Tangled: The Series (2017) s03e17 Episode Script

Plus Est En Vous

(theme song playing)
I got the wind in my hair
and a fire within ♪
'Cause there's
something beginning ♪
I got a mystery to solve
and excitement to spare ♪
That beautiful breeze
blowing through ♪
I'm ready to follow it
who knows where ♪
I'll get there, I swear ♪
With the wind in my hair ♪
Eugene: This is the story
of two best friends.
Okay, so they don't look like
best friends at the moment.
It's, it's complicated.
You see, her whole life,
Cassandra has felt
second best.
Going back to when her own
mother, Gothel,
chose Rapunzel over her.
And as a result, Cass has
developed a, uh, a grudge.
That little thing there,
that's the Moon Stone,
and it's the cosmic
counterpart to,
a-ha, you guessed it,
the Sun Drop.
The two belong together,
but that's not the way
Cass sees it.
To her, the Moon Stone
is her destiny.
And now that she has it,
she's out to take down
Corona, and anyone who
ever underestimated her.
You have to be careful
who you trust.
Not only does Cass have
a brainwashed Brotherhood
on her side,
she's also pals with this
goat-headed monster.
No, no, not that one.
This one.
Zhan Tiri, an ancient,
evil demon.
Only now, old Zhan Tiri
looks like this.
Zhan Tiri
manipulated this fight
between Cass and Rapunzel
to gain the power of both
the Sun Drop and Moon Stone.
It's enough to make even the
most resilient hero give up.
But good thing
this is Rapunzel
we're talking about.
There's got to be a way
to fix all this, Pascal.
But how?
Did I ever tell you about
the biggest fight
your aunt and I ever had?
We were just teenagers,
but Willow was so mad
she actually built a brick wall
in the middle of our bedroom.
(gasps) What?
I'm not kidding.
Your grandfather nearly
lost his mind.
I tried talking to her
through the wall,
slipping notes
between its cracks,
but she refused to talk to me.
(chuckles) What did you
wind up doing?
I got a hammer and I
knocked that wall down.
But after that, Willow saw
just how much
working things out meant to me.
How I wouldn't let anything
stand between us.
Only you can get through
to Cassandra.
She's right, Pascal.
It's time for the fight
of our lives.
Okay, spirits are at
an all-time low.
Think, what would Rapunzel do?
(Ruddiger chitters)
Ooh, got it!
Hey, haven't any of you had a
problem you just couldn't solve?
One we could sing about,
preferably a bouncy tune
that makes you forget how bad
everything--oh, come on.
We can't just give up.
Yeah! If Eugene can lose
an entire kingdom
in humiliating defeat
and still hold his head up,
(exhales) then so can we.
That's right. I'm sure our
captain has a plan to victory.
Poor sap has no idea
how doomed we are.
Doomed, I tell you!
Hold it together, Edmund.
I believe in you, son.
Thank you for the support, Dad.
Now, come on, there's got
to be a way out of this.
There is, but there's only
one way out,
and that's through it.
I'm not gonna sugarcoat this.
This is the biggest challenge
this kingdom has ever faced.
-No offense, Varian.
Time now to fight ♪
Let's turn our
losing streak around ♪
Rise and unite,
let's do what we must do ♪
If we're to win ♪
We can't turn back
or sneak around ♪
Once we begin,
the only way is through ♪
Through the fire,
through the rain ♪
We'll face whatever
the fates may bring ♪
And tear through every wall ♪
Through the fear,
through the pain ♪
And as one, we will rise ♪
Marching tall ♪
Through it all ♪
It's not gonna be easy,
but it's our only option.
Who's with me?
Time now to stand ♪
Let's save our home
and take it back ♪
At your command ♪
-Attila: I'm in.
-And me!
Me, too!
