Tangled: The Series (2017) s03e14 Episode Script

A Tale of Two Sisters

(theme song playing)
I got the wind in my hair
and a fire within ♪
'Cause there's
something beginning ♪
I got a mystery to solve
and excitement to spare ♪
That beautiful breeze
blowing through ♪
I'm ready to follow it
who knows where ♪
I'll get there, I swear ♪
With the wind in my hair ♪
(wind howling)
Enchanted Girl:
Hello again, old friend.
My dear Demanitus,
I wanted you to know
you've lost.
When the eclipse comes,
I shall draw the powers
of the SunDrop
and the Moonstone
to myself.
And as for
their human hosts,
to ensure that their
once inseparable bond
doesn't interfere,
I have set a plan into motion
that will cement their rift.
boy 1:
Looks like this is the place.
boy 2:
Come on, let's go.
Or are you scared?
boy 1:
I'm not scared!
boy 2:
Ha, ha. You are scared.
Am not.
You go first.
This place
gives me the creeps.
boy 2: Not me.
No big deal.
There's no
Okay, all you need to do
is keep your eye on the ball.
Like this!
All right, I was wrong.
All you need to do is
keep your eye on the ball
and move your hands.
Oh yeah. Sorry.
Is little Seth okay?
No, I heard he saw
a ghost last night.
Oh! I've seen
tons of ghosts.
And there's nothing
to be afraid of.
You know,
Ruthless Ruth
has a surprisingly
beautiful singing voice.
Although the ghosts
of my boyfriend's family,
they weren't
as nice.
What did you see?
What did you say?
It sounded like
you s--
Old lady Gothel!
I saw her ghost!
Seth: That old cabin
out in the woods.
(Pascal squeaks)
I know, buddy.
I don't like it either.
But whatever's
going on in there,
I need to see for myself.
Uh, hello?
How are you
Made of wax?
What is this?
Clearly someone
wanted people to think
that Gothel or her ghost
was hiding here.
The question is--
Cassandra: Why?
What are you
doing here?
My friend told me there were
suspicious things going on.
Your friend?
Listen, Cass,
that little friend--
You don't
belong here!
Rapunzel: I wonder,
are you fighting me,
or are you fighting yourself?
Pretty sure
it's you.
(Cassandra groans)
Can we just
talk about this?
(music playing)
I am through waiting!
Rapunzel: Whoa-oa!
What is this place?
We'll worry
about that later.
Right now
let's duck!
(both groan)
No, no, no!
And now
we're stuck
under a mountain.
Locked in here
alone with you.
(creature growling)
Maybe not so alone.
-(wings fluttering)
(both grunt in effort)
Look, Cassandra,
you wanna get outta here,
I wanna
get outta here,
definitely wants
Okay, Pascal
is having fun,
but I know he has
my back on this.
We will get out sooner
if we work together.
Temporary truce?
Teeny tiny
temporary truce?
I don't need
your help.
Cass, stop!
You could bring the mountain
down on both of us.
And your rocks
made rifts
in the floor
(gas hissing)
which are evidently
leaking poison gas.
Nothing good comes out
of a rift, huh?
(Pascal squeaks)
(blows raspberry)
(Pascal squeaks)
Me too, Pascal.
Let's find a way
out of here.
Cass, don't you think
that we'll improve our odds
if we stick together?
Rapunzel, there is no bond
between us anymore.
Got it?
The sooner
you can accept that,
the better off
we'll be.
So I'm going
in this direction.
And you're going to go
anywhere else.
"Anywhere else" isn't really
working for me.
(footsteps receding)
(pants) Huh?
(grunts in effort)
Cass, you gotta
watch where you step.
(low chittering)
They're drawn
to the sound!
Shut that
music box off.
I am otherwise
Shut that box up!
(bat screeching)
You know,
for blind things,
these guys are
pretty good at finding us.
-Technically, uh,
bats aren't
actually blind.
-Good to know.
-Now, watch out!
Could use an assist, Pascal.
(bats screeching)
Hey, handsome,
over here!
(bats screeching)
You said these bats
can see, right?
So make your hair
do the bright thing.
(energy surges)
Uh, we should get out of here
before their eyes adjust.
(bats screeching)
I think
they already have.
In there!
(grunting in effort)
And that
is going in the journal.
Three pages, easy.
Nice move
on that mole, by the way.
Okay, fine.
Fine what?
Temporary truce.
But just until
we get out of here.
Well, now I have
a new condition.
Lemme guess,
I have to be nice to you.
That's not
what I was gonna say.
