Tangled: The Series (2017) s03e16 Episode Script

Once a Handmaiden...

(theme song playing)
I got the wind in my hair
and a fire within ♪
'Cause there's
something beginning ♪
I got a mystery to solve
and excitement to spare ♪
That beautiful breeze
blowing through ♪
I'm ready to follow it
who knows where ♪
I'll get there, I swear ♪
With the wind in my hair ♪
All right,
Team Awesome!
Project Obsidian
is a success!
Project Obsidian?
Project Obsidian!
It's a device that can
destroy Cassandra's
We are not
attacking Cassandra.
Of course we're not going
to attack her, Sunshine.
But I'm captain
of the guard now.
I have to be prepared
to protect our people
from any contingencies.
But I--
But I won't use this thing
without your approval.
Princess, believe me,
I don't want
to hurt Cass either,
but we can't promise
that she's not gonna try
to hurt us.
I will sign it
to protect Corona.
But we won't need it.
Because I know
the Cass we love
is still
in there somewhere.

(wind whooshing)
Turn the key,
like this,
so whenever
you hear this tune,
you'll think of your
dear sweet mother
and the love
I have for you.
(music box plays)
I love you, Mama!
and the love
I have for you.
I love you, Mama!
Ugh, hopefully,
that'll keep her
out of my hair
for a while.
Lousy little pest.
Cassandra: Do you want
to explain to me
how this got here?
Back at Gothel's,
I thought Rapunzel
was hiding the one memory
that proved
my mother loved me.
And you manipulated
that memory, didn't you?
You took this piece out.
You tricked me into
abandoning Rapunzel!
Or perhaps I simply
pushed you
to become what you were
always meant to be.
Who are you?
Ugh, you're
you're that ancient demon,
Zhan Tiri?
Oh, quit pretending
you're horrified.
We're not so different,
you and I.
We were both cheated
out of our destinies.
In fact, we're more
like sisters
than you and Rapunzel
ever were.
We even want
the same thing.
And we can get it,
if you continue
to let me help you.
No, I'm nothing like you.
Just because
I'm pursuing my destiny
doesn't make me
a bad person.
Doesn't it?
Run, Cassandra.
But you can't run
from who you are!
Am I the bad guy?
What am I doing?
To my home, my friends,
I've gotta fix this.
-Over here!
Here, here, here!
Go long!
(Shorty laughs)
Oh, hello, tall, dark,
and blue!
Look, I'm just
on my way to Corona to--
Vlad: You heard her!
She's gonna attack Corona!
Stop her!
(thugs yelling)
(owl hooting)
(hoots disapprovingly)
I know I I've been
not the nicest person lately,
but that's going to change.
No I, I can't just go talk
to her face-to-face!
-Why not?
Because she won't be--
I mean, the-the people
won't be happy to see me.
You saw the pub thugs.
-I (sighs)
I'll have to find a way
to get close to Rapunzel
without being noticed.
-Old Lady Crowley: Useless.
-(Owl hoots)
Absolutely useless!
You're supposed to be
collecting flowers, Faith.
Do you know
what a flower is?
Because these look like
sadness on stems!
Faith: (sobs) I can't do
this anymore!
I have an idea.
(church bells clanging)
(children laughing)
-(Owl hoots)
-there you are!
-(Owl hoots)
Oh, it's me.
Does it matter where I took
the cloak from?
Fine, I took it
from the Spire.
But I gotta figure out
show to show everyone
that this is not who I am.
King Frederic:
I regret to inform you that
in light of recent events,
I have decided
to exercise caution
and cancel the Goodwill
Festival this year.
Crowd: Aww!
Unless anyone has
any objections?
(under breath):
Rapunzel, we talked
about this.
I know we did, Dad,
but I still think we need
to let the people decide.
Very well.
If the Goodwill Festival
is important to you,
speak now or forever
hold your peace!
I'm with you, Princess!
Faith, really?
Whoa, coming out
of her shell.
(chuckles) Look,
we don't always have control
over what happens to us,
but we can choose
how we respond to it, right?
So when tough times
come to Corona,
Corona fights back
by doubling its good cheer!
That's why
we're gonna make this
the greatest
Goodwill Festival ever!
(crowd cheering)
King Frederic: Well,
it looks like the Festival
is happening after all.
-(Owl hooting)
- Okay, I know.
I know you think
I should just go tell Rapunzel
it's me and talk to her.
But don't you see?
This Goodwill thing is
a perfect opportunity
to extend
an olive branch.
-(Owl hoots)
