Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero) (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

The Shield Hero

1 What a weird dream.
My name is Iwatani Naofumi.
I'm a somewhat otaku-leaning second-year college student.
Sunny day, huh? When my kid brother started breaking bad, I brought him back in line, and so I had the privilege of living at home, allowance included.
With no need to work part-time, I got to enjoy an idyllic otaku life.
That said, I certainly wasn't one of your so-called shut-ins.
When I'd run out of money to spend, I'd go to the library to browse through my light novels.
I was a completely run-of-the-mill otaku leading a completely ordinary life.
Ow! What the hell, man? But it all changed when I picked up this book.
The Records of the Four Cardinal Weapons "The Records of the Four Cardinal Weapons"? The Waves of Apocalyptic Catastrophe "The Waves of Apocalyptic Catastrophe To save the world from them, four heroes will be summoned from another world.
" How very like an LN.
"Each of the four heroes wield a characteristic weapon: a sword, a spear, a bow, or a shield.
" Uh, I'm pretty sure a shield is more like armor than a weapon.
And where's the heroine, anyway? I don't think it's this princess.
She seems kinda slutty.
Huh Each of the heroes seems impressive and pretty damn cool.
I guess all four of them are the protagonists.
The sword, spear, and bow heroes all get spotlights, and even the shield hero gets focus What the heck? We did it! The summoning was a success! Where am I? O brave heroes, please save our world! Excuse me? Who are these guys? And where am I, anyway? The hell is this? A shield? The Rising of the Shield Hero The Shield Hero O brave heroes, please save our world! Seriously? What do you mean by that? There is a long and complicated story behind this, but we've summoned you Four Cardinal Heroes here using an ancient ritual.
"Four Cardinal"? So he thinks the four of us are heroes of legend? Our world teeters on the brink of destruction.
We beg you, O brave heroes! Please help us! I guess I could hear you out, at least.
I refuse.
We can go back to our world, right? We'll talk about your problems after that.
Don't you guys feel any guilt at all for bringing us here without our consent? And if you throw us out as soon as peace is restored, we'd have worked for nothing.
How willing are you to accommodate us? Depending on your answer, we might end up becoming your enemies instead.
Not only are these guys taking all this in stride, they've already started to demand respect and rewards! F-First, we'd like you to have an audience with the king of our country, Melromarc.
You can negotiate your reward after that, so please Fine, I guess.
I suppose we could consider their offer.
Not like our demands are gonna change, no matter who we talk to.
Yeesh! Could these guys be any more confident? We really are in another world, huh? We sure are.
Such a pleasant breeze It's like the typical sales pitch in all those tour brochures.
Wait, have you never traveled out of Japan before? Going by the breeze outside, this place probably has your standard Mediterranean climate.
Yeah, yeah.
Excuse me for my lack of knowledge and vocabulary.
So these men are the Four Cardinal Heroes of ancient legend? I am the king of Melromarc, Aultcray Melromarc XXXII.
Heroes, name yourselves.
Amaki Ren, sixteen years old, high schooler.
I'm Kitamura Motoyasu.
Twenty-one, and a college student.
I suppose I'm up next.
Kawasumi Itsuki, seventeen years old, and a high schooler.
And lastly, me.
I'm I see.
Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki, huh? Y-Yo, King, aren't you forgetting me? Hmm? Oh, forgive me.
"Yo, King"? You mustn't be so disrespectful.
Should I call him His Highness, then? That's too formal, no? "King" is fine.
Well, whatever works.
My name is Iwatani Naofumi.
I'm twenty, and a college student.
Now I suppose I owe you an explanation.
You're ignoring me? My country, Melromarc, and the entire world is headed toward destruction.
I'm still pissed off at how the king's treating me, but here's the long story short.
This world has an apocalyptic prophecy, which mentions "Waves" that will lead the world to ruin and reportedly appear in, well, several waves.
Unless the calamities wrought by the Waves are thwarted, the world will end.
