs I refuse Ohh-ohh I'll lose no tears and lose no sleep What I want, I'll take and keep You can stop the turning of the screws You'll stay in that cage until this is done.
And just in case you think of escaping Now I have Nothing left To lose Whoa.
It's taller than the castle.
Cass is sending a message.
She wants me to know that everything that once was mine will belong to her.
The only message it's sending me is "good luck climbing this.
" No entrances at the bottom, Max? That's the closest entrance, huh? How are we supposed to get all the way up there? We get up there by a lot of climbing.
That's the spirit.
You want to climb like this the whole way? Back in my day, towers were much shorter.
I got a better idea.
We'll use this sap to climb the tower.
See? No slipping.
Uh, Lance I can't move.
Look, no hands.
Eh, once you've been catapulted a few times it's not so bad.
Don't worry, Lance, it'll all be over soon.
Um, the catapulting, I mean.
Not your life.
Too high! Look at you go, Lance, you're a natural.
We're gonna make it! Anybody else got an idea? We do.
This is quite literally the exact same plan.
Oh, I can watch them do this all day.
- Let them in.
- What? Defeating her isn't enough.
You must take away who she is.
Force her to fight you.
Break her spirit.
You've held back long enough.
Let her in and finish this now.
I'm telling you the sap thing will work.
We just have to try a different tree.
Come on, Cassandra.
Just let me in.
Which way do we go? It's your birthday, Eugene, so you get to decide which path to take.
We're celebrating and adventuring.
It's a celebrenture! All right, here we go.
Onesie, twosie, redsie, bluesie, this one.
Blondie, you and I are gonna go this way.
And the cool kids will take this tunnel.
Come on, girls.
You too, Max.
Wha Wh Where am I? What the Wha Wh Where Where am I? Who are you? A friend.
Or at least I'd like to be.
There is a way to save Cassandra.
The final incantation.
The Sun-Drop must use it against the MoonStone's power.
What? No, no.
But there is no other incantation.
- It's not on the scroll.
- Isn't there? You just need to know how to look.
You need to use the sun to see the sun.
"Use the sun to see the sun"? Wh I don't understand.
Use the sun to see the sun.
Whoa! That was a dream.
Oh, why couldn't this be a dream? "Use the sun to see the sun"? Getting in here was too easy.
We could be walking into a trap.
Good idea.
Think you can get in without being seen? Be careful, buddy.
So, you see, young ladies.
The seasoned thief inherently knows his way around unfamiliar places.
It's a keen sense one develops after years of studying one's craft and And we're back at the entrance.
Now that we've refamiliarized ourselves with the correct entrance, we can proceed with the correct route.
We can proceed to the correct route.
This is taking too long.
- I'm going up there.
- Rapunzel, wait.
What if you can't convince her to come back? What if the only way out is to This is Cassandra.
Not some monster.
She'll come around.
I have to believe that.
And if you believe it, then so do I.
Argh! "Needs the sun to see the sun.
" What does that even mean? Sunlight.
The words are hidden and it needs a beam of sunlight to reveal the incantation! Demanitus, you genius! Pascal? Pascal? Come out, buddy.
I found Varian.
Don't worry, Varian.
We're gonna get you out of there.
Not now.
I found the last incantation.
It was hidden with a photoreactive ink.
Obvious, right? Yeah, super obvious.
The problem is I need a concentrated beam of sunlight to see it.
I tried using my goggles, but they're too scratched up.
I need something else, like a, uh, prism or a glass.
Or a crystal? Is that a Yeah.
For me? You were going to ask me? I mean, I was going to ask you.
All this time and you still find ways to surprise me.
Ugh, she must know we're here.
Okay, get-get the ring to Varian.
I'm gonna find Pascal.
Be careful.
Pascal? Are you here? Yeah, he's here.
You made a mistake coming here.
Cass, I am not leaving this tower until this is resolved.
Then I guess you're not leaving.
You do realize that I have complete control over the rocks now.
And you know what this tower is made of.
Show her how powerful you have become.
I'm not going to fight you.
Then this will be very easy.
Crescent high above, evolving as you go Cassandra, don't! Maybe it won't be as easy as you think.
Now, that's more like it.
But there are some things your hair can't block.
Man, I really hate birthdays.
Hurry, the sun is setting.
Eugene, come on! I'm going as fast as I can, kid, without dying.
Come on! Whoa.
Ha! First memory, and now balance? Age.
Why do we have to age? Nice snag! - It's working.
- Way to go, kid.
No! No, no, no, no! Uh I got it! Whew.
I certainly hope so, because that thing was not easy to come by.
Now, can you figure out a way to get through these bars? And then how do you get back into the building? Because I got nothing.
I'm telling you.
You have to go down to go up.
Going up to go up is too simple.
I don't care what you smell.
What's more trustworthy? His nose or my intuition? Ugh! We're missing all the action! Sorry, Cass, but you are not gonna get rid of me that easily.
Cass, please! This is not who you are.
Wrong! I finally know who I am.
Aah! I will never stop trying to get through to you.
I won't fight you.
I won't justify your hatred, and there is nothing you can do to change that.
Nothing! There isn't? 'Cause I kinda think there is.
- Bad.
This is bad.
- Uh-oh.
Eugene? Stay close, kid.
Welcome back, boys.
Let me help you out.
You won't fight me but will you fight for him? Cass, leave him alone.
Break her spirit.
I just realized I forgot to give you my birthday present, Eugene.
Don't give in to her.
Don't do anything she says.
Rapunzel, I have the final incantation.
You have to use it.
Final incantation? - What is he talking about? - Never mind that.
You are more powerful.
Finish this.
Crescent high above, evolving as you go Rapunzel! Use it.
Power of the sun, gift me with your light, shine into the dark, restore our fading sight, rise into the dawn, blazing star so bright.
Burn away the strife, let my hope ignite let hope ignite.
Let him go, Cassandra.
I don't follow your orders anymore! I said let him go! Let him go! Eugene! Varian! Just because we're not there yet doesn't mean we're not getting there eventually.
- Lance? Oh! - Varian! See, here he is.
And I led us right to him.
Eugene! - Pascal! - Rapunzel! Oh! I know this is an emotional moment for you, but I just gotta say, that was awesome! Well, Blondie, one of these days we'll get this whole proposal thing right, huh? Hmm.
I just I thought I could have everything, but after today I'm not sure it's gonna be that easy.
Oh, there you are.
Looks like someone forgot to eat their birthday cake You know, I've been thinking.
Getting old won't be so bad so long as I get to do it with you.
Happy first birthday, Eugene.
Make a wish.
Finally the clash of sun and moon has released me from my prison.
It's good to be back.

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