Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero) (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

The Slave Girl

1 Sir This slave here is my recommendation.
It's level 75.
That's close to twenty times my level.
How much for this one? Well, it is highly capable in battle.
How does 15 gold pieces sound? Showing me your most expensive slave knowing that I can't afford it, huh? Indeed.
You're sure to become one of my best patrons, so I need you to develop a keen eye, you see.
Well Now that you've seen my best, let me ask you: what kind of slave would you like? One that's cheap and obedient.
In other words, a demi-human? These aren't suited for combat or manual labor.
If I need them in battle, I'll train them.
That's an amusing response, when you don't believe in people.
But slaves aren't people.
Training one is no different than upgrading my shield.
Well, you've got me there.
These are the cheapest slaves I can offer you.
From the left Raise your head.
That half-raccoon is diseased and has a mental disorder.
I'm having a real hard time with her myself.
Her previous owner loved his torture, you see.
I doubt she'll last much longer.
I've decided.
I'll take this one.
The Slave Girl Let's begin.
Hey Worry not.
The pain will dissipate soon.
The slave crest on her chest makes it impossible for her to defy you.
Acquired Slave A.
Party Member Settings Violation Damage Lv.
7 Speech Allowed Auto Attack Magical Support Prioritize Survival Tank Item Recovery Violation Conditions Refuse Order Attack Master Attack [ .]
Get [ .]
Meters From Master Lie to Master Flee Item Use Summon Monster Crest Slave Crest "Party member settings"? Now this girl is all yours.
Thirty silvers, right? There's one extra in here.
That's your commission.
You were going to wring it out of me anyway, weren't you? You certainly know your stuff.
Well, I guess I should know your name.
Tell me your name.
What's your name? R-Raphtalia Raphtalia, huh? Let's go.
I'm looking forward to your next visit.
So he really did choose her.
I'm getting goosebumps! Welcome! Oh, it's you, kid.
Hey, hey What's with the girl? Give me a weapon she can use.
Keep it under six silvers.
Took you long enough.
I-I'm sorry.
Raphtalia, draw your knife.
Let me see you stab and burst this thing.
N-No This is an order! You only hurt yourself by refusing.
Do it! Too weak! Put more heart in it! Do it! Huh? I got EXP, too? Probably because you set her as a companion when forming the pact.
Wait, you didn't do that with the lady from before? Damn that woman Listen up.
From here on out, I expect you to fight monsters for me.
I bought you with what little money I had.
You'd better help me recoup your cost, at least.
Kid, you're not going to die a painless death.
Thanks for the compliment.
Quit sitting around.
Let's go.
Y-Yes! Sheesh I don't know whether it's our country to blame, or if the kid's just been corrupted.
Three silvers left Get a move on! We don't have all day, you little shits! What's wrong with you, you moron?! I'm sorry! Are you hungry? No.
You can't fight on an empty stomach.
Let's get some lunch.
We don't serve demi-humans.
U-Um What's wrong? This place Hurry up! Welcome! Ack, it's the Shield Hero Is he the rapist? Keep it down! He'll hear you! Can I order? Huh? I-I guess Look, it's a demi-human.
Why's a demi here? The cheapest lunch set you have.
Someone kick her out! And she'll have whatever that kid's having.
That'll be nine coppers.
Why? Did you want something else? Why are you getting it for me? Because you looked like you wanted to try it.
Here's your food.
Aren't you going to eat? Can I really? Yes, just eat up.
Drink this.
Is it good? Yeah! I still don't taste a thing.
Raphtalia! Y-Yes! Now! Simple Blending Recipes 1 Proficiency Unlock Conditions Unlock Mush Shield Blue Mush Spores x3 Spores of Blue Mush x2 Fire: 0 Water: 0 Ice: 0 Wind: 0 Earth: 0 Lightning: 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0 ATT: 0 MAG: 0 P.
DEF: +4 M.
DEF: +6 DEX: 0 Skill Tree Mastery Bonus Blue Mush Shield Blending ability, huh? That might come in handy.
Master Who are you? A hero.
The shield one.
You mean One of the Four Cardinal Heroes? Yeah.
Raphtalia Do you know of the four legendary heroes? Yep! The ones with the sword, the bow, and the spear And then, the one with the shield! Correct.
The Shield Hero, in particular, treated us demi-humans very well.
Really? I'd like to meet him.
If you're a good girl, I'm sure you'll meet him one day.
The Shield Hero U-Um What is your name? Iwatani Naofumi.
Iwatani Naofumi.
Drink this.
It's a medicine I blended.
Apparently, it can cure mild colds.
Drink it.
So bitter! Good medicine tastes bitter.
Just drink it all.