Each country here has an ancient dragon hourglass which can predict the arrival of the Waves.
The first Wave washed over this country before we were summoned.
Local knights and traveling adventurers somehow managed to fend it off, but the following Waves will be even more potent.
The hourglass's sands will keep trickling as long as the Waves keep coming Currently, less than a month remains until the second Wave.
We underestimated the prophesied Waves.
We realized once we actually experienced one that only the Four Cardinal Heroes could counter them.
And so, we followed the legend and summoned you four.
We have no time to lose! Wait a sec.
The Records of the Four Cardinal Weapons Isn't this the exact same story as the one in that book? We get the gist of it now.
Anyway, surely you didn't summon us expecting us to save you for free.
Of course, once you repel all the Waves, we shall reward you handsomely.
Will you, now? Well, as long as we have your word.
We'll work with you provided you don't turn on us.
But don't think for a moment that you can tame us.
We can't have you looking down on us.
R-Right God, these guys are so high-and-mighty.
I trust we have an agreement.
Then, heroes, you should all check your statuses.
Wait, what's a status? Uh What's wrong with you guys? It should've been the first thing you noticed in this world.
Oh, get over yourself! Quit acting like you know everything! Don't you see an icon in the corner of your field of vision? Huh? You're right.
There it is.
Try focusing on it.
Like this? Affinity Fire: 0 Water: 0 Ice: 0 Wind: 0 Earth: 0 Lightning: 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0 The Bow Hero Status ATT: 17 MAG: 13 P.
DEF: 10 M.
DEF: 14 DEX: 15 Equipment Small Bow Otherworld Clothes "Level 1"? That's worrying.
No telling if we can fight like this.
What's all this, anyway? Status Magic, an ability exclusive to the heroes.
So what are we supposed to do? You must leave on an adventure to develop and upgrade the legendary weapons that you have equipped.
They aren't maxed out of the box? Wait, mine isn't even a weapon.
Couldn't we just wield other weapons until these are usable? We can figure that out as we go.
Anyway, it looks like we ought to train ourselves.
We'll have to level up as much as we can.
Then if the four of us form a party One moment, heroes.
You will each recruit and adventure separately.
And why is that? It is said that the legendary weapons repel one another by nature.
When two more wielders of the legendary weapons operate together, it causes an adverse reaction in the weapons.
Working separately is highly advised.
If you work together, it apparently hinders their development.
He's telling the truth, huh? And the weapons are translating all verbal and visual information into Japanese for us.
The sun is about to set.
Rest up tonight, and set forth tomorrow.
In the meantime, we'll gather the best of the best to form your parties.
We've prepared rooms for you.
Please come this way.
I hear the Four Cardinal Heroes have been summoned.
All four of them, in this country? Are they sure about this? Wait, that means the Shield Hero is also I guess you get special treatment when you're heroes of legend.
The girl who showed us here was a cutie pie, too.
And our dinner was sumptuous, though it did taste unusual.
Small Shield ATT: 0 MAG: 0 P.
DEF: +6 M.
DEF: +4 DEX: 0 P.
DEF +3 Fire: 0 Water: 0 Ice: 0 Wind: 0 Earth: 0 Lightning: 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0 Hey, isn't this kinda like a game? Heat Unlock Requirements: None You mean it is one.
It's exactly like Emerald Online.
Huh? What's that game? Are you serious? It's super famous! What are you talking about? This isn't some online game.
It's a world out of a console game.
It's called Dimension Web.
You're wrong.
It's a VRMMO.
It's pretty much the exact same as Brave Star Online.
Let's sort out the information we have.
Ren, can we take "VRMMO" literally? Yeah.
You guys get what means too, right? I think a sci-fi game I'm familiar with explored the concept.
I've read about them in LNs, yeah.
Just to be sure, let's check our general knowledge.
Who's the person on the thousand yen bill? One, two Yawara Gotaro.