Onward we ride ♪
Who knows if we
will make it back ♪
We're at your side ♪
Together we'll come through ♪
All: Through the strife,
through the fray ♪
We can't hold back
in this time of need ♪
We all must heed the call ♪
All: Through the dark
to the day ♪
And as one, we will rise ♪
Marching tall ♪
-Through it all ♪
-Time now to fight ♪
-To face whatever
fate may bring ♪
-Through it all ♪
Right over might,
til victory and freedom ring ♪
-Through it all ♪
-Stand and unite ♪
For home and hearth
and land and king ♪
For love and life
and everything ♪
-Through it all ♪
-Through it all ♪
Through it all,
through it all ♪
Through it all ♪
No one can rally the troops
like you.
-Thanks, sunshine.
-You're welcome.
Huh. You know,
after all this time,
I've never come up with a cute
little nickname for you.
Well, I've already
got three names
and two of them are awful,
so I think we're good.
Do you really think
we stand a chance?
Cass has the Moon Stone,
the Brotherhood,
and we've got
You're being rude!
Not to mention Zhan Tiri.
I mean, I don't think any of us
are up to fighting
an ancient demon creature.
Neither was Lord Demanitus.
When I was researching
the scroll,
I found out Demanitus
banished Zhan Tiri
to some kind
of netherworld,
but the machine
he used to do it
was dismantled
centuries ago.
Can you build it again?
If I had the plans,
but Demanitus
took his only blueprints
to his tomb.
(chuckles) Let me guess.
The tomb
is thousands of years old
and no one knows where it is.
Well, I, I wouldn't say
no one knows.
I've got a bad feeling
about this.
-(wind blowing)
Why did it
have to be snow?
(heavy breathing)
Almost there, guys.
And by almost, I mean
not really at all.
Come on, you old timers.
Last one up is a Saporian slug!
Princess, how did you even know
Demanitus' tomb was up here?
As acting queen, I got to learn
a lot of Corona secrets.
You know the great oak tree
in Corona Park?
It's not an oak.
And it's not that great.
I've said too much.
You think you know a tree.
So, Varian,
we're buddies, right?
Team Awesome, remember?
Oh, right.
That, yeah.
You know how Adira and Rhino Guy
have fallen under the spell
of the mind trap?
Don't worry, I'm sure we'll
figure out a way to help them.
Well, yeah, of course we will.
Um, but wasn't your dad
a member of that club?
What are you saying?
That my dad?
Listen, Eugene,
my father is just fine.
Okay, I didn't
Uh, look, forget I even
mentioned it, okay?
Did you find it?
Oh, boy.
It's magnificent.
Is it just me, or is there no
door to get in?
It doesn't look like there is.
But there is a riddle.
(chuckles) Classic Demanitus.
"I grow but do not live.
I need air but do not breathe."
-Catalina: A fish!
-Angry: A rabbit!
Both: A rabbit fish!
People, are you even listening
to the riddle?
Oh, sorry.
We were playing charades.
But the answer
to the riddle is fire.
Lance, it's not--
Rapunzel: No, no, no,
he's right.
It is fire.
See, Gee-bug? Easy peasy.
- Escuza me?
-I was trying out a pet name.
-Maybe try harder?
(laughs) No, please don't.
Gee-bug is a keeper.
Come on, everyone.
Gee-bug doesn't like to wait.
Come on, Gee-bug!
It's nice and warm
in here, Gee-bug.
Oh, Gee-bug.
Why are there so many banana--
(monkeys screech)
Hey, would you look at that.
A family of--
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Don't take it
personally, Gee-bug.
They're being territorial.
They could have thrown
something a lot worse.
Yeah, well, let's just find
those plans.
This must be where
Lord Demanitus found Vigor.
Eugene: So these are his
(gasps) Oh!
Whoa! (laughs)
(gasps) This is it!
Lord Demanitus' plans.
You did it! Excellent.
Now could we get out of here?
(monkeys screech)
Absolutely fascinating.
And I bet he used this to
switch minds with the primate.
Don't press that.
