Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero) (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Is that what the king has been up to? Malty-sama must've talked him into it.
How is the Shield Hero holding up? He procured a demi-human girl from a slave trader.
Is that so? That's a relief.
However News of Melromarc's summoning of the Four Cardinal Heroes is making waves here as well.
We must prevent our neighbors from meddling, no matter what.
We'll continue to keep an eye on things in the capital.
I'm counting on you.
As a reward for your efforts during the Wave and for fulfilling my request, Motoyasu-dono will receive 4,000 silvers, and Itsuki-dono and Ren-dono will receive 3,800.
And as agreed upon, I have set aside 500 silvers for the Shield.
However Since it's offset by the cost of freeing his slave from her curse, he will receive no funds this time.
I don't think that's going to fly.
You interfered in his duel, dispelled the slave crest, was it? And now you refuse to pay him what he deserves? Right? If you'd followed the rules, Naofumi clearly would've won that duel.
Wha I didn't lose! You're mistaken, Itsuki-sama, Ren-sama.
It was a one-on-one duel, and the Shield Hero was the one with monsters hidden in his cape.
That is why Father didn't declare him the victor.
Even then, you cheated by firing a magic spell at him.
Get off me! I'm a cowardly cheat, after all! Besides, when the Wave hit, it was Naofumi who defended that village in the knights' stead.
I believe he must be compensated in some way.
Very well.
I shall afford him the minimum agreed amount.
You have it, so begone already! Isn't it great, Naofumi-sama? We don't have to waste our time in this place anymore.
We're leaving, Raphtalia.
The Rising of the Shield Hero Filo There we go.
She now has a new slave crest.
There was no need to get another one, you know.
But I wanted it, as a symbol of your faith in me.
If you say so.
A-Anyway, Naofumi-sama Um, what do you think? Slave User's Shield, huh? What is it? Slave User's Shield Nothing! Still I'm amazed you helped that scrawny bag of bones grow so much in such a short time.
Even if she's not a virgin, she's guaranteed to fetch you twenty gold pieces.
I am a virgin! Thirty-five, then! Thirty-five gold pieces, huh? Naofumi-sama! What's that? A monster egg lottery.
Pay 100 silvers, and you're guaranteed at least a filolial! You'll win a monster chick that'll double in value if you raise it well.
A filolial? You must've seen them around.
They're the large birds that pull carriages around town.
Oh, those? What's more, if you hit the jackpot, you'll win a dragon worth twenty gold pieces! What, it's like a gacha game? What's a gacha game? Nothing.
Forget it.
Would you like to give it a shot? Act now, and I'll give you a package deal for that and the slave crest! You shouldn't waste money like that, Naofumi-sama.
Well, I figured it wouldn't be fair to make you fight alone all the time.
A monster should at least be some help.
I can fight by myself just fine! If so, we can just sell it back to the slave trader.
Either way, don't loosen your purse strings any more.
Fine, I hear you.
Relatives of mine in Lute Village asked me to help you out.
Think it was someone you saved back then? Who knows? This book has recipes for finer medicines than you bring to me.
Use it.
It's yours.
Uh, I can't read this world's language, though.
Oh, right.
The old hag at the magic shop wants to see you, too.
It's for a similar reason.
She said you helped her grandkid out in Lute Village.
You have an affinity for healing and support magic, Shield Hero.
And the young lady has light and dark magic affinity.
She is half-raccoon, after all.
I recommend she learn illusion magic and the like.
In which case We don't have the money to buy a magic grimoire.
It's free, as thanks for helping my grandkid.
I actually would've loved to give you a crystal ball instead.
Huh? Don't you know? If you use a crystal ball, you can learn one of the magics sealed in it.
First I've heard of that.
But I heard the royal court ordered a bunch of them for the heroes.
I bet they handed them out to every hero but me.
Learning magic from a grimoire is hard, but if you keep at it, you can learn as many spells as you want! Do your best! Thank you.
"Thank you," huh? I really can't read it.
I wish there was a skill that'd translate books for me.
Let's learn together, then.
What? The language and magic? Well, yes.
But the key word there is "together.
" There's more than a month until the next Wave, so I guess there's no better plan.
Let's spend the night in Lute Village.
And tomorrow, we can go grind some levels after breakfast.
Sure! Hey, wake up! Raphtalia! It's so cute, Naofumi-sama! It must think you're its mother.
Imprinting, huh? We should think of a good name for it.
Yeah I can't believe she grew so much in just two days! My Growth Boost skill probably helped.
Mon Monster Monster Tam Monster Tamer's Monster Tamer's Shield Right, Filo? Monster Tamer's Shield III You named her Filo? As in "filolial"? Don't you think that's a bit lazy? She seems to like it, though.
Hey, look.
