Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero) (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Wave of Catastrophe

1 Wait! It's been a week since the battle in the coal pit, Get back here! and my shield's gained so many skills and abilities I lost count of them all.
Animal Needle Shield But I still let my guard down and got hurt.
Naofumi-sama! Shield Prison! The Wave is almost here.
It's about time we upgraded our equipment.
Naofumi-sama! I did it! The Rising of the Shield Hero Wave of Catastrophe Wow, I hardly recognized you! You've turned into a real pretty lady.
I haven't seen you in a while.
What've you been up to? I had the innkeeper teach me table manners.
I want to eat my food properly, like Naofumi-sama does.
That so? You've grown so much.
Nothing like the pipsqueak you used to be.
You think? Huh? Someone's hard to please.
I'm actually quite shocked, too.
This country is full of lolicons.
Wow, Miss.
You're adorable.
Have another one on the house.
I can understand finding little girls cute, but Take this, too.
Uh You people take it too far.
Say, kid.
Don't you know what demi-humans are like? Boss! Forget that! We're here to buy armor for Naofumi-sama! Do you have any recommendations? What are you talking about? We're here for your equipment.
I appreciate the thought, but think about yourself first! Did you forget how you just got hurt in the plains? No, but you need a weapon Naofumi-sama You'd best stop messing around, or you will die.
Boss! This sword seems really sharp! It's magic iron.
Wanna try it out? Will you give us a discount? Anything for you, miss.
Thank you so much! While we're at it, could you show us some armor, too? Of course.
She stands up for herself now Or maybe she's just rude Our budget is around 180 silvers.
In that case How about this? I don't think it's my style Hmm Yeah, it will strip Naofumi-sama of all his individuality.
Then I can whip up something made to order.
Made to order?! Yeah.
If you don't mind me using materials I've got on hand, I can finish by tomorrow Please do! It was so nice of him to give us a discount on that sword, huh? Yeah.
He's a really nice guy.
I'm not so sure That wasn't me! It was me.
Are you ready to order? I'll get the cheapest lunch set you have, and she'll have the kids' lunch.
Naofumi-sama! I'm not a kid anymore! I'll get the cheapest lunch set, too! R-Right away.
You really don't need to force yourself to act grown-up.
I'm not forcing it! Doesn't this make me look like a typical villain? So cool It suits you perfectly! You look great! I call it the Barbarian Armor! Barbarian Armor You're rocking it, kid.
You look like a real bandit.
I'm supposed to be a hero, you know.
You look so dashing! Well, you did make it for me.
It'd be a shame not to wear it.
The whole town is on edge now.
The Wave is nearly here, after all.
If only I knew when and where it'll start, I could come up with a plan.
Huh? Has nobody told you? You know that church you can see from the town square? There's a huge hourglass inside.
When the last grain of sand in it falls, the heroes and their parties will be sent to where the Wave begins, or so I hear.
Come this way.
Is this the dragon hourglass the king was talking about? It's counting down to the Wave? Is that Naofumi I see? Dude, come on.
You're still fighting with such flimsy equipment? Who are they, Naofumi-sama? Hey! Motoyasu-sama's talking to you! Hello.
I'm Kitamura Motoyasu, the Spear Hero.
Y-You're a hero? So cute! Motoyasu-sama, why are you complimenting a filthy demi-human? A girl as adorable as you shouldn't wield a sword.
I'll protect you.
I'm sorry! I've sworn to fight with Naofumi-sama! With Naofumi? You can't.
If you stay with him, you'll be in danger— What? Am I not right? We're leaving! Surely you've heard the rumors about him, too.
Rumors? See you at the Wave.
Don't hold us back.
U-Um What? Did something happen between you and the other heroes? That's none of your business.
Naofumi-sama, I I'll go ahead and turn in.
Good night.
Even when I tell the truth, nobody believes me, anyway.