-(monkey chatters)
-(both gasp)
-Wait, come back here!
Hmm. Ooh.
Gotcha! Haha!
-(machinery whirring)
-(energy crackling)
Lance, I told you not to
wait, what happened?
Wasn't me.
Did you just switch me
with a monkey?
(heavy breathing)
And if I'm a monkey, then, oh
Lance! Look what you did!
Oh, come on.
We got to switch our minds back.
I cannot believe you did this!
Look what you've done to me!
(stammers) What the? Lance!
Hold on, hold on.
I can fix this.
(machine whirs)
-Lance, leave it alone.
-Angry: You've got it, Max!
(monkey screeching)
(Lance groaning)
Oh, come on!
-Hey, monkey want a banana?
Then go get it!
Got it. Finally!
-(energy crackling)
Ah, nuts.
Get over there!
No more monkey mischief.
Now, where was I?
Ooh, I'm back.
Now you're doing it on purpose.
Let me
(indistinct arguing)
Just stay right there.
Ha ha!
Guys, I got it.
-Angry: Lance.
-Rapunzel: Guys.
Would you please just leave
the monkey button alone?
Get off. (grunts)
(clears throat)
I think we can all agree
that we should never,
ever speak of this again.
Well, Varian, is it something
we can build?
Um, building it would be a snap.
It's where we have to set it up
that gets a littletricky.
What do you mean?
Yeah, it needs to be close
enough to Zhan Tiri
to suck her back in,
and because she's with Cass,
in the castle
Looks like we'll have to
storm the castle
and build the machine there.
Let's get to it.
Zhan Tiri:
This could have gone
so differently, Demanitus.
But because of you,
I will finally lay waste to
your beloved Corona.
And all who inhabit it.
What did you two
see at the castle?
I was right. She has the
Brotherhood standing guard.
We'll have to take them out
to get inside
so that Varian can build
that machine.
Meanwhile, I'll track Cass down.
One way or the other,
I'm going to get the Moon Stone.
Such pluck in the face
of adversity.
She will certainly
make an excellent
daughter-in-law one day.
Dad, you are thinking
out loud again.
No, I wasn't.
Mm, that reminds me.
Aren't we about due
for one of us to stumble
through an awkward proposal?
(laughs) Right.
Whose turn is it again?
Look, I know everything is
going to work out.
-But in case it doesn't--
-It will.
And no matter
what happens today,
you are still and
will always be my dream, Eugene.
And you are mine, Rapunzel.
Hey Dad, here.
I found this with
your old stuff.
I gave it a little polish.
I never thought
I'd have to wear this again.
But now that I must
I am proud to have my son
fighting alongside me.
Eugene: Okay, troops, suit up.
All right, everyone,
you know the plan.
Charge the castle,
build that machine,
open that portal,
and send Zhan Tiri
back to the netherworld.
Now let's move out!
It's locked.
It's unlocked.
(confused murmurs)
-Attila: Where are the bad guys?
-I don't know.
But let's just get that machine
built before they get back.
All right?
I'm going to find Cassandra.
-Sunshine, good luck.
-You, too.
Looking for someone?
That old fool, Demanitus,
would be proud
of how far
you've come, Princess.
To be clear, we are talking
about the same old fool
who outsmarted you
and trapped you in oblivion
for over two millennia, right?
Joke all you want,
but the eclipse is upon us.
What, what, what's happening?
Okay, just pull that lever,
and we've got ourselves
a trans-dimensional portal.
Oh, you weren't kidding.
That was fast.
Okay, we've just
got to make sure
everyone is clear of the portal
or else, you know,
they'll end up in Limbo
right along with Zhan Tiri.
Although, I got to admit,
this all feels
a little too easy.
For Cassandra!
Dad, Dad, don't worry.
You'll be okay, I promise.
What happened?
I thought about what you said,
so I took precautions.
I rigged his helmet with a
temporary stun mechanism.
