Tangled: The Series (2017) s03e13 Episode Script

Race to the Spire

(theme song playing)
I got the wind in my hair
and a fire within ♪
'Cause there's
something beginning ♪
I got a mystery to solve
and excitement to spare ♪
That beautiful breeze
blowing through ♪
I'm ready to follow it
who knows where ♪
I'll get there, I swear ♪
With the wind in my hair ♪

Keeper of the Spire:
Now then, Calliope.
Show me what
you have learned.
Ahem, well, here we have
the Masks of Allastros.
This, of course,
is a Snafarian Sarcophagus.
And here, oh!
That's strange.
The Shape-Shifting Cloak
of Vertumnis is missing.
Never mind that, child.
Tell me, where is
the Mind Trap?
You mean the Talisman
that can control the minds
of any who have sworn
loyalty to the MoonStone?
-Like the Brotherhood.
Now where is it?
Why, locked away
in an enchanted box
that can only be opened
with a key that I possess!
Then I'll need that key
Oh, there's the Cloak!
The key.
(Kirlock growling)
Guard the door, buddy.
Where is it?
Where is it?
Oh, that one?
Oh, ah-ha!
(loud thump)
Oh, darn cork!
(gasps) Oh! Uh-oh.
-(thumping continues)

Give me that key,
or I will tear your
precious spire apart!
It is pronounced "spyre."
(awkward laugh)
Why do you need
the Mind Trap anyway?
There's so much
other great stuff here.
There's the Panflute
of Hawthorne!
-(plays simple notes)
The Casque of Icarus!
Or the Hard Candies
of Ambrosia!
Mmm, these things are so good!
Want one?
(magic sparkling)
(nervous chuckle)
That was a poor choice.
-Where did you send it?
(lively music playing)
(Shorty laughing)
(both laughing)
Ha, ha! Whoo!
(music stops)
(magic sparkling)
I've read about these!
Enchanted message bottles!
I've always wanted
to get one.
Ooh! Your lucky day!
It's for you!
"Rapunzel, help.
Cass attacking Spire.
Keep this."
And then it ends.
Calliope must be in trouble.
Oh, right!
The obnoxious
Keeper of the Spire.
Guys, put the weapons
down already!
It's just a bottle.
For crying in the night!
(glass rattles)
A key?
But for what?
Uh, I-- I don't know
but one thing's for sure--
we have to get to the Spire
as fast as possible
and help Calliope!
Uh, Sunshine,
this is the same
Calliope who lied to us
and almost got us eaten
by a bear monster.
Look, Eugene,
I am not her
biggest fan either
but she needs our help.
It's just my luck
to fall in love with the most
compassionate person
in the world.
Fire up the balloon!
No, guys, she means
fly the balloon, not--
-Never mind.

I chemically treated
these thrusters,
so the flames will burn
hotter and longer
than any natural flame.
You're gonna fly
like the wind.
Don't touch that.
Or that.
Oh wait, don't touch that!
It's gonna blow!
(Eugene shouting)
Ha, ha! Gotcha!
Just messin' with you.
(Pascal squeaks)
I knew that.
And you're on my list, frog!
Guys, focus!
Look at this.
It took us weeks to get
to the Spire on foot.
But thanks to
Varian's speed balloon
and this direct route,
we'll make it in a day.
Good job, buddy!
Oh wait, this takes you
over Kresten Loch.
Uh, Kresten Loch?
The Frozen Sea?
-Miles and miles of
deadly wintry expanse?
-(Pascal whimpers)
That's the plan!
Well, if it were
anybody other than you,
I'd be worried-- oh!
Who glued my boots
to the ground?
That's for your little
balloon prank earlier.
Eugene Fitzherbert
never forgets!

(Cassandra groans)
It's no use.
I can't get to the Mind Trap
Then it looks like
we'll need to get
that key after all.
Calliope sent it to Rapunzel.
And something tells me
she won't just
hand it over to us.
To us? No.
But we may have other
methods at our disposal.
(birds chirping)
You know, Sunshine,
this all kind of reminds me.
Remember when
we used that cauldron
to launch the caravan
off that rock thing?
Of course you painted
a picture of that.
Why do you keep
drawing me so scared
in these?
I paint it like I see it!
I do not look like that
when I am scared.
I look much more handsome.
Oh really?
(Eugene shouting)
There it is!
-You makin' fun
of me too, frog?
-(scared squeak)
Actually, he's not.
Kresten Loch.
Pascal, I would like
to sincerely apologize.
Your previous
expression of terror
was completely valid.