-Trust me.
This is going
to work out fine.
(Owl hooting)
I'm sure it will.
What are we laughing at?
Is it just me
or did he get even lazier?
Come on, Gregorio!
You can't wait
for the Grab, right?
Uh, yeah,
I know you're pumped!
That's the spirit.
Jumping jacks,
come on!
Okay, sitting jacks.
Yeah? Good?
Okay, take five.
Okay, I do not want
to alarm you,
but I think Gregorio
might be a little
past his prime.
And what's a Gopher Grab
without a gopher?
You just run around
and grab nothing?
That's not fun!
Hey, why don't I help you
track down a gopher
that's a little more spry?
That's a great idea, Faith!
But where would we find
another gopher?
So it's a gopher
you're after.
There's only one place
you can go to get a gopher.
Some say it doesn't exist.
Others say it doesn't exist.
it doesn't exist?
Or does it?
It does. It is
a valley of gophers.
And I call it
(vocalizes fanfare)
The Valley of Gophers!
(gophers chortle)
Color me surprised,
it actually does exist.
(gopher squeaks)
How did Shorty know
about this place?
He said he got
married here,
so that's nice.
Uh, do not read
into that.
I don't want
my wedding here.
(laughs) Yeah,
that would be even worse
than getting married
in Vardaros.
Oh, Vardaros
isn't that bad!
Unless it's you
getting married
to Stalyan in Vardaros,
then it's bad,
very bad.
Eugene: Yeah, can't really
think of anything worse
than me and Stalyan
getting married anywhere.
What are you doing?
What, this?
I'm I'm stretching.
Where'd you learn
to stretch like that?
Uh acting class!
It's, it's a,
it's a warm-up.
Let's catch us a gopher,
shall we?
(Owl hoots)
-(gophers squeaking)
-(Owl hooting)
Acting, huh?
I mean, she doesn't
exactly strike me
as the performer type.
What are you saying,
I'm just saying,
it's a little strange.
Shh! look.
Faith, this was
such a great idea!
Everyone is gonna be
so excited to do the Grab
with a brand-new gopher!
(whispering): See?
My plan's working.
-(Owl hoots)
-Some bad guy.
Eugene: With this many gophers,
we should have our pick of any--
That one's perfect!
We got the bait, right?
Who brought the bimberries?
No, no, no.
make them crazy.
It's dimberries
that you want.
Don't tell me you've
mixed them up again--
Is what I would say
if you had done this
Cassandra: No!
We need that gopher!
(Eugene grunting)
Eugene: No, I don't have
any more dimber--
bim-- whatever kind
of "IM" they are!
Get off!
Oh, well, that's
the stuff of nightmares.
There she is!
-Where did she go?
-Look, up there.
(gophers growling)
Good job, Raps!
I, I mean,
Your Highness.
No, no, no, it's okay.
Actually, an old friend used
to call me that.
You better be worth
Part of me was
a little worried
about having
the Goodwill Festival
this year.
Considering I've spent
the past few Festivals with
Well, it just,
it brings up
a lot of memories.
But I am glad that
I have you here with me.
Thank you for sharing.
It means a lot.
Oh! Princess! Princess!
I'm doomed!
It's 15 minutes
to curtain,
and the lead for my play
just called it quits!
Feldspar, my man,
you are in luck
because Faith here
is an actress!
Feldspar: Oh,
thank goodness.
you're a lifesaver!
Citizens of Corona,
I present to you
a masterpiece
of my own making,
The Triumph
of Princess Rapunzel!
(crowd cheering)
Feldspar: Psst! Faith!
Come on!
Commence actoring.
No, Cassandra!
Don't take
the moonstone.
We can make this right.
The moonstone is mine!
Wait. Vlad?
He's playing C-Cassandra?
Oh, that's just swell.
Your destiny
belongs to me!
Tremble in the face
of my evil villainy!
Okay, this is
not accurate!
I understand
you've been feeling like,
like no one ever
gives you a chance,
and that is my fault.
When I accepted this role,
I specifically said
I don't do improv!
Oh! Oh, this is
a catastrophe!
(crowd murmuring)
You're right,
uh Rapunzel.
(chuckles nervously)
It may be your fault,
uh, partially.
But maybe if I had been
more honest
about how I was feeling,
things would not
have gone this far.
Well, maybe it's not as easy
for everyone to say
how they're feeling.
Not everyone can look
someone else in the eye
and say, "I'm hurting."
Or "I'm sad."
Or even "I'm sorry."
Just because
it's not easy
doesn't mean
you shouldn't do it.
I'm confused.
So who's the bad guy
in this story?
It's complicated!
Oh! What's the point
of writing anyway!