Score one for Team Awesome!
(both chuckle)
Yeah, Team Awesome.
What say we get him someplace
more comfortable, huh?
Come, child.
Give up while you still can.
There's something
you should know.
I'm not big on giving up.
Ah, the Sun Drop.
(low rumbling)
What was that?
(heavy breathing)
Stay here, Hamuel.
Keep an eye on things
with the others.
(mechanical clicking)
(energy crackling)
Oh, that's not good.
What's going on?
(all yelling)
Leave them alone
for two seconds.
Dad, I'm going back.
Look at me! I'm a flag!
Hey, is everyone o--
Well, ain't that a humdinger.
I know we've grown apart ♪
It breaks my heart in two ♪
I miss your company ♪
The closeness we once knew ♪
I won't pretend to know just
what you're going through ♪
But I'd give anything
for you ♪
Yes, I'd give anything ♪
To relive everything
with you ♪
So if you find that you're
in darkness or despair ♪
Though you won't
turn to me ♪
Please know I'll be
right there ♪
Name any sacrifice ♪
I'll pay the price
that's due ♪
'Cause I'd give anything
for you ♪
Yes, I'd give anything ♪
To relive everything we knew ♪
Yes, I'd give anything ♪
For you ♪
I know Cassandra
can still be saved, Pascal.
The eclipse has already
begun to weaken the
Sun Drop's strength.
It is time for you
to face the princess
and take the power
that is rightfully yours.
Yes, it is time.
There's just one other thing.
It's not that I don't trust you.
No, that's exactly it.
(chuckles) I've been in
far worse prisons.
Demanitus: Zhan Tiri!
This is your last warning!
Give up this foolish quest
for power.
This quest for the Sun Drop
and Moon Stone was both of ours.
It was until you made it
about something darker.
You made it all about
gaining power for yourself.
You turned your back
on what was right!
And you turned your back on me!
As long as I live,
I will never stop
until I have that power!
-(Vigor squeaks)
-I know.
(energy crackling)
(Zhan Tiri yells)
This is far from over.
I will have that power,
and when I do,
I will destroy
your beloved Corona.
I promise you!
I had no choice, Vigor.
I had to send her
to the Lost Realm.
(all yelling)
(low growling)
(gasps) Uh
Okay, so I'm gonna come
right out and say it.
This is just awful.
I'm not sure if I should be
fascinated or terrified.
And we have a winner.
Everybody, let's just relax.
I'm sure Eugene
will have us back in no time.
I hope.
Come on, Dad. If we don't
get our friends back
and get this thing
up and running,
Rapunzel's whole plan
will fall apart.
Then let's get moving.
Although, they really are
more his friends.
(creatures snarling)
Hello, Your Majesty.
I'm sorry, what were you saying
about my friends?
(wind blows)
Cassandra: You know, Raps,
it's funny.
I look at you and I see a girl
who was used for her gifts
and lied to her entire life.
And I think, if there's anyone
who should know
what it feels like
to be taken for granted and
cast aside for something better,
it'd be you.
Who says I don't?
Cassandra, I am not
giving up on you.
We can work this out.
Trust me.
Trust you?
The last time
I heard those words,
you had Varian
imprison me in amber.
You know that wasn't my plan.
Ah, this isn't you, Cass.
This isn't me?
Don't you get it by now?
You don't get to tell me
who I am.
No one does.
Only I decide that.
And have you decided,
Is this who you are now?
Is this what you really want?
Because I think Zhan Tiri
has your head so clouded
with anger and hate
that you don't even know
what you want anymore.
I know exactly what I want.
I want you to know
what it feels like
to fall short
despite your best efforts.
I want you and the
rest of the world to know
that I come second to no one.
Oh, these guys are tough.
Well, they were
trained by the best.
Probably should not be proud
of that fact at this moment.
All right, all right, look.
The only way I see us
getting to that machine
is to get the Brotherhood
back on our side.
