Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero) (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Lullaby at Dawn

1 Splendidly done, brave heroes.
Tonight, we celebrate! Enjoy yourselves to the fullest! Hooray! That's the heroes for you.
Our country has nothing to worry about.
Screw this party.
I never would have come here if it wasn't for the reward.
I hear the casualties were in the single digits this time.
Bless our heroes.
I held my ground against a massive monster and fought with pride as a royal knight What? I'm truly honored to meet you, Spear Hero.
Do you happen to have a lover? Motoyasu-sama is still tired from the battle.
You there.
Motoyasu-sama Naofumi-sama Aren't you hungry? The food here seems heavenly! If you want to eat, go ahead.
You should join me.
I'll pass.
Persons or objects can be registered to allow them to be teleported with you when summoned by the hourglass.
Teleport people with me, huh? Persons or objects can be registered to allow them to be teleported with you when summoned by the hourglass.
If only I'd noticed this sooner Let's eat together.
Have a bite.
No, I It's really good, you know? See? Naofumi Duel me.
The Rising of the Shield Hero Lullaby at Dawn I heard that Raphtalia-chan's your slave.
And what if she is? You Raphtalia is my slave.
So what? Listen! It's not right to enslave others! Listen to yourself.
Slavery is legal in this country, anyway.
But we're heroes from another world! We can't behave that way here! That's just your opinion.
I disagree.
Fight me! If I win, free Raphtalia-chan.
And what if I win? Then you can keep things as they are.
Naofumi-sama? He has a slave in his party? I thought he couldn't stoop any lower, but he has.
I overheard your conversation.
A hero, using a demi-human as his slave? It seems that you are rotten to the core.
I order you to accept his challenge! That won't be necessary! I'm with Naofumi-sama of my own free will.
What are you playing at?! Poor girl.
You've been placed under a curse that compels you to defend your master.
Don't worry.
Once Motoyasu-dono wins, we shall release you from that curse.
Hey! Knock it off! Draw your swords! If you won't heed my order, I shall take her from you by force.
I hope you're not thinking of running from this.
You scumbag! If I win, you'd better return Raphtalia! And how exactly will you win, Shield Hero? The duel between the Spear Hero and the Shield Hero will now begin! This duel will end when one of the combatants is pinned or admits defeat.
Legendary Weapon Rule Violation: Holding non-assigned weapon.
This duel will take place in the presence of King Melromarc and the Pope, and it is thus legitimate and official.
Motoyasu-sama! Best of luck! Remember that folk tale about the irresistible spear and the immovable shield? Naofumi, be a man and admit defeat.
Ready Begin! You stopped it? I guess you're not the Shield Hero for nothing.
You lose.
In this battle between an irresistible spear and an immovable shield, you lost the moment you couldn't pierce my shield! Chaos Spear! Damn! A strike using the shield? It would never Ow! Wh-Why? A balloon? What's that doing here? What the hell are you playing at? If I can't win anyway, I might as well make you as miserable as I can.
Screw you! Fight me fair and square! Two-Headed Black Dog Shield Exclusive Skill: Dog Bite Get off me! Air Strike Shield! Shield Prison! Hey! Stop that! Shit! That hurts! Knock it off, you cowardly cheat! It can't be.
If this keeps up, the Shield Hero might win.
Naofumi-san's got the upper hand.
What does that lowly Shield Hero think he's doing to the Spear Hero? Have you no respect for the sanctity of a duel?! Hurry up and admit defeat.
Do you want to be embarrassed even more, Mr.
Hot Stuff? Wh-Who would ever surrender now? I see.
Then Shall I focus the attacks on your face and your crotch? I'm a cowardly cheat, after all! D-Don't! Magic? It was her! You bitch! Lightning Spear! Victory is mine! Hold it.
Someone interfered in our one-on-one duel.
It doesn't count.
Huh? Your party member messed up that duel! Sore loser much? No! Everyone there saw it! You saw Myne use her magic, didn't you? I know you saw it! She used her magic to help him win No There's no way they didn't see it.
There's no need to listen to the words of scum.
Spear Hero, you are the victor! I knew you could do it, Motoyasu-sama.
Aww Shield Hero, I know you must feel terrible.
It's really too bad that you'll have to go back to fighting alone.
You were brilliant, Motoyasu-dono.
My daughter, Malty, was right to pick you.
Of course, Father.
I was so shocked when I heard Myne was a princess.
I am.
But I fight to contribute to the world's peace.
So these guys planned everything The daughter framed me to get in the good graces of her favorite hero.
And the father distorted the facts for the sake of his daughter.
This duel was a setup all along, too! The Shield Hero has forced that girl to be his slave.
Please save her.
Do they want to see me suffer that badly? I didn't come to this world because I wanted to.
