Teen Titans (2003) s01e04 Episode Script

Forces of Nature

This is gonna be so sweet! What are you doing? Please tell me this isn’t another ridiculous prank.
It’s not a ridiculous prank.
It’s a brilliant one! All right, check it out.
’Member how Cyborg put red dye in my shampoo and I turned brown for two days? Well, sister, it’s payback time.
I give you…the Beast Boy Insta-Lube 9000! See, when Chrome-Dome steps around the corner, his foot tugs the string.
The string trips the lever… …the lever releases the mother of all rubber bands… …which sends a balloon-load of motor oil flying right at him, and BOOSH! Pretty clever, huh? You’re a genius.
It’s just a little good clean dirty fun.
Here he comes.
Whoa! I do not think- Shhh! But what if- Shhh! Why are we hiding? Shhh! Cyborg?! You can’t be Cyborg! I can’t? If you’re you, then who’s…? NOOOOOOOO!! Eek! Starfire! You okay? This is punishment? I did something wrong? You didn’t.
He did.
Star! It was… …you weren’t supposed to… I didn’t… Just remember to change that oil every three thousand miles.
On my planet, we have a name for those who do such terrible things.
You are a…a…CLORBAG VARBLERNELK!! I’m a what-bag? You heard the lady.
You are such a clorbag.
Come on, you guys.
Can’t anybody take a joke? Titans! Trouble! May we have fun here, brother? Of course! We are Thunder and Lightning.
We may do whatever we please! Look, brother! I command the sparks to dance! Amusing.
Now listen as I make music! Let all who pass this way know - Lightning was here! And Thunder too! Most amusing.
Hate to break it to you… …but you guys have a lousy sense of humor! This ends - now! No one gives orders to Thunder and Lightning! Taste my power! Your powers are strong, but mine are stronger! Your power of the animals is impressive, green one.
Rise so we may do battle.
Why are you doing this? Because it is not sporting to attack an unready opponent.
Why are you wrecking everything? Uh…because it is amusing.
Do they look amused? I- This isn’t funny! It’s wrong! Ah, the thrill of victory.
Come, Thunder.
We shall seek more amusement.
Well, that was a shock.
Hmph! So…I’m guessing you’re still mad? Okay, team.
We have to find those guys before they do any more damage.
Cyborg, search the west side.
Raven, the east.
I’ll take downtown.
Beast Boy, you and Star scan from the skies.
Um…maybe Cyborg should come with me instead.
Cyborg can’t fly.
Have a nice flight, my little clorbag.
Magnificent! We can make much mischief here! Brother! Did you see what I…something troubles you? The green one’s words.
He says our fun is…wrong.
Wrong? He speaks nonsense, brother! How could such amusement be wrong? The fun is only beginning.
Well, either they were just here, or this is the ugliest modern art I’ve ever seen.
You are not funny.
You are a clorbag varblernelk.
Come on, Star.
You can’t stay mad forever.
What? Do I have to do the face? You know you can’t resist the face.
Hmpf! She resisted the face! Just talk to me, Star! Come on, this is no fun! Wrong again, green one! Your animal forms cannot protect you forever! I don’t want to hurt you.
And I don’t think you want to hurt me.
Pain does not amuse us.
Could’ve fooled me.
Keep playing rough, and innocent people will get hurt.
Star! Your gifts are your own.
Who are they to tell you how to use them? And who are you that commands such power? Show yourself! As you wish.
I am but a humble old man- -whose power is drawn from nature, like your own.
Come with me, and sow as much destruction as you please.
Yes! More fun! Will we harm anyone? What? The green one has poisoned your mind.
This destruction - will we harm the innocent? Would it matter if you did? You are unique.
Why should anything interfere with your enjoyment? I am going.
Follow, if you wish.
Come, brother, and leave your foolish thoughts behind.
Star? Starfire? Where are you? Come on! Gimme a sign here! You have to be all right, okay? ’Cause I - it was just a joke, you know? Back at the Tower, and…I’m sorry.
I never said it, but I’m really, really sorry.
It was supposed to be funny.
And you could’ve been hurt, and… …I’m a total clorbag.
Starfire! I am glad you are unharmed as well.
I am so sorry.
You gotta forgive me.
I already have.
Now those evil brothers must be made to apologize.
I don’t think they are evil.
I think they’re just like me.
Sticks and leaves? Is this a joke? There is no fun in blasting such frail targets! Are you certain, young master? Try.
You may like what you see.
Dancing lights! Pleasing.
Let Thunder try his hand.
Wondrous noise! See, brother? There is no harm in our fun.
And there is so much fun to be had.
More targets, old one! Yes, please, give us more.
That won’t be necessary.
You’ve done quite enough.
Burn, Fire! Burn it all! Didn’t anyone ever tell you? Play with fire, you’re gong to get burned.
Very good.
Brother, what have we done? Titans! Go! Flames can’t spread if there’s nothing to burn.
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Good idea, Raven.
Beast Boy! Starfire! Help her out! Is he out? You had to ask.
CGo, young masters.
Fire is your creation.
They have no right to destroy your fun.
Yes! We must fight! But, brother- Do not annoy me with your foolish concerns! Come! Robin.
We meet at last.
Who are you? Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Stand aside, green one! I do not wish to harm you.
But you want to destroy homes and innocent lives? No.
Then what are you fighting for? My brother and I…the old one says we are unique, gifted, better.
Gifts don’t make you better, just different.
It’s how you use them that counts.
It seems your power has its limit.
But mine has none.
You betray me? We have done wrong, my brother.
Our fun must stop.
No one commands Lightning- -not even Thunder! Those houses go, the whole city could go.
We gotta stop the fire! How? Any way we can.
Tell me, brother, are we still having fun? No.
They also have gifts, but they use them for good, while we waste ours on dangerous fun.
If we are so special, brother, let us act special.
We must help.
But how? Our gifts can only destroy.
But together we have another gift.
Is that the best you can do? Slade.
Ah, yeah! That’s what I mean! Very nice! I am sorry for the trouble we have made.
I am… …also sorry.
You have taught us much, green one.
Thank you.