Yes, but we'd have to know where
Cassandra's hidden
the mind trap.
I have an idea of where
she'd keep it.
It's getting there
that's gonna be a problem.
Cass, hand over the Moon Stone
so we can end this.
You are playing right into
Zhan Tiri's plan.
I've already taken care
of Zhan Tiri.
Now, give me the Sun Drop.
I'm warning you, Cass.
I am prepared to do
whatever it takes
to protect this kingdom.
I was hoping we'd be able
to talk this out,
but now that you've
made that impossible,
I am not holding back!
(Cassandra groans)
I can't tell you
how disappointing
that is to hear, Raps.
Because if you're not
holding back,
that means this
is the best you can do.
And your best is pathetic.
(rock wolves snarling)
(screams squeakily)
Eugene: Come on, Cassandra's
tower is just up this way.
Oh, boy.
What? What is it?
Oh, why did I ever let him
get a rhino?
Well, your old pals
are persistent, that's for sure.
Max, let's shake them.
You said the tower was that way.
Yeah, well, we're taking
the scenic route.
Rhinos are fast and can bust
through just about anything,
but I'm willing to bet there's
one thing they can't do.
What's that?
Lance: Guys, I know we've got
to get out of here,
but is it weird that these
delicious-looking things
are making me hungry?
Not to me.
Oh, yeah, I think,
I think we're safe.
Up here, for a while.
-Uh, V,
I don't want to alarm you,
but the stripe in your hair,
it's alive!
(both scream)
Get it off!
No, why?
Oh, man, I can't look.
Why can I still see this?
I shouldn't be able to see this.
Um, Frederic!
Welcome to my world.
Oh, hi, Big Nose's big nose.
I think I know
what's going on here.
This place, it's changing us.
1Oh, really, Professor
How'd you figure that out?
And if we don't get out soon,
these changes could be
Zhan Tiri:
Oh, Cassandra.
So predictable.
Have you learned
nothing from me?
No matter how formidable
an obstacle,
everything has its weakness.
And I have a gift
for finding it.
Huh, these are new.
Yeah, I thought this hall could
use a little sprucing up.
What do you think?
(both grunt)
A simple "not my style" would
have been fine, but okay.
(both grunt)
My Aunt Willow made that one.
Ha, bet you didn't
see that coming.
You forget
who taught you that move.
Not to mention
rule number one of combat.
Turn your enemy's strength
into a weakness.
(crow caws)
Huh. And you said my old place
was creepy.
No, I said your old place
was disturbing.
I said the bear hood
you used to wear was creepy.
You think Dabney is creepy?
Well, fine. I thought your, uh,
knee pads were, uh,
not fashionable.
That's a good comeback, Dad.
(confused neighing)
This fight is over, Princess.
What are we doing here?
I want the entire kingdom to
see me get that Sun Drop.
And then what, Cassandra?
If you win, what will you do?
Have you thought about that?
What will be left for you?
Who will be left for you?
Who will be left
for me, Rapunzel?
Let me tell you something.
This whole ordeal has taught me
I don't need anyone.
I know you don't believe that.
You don't get to tell me
what I believe.
The mind trap! There it is.
I'll take that.
Uh, Dad?
You want to tell your
friends to back off?
-I don't think
that's going to happen.
Listen to me, Cass.
Give up the Moon Stone.
Together, we can unite it
with the Sun Drop
and put an end to all of this
right now.
Yeah, like that's
going to happen.
It's over, Cass.
(Cassandra chuckles)
I was thinking the same thing.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
You were a member of
the Brotherhood all along?
We all took
an oath of allegiance
to the Moon Stone, son.
Now that I've managed
to keep this out of your hands,
that allegiance
will remain with Cassandra.
I don't want to fight you,
and I know deep down
you don't want to fight me.
You don't stand a chance.
Yeah, well, I'm not one
to walk away from a fight
when my friends are in danger,
no matter what the odds.