You're the ones who summoned me! So Why must I alone go through this? The girl enslaved by the Shield Hero has been freed by the Spear Hero! We should never have summoned the Shield Hero, anyway.
The other three are more than enough! We should just get rid of that criminal scum at once.
Our country doesn't need the Shield! Execute the Shield Hero right away! It's all about the Shield again? Is it because I'm the Shield Hero? Damn it Damn it all! God damn it Well, let's free the girl from her curse.
Raphtalia? Begin.
Hey! Slave pact with Raphtalia terminated You're free now.
Be grateful for the charity Motoyasu-sama showed you.
Raphtalia That's it I've had enough! This is hell.
A world like this can die for all I care! Curse Series Requirement Met You cheat! Wh-What are you doing to Motoyasu-sama? When did I ask you to free me?! B-But he was abusing you, right? What the hell do you know about Naofumi-sama?! He never made me do anything I couldn't do! He only activated the curse when I was too scared to fight! And that's the problem! Nobody should be forced to fight! Naofumi-sama can't use any weapons! Someone else has to fight for him! It doesn't have to be you.
He'll just abuse you until you break.
Naofumi-sama defends me! He lets me rest when I'm tired! No, he's not that kind of guy.
Are you capable of extending a hand to a diseased slave on the verge of death? Naofumi-sama fed me everything I wanted to eat! He gave me valuable medicine to treat my illness! Are you capable of that?! O-Of course I could If that were true, you would have a slave by your side, too! That's Knock it off! How dare you, damned demi-human? Look over there! What's going on? A quarrel? Myne-san, I'd like to ask you about your illegal interference in the duel.
What ever do you mean? Illegal interference? You lost that duel, Motoyasu.
Someone shot a magic spell at Naofumi.
It was hard to tell, though, because it was wind magic.
Myne? You must've imagined it.
The audience didn't see a thing.
The king has told them to keep quiet.
One look at the nobles' eyes makes it obvious.
I can't believe royalty would debase a sacred duel.
Naofumi-sama Why'd you come back? To laugh at me? I I don't need a traitor.
Get lost.
I heard rumors.
They called you the horrible hero who forced himself on a party member.
But I think you wouldn't do I didn't do it! Naofumi-sama Stay away! Please listen to me.
Don't touch me! Thanks to the oh-so-charitable Motoyasu, you're free now.
You can stay clear of me! Or what, did he tell you to go get a good look at the loser's face? Please just leave me alone.
I believe you, Naofumi-sama.
What can I do to make you believe me? "Believe you"? After you betrayed me? I will always be on your side, come what may! Lies! You're just saying that to trick me again! I Shut up! What else are you people going to frame me for? I drew the short straw the moment I came here.
Try as I might, nobody will accept me.
Nobody believes me.
Because of this damn thing, I Damn it! This shield has saved my life many times over.
And during the Wave Even though you couldn't fight, you defended the villagers using it.
I didn't really do it for the villagers.
Still, you saved many, many lives.
I'm not that nice a guy.
I saw you as nothing but a tool at first, too.
But you saved me.
No! I was only thinking of myself I know you better than anyone else in this world.
I know how kind you are.
So even if the whole world speaks ill of you, I'll tell them they're wrong.
I'll tell them again and again that you're a wonderful person.
You're the one who saved my life, gave me a sword, and showed me my purpose in life.
I am your sword.
I will follow you through fire and brimstone.
Those were the words I always wished someone would say to me.
No, I just didn't hear her before I am your sword! Wherever you go, I will go with you.
Even if you can't trust anyone anymore, I trust you.
I trust you, the man who saved me.
No, I trust the great Shield Hero.
Wh-Who are you? What are you saying? It's me, Raphtalia.
But Raphtalia's still a kid.
Sheesh When will you stop treating me like a child? I mean, sure, I'm still an unreliable kid who cries at the drop of a hat.
I may even be a burden.
But please let me stand by your side.
I need you, Naofumi-sama.
I didn't do anything wrong! What's wrong is a hero having a slave! Raphtalia-chan might still be doing all this because she's brainwashed.
I don't know about that.
It's amazing that you can say that after seeing them like this.
It must've been so painful.
But from now, let me share in your pain.
Good morning, Naofumi-sama.
Did you make this? Yeah! It's only leftovers from the castle kitchen and some bread, though.
You are Raphtalia, right? I'm not used to it yet.
When demi-humans level up as children, their bodies follow suit and grow rapidly, too.
That's why demi-humans are seen as inhuman beasts and discriminated against.
I see.
For leftovers, it's quite good! Naofumi-sama? I can taste it.
It's good! Let's eat lots of delicious food from now on.
Naofumi-sama Yeah? Let's do our best.
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