Teen Titans (2003) s01e02 Episode Script


Tell me again what they are called.
On my home planet, such explosions would mean the Gordanians were attacking.
You are certain Earth is not under attack? Positive.
Cotton candy? The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white.
And it did not taste very- This is different.
Mmmm… It vanished! Yeah.
It’ll do that.
When I first came to this planet, I did not think I would ever fit in.
Earth was full of strange things.
But now I see that- Here comes the finale! Yes! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Amazing! Earth is full of amazing things too.
Best planet I’ve ever been to.
STARFIRE!! Wherever you are taking me, I do not wish to go! Boo-yah! Sweet! Told you we’d win you a prize.
A giant chicken.
I must be the luckiest girl in the world.
Titans! Trouble! Where’s Starfire? That’s the trouble.
No more chasing now, please! Who’s her new best friend? Don’t know- -but I can’t wait to meet him.
Don’t know what you did to make this thing mad, Star, but it couldn’t hurt to apologize! I am…sorry? So, did we just win? Don’t see an OFF switch.
Guess I’ll have to make one.
Whatever that thing was, it can’t hurt you now.
But…why did it wish to hurt me at all? Come, friends.
I shall thank you for my rescue by reciting the Poem of Gratitude—all six thousand verses.
I see you haven’t changed a bit.
When we were little, I was always rescuing Starfire.
Sister! Brought you a present.
A Centauri moon diamond?!? Where did you get- On the Centauri moons, of course.
Oh, look, it matches your eyes.
You must meet my friends! I wish to introduce my big sister.
And since Star told me all about the Titans in her transmissions, let me guess.
Pleased to meet you, little lady.
Little lady, big handshake.
Well, all right.
I like that gemstone on your Ajna chakra.
You…know about chakras? I got way into meditation on Altara Prime.
Beast Boy! What’s up? Nothing but the ceiling, baby.
Good one! See? She thinks I’m funny.
Statistically, I suppose someone has to.
And you must be Robin.
Oh, I am loving this cape.
It’s positively luscious! Thanks.
It’s a high-density polymerized titanium, ten times stronger than steel.
And this mask makes you look very mysterious.
So, beloved sister, what brings you to Earth? I was in the quadrant.
Thought I’d see if Earthlings like to party.
Besides, I needed a rest.
Nearly got sucked into a black hole on the way here.
Black hole? No way! Cool! Okay.
I’m cruising through the Draconis Nebula, and- Sister! That nebula is full of black holes! You know travel there is forbidden.
Most fun things in life are.
Now be a sweetie and bring me one of those sodas I’ve heard so much about.
So anyway, I’m zooming over an event horizon, approaching light speed, when all of a sudden- I see you have not changed either.
Our target was not located.
The drones have failed.
Have they? The one that probed Earth did not return.
That is where we will find the girl.
Sister? Sister? Sister, I seek your companionship.
You want to pass me, but you can’t pass me.
You can’t pa- You passed me! Tighten the turn…jets…and nitro! Tell me, have either of you seen Blackfire? Blazin’ B? She was here just a second ago.
Aw, yeah! Back in the lead! What fun! May I join your game? Winner plays Blackfire.
She rules at this game.
I see.
Is…my sister in there? No.
Oh…Might you wish to hang out with me? We could visit your favorite depressing café.
Already been.
It was open mic and Blackfire wanted to share.
Your sister’s poetry is surprisingly dark.
That’s perfect, Robin.
Hold me just like that, and… Learned that move from a Ven-Zo master on Tyrus Three.
Hello, Robin… and…my sister.
Am I interrupting? Not at all.
Blackfire was just showing me some alien martial arts.
How come you never taught me these cool moves? Probably because she doesn’t know them.
I always was the better fighter.
Come on.
I’ll show you the technique I once used to stop a raging orthax.
Friends! I invite you to join me in the togetherness of a stay-home movie night.
I bring you popcorn and non-cotton candies.
Tell me, what sort of movie shall we view? Action.
Perhaps a double feature? Forget the flicks, kids.
We’re going out! We are? Where did you-? Are those my-? Heard about a party downtown.
Cool crowd, hot music.
Yeah! I’m in.
Why not? And it’s in a creepy run-down warehouse.
Whoo! I am a party animal.
Hey, sweetie, raided your closet.
Hope you don’t mind me borrowing your look.
Why not? You have already borrowed my friends.
Step aside, Earthlings, the queen of the galaxy has arrived! Oh…excuse…oh…uh… Ow! You really should apologize after stepping on someone’s foot.
Now don’t tell me you big tough superheroes are afraid of a little dancing Betcha Cyborg can do the Robot.
This party is pointless.
Everything’s pointless.
Wanna go talk about it? Hey, hot alien girl.
You digging the scene? I…did not know we were supposed to bring shovels.
The girl may have defeated one probe- -but she will not fare so well against three.
Perhaps I do not belong here after all.
Of course you don’t.
You belong down there, having fun with the rest of us.
What’s wrong? Nothing is wrong.
Everything is wonderful.
The pounding music and blinding lights are quite enjoyable.
Everything is not wonderful.
I am happy to see her, but Blackfire rules the video games, and she is able to share very depressing poems, and she knows the cool moves- -and she always knows when people are not talking about shovels.
And I am nothing like her.
No, you’re not.
And I think- How do I look? Pink.
Look, can you give us a minute here? Oh, I love this song! Huh? Cy! Star’s in trouble! Whoa! Help! So, do you like show tunes? Where are you going? Stay and talk to me.
Look, I just want to make sure that Starfire’s okay.
What’s going on? Remember that thing that attacked Star? It had friends.
Didn’t you hear him? Your sister needs help! Right.
Of course.
Teen Titans! Go! Aw, yeah! Good times! Nice shooting, Tex.
Very nice.
How did you know where to hit them? Lucky guess.
We could use luck like that.
Maybe you oughta join the team.
Me? A Teen Titan? She will be a better Titan than I ever was.
Were you just going to leave without saying goodbye? Robin, I- Prepare to leave Earth orbit.
We have the Tamaranean girl.
Once we return to Centauri, you will pay for what you have done.
Nobody’s taking her away.
My friend stays here! No! I cannot control it!! Robin! Come on! Star! Robin! You guys okay? Titans! Get ready! In the name of the Grand Centauri Empire, you are all under arrest.
Uh…you can’t be the good guys.
We’re the good guys.
And we are Centauri police.
< The Tamaranean girl is a liar and a thief.
She’s committed high crimes throughout the entire Centauri system.
I have never even been to the Centauri moons! But I know someone who has.
You’ve been chasing the wrong girl.
Where’s Blackfire? Uh… Don’t worry, Star.
She won’t get away with this.
No, she will not! Hello, sister.
Aww, you’re mad.
I know, I should have told you I was leaving, but you know how I hate goodbyes and- You are a criminal, and you were going to let me take your place in jail! Oh…well…yeah.
You will give back what you have stolen and turn yourself over to the police! And what will you do if I don’t? I always was the better fighter.
Not anymore! Blackfire of Tamaran, you are under arrest.
Farewell, sister! Although you did betray and attack me, it was…still very nice to see you.
Next time it won’t be so nice.
I will get out of jail, little sister, and I will get even! Hey.
How are you doing? I am…sad for my sister.
And for yourself? I am just glad that the truth was discovered before I was replaced.
What are you talking about? Well, you…everyone was having such fun with her, and then Cyborg said- Look.
Your sister was interesting, but she could never take your place.
No one could ever take your place.