We're sorry, Raphtalia.
We want you to live, Raphtalia.
Please forgive our selfishness.
No! Dad! Mom! What's wrong? Calm down! No Help Just calm down.
No! Dad, Mom! Don't cry.
It's okay.
It's all right.
The quality's not bad.
Are you well versed in making medicines, Sir Hero? Yesterday was my first try.
Oh? Which is more profitable, selling herbs or medicine? Due to the Wave's impact, medicine is flying off the shelves lately, so I'd pay more for medicine than for herbs.
I see.
In total, this is worth four silvers.
Say, do you have any tools you don't use anymore? Here we go! Okay! One, two Raphtalia.
Hup! Do you want one of those balls? N-Not at all! I don't want it at all! So she wants one, huh? You can play with it after we're done with work.
Thank you! Coming! Uh, the Shield Hero I'd like to rent a room.
My companion might scream at night, though.
You will let us stay, right? O-Of course! I'll prepare a room at once! I have to find a way to survive before the next Wave of Catastrophe hits.
All right.
We can go a little deeper into the forest now A rabbit? Watch out! Now, Raphtalia! Stab it! What's wrong? Get on with it! B-But It'll bleed if I do Hurry up! I'm scared of blood! Listen well.
If you can't fight, then I won't be able to look after you anymore.
A Wave that threatens the world's existence is coming soon.
I have to get as strong as I can before it does.
But defense is all I'm good for.
I need someone to fight for me.
If you can't do it, I'll get someone else.
So You're going to fight the Catastrophe? That is my job.
Got it.
Master I'll fight for you.
So please don't throw me away.
All right.
This is reality.
Not a game.
If I want to live, I have no choice but to fight! Sell us a new weapon for this amount.
Time to get the little miss a sword, then.
One on the short side would be good to start off.
How about this? It's a short sword made of iron.
Boss Is there a town or village nearby that we can travel to with our equipment? Well, with your stuff, it'd have to be here.
The Village of Lute How much? Around two silvers in all, I'd say.
Is that so? Hey, do you know of any spots nearby when you can earn a lot of money quick? Hmm The ores from that coal pit over there should fetch a decent amount, but Is there a catch? Ever since the first Wave, it's become home to a bunch of dangerous monsters.
Nobody dares approach it anymore.
I see.
Sheesh! I don't know what our summoned "heroes" are even doing.
Air Strike Shield Rope Proficiency Unlock Conditions Lv.
5 or Higher Unlock Magnet Shield Fire: 0 Water: 0 Ice: 0 Wind: 0 Earth: 0 Lightning: 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0 ATT: 0 MAG: 0 P.
DEF: +15 M.
DEF: +20 DEX: 0 Mastery Bonus Rope Shield Skill Tree It's got an exclusive effect and skill, huh? Rope Shield Not exactly what I'd call a creative name.
Skill Can be activated at the cost of SP.
Can also be quick cast by shortening pronunciation or using crystals.
All right.
Air Strike Shield! Master? It's nothing.
Let's go.
There are dangerous monsters here, apparently.
The moment things go south, we run.
You'd better keep up.
Okay! U Um What is it? How should I address you, Master? Call me whatever.
Th-Then Is this the place? All right.
Are those This will fetch a pretty penny.
Raphtalia, let's try over there next No! You okay? D-Dog monster Killed all the villagers, even Dad and Mom During the first Wave, huh? So that's why she starts crying every night.
Is that the same dog that killed your parents? No Listen, Raphtalia.
Take that thing out here and now.
If you fight and make me stronger, we can fend off the Waves of Catastrophe and prevent that tragedy from reoccurring.
Your parents won't ever come back.
But we can prevent other kids from going through what you did.
And all I'm capable of is making sure you can fight as best you can! Now, Raphtalia! Stab it with your sword! Now! No If I die, so will you! Please no! Then hurry up and kill it! This is an order! Raphtalia, forget it.
If you can't fight, then get out of here.
But what about you? I'll buy time for you to escape.
What? That'd be just like then Hurry up and go! Master! No No! Don't go! Don't leave me! Don't die! Air Strike Shield! Raphtalia! Well done.
Naofumi-sama! Hey, even with the shield's power, the wound still hurts! Don't ever die! Please don't leave me alone! Naofumi-sama! She chose my name, huh? You attack, and I defend.
That way, neither of us will die.
We're leaving once I feed this monster to my shield.
Okay, Naofumi-sama.
Get off already.
A bit longer The ore made us a lot of money, so you can eat all you want.
Thank you! Is it good? Yeah! I see.
Naofumi-sama Let's survive, no matter what! Of course.
A kids' lunch isn't complete without this.
Wave of Catastrophe
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