Yuda Masato.
Kodaka Enichi.
Noguchi Hideyo.
Who?! What won Buzzword of the Year last year?! Your favorite voice actors? Which countries won World War II? Who's the Prime Minister? It seems we're all from different versions of Japan.
Looks like it.
They sound nothing alike.
So there are parallel world Japans out there too, huh? I thought we might just be from different eras, but I guess not, if they're so different.
And I can't believe all three of you played games that are just like this world.
Why am I the only one unfamiliar with this stuff? Huh? What is it? W-Well, I just thought it might because you're the Shield Hero.
Oh, you too? It's only natural.
Wh-What're you guys talking about? Is there something wrong with the shield? All right.
Big Bro Motoyasu's gonna get you up to speed on the basics.
As far as I know, the Shielder, the class that specializes in the shield Yeah? is one for losers.
No high-level gamers play it.
No! How about in your worlds? Sorry.
How's the terrain here? Very similar to what I'm familiar with.
Each weapon has its own ideal hunting ground, so let's spread out.
Well, whatever.
If I'm weak, I can just rely on my party.
It might have girls and all, too.
The shield's role would be to thwart enemy attacks and defend the party, right? And while my life back home was devoid of romance, I might just meet The One here.
It'll be fine.
I've been summoned to another world, after all.
Even if I'm weak, things will work out.
All right! I'm gonna give it my all! R-Right.
We have to set out on adventures tomorrow.
Let's head back to our rooms and get a good night's sleep.
Do you think they have baths here? It's quite likely you'll have to go outdoors.
That's right.
My grand adventure begins tomorrow! We have gathered brave warriors who will fight the Waves with you legendary heroes.
These people will join our parties, huh? Wow, there's a real looker here, too.
Now, our future champions! Time to begin your journey! What? They're the ones choosing?! Three four five Yo, King! I have to admit, I wasn't expecting this.
No volunteers? He must have no charisma.
So there have been rumors.
Did something happen? Well, rumors that the Shield Hero is ignorant of this world have spread around town.
What? Legend says the heroes come with a firm understanding of our lands.
And they seem to think he doesn't meet that criteria.
Maybe someone was eavesdropping on our chat last night.
Seriously? Just for that? Sure, I may not know much, but That aside, Ren, you don't need five! Gimme some of them! I'm actually more of a loner.
If any of you can't cut it, I'll leave you behind.
What do you make of this, Motoyasu? Don't you think it's unfair? I'm actually surprised that my party is all girls, too.
It pisses me off that he doesn't seem all that broken up about it.
It would be best to split them three each, but if we force it, it could destroy morale.
So, what, you're telling me to go it alone?! I'm a Shielder, you know! The class you guys said was for losers! How am I supposed to grow stronger without a party? Sir Hero! It's that girl.
Would you allow me to join the Shield Hero? Are you sure? Yes! F-For real? She'll join my party? Are there any others who wouldn't mind joining Naofumi-dono? I suppose we'll have to take other measures.
Naofumi-dono, you will have to recruit for your party yourself.
A-All right.
Every month, we shall provide each hero with the funds they require.
This time, Naofumi-dono's payment will be higher than the others.
Here are your initial war chests.
Please accept them.
Naofumi-sama gets 800 silver coins.
The others get 600.
Use this to procure all necessary equipment and set forth on your journey.
Yes, sir! Later, Naofumi.
Take good care of her, you hear me? It's sad that we can't help you, but good luck with your recruiting.
See you again when the time comes.
Um, Shield Hero.
My name is Myne Suphia.
It is an honor to fight with you.
I'm Iwatani Naofumi.
Nice to meet you.
My pleasure! She's so open and friendly.
And she chose to join me when no one else would.
I've gotta keep her safe, no matter what! Shall we get going, uh, Myne-san? Yes, Sir Hero.
Let me show you around the castle town to start off.
I caught a glimpse last night, but taking a closer look really drives it home that this is another world.
