Tangled: The Series (2017) s03e15 Episode Script


(theme song playing)
I got the wind in my hair
and a fire within ♪
'Cause there's
something beginning ♪
I got a mystery to solve
and excitement to spare ♪
That beautiful breeze
blowing through ♪
I'm ready to follow it
who knows where ♪
I'll get there, I swear ♪
With the wind in my hair ♪
(lightning crashing)
-(thunder rumbling)
-(lightning crashing)
It doesn't matter
how many of you
there are.
Each of you will fall.
(energy surging)
Cassandra, stand down.
You're the one that should
stand down, Father.
While you still can.
You know I can't do that.
Then you will fall,
like the others.
(energy bursting)
No! My power!
(sword clinks)
I don't need my powers
to defeat you.
Cassandra, I can't fight you.
Then you will never
be able to protect Corona.
(Cassandra yelling)
-(sword clinks)
-(thunder crashes)
(relieved sigh)
Captain of the Guard:
King Frederic. Queen Arianna.
As the captain of the
Corona Royal Guard,
I have sworn to defend
this kingdom against
all who threaten it.
But as a father,
I cannot face
my daughter in battle.
And so it is with
a heavy heart that I
retire from my post.
-(all gasping)
Captain, you have served Corona
with dignity and pride
for so many years.
-Thank you.
-And we respect your decision.
And as for my replacement,
it was a very
difficult decision.
There are so many
qualified guards.
Can we get some water
over here?
Have any of these guys
ever successfully
guarded anything?
My replacement has
put his life on the line
for Corona countless times.
And so, it is with
utmost confidence
that I recommend
Eugene Fitzherbert.
-Wha-- ?
Ha ha! Captain Fitzherbert!
I like the sound of that.
Yeah, buddy, I have a few
outstanding citations,
so if those could somehow,
you know, disappear
-What do you say, Fitzherbert?
Captain of the Guard?
-What is he thinking?
-(laughs) That you're
the perfect choice.
Oh, look, I'm flattered
by everyone's support.
I really am.
It's just that, me?
Come on.
I was a legendary thief.
I was Flynn Rider!
Uh, you were Flynn Rider.
-Now you're Eugene.
-(Pascal squeaks)
Maybe give this captain thing
a shot.
Stan the Guard: Come on!
Let's check over here!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey. What's the commotion?
The princess's crown.
It's been stolen.
Oh! Sounds like
the kind of thing
the Captain of the Guard
might handle, huh? Mm?
For the record,
I have not yet
accepted that position.
The ceiling! No one would think
to stand guard up there.
Whoever did this must be
a criminal mastermind,
the likes of which
Corona has never seen.
Stan, Pete. I literally
committed the exact
same crime.
Sir, we've got a detailed
description of the thief.
Very funny.
Who put you up to this?
Oh, nobody wants to own up, huh?
Well, I'll get to the bottom
of this.
-(door bursts open)
-You know, it's one thing
you get my nose wrong
all these years,
but this mustache bit
is taking things too far.
I demand--
This was not intentional,
and I can see you are
very busy.
-And I will just close
this door right now.
-(door closes)
It is possible that there's
another Flynn Rider out there?
Baron: Rider
Ladies and gents.
-I give you The Roo--
-Eugene: I just can't believe
how much this guy
looks like me.
-And he's using my moniker--
-(clears throat)
-I'll wait.
-Oh. (clears throat)
Thank you. I'll start again.
I give you
-The Rooster!
Or at least, it will be
once we put it together.
It doesn't look like
a rooster.
Uh, it's an early warning
If Cassandra or any other danger
threatens the kingdom,
this will fire a
glowing mortar
into the air
and alert everyone in Corona.
Great idea.
Right, Eugene?
Sorry. It's just,
cheekbones like these,
they just don't come around
twice in a generation, people.
They don't.
Eugene, this is more important
than some fake Flynn Rider.
Rapunzel, he stole the crown!
I mean, only I could
get away with that.
Look, Flynn Rider has
a reputation.