(sad squeak)
Okay, so we're pretty cold.
But at least we're not that guy!
If we keep up this pace,
we can make it to
the Spire by nightfall.

We must have cut
too close to a wave!
What? But we weren't
anywhere near a wave!
Brace yourself!
(Eugene and Rapunzel shouting)
(shouting continues)
(Rapunzel panting)
Everybody okay?
All in one piece.
What do you think
took us down?
I'm not sure.
But I am sure this place
doesn't get any warmer
at night.
All right, guys.
Let's get sewing.
(wind howling)
(echoing howl)
Uh, any guesses
as to what that might be?
(howling continues)
I saw your balloon go down!
Are you coming to help me?
Oh, thank goodness
you're okay!
We got your message.
What are you doing here
and what happened
with Cassandra?
I escaped!
But your friend
is still at the Spire.
She's after the Mind Trap,
an artifact that would
give her control
over the members of
the Brotherhood!
The Brotherhood?
Like Adira and Hector?
What would
she want with them?
What do I look like,
her biographer?
Ugh, whatever Cass
plans to do with this
Mind Trap,
we cannot
let her have it.
-Wait, what was that?
(rumbling continues)
Is something
moving under there?
Sew, Pascal, sew like
you've never sewn before!
(panicked squeaking)
(creatures snarling)
Get me out of here!
(creature roars)
Pascal, Eugene and I
will keep you covered
and Calliope is
-Eugene, duck!
(Calliope screaming)
Eugene, twirl attack!
Do we have a move
called twirl attack?
Uh, we're about to!
(creatures snarling)
(Eugene grunting)
Yeah! Ha, ha!
Twirl attack!
First try, all right!

Way to go, Pascal!
You fixed it!
(creatures roaring)

(flame roaring)
Uh, where's Calliope?
Hello! Are you just
gonna leave me here?
grab my hand.

(creatures snarling)
(gasps) Oh!
Jeez, they're fast!
The leg muscles
on those things must--
Can't she pay you
a simple compliment?
This could be close!

We made it!
Calliope for the win!
You're welcome.
-(creatures roaring)
-Wait! They're in trouble!
We need to go back
and help them.
(ice crackling)
But they just tried
to obliterate us!
Sorry, but that's
not the way
the princess works.

Think of it this way--
You guys are gonna
have so much fun
sledding back down
that thing.

There it is-- the Spire.
Let's just hope
we're not too late
and Cass hasn't
gotten that box open.
Speaking of the box,
where's the key?
Oh, ha, I have it
right here in my bag
which has its very own
security system. See?
(Pascal shrieks, grumbles)

Where's Cassandra?
(door creaks open)

Here it is!
Now give me the key
so we can make sure
the Mind Trap is still here.
Mmm, I am gonna pass on that.
I think the box
should stay closed.
Now where's Cassandra?
She's right here.

I don't wanna
fight you again.
That's on you.
Where's the key?
Hi, sorry,
while we're
asking questions,
I've been sittin' on one.
The blue hair.
What's going on there?
(blade rings)
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, easy!
You're not getting the key.
I've hidden it.
Enchanted Girl's voice:
It's in her bag.
(magic sparkles)
Ah, I love this cloak.
What have you done
with the real Calliope?
She's fine,
or at least she will be
provided you give
Cassandra what she wants.
I'm sorry,
have we met?
Introductions later.
Now hand over the key!
(objects clattering)
Huh, it's not in there?
Maybe I put it
in my other bag.
Come on, I knew this
wasn't the real Calliope.
I suspected something was up
back at Kresten Loch.
I knew a wave
hadn't cut the balloon
but something had.
Yeah, that would do it!
And when you coincidentally
showed up moments later
and then didn't correct
my pronunciation of "spire,"
I knew you weren't
the real Calliope.
Huh, you know,
come to think of it,
I thought you were
somewhat less annoying.
Not much, but somewhat.
I enjoyed our trip
together, Rapunzel.
It provided me with
an invaluable lesson.
Your weakness: compassion.
You went out of your way
to help the Vodniks
because you felt
sorry for them.
Some people would say
that's a strength.
Ha, ha, strength?
Useful, yes.
(boomerang whooshing)
-(muffled shouting)
-Calliope! Let her go!