What shall we do now, Sir Hero? Hmm, let's see I'd like to check out a shop that sells weapons and armor first.
That makes sense.
With that much money, you can buy some fine equipment.
I'll take you to a shop I trust, then.
Yeah, please do.
Sure thing! Follow me! So cute.
Nothing beats having a girl in your party, huh? I wholeheartedly recommend this place.
So this is what a weapons shop is like.
Is this your first time in a weapons shop? You sure know how to pick 'em.
Actually, she brought me here.
Have we met before, Miss? Why do you look so familiar? I've come shopping here before.
Your shop is quite famous, you know.
Ain't that nice of ya.
By the way, who's your companion with the funny outfit? Can't you tell, boss? You mean you're one of the heroes? Ah, I see you've got a shield.
You must be the dud.
Why are rumors about me spreading like wildfire? Whatever.
I can't let it get me down.
I'm Iwatani Naofumi, the Shield Hero.
Pleased to meet you! Naofumi, eh? Well, if you'll be a regular, I don't give two hoots if you wield a shield or what.
Nice to meet ya, kid! Anyway, boss, could you provide Sir Hero with the equipment he needs? Our budget is, let's see Around 250 silvers.
Left to right, that's iron, magic iron, magic steel, and silver iron in ascending order of cost.
I guarantee they're all quality swords, though.
With one of these, even I could What the Seriously, what's going on? I don't get it, either.
It looked like it just flew out of your hand.
What? Legendary Weapon Rule Violation: Holding non-assigned weapon "Rule Violation"? A hero may not hold, with intent to fight, any weapon other than their assigned legendary weapon What the hell? How am I supposed to fight with just a shield? Well, looks like I can't use any weapons other than this shield.
How does that work? It looks like any other small shield at first glance.
Doesn't this thing come off? I can move it around, but I can't seem to remove it from my body.
That's so weird.
I sense a great amount of power in this thing, but even my appraisal magic isn't telling me much.
Right Well, thanks for showing me something interesting.
Want to buy some armor instead? Oh, hey.
You're starting to look the part now.
ATT: 0 MAG: 0 P.
DEF: +21 M.
DEF: +15 DEX: 0 Fire: 0 Water: 0 Ice: 0 Wind: 0 Earth: 0 Lightning: 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0 Chain Mail Durability Weight: 11 Quality: Unlock Requirements: Humanoid Lv.
1 Slash Resistance (Small) How much is it? I'll give you a discount.
120 silvers.
How much would you buy it for? Huh? Well, if it's mostly new, I'd pay 100 silvers.
Why do you ask? When you grow stronger, you won't need it anymore.
That's why I asked him how much we could sell it back for.
Makes sense.
All right.
We'll take it.
Thanks! I'll throw in some innerwear to show my gratitude! Shall we head off to battle now, Sir Hero? Y-Yeah! Time to level up, huh? My adventure's finally beginning! Wow.
There's no limit to how much it can absorb.
Absorbed Orange Balloon x1 This must be the power of a legendary weapon.
This must be why I don't feel pain when I'm bitten, too.
Looks like I need a lot more fodder before I can upgrade it to a different shield.
I see.
By the way, can we sell these orange balloon fragments? Yes, but only for one copper coin at most.
Looking at how Ren destroyed them, they must be really weak monsters.
I guess that's all they're worth.
That should be enough shield fodder.
It should evolve as I level up, too.
Let's call it a day and head back to the weapons shop.
If we buy me some new equipment, we can go that much farther tomorrow.
Fair enough.
Equipment for the lady, huh? Sure, you'll be much stronger with good equipment.
Right? This might get expensive, so I should start haggling now.
I see our hero is a real comedian.
Eighty percent off.
Are you stupid? Twenty percent extra! Wh-Why's it going up? Eighty-nine percent off! Anyone who tries to haggle without even seeing the goods deserves to pay double! Keep talking! Ninety percent off! Twenty-nine percent extra! Seriously, stop raising the price! One hundred percent off! That's just free, kid! Free's fine by me! Hup.