I refuse to have it tarnished
by some hack impostor.
-I am going after him.
-Well, then, I'm going with you.
Uh, uh, hate to nag,
but who's gonna oversee
the Rooster's installation?
All military-grade applications
require supervision
by the captain himself.
Gah! Don't touch that!
Lance, you're Acting Captain
of the Guard until I get back.
Sweet! A promotion!
A ta-ta-ta! It's temporary.
Sweet! A temporary promotion!
Un Aah!
-(coins clinking)
I'm getting my vest dirty
and I don't even care!
Hello, beautiful.
-(coins clinking)
-It's good to be me.
-Rider: Whoa.
Would you get a load
of this villainous scum, huh?
Sorting through his booty
with his well-manicured hands.
Counting his loot with those
piercing, almond brown eyes.
He makes me sick.
(gasps) Aah!
He's onto us. Max!
Come on, Max!
This fool is as good as caught.
What do you mean
he's faster than me?
-Whoa! Aah!
-Not so fast now,
is he, Max?
-(Max snorts)
Now, time for
some answers, huh?
(Pascal grunting)
-(Pascal squeaks)
-(grunts) What is-- ?
Is this hair?
Yeah, it does the job.
Oh, it's your hair?
In that case, hi.
The name's Flynn Rider.
No, it's not.
Nope, sorry.
Nada. Full stop.
You thought you could
steal the crown
better than me, huh?
Did ya? Did ya?
Well, you thought wrong.
-Can we lock that thing up
better, please? Thanks.
But let's talk about
the real offense.
Grand theft de plume.
And how do you look
exactly like me?
(laughs) Well, exactly like you?
Come on, come on, now.
-Don't flatter yourself, pal.
-Now don't flatter myself?
No, don't flatter yourself,
buddy, okay? Can you
believe this guy?
Big talk from a persona stealer.
-You stole it first.
-I adopted the persona.
-There is a difference.
-Flynn: Lawman sellout.
-Eugene: Ooh! Ooh!
Who you calling "sellout," huh?
And you know what?
Flynn Rider never had
a mustache. So there!
That's because yours truly
gave him a long overdue
-Big ears.
You, sir, have gone too far.
-Eugene, relax.
Yeah, Eugene.
(laughs) Relax.
Don't test me, Rider.
Come on. Let's get this
Flynnpostor back to Corona.
In the hands of
the law again.
I'll bide my time.
So, before we install
the internal chamber--
No need to consult
the schematic.
It's already been assembled.
And we improved on your design.
Now it actually
looks like a rooster!
You're welcome.
(clanging and clattering)
-Man: (grunting)
My back!
Why do you always
bring people here
when you don't even
like it yourself?
I bring people here
because I know
they will hate it.
So there I was, you know,
I'm surrounded by a
battalion of guards,
all with their arrows drawn
and pointed at numero uno.
So I hand over the goods,
and I say,
"I see your point."
(all laughing)
Where'd you get this guy?
He's great!
Great? What?
That's not even his story!
It's mine!
And he forgot
the best part.
So then the captain says,
"Lock him up and throw away
the key."
And then this is
where it gets great.
He actually does!
I spent weeks in jail
while they searched for it,
but man, it was worth it
for the story, you know?
(laughs) Oh.
But, uh, I guess you
had to be there.
Well, of course all that
is nothing compared to the time
I took on the
Earl of Camembert
Eugene, you really need
to let your jealousy
of this guy go.
That's not who you are anymore.
Flynn Rider was
the closest thing
to an identity
I ever had, okay?
S-sure, I was on the
wrong side of the law.
But I was my own man.
In Corona, I'm just Rapunzel's
incredibly attractive boyfriend.
Or that super-super
good-looking freeloader
living in the castle.
I can't let somebody
tarnish my legacy.
Legacy? (scoffs)
You were a thief.
Behind each stolen item
is someone who's upset,
or heartbroken
that it was taken.
Is that a legacy
to be proud of?
Well, honestly,
it depends on the--
No, no! Definitely not.
Instead of locking him up,
why not try to help him?