The Day of the Wave of Catastrophe Naofumi-sama What's up? Well, I just want to say I'm truly grateful I met you.
You cured my illness and fed me warm meals.
You taught me how to live.
Your parents won't ever come back.
But we can prevent other kids from going through what you did.
And you gave me a reason to fight A reason to fight the Waves.
I am your sword! Wherever you go, I will go with you.
That so? Where are we? There it is.
The Wave of Catastrophe.
Those guys Raphtalia, we're going! Look there, Naofumi-sama! It's the village of Lute! Have the villagers evacuated? A flare? They think their job's done once they let the knights know where they are? The castle isn't far away, but by the time the knights get here, the village will be wiped out! We're going! To Lute Village! Right! Are you all right? Raphtalia, go help the villagers evacuate.
But what about you? I'll I'll lure the enemy away.
One of the heroes! The Shield Hero is here for us! Listen up! I'll keep them occupied! Get out of here while you can! H-Help me! Air Strike Shield! Hurry up and run! Mom! Shield Prison! Mom! Damn it! This way, you stupid zombies! Keep up with me if you can! Why am I risking my life to defend total strangers? I'm such a fool.
Come this way, everyone! Hurry! There's way too many of them.
How can I minimize the damage to the village? Air Strike Shield! S-Stay away! Damn it! Stay away! No Stop! Shit! It's showing no signs of slowing down.
What are those guys doing? Hurry up and Did I get them? Sir Hero! Why'd you come back here? We all changed our minds after seeing how courageously you're fighting.
This village is our home.
We cannot run away and abandon it.
We'll fight with you.
Got it.
Help me keep the enemy pinned down until the evacuation's complete.
Die, monster! You guys can't deal with this one! Fall back! But Think about your families! Don't die here for no reason! Naofumi-sama! Raphtalia! Take care of it! Well done.
We'll handle things here.
Hurry up and evacuate.
Got it.
Please be safe.
Well, then The enemy's numbers aren't going down.
What now? What's that? Raphtalia! We burned them all to death at once.
The Shield Hero? You're quite tough.
They didn't care that we were here? Did you do this knowing Naofumi-sama was here? Depending on your answer, I'll have your head! Draw your swords.
Are you with the Shield Hero? I am Naofumi-sama's sword.
None may disrespect him in my presence.
You think you can point your blade at the royal knights, you damned demi-human? What kind of knight neglects the people he's meant to defend? Forget it, Raphtalia.
But Drop it.
That's right.
So long as you behave yourself, we won't be forced to make any mistakes.
I guess.
I could sit tight and watch you morons become monster feed.
That doesn't sound too bad! D-Don't falter! Get in formation Want to die an honorable death in battle? Raphtalia! Coming! Listen here! We'll buy you time! Use it to get in formation! Let's go, Raphtalia.
Right! Let the Shield handle this.
We're heading to where the Three Heroes are! Now! Support the Shield Hero! Phalanx formation! Phalanx! Charge! Naofumi-sama, look at the knights.
Forget them.
Let's go.
Wind Arrow! Crimson Blade! I'll end this! Take this! Lightning Spear! Naofumi-sama Look at the sky.
Walk in the park.
This boss was a piece of cake.
The next Wave will probably be easy, too.
By the way, where's Naofumi? It's good that he wasn't here.
He'd just hold us back.
Obviously! Heroes! Well done! The knights, huh? It's a bit late to show up now.
Right? Now, now, don't say that.
His Highness has rewards for each of you.
Let us go see him.
Naofumi-sama I killed all the monsters left in the village.
I see.
Did we win? Sir Hero Thank you so much.
We couldn't have made it without you.
Thank your lucky stars, not me.
Your presence is what helped us survive.
We'll never forget what you've done for us.
They looked truly grateful.
I guess.
We prevented at least a few kids from going through what I did, right? Yeah.
I You did well.
I killed lots of monsters.
Lullaby at Dawn