Boss, how much is that in total? At sixty percent off.
Four hundred and eighty silvers with a discount.
I can't go any lower.
Uh, that'll leave us with 200 silvers Myne, can you downgrade a bit? I don't know how much we'll have to spend on inns and other living expenses yet.
It'll be fine, Sir Hero.
The stronger I am, the more loot we'll get from monsters.
That should keep us going.
There's the otherworld trope I've been waiting for! F-Fine, I guess.
All right.
We'll take these, boss.
Thanks a ton! I see our hero's got a real nose for good deals.
Thank you, Sir Hero.
By the way, boss, do you know a place that'll buy these fragments? There are shops for monster materials.
They'll buy most things off of ya.
Yum! The food at the castle was great too, but a pub is where you experience real otherworld cuisine! I hope you relish the meal.
The meadow we fought in was over here, right? Yes.
Tomorrow, we'll be heading to Lafan Village, which lies beyond this map.
Past Lafan Village lies a dungeon for rookie adventurers.
A dungeon? We won't make much money there, but it's the perfect spot for you to level up.
Oh, I see.
Now that I have new equipment, it should be a walk in the park with you defending me.
Very informative.
No problem.
By the way, Sir Hero, aren't you going to drink your wine? Nah, I'm not into booze.
Really? This is pretty good, you know.
I'd love to drink with you.
She suddenly became twice as seductive! But S-Sorry.
I really don't like it.
Is that so? That's too bad.
That's a hero for you, I suppose.
What do you mean? This country is a matriarchy.
No man would ever dare turn down a drink offered by a woman.
Really? I'm not very good at picking up on this stuff.
Don't worry about it.
I'm glad we got to discuss our plans moving forward.
I'd like to turn in early tonight.
Is that okay? Of course.
I'll head up after I drink some more Although I feel so lonely drinking alone.
H-Hey, Myne? Thanks for joining me, a shield hero who can't fight at all.
I turned you down tonight, but I'll make it up to you someday.
It's totally fine.
Good night, Sir Hero.
Two hundred silvers left.
Two rooms at 30 coppers a night each, and meals for two at five coppers each That leaves a little more than 199 silvers.
I'm such a stereotypical Japanese tourist, stashing money like this.
What a day.
I wonder if that's how it truly feels to kill a monster.
I just went around popping balloons today.
But man, I really did come to another world! I leveled up quite a bit today.
I won't let you outshine me tomorrow.
See you tomorrow, then.
Is that Motoyasu and Itsuki? See you.
Guess I'll sleep.
Early start tomorrow and all.
Time to get some breakfast and head out! Huh? Gone It's gone! The silvers, the chain mail, and even my own clothes I'd kept for a rainy day are gone! No way I got robbed in my sleep?! Big trouble, Myne! Our money and equipment is gone! Are you still asleep? Wake up, Myne! We've got big trouble! You're knights from the castle, right? I'm glad you're here.
Listen to this The Shield Hero, yes? Yeah, why? The king has issued a summons for you.
Come with us.
Huh? That hurts! What's going on? Myne! You're okay? Myne? Yo, King! I had all my money and equipment other than the shield stolen while I was asleep! Please find the thief— Quiet, scumbag! What's that about? Myne, you poor adventurer, could you please testify once more for us? Th-The Shield Hero barged into my room drunk and pinned me down Huh? He said, "The night is still young," and tore my clothes off! I somehow escaped and ran to Sir Motoyasu, who happened to be staying in the same inn, for help! Wh-What the hell? If she hadn't asked me to wait till dawn and call the knights, I would've cut you down myself! What are you talking about?! I went straight to bed after dinner last night! Wait, that chain mail You were the robber?! Who are you calling a robber? Myne gave this to me as a present when I met her at the pub yesterday.
To think the Shield Hero would commit the gravest sin in this country.