Wouldn't that be a more
rewarding legacy?
You're right.
You're right.
You're right, sunshine.
-(Pascal squeaks)
-There's the Eugene I know.
-(raucous laughter)
-Excuse me. (clears throat)
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Can I get by? Thank you.
Check out my smolder.
-You helped him escape?
What? He was funny.
And he did it
the same way I
would have done it.
Well, hello again, Rider.
(clears throat)
Do I know you?
-Lance: Mm.
-I don't think that's enough.
-(laughs) Okay.
With all due respect,
I'm the alchemist.
Flynnoleum is very powerful.
Add too much of it,
and this thing will
shoot so far,
we'll end up warning
another kingdom.
Oh! I forgot the fuses.
Keep an eye on this stuff,
and do not touch anything!
"I am the alchemist."
Well, I'm the guy wearing
the captain's uniform.
And I don't think it's enough.
Do you?
Trail ends here, huh, pal?
He's not alone.
Who is that?
If I didn't know better,
I'd say that's
-The Baron?
-The Baron? Here?
Yeah, I know.
Awful, right?
However, it also solves
our problem, doesn't it?
The Captain of the Guard's duty
is to protect
all of Corona's citizens.
I mean, do we know
for a fact that he is
a citizen of
-Coro-- Okay, okay.
Okay, I'm coming.
-(hair whipping)
-(Max neighs)
(claws clicking)
That's the Baron's
Rapunzel: Ooh.
Talk about your fixer-upper.
(water dripping)
You were supposed to
steal this for me years ago.
-And now that I've got it,
it doesn't even matter.
Look what's become of me.
You know, I'm looking at you,
and, and there's a lot of you.
And I am-- I'm,
I'm drawing a blank.
Now, and don't take this
this wrong way,
but you have a face
that is hard to forget.
'Cause believe me, I'm trying.
Enough games, Rider.
I've lost everything
because of you,
and now I'm gonna
take everything from you.
'Kay. Here, here's
what I think.
I-- (laughs)
I, I, I think,
that, that you think that
I, I, I, I'm somebody else.
-(match strikes)
-Varian: The Rooster's
first test is a go,
in a three, a two--
Oh. Oh, you don't
have to stand back.
I calculated so the blast
is contained and focus--
-(energy surging)
(popping and crackling)
-You added more Flynnoleum,
didn't you?
-(high-pitched ringing)
-(muffled, distorted speaking)
Steady. Steady.
(flaming ball whistling)
-(Eugene yelling)
You came for me! Eugene!
All right!
Do you know this guy?
This guy, unfortunately,
I do. Baron!
That must be you.
Right? I mean,
I can't really tell because
I don't think you're aging
very gracefully.
Like, at all.
Have you considered
a moisturizing consultant?
Because I can put you in touch
with my guy. He's very cheap.
There are two of you?
Well, it's more like,
one and a half,
if I'm being honest.
(mocking laughter)
If you're being honest.
You hush your mouth.
-You're not even a third
of the man I am--
-Break it up!
You're obviously the real Rider.
Ah! Well, thank you very much
for recognizing the
genuine article.
Nobody has that fragile
an ego.
So, then it's settled!
Uh, if you could just
unlock these shackles,
my good man,
I'm gonna (clicks)
get on outta here.
Not so fast.
I'm gonna get rid of you both.
Well, looks like
it's up to us, Max.
Just knowing
this is the last time
I'm ever gonna see you,
it really brings a smile
to my face.
Barry. Bubby. Seriously?
Last time?
Last is so finite.
Hey, look, I--
I'm having a hard time
making that out as a smile.
More of a stern glare.
He's got them both, Pascal.
-Your girlfriend's here.
But not for much longer.
-(water gushing)
Now if you'll excuse me.
(water gushing)
(claws clicking)
-Let them out of there,
-When this is through,
you're gonna wish
he had stayed
with my Stalyan.
Stalyan has moved on.
Why can't you?
Because I've got nothing
to move on to.
Uh, Eugene?