Just something I picked up
from Rapunzel.
Time's up, Raps.
It's the eclipse.
When the moon blocks out
the light of the sun.
Tell me something.
How does it feel
to be in the shadow?
Any possibility
we call this a draw?
No, okay, well, don't say I
didn't give you a chance--
Great. Well, now you owe me
a new sword.
Well, Horace, it looks like
the long line
of dark kings ends here.
I beg you.
If there's an ounce of
compassion left in your heart,
please stop calling me Horace.
(Max neighs)
Oh, you guys ticked off
the wrong horse.
Nice try, but even with
your horse,
you'll never defeat all of us.
You know what, you're right.
But Dad, the good news is
we don't have to
beat all of you.
Just the guy with the mind trap.
Okay, okay, Eugene, that was
not your best idea.
No, Dad, Dad, wait.
When I first found you,
I resented you for leaving me.
But, but now, I realize you
were just trying to protect me.
I understand the sacrifice
you were forced to make.
And I
I forgive you.
Thank you, son.
I know this is a moment,
but Rapunzel's fighting
for the fate of our kingdom
right now.
Oh, right, bigger fish.
You're my best buddy,
but don't ever change ♪
Well, I hate to say it,
but it looks like
we might be here
for the long haul.
(all groaning)
You know, if I was trapped in
this place
for thousands of years
like Zhan Tiri,
I'd be pretty ticked off, too.
Wait, where'd everybody go?
You kind of floated away. Again.
Oh, oh, I want to go home.
(disappointed lowing)
(whinnies sadly)
Dad, you're back.
I helped you
find your power within.
It's only right I take it out.
Cassandra, no.
Sorry, Rapunzel.
How did you?
Finally, they're mine.
I'd like to thank both of you
for taking care of what
rightfully belongs to me.
At long last, they are mine!
Everything is up and running.
-All right, all set to send
Zhan Tiri back.
-(low rumbling)
Now all we got to do is figure
out how to lure Zhan Tiri
into that portal.
Oh, come on!
Everybody, get out!
Let the age of Zhan Tiri begin.
Okay, if that thing
is that little girl,
then she has hit a really
unfortunate growth spurt.
At last, the power is mine.
I've dreamt of wielding
the Moon Stone and Sun Drop
for centuries!
I am all about people
living out their dreams,
but today, not so much.
You may have been a worthy
adversary once, Princess,
but now, you are nothing.
And you!
You lost before
you even began, girl.
Just like your mother.
Felled by your own ego.
Leave her alone.
I'm sorry if I gave
the impression
we were having a conversation.
Now watch as I finally deliver
on a promise I made long ago!
Time to destroy Corona.
Okay, listen up.
I need everyone
to get as far away
from here as possible.
But what about you, son?
-(heavy thud)
I'm going after Rapunzel.
Not alone you're not.
I'm going with you.
-So am I.
-(Ruddiger growls)
We are not going down
without a fight!
-That's right
-Both: Our fight.
For Corona!
For Rapunzel!
All: For Corona! For Rapunzel!
For Corona! For Rapunzel!
Cassandra, come on.
I need your help.
(heavy breathing)
Snap out of it, Cass.
We've got to stop Zhan Tiri
before it's too
Too late?
Raps, look around.
We failed. I've failed.
-No. You can do--
-I can't do anything!
Why won't you just
give up on me?
Can't you see what I've done?
Look around you.
This is all my fault.
I've done terrible things.
All this time,
I tried so hard
to prove that I was more
than everyone thought,
but they were right.
No, Cassandra.
Raps. I am so sorry.
(distant crash)
(Zhan Tiri laughs)
I'm not cleaning that up.
Have you come to watch me
obliterate your kingdom?
A-ha, you hear that, guys?
Lady Squidbottom here
thinks we're calling it quits.
You do not know Coronans
very well, now, do you?
Coronans have always
been the same.