Sin? In Melromarc, even attempting to sexually assault a woman is punishable by death! If you weren't a hero, you would be executed immediately! Executed? I'm telling you, you've got the wrong idea! I didn't do it! If you're so convinced I did, show me the proof! When we searched the Shield Hero's room, um, we found this on his bed.
Eek! You animal! There you have it.
Undeniable proof.
How? It wasn't there when I woke up! It's too bad.
I was worried something bad might happen, but I was hoping you'd know better.
He thinks a hero can do whatever the hell he wants and get away with it.
That's not even the least bit true.
You're not the be all and end all in this world! Know your place! What is all this? What the hell is going on? Myne Myne! Why would you lie like that? Weren't we supposed to be a party? I see.
Joining me was just a ruse to destroy me right here.
It was all a lie! The smiles she showed me, and her acts of kindness, were all fake! You tricked me! It was a setup all along! Sir Motoyasu, I'm so scared! Shut your mouth, you criminal! Screw you, too! I bet you did all this to steal my money and equipment! You two planned this together, didn't you?! Yeah, come to think of it Myne only ever called me "Sir Hero," but she's calling Motoyasu by name! If that isn't proof they were in it together, I don't know what is! Refusing to admit his guilt and making nonsensical accusations? I know, right? I don't think he deserves any mercy, either.
It really was a mistake to summon all four together.
They never should've summoned the Shield Hero.
But who would've thought he'd be such scum? The shield It's all about the shield again? Because I'm the Shield Hero Because I'm weak, they're trying to knock me down to make themselves look better.
These people are all dirty, disgusting filth! This country's people don't believe in me one bit, too.
Why should I have to fight for them? Fine.
I don't care anymore.
Just send me back to my world.
And summon a new Shield Hero or whatever the hell you want! Another world? Screw that! Why should I have to go through this in a whole different world?! You're going to run as soon as things go south? Could you stoop any lower? After all you've done, how could you even think about not doing your job? Yeah, get lost.
Who wants to fight alongside a rapist? Shut up! Now, send me back to my world already! Well, I'd love to do as you wish and kick you out, but legend says new heroes can only be summoned once all Four Cardinal Heroes die.
What? No way So I can't even go home? Well, you can certainly go home after you fight off all the incoming Waves.
Are you saying we'll have to fight alongside a guy like him? Screw that! I'll handle the Waves my way, then! Don't move! Get off of me already! This guy What'll it be? Will you throw me in jail until the Waves arrive? I won't imprison you.
There's hardly any time until the next Wave.
Scum or not, you're still a hero, one of the only beings who can fight the Waves.
But news of your crime is already spreading among the people.
That is your punishment.
Don't think you'll ever get to lead a decent life in this country.
I know that already! This is what you wanted, right? You can shove it up your ass! Hey! Wait a second! I'm really weak, you see.
I don't have a second to waste.
And just like that, all my money, respect, and trust was gone.
I lost it all.
Hey, kid with the shield.
I heard what you did to that girl.
You deserve a punch to the face! You too? You What? Weren't you going to punch me? I changed my mind.
You were about to lose your life there.
Wait a second.
You'll never make it dressed like that.
Consider this a parting gift.
How much? Doesn't matter.
But let's call it a clearance sale and say five coppers.
I promise to come pay you someday.
Don't die, kid.
Max HP: 167 ATK: 1 M.
DEF: 29 MAX MP: 47 MAG: 16 DEX: 13 MAX SP: 50 P.
DEF: 39 Battle: Orange Balloon Defeated Exp: Naofumi +1 Battle: Orange Balloon Defeated Exp: Naofumi +1 Level Up: Naofumi Lv.
1 - 2 Equipment Small Shield Hemp Outfit Ragged Cape Affinity Fire: 0 Water: 0 Ice: 0 Wind: 0 Earth: 0 Lightning: 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0 Status ATK: 1 MAG: 16 P.