Give Cassandra the key,
or Calliope becomes
a permanent artifact here.
How do we know
she's the real
Keeper of the Spire?
(muffled shouting)
Actually, it's "spyre."
That's her.
(Calliope struggling)
Time's up, Rapunzel.
Hand over the key now
or Calliope pays the price.
First, let Calliope go.
No chance.
Listen, Rapunzel,
I don't want to hurt her.
Really I don't,
but I will.
-Now give me the key.
-(boomerang whooshing)
Oh, let's speed this up.

(lock clicks)
Cassandra, The Brotherhood
of the Dark Kingdom
is now yours to command!
What do you want
with the Brotherhood?
You can't have a war
without soldiers, Princess.
But at the moment,
you've got other things
to worry about.
-(Calliope shouting)
Whoa! Oh! Ah.
Not so fast.
Do you really think
you can stop me?
Oh, maybe not.
But you're forgetting
we're in a room
full of magical artifacts.
And I don't know
what any of them do!
(all shouting)
Okay, so we know
what the sword does.

Oh, ho, ho, ho,
no you don't.
Ooh, ah!
It's raining badgers?
Why is this
even a thing?
That was to end
the Great Badger Scarcity
of 1312!

I can't believe you
brought the key back.
I told you to keep it away!
No, your note said
"keep this."
I started to write,
"keep this away"
but I was under attack!
What do you want from me!
I got it.

Great! Let's go.
(boomerang whooshing)
Hey! Get off me.
(hand moaning)
This is one angry hand!
Uh, technically it's raging.
It's called
The Raging Hand of Bambattos.
(badgers chittering)
I'll take that!
Hard Candies of Ambrosia, baby!

(both grunting)
-Quit it. Stop it. Stop it.
-(Hand moaning)
Where's all your
rage now, Hand?
-Get me out of this hair!

I got it! Let's go.
-(Pascal squeaking)
Right on, frog!
-Quick, let's get
out of here before--
-Oh, Princess!
Please, not
the Lamp of Territoo!
I'd be trapped in limbo
for 10,000 years!
Give Cassandra
what she wants.
Take it.
(badger chittering)
Thanks for your compassion.

They really
should put labels
on these things, ah!

Let's get out of here, huh?
I'll be right there.
You got it.
I'll go prep the balloon.
-(Pascal squeaks)
Thanks, Pascal.
I believe Cassandra
promised us a proper
But she failed to deliver,
didn't she?
-(Pascal growls)
I'm surprised you haven't
guessed who I am.
Seeing as how
we've already met
in a way.
You see,
over the centuries,
I've taken the form of
whatever suits my needs:
a warlock, a demon
even a blizzard.
You're Zhan Tiri.
But that doesn't
make any sense.
Cass knows how evil
Zhan Tiri is.
-Why would she team up with--
-Cassandra knows
only what I want her to know.
I'm playing her, Rapunzel.
She has no idea,
but she's under
my complete control.
Prepare yourself, SunDrop.
An eclipse is coming.
And when it does,
Corona will become
nothing more than dust.
(sad squeak)
Rapunzel and Eugene!
Sorry you blew it
but it wasn't my fault!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, bye!
(fake laughter)
I really can't stand her.
Hey, Blondie, look--
I know today
didn't pan out how
we hoped it would,
but you did
what you had to do
and we will
get Cass back.
Actually, Eugene,
at the moment
I'm beginning to think
Cass is the least
of our worries.

Oh, hey, Dad.
Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
Now I got my eyes open
and wide ♪
My heart
burnin' like fire ♪
Feels like I'm so alive ♪
I'm never going back ♪
Whatever I want now,
I'm gonna chase ♪
Who I am
I can't contain it ♪
I'm not gonna hold it in ♪
'Cause there's more
of me to give ♪
Oh yeah,
there's more of me to give ♪
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