Come on, let's hit her with
everything we've got.
(all yelling)
Cass, I was thinking about
when we first met.
Do you know it was nearly
three weeks
before I heard you laugh
for the first time?
I guess there wasn't much
to smile about, you know.
After being put in charge
of a free-spirited flower child
who painted smiley faces
all over your things.
But that first laugh
was so remarkable
because I knew you meant it.
What do you mean?
When you laughed.
You had this look in your eyes.
I don't know,
it was like seeing you,
the real you,
for the first time.
And that's the Cassandra
I became best friends with.
Why are you telling me this?
Because even when
I look at you now,
after all that's happened,
no matter what we've done
to each other,
I still see that look
in your eyes.
You're my best friend,
And I will never give up on you.
(Zhan Tiri laughs)
Is this the best
that Corona has to offer?
And what do we have here?
Hey, Zhan Tiri, catch.
You're only prolonging
your own demise.
You could have taken the form
of a chimp like your buddy,
but no, you just had to be
whatever that is.
Ooh, okay, okay, ow.
I've got you right
where I want you.
I've grown tired of this.
At last, Corona dies!
Wither and decay.
End this destiny.
-Oh, no.
-Break these earthly chains
and set the spirit free!
Zhan Tiri:
The spirit free.
There's got to be something
we can use to get out of here.
You know, Cass, if it makes you
feel any better,
when you grabbed the Moon Stone
before I could,
there's a pretty good chance
you saved my life.
What do you mean?
Well, we know that the Sun Drop
and Moon Stone
have to be reunited,
but we still don't know
what will happen
when they actually are.
And if we believe Adira,
it could be really bad for
whoever puts them together.
Like (imitates explosion) bad.
Well, I guess
we'll never find out
now that Zhan Tiri
has them both.
See, I refuse to believe
it's hopeless.
(chuckles) There's a surprise.
Arianna: It means
"there is more in you."
Plus est en vous.
Plus est en vous means
"there is more in you,"
Our first fight at
my black rock tower.
Our last hope.
Cass, do you understand
what this is?
It's power.
We can use it to fight back
against Zhan Tiri.
No, you can use it to fight
Zhan Tiri.
Rapunzel, this is your destiny.
Uh, this doesn't look like
it's gonna last very long.
Well, then you better
get a move on, blondie.
(low growling)
Rapunzel: What have you done?
I am fulfilling my promise to
Demanitus by destroying Corona.
Do you honestly think
you can stand up to my power?
I am not backing down.
And now, the sun finally sets
on Coron--
(metal clangs)
Frying pans.
Who knew?
Quick, get the other hand.
Remember what Adira said
about the Moon Stone and
the Sun Drop coming together?
Pull, Cass!
She's too strong.
You're right.
What did you say the number one
rule of combat was?
Turn your enemy's strength
into a weakness.
Like old times, huh?
Sure. I could do without the
ancient demon monster, though.
Is it your plan
to keep me here forever?
No, but that's
kind of the point.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
It's beautiful.
Cass, we did it.
Cass? Cass?
No! Cassandra!
It can't end this way.
You can't leave.
I won't let you.
I'm bringing you back.
(Rapunzel screams)
Rapunzel, don't.
The power, it's too much.
I'm willing to take that chance.
We did not fight so hard
to bring our friend back
only to lose her now.
Flower, gleam, and glow.
Let your power shine.
Make the clock reverse.
Bring back what once was mine.
Heal what has been hurt.
Change the fate's design.
Save what has been lost.
Bring back what once was mine.
What once was mine.
What oncewas mine.
Oh, so that's how that feels.
You did it, sunshine.
(chuckles) We did it.
You know, I'm not gonna lie.
The massive hole in the room
really does open up the space.
I mean, sure, it could get
chilly in winter,
but that's what blankets
are for, am I right?
(blows raspberry)
Eh, I think we'll put the walls
back up.
Well, you're the boss, sunshine.