Why are the knights here? In light of his exploits during the last Wave, the Spear Hero, Motoyasu-sama, has been appointed ruling lord of this region.
To help the rebuilding efforts, we've decided to levy a toll.
Fifty silvers to enter the village, and fifty to exit.
That's absurd! We won't even have anything to eat tomorrow! You wish to defy your lord's orders? Well, duh! The Shield Hero? You were still here? This is Motoyasu-sama's domain now.
You have no right to question him.
In fact, get out this instant, criminal scum! I don't mind leaving, but I don't think the villagers are gonna accept this.
Motoyasu, do you know how much it costs to spend a night at the inn here? U-Uh It's one silver a night, food included.
You're charging a hundred nights' worth of money just to enter and exit the village! Yeah, yeah! He's right! Besides, you can't just show up and call yourself our lord.
And it was the Shield Hero who defended this village during the Wave! You dare complain about a royal decree? You people had better knock it off! I trust you know who we are, Malty-sama.
Why are you people here? For you.
Who are they, Naofumi-sama? No idea, but I can tell they're important.
How could this be? Shield Hero! Fight us for the right to rule this village! I refuse! But if we lose this, the village will fall into the Spear Hero's hands! As the current lord, even I cannot accept further taxation at this time! But why does that mean I have to take part in a dragon race? It sounds like a pain.
They've asked for you.
And besides, we don't have the right to challenge a Hero.
That letter probably said something Myne didn't like.
So she challenged you to take it out on you? Your filolial seems to be up for it.
What's wrong with her? So it's true that filolials and dragons don't get along.
Please, we beg you! We promise you a reward for winning! I'm not responsible for what happens if I lose, okay? So lame.
And it's a bird, not a dragon.
How are you gonna race my dragon with this? Motoyasu-sama! Motoyasu-sama! Healing magic! Hurry! Th-This is definitely going to bruise Right away! You cheater! It's his fault for getting too close.
I've never seen Naofumi-sama smile so much before.
The course will be three laps around the outskirts of this village.
Whoever reaches this gate first will be declared the winner.
Motoyasu-sama! Good luck, Naofumi-sama! On your marks Start! Piece of cake.
As source of thy power, I order thee.
Decipher the laws of nature and create a pit in front of me.
Earth Hole! No! The Shield Hero! Filo! Motoyasu-sama! Keep it up! As source of thy power, I order thee.
Decipher the laws of nature and slow my target.
Speed Down! Here's my chance! Damn it! What are you doing? Run faster! Filo! One last lap! Accursed beast! Decipher the laws of nature and hasten my target.
Fast Speed! He's blocking my path! We're heading straight for the hole! Let's do this, Filo! Air Strike Shield! Naofumi-sama! Hang in there, Shield Hero! Faster! Don't let him beat you! Keep running! We won, right? Brilliantly done! Now we can rest easy and focus on rebuilding the village! If you wanna thank someone, thank Filo.
You cheated! You didn't tell us your filolial was really this massive tub of lard! But it only transformed after the race was over.
You're the ones who cheated! Making holes and all that! Holes? Do you have any proof? The Shield Hero is right.
We detected traces of magic on the course.
I-It was that criminal, obviously! No.
The Shield Hero's magic affinities are healing and support.
His raccoon friend's are light and dark.
Completely different types than the magic we found.
When did they learn so much about us? It's clear that the Spear Hero's party cheated.
F-Fine! We shall leave for today! I let you win today, but it won't happen next time! In the first place, this fatso Is your crotch okay? Naofumi-sama! A-Anyway, just you wait! I'll get you yet! Get well soon.
Sir Hero, again, thank you so much.
We don't know how to express our gratitude for everything you've done.
Forget that.
Hand over the reward.
We're going around the village collecting money now.
Please give us a few days I don't want money.
Sir Hero! I don't want rumors spreading about how I took all your rebuilding funds.
Nobody in this village would ever say that! Really, now? But then, what else can we give you? S-Sorry, Naofumi-sama, but could we stop for a bit? Sorry to make you do this after you let me rest on the way.
We'll mostly be traveling by carriage now.
You should try to get over your motion sickness.
I'll try.
Your face is a little red.
Do you have a fever? No.
Filo looks happy now that she gets to draw a carriage.
She sure does.
Are you interested in becoming a traveling trader, Sir Hero? A traveling trader? If so, this pass will come in handy.
It exempts you from tolls across the country, so you can traverse the roads as you wish.
We can run a traveling business while fighting monsters and leveling up.
Sounds good.
I'll do my best, too.
Just sleep for tonight.
I'll keep watch.
Filo? Your feathers are stuffy as hell, you know.
Meanie! Naofumi-sama Naofumi-sama! Sorry, I must've fallen asleep.
Huh? Th-That girl Good morning, Master.
Ma—?! Who the heck is she?! How would I know?! I'm hungry! A New Comrade
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