You didn't really think
your plan to make things right
would work, did you?
What are you doing here?
I don't understand,
you could have just gone
up to her and apologized,
I said,
get away from me!
You've had more
than a few opportunities,
and even still,
you haven't done it.
Why is that?
I think--
Because I'm scared
she won't forgive me!
You're right to be scared.
I'm guessing
she hasn't told you
about Project Obsidian.
A weapon that was designed
to destroy you.
Rapunzel just
authorized it yesterday.
What? No,
I don't believe you.
-She would never--
-You can ask her yourself
if you don't
believe me.
You might want something
to defend yourself against her.
This potion may be
your only protection
against the princess,
when she inevitably
turns on you.
It's that time, folks!
The Gopher Grab
is about to begin,
so make your way
to the stadium!
(horse whinnies)
Holding the Gopher Grab
in the courtyard
will take some
getting used to,
but if Dad thinks
it's safer
than out in the woods
Oh, Faith!
There you are.
So, about that play,
that got kinda weird, huh?
Can I ask you something?
What made you change
the lines like that?
Oh, I
You know, I just heard there's
a lot more to the story.
There is.
Cass has reasons
for doing what she did,
and though her methods
may not be the best,
I really believe
that deep down
she is still
a good person.
Raps, I
I have something
I need to tell you.
Um can we talk
in private?
Oh. Okay.
(festival-goers screaming)
We have to protect
the Princess!
Rapunzel, listen,
I-I can explain--
-Step away from her! Now!
-Wait! Stand down!
Captain! Cassandra is in Corona!
She's attacking Rapunzel!
(nickers, neighs)
Cass, don't do this!
It's not too late for us
to make things right!
(screaming in distance)
Hold your fire.
Rapunzel, I want
to believe you, but--
Rapunzel: No!
I said we didn't need
to attack her!
I don't know
what happened!
I-it must have malfunctioned!
"Project Obsidian," huh?
Zhan Tiri was right.
-You want me to be the bad guy?
Now I'm the bad guy.
Cassandra! No!
Max, Pascal, get the princess
as far away as you can!
Cassandra, please!
This is your home!
Not anymore.
Corona falls today!
Cassandra. I'm putting
a stop to this right now!
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
This oughta be good.
Cass, please,
you were like a sister to--
Save it!
Cass, stop--
That was not fair.
Quick! Everyone to the castle!
We'll be safe there!
Sorry, but the castle's
Adira? Adira!
It's me, Lance!
What's wrong?
-Why is love so fickle?
-Be careful, Lance!
It looks like she and Hector
are under the influence
of the Mindtrap Talisman!
(soldiers yelling)
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I don't want to fight you!
-(soldiers screaming)
We have to fall back!
We are not falling back!
Son, you cannot save
a kingdom
by being trapped
inside it.
Everyone! Fall back!
Eugene: Rapunzel?
Wha-what's going on?
Thank goodness
you're okay.
(gasps) What happened
to Cassandra?
Aw, Sunshine
I don't know
if you should be--
I-I don't believe it.

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