Well, that's right, Eu-geetles.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
I'll keep working
on the nickname.
(Cassandra laughs)
Oh, I could come up with a
couple of choice names for him.
Well, would you look at that.
Cassandra's back to normal.
Dark and icy as ever.
But Cass, you were worth
fighting for.
I, uh, I missed you,
too, Eugene.
Look after them, Pascal.
Something tells me
they're gonna need it.
Any idea where you're headed?
You know, someone very wise
once told me
that there is more in me.
And it's telling me
I need to go out there
and find my own destiny.
It's funny.
This whole time, I believed
your place was here in Corona
with me.
But as much
as I hate to let you go,
I know you're right.
(laughs softly)
I love you, Raps.
I love you, too, Cass.
Speaking of destinies
what are you waiting for?
Is this life after happily
ever after? ♪
Is this who I have always
been meant to be? ♪
I can tell now
I'm different somehow ♪
Than what I was before ♪
And maybe at last,
this is really me ♪
After all that I've done,
I've seen and been through ♪
After all of the choices
both right and wrong ♪
Through the doubts, fears,
the joys and tears ♪
All that and so much more ♪
I've somehow come back
to where I belong ♪
And now there's
no boundaries ♪
No limits, no bars ♪
Now there's no tower,
no wall ♪
Now life's wide open
from here to the stars ♪
And I'm happily ever after
after all ♪
Eugene: And so, here we are,
at long last.
The real happily ever after.
Rapunzel: For everyone.
Eugene: Rapunzel became
the queen she was
destined to become.
And let's not forget how
Captain Eugene Fitzherbert
ran the tightest ship
Corona has ever seen.
Eugene: I can't take
all the credit, sunshine.
I do have my by-the-book
right hand horse to thank.
Varian became the
royal science nerd--
-(Rapunzel clears throat)
Eugene, he's the most
trusted royal engineer.
And thanks to him,
Corona was the first
of the seven kingdoms
to have hot running water.
Eugene: And let me
tell you, people.
The body and bounce
a hot shower can give
a head of hair
is totally worth
the occasional explosion.
And if you can believe this,
Lance eventually adopted
Angry and Catalina.
Which the girls were
thrilled about.
Even after finding out
their new legal last name
was Schnitz.
As for my dad,
he was so inspired by
Rapunzel's spirit,
that he decided
to return home to rebuild
the Dark Kingdom
and we never
lost touch again.
In a way,
everyone found exactly
where they were meant to be.
(crowd cheering)
Somehow at last,
we were all truly home ♪
Living happily ever after ♪
Living happily ever after ♪
Living happily ever after ♪
After all ♪
Eugene: (clears throat)
Actually, wait a second.
There's a little bit more.
A lot has happened
since the first time
we were out here, huh?
Has it?
I hadn't noticed.
So much has changed.
Well, I can think of
one thing that hasn't.
I love you just as much now
as the first time
I laid eyes on you.
Mm, I feel the same way, Eugene.
Oh, and that reminds me.
I brought you
a celebratory cupcake.
(gasps) Eugene.
You read my mind.
Look, Rapunzel,
I don't know if you remember,
but a while back,
I made you a promise.
Of course I remember.
I asked you to be patient
with me.
And I want you to know that
I intend to keep that promise
for as long as you need.
But after everything
we've gone through,
I thought that now might be
a good time to check in
and see if
(Rapunzel laughs softly)
Will you marry me, Rapunzel?
Yes. Yes.
Yes, yes, yes!
I love you, Eugene Fitzherbert.
I love you, Rapunzel.
Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
Now I got my eyes open
and wide ♪
My heart burnin' like fire ♪
Feels like I'm so alive ♪
I'm never going back ♪
Whatever I want now,
I'm gonna chase ♪
Who I am I can't contain it ♪
I'm not gonna hold it in ♪
'Cause there's more
of me to give ♪
Oh yeah,
there's more of me to give ♪
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