Okay, that is what
I was gonna say,
but you just have to
not be mean.
That was, oh, so delightful.
All right,
I'll let that slide
because we're
just starting.
What is this stuff?
The SunDrop.
Oh, look at this.
The sun incantation.
Gothel was alive
a long time.
I knew she
was vain, but
It looks like
one's missing.
Good morning, beautiful.
both: Mother?
Well, don't you look
lovely today.
Smoky eyes
definitely work for you.
(Gothel clicks tongue)
And she's
talking to herself.
Today I received
several compliments
on my way
into town.
The book seller
couldn't believe
how young I looked.
Someone told me
I was breathtaking.
Can you believe it?
-Magic mirrors.
-Gothel: Breathtaking!
Looks like these
can trap images
and play them back,
like a diary
or something.
And I thought
your journal was
Ugh. (groans)
less annoying
than this.
-Happy now?
-Rapunzel: Yes, I am.
I was paid
the nicest compliment today.
There I was
picking out fruit
Ugh. Cassandra.
Would you be a dear
and sweep a little quieter?
Ugh! Well
that's typical
Gothel right there.
What do you mean?
She wasn't exactly
the nurturing type.
When she was around,
that is.
Funny, she was
never around for me.
I wonder why.
It's not like I asked to be
taken from my parents
by a mad woman.
And all Gothel ever wanted
from me was my hair.
She didn't love me.
She didn't love either of us.
the only good thing
Gothel ever did
was bring us together.
"Only good thing"?
You really think
this is a good thing?
-It was.
-For you, maybe.
do you really think
that woman cared
about anyone but herself?
Mother Gothel:
Cassandra, what are
you doing in here?
I thought I told you
to make us dinner.
You and I have
something in common
that no one else
could ever understand.
Cassandra: Rapunzel!
Watch out!
Now we're even.
(gas hissing)
What the
The gas
Please tell me that gas
isn't also flammable.
Moles, bats, gas
and now fire?
We've dealt
with worse.
Yeah, at least there's no
savage mermen warriors.
Or sneeze weasels.
Or those Drexis things.
Good times.
Do you mind if we find
a way out of here?
(bats screeching)
Pascal is right.
Looks like the bats
have already found one.
They must know of a way
out of the mountain down there.
The problem
with the mole hole is
that there is a whole mole
in it. Remember, Raps?
You called me "Raps"!
You haven't called me
Raps since--
Oh, don't read into it.
Now let's get
out of here, fast!
All ashore
that's goin' ashore!
How do you expect this thing
to go anywhere?
Maybe somebody
could shoot
a rock out of the floor
and push it?
(clears throat)
That somebody is--
Me, I get it!
I thought you said
more black rocks
would bring
the mountain down on us.
I said "could."
This is a very bad idea.
That's your cue!
(bats screeching)
(both screaming)
(blows raspberry)
He's gaining on us!
I think that's
your department.
Nice move!
(both gasp)
Give me a post!
(minecart crashes)
Who knew?
(both laugh)
And, look,
with a little
black rock help,
our exit.
The missing mirror.
-You took it?
No! I didn't.
I have no idea
how that got in my bag.
Oh. Here, let me
show you, sweetheart.
Turn the key
like this.
So whenever
you hear this tune,
you'll think of
your dear sweet mother
and the love
I have for you.
I love you, Mama.
Cass, I have
never seen that.
The one mirror
showing that Mother,
my mother, had a shred
of affection for me
and it just happens
to wind up in your bag?
Out of my way.
No! Cass!
(gas hissing)
Hold your breath, Pascal.
(grunts in effort)
(weakly) Cass
(blows a raspberry)
(blows raspberry)
Oh, my hero.
(Pascal squeaks)
I know.
Cass is more lost
than I thought,
but she's not gone.
I promise,
I will never give up on her.
You were right.
Rapunzel did know
that Gothel loved me.
You poor thing.
But now you know.
And that knowledge will
only make you stronger.
Mother Gothel:
Turn the key like this.
So whenever
you hear this tune,
you'll think of
your dear sweet mother
and the love
I have for you.
I love you, Mama.
Hopefully that'll
keep her
out of my hair
for a while.
Lousy little pest.
Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
Now I got my eyes open
and wide ♪
My heart burnin' like fire ♪
Feels like I'm so alive ♪
I'm never going back ♪
Whatever I want now,
I'm gonna chase ♪
Who I am
I can't contain it ♪
I'm not gonna hold it in ♪
'Cause there's more
of me to give ♪
Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
Oh, yeah,
there's more of me to give ♪
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