It occurs to me that since
we are about to face our doom,
now might--
now might be a
good time to apologize.
Actually, no. Now is a good time
to help me get us out of here.
Will you just listen to me?
Look, I'm sorry.
I stole your name, but
It gave me an
instant reputation.
Without it, I'm nobody.
Just boring old
Brock Thunderstrike.
Come on! We gotta--
I'm sorry.
What did you say
your name was?
I'll hold off the Baron.
You go help Eugene.
I'll tear it all down
if I have to.
-(crashing and crumbling)
Thanks, Max. Aah!
I'm stuck!
-(water pouring)
-All right. Sit still.
If you can get
your wrist close enough,
I can pick your lock,
-and then you can pick mine.
-Got it.
(water bubbling)
Nice work.
Man, you are better
than they say.
-Color me impressed. Whoo!
-Thank you very much.
Now could you please--
No, no, no! No!
Where are you going?
Sorry, pal. Not my fight.
I want your reputation.
-Not your problems.
-Come on!
You want to be Flynn Rider?
Go ahead.
Leaving someone like this
is definitely something
Flynn Rider would do.
But ask yourself,
is it something
Brock Thunderstrike
would do?
(water bubbling)
-Eugene: (grunts)
Oh! Aah!
-Pascal! Quick!
There's a lock pick in the--
-(water bubbling)
-(water bubbling)
(water bubbling)
All right, frog!
Oh, thank goodness
that's over.
-Eugene! (grunts)
-Don't worry!
-I'll get you-- Oof!
This is how it ends,
Oh, mama,
I have got to get me
one of these.
-Flynn, you came back!
-Yeah, well
Now, Flynn didn't come back.
-Brock did.
-Rapunzel: Eugene!
-Oh! Come on!
-Rapunzel: Almost!
Aah. I'm free!
(all grunting)
-Rapunzel: Run!
-Aah! Help! Aah!
-(stones tumbling)
Uh, weren't we
supposed to save you?
(laughs) Uh, yeah.
No, she usually does
most of the saving.
(Pascal squeaking)
So, I, uh
I, I guess this is the part
where Flynn Rider goes
to jail, huh?
-(handcuffs clanking)
(clears throat)
Uh, it's true. Yes.
Flynn Rider should go to jail.
But as it turns out,
I only see Brock Thunderstrike
standing before me.
Just promise me that
you'll make your own future,
and carve out your
own identity.
And whatever you do,
do not let an awesome name
like Brock Thunderstrike
go to waste, man,
because, wow!
What a name. That's like a gift
from the heavens, you know?
Well, in, uh
(clears throat)
In that case,
Princess. Captain.
Various pets.
-(Pascal grunting)
-Flynn: Are you pets?
I, I, I don't even know.
(claws clicking)
Aah! My own pet!
Brock Thunderstrike,
and my new pet,
Hulk Lightningclaw,
bid you
-(claws clicking)
He's not so bad.
-I really don't like him.
(birds cawing)
You know, Lance,
it's hard to admit this,
but when they wanted
to make me the captain,
I was scared.
If, if, if I can just
open up for a moment.
-(high-pitched ringing)
-(no audible dialogue)
(soft, distorted,
instinct speaking)
(high-pitched ringing continues)
That's when I realized,
if they believe in me,
well, darn it,
it's okay for me to
believe in me, too.
-And I--
-(high-pitched ringing)
(soft, distorted,
indistinct speaking)
to accept the position
of Captain of the Guard.
(laughs) Aah.
Boy, that feels good
to get off my chest.
Thanks for listening, buddy.
Say, where did you get
those medals, by the way?
What? What was that?
Eugene, check out the medals!
(door closes)
Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
Now I got my eyes open
and wide ♪
My heart
burnin' like fire ♪
Feels like I'm so alive ♪
I'm never going back ♪
Whatever I want now,
I'm gonna chase ♪
Who I am
I can't contain it ♪
I'm not gonna hold it in ♪
'Cause there's more
of me to give ♪
Oh yeah,
there's more of me to give ♪
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