DEF: 53 M.
DEF: 37 DEX: 15 Shield Hero I fight all night and finally hit Level 2, huh? Well, for these things How does 1 copper for a pair sound? Sure.
I'll take that.
Come again.
Buy these.
Oh? Orange balloons, huh? Twenty in all.
How does 1 copper sound? Didn't you offer that guy 1 copper for two? Did I, now? You must understand, I have a business to run.
That so? Will these things fetch a better price, then? They're pretty lively.
Gah! S-Stop it! I'm not trying to rip you off here.
All I want is a fair market price.
Or wait, do you hate me for some reason, maybe? F-Fine! I get it! I understand, so get these things off me! We have a deal.
Instead of trying to fleece me, if you buy from me regularly, I'm willing to give you a small discount.
C-Consider it done! As much as I'd like to refuse, the goods and money are without sin.
Also, feel free to tell people all about me.
Tell them that any trader that messes with me will end up with bite marks all over.
No need to ask me.
I was about to do just that.
To a long business relationship.
Aren't these New Shields Unlocked There are shields with available skill unlocks.
Mastery Bonus When a shield is used for a while to achieve a certain level of proficiency, it will grant its wielder permanent bonuses.
So by mastering a shield, I can keep its abilities even after I switch to another one? Leaf Shield.
This really is like a game, through and through.
Foraging Skill 1 Activated Aero: It can improve the mat's quality? Wow, this is good stuff.
Where did you get these? In the forest right outside the castle.
Didn't you know? Hmm I never knew you could find such fine stuff there.
I was sure the quality was more average.
Ever since that day, nothing I eat has any flavor.
O Great Shield Hero, we'll join your party.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank your lucky stars.
Let's go ahead and discuss the terms first.
Okay! Your pay will be entirely performance-based.
I trust you know what that means.
Nope, no clue! It means you'll be paid according to the loot we get on our adventure.
I'm the leader, so I'll take at least 40 percent.
I'll split the rest at my discretion.
If you do nothing, you get paid nothing.
The hell? That means you could keep it all for yourself! I promise to pay you if you do your job.
If you can do your job.
Let's go get us some equipment, then! Buy your equipment yourselves.
I have no reason to do that much for you.
Huh? Forget it.
Just hand over your money.
If you'd said that to begin with, we could've saved some time.
What do we have here? Aren't you awfully obedient.
Quit freakin' out! Ow Shit! I have the defense, but lack offensive ability.
Because I lack it, I can't defeat monsters.
And because I can't defeat them, I can't farm EXP.
And because I can't farm, my offensive ability never goes up.
What an awful loop! Damn it! You seem to be having trouble.
You don't have help.
But I have just what you need.
If you're offering me party members, thanks but no thanks.
Party members? Please.
What I'm offering you is a service far more convenient.
What would that be? Interested, are we? Get away from me.
That look in your eyes is the kind I just love.
You're every bit the man the rumors said you were.
You know who I am? Of course I do, Shield Hero.
If my offer interests you, please follow me.
Here we are.
So, what exactly are you offering me? Can't you tell at a glance? Slaves! Slaves? Yes.
I run a slave trading business.
What makes you think I want a slave? The fact that they cannot lie or betray their master.
Slaves are placed under the effect of a curse.
A strong, seal-based curse that can take their very lives.
What do you say? Show me what you've got.
I knew it.
You have everything it takes to be a most wonderful patron.
I see ones that aren't human, too.
You can call them human, technically.
Tell me more.
I don't know much about this world.
Creatures that look human but aren't are called demi-humans.
They're mostly used in manual labor or as servants.
Beastmen are demi-humans whose appearance leans more toward the animal side.
They're used as bodyguards or as participants in death matches that are gambled on.
I see.
But they both fall under the same category, huh? Indeed.
And since demi-humans are thought to be closer to monsters, life would be hard for them in this country, which practices human supremacy.
As such, they're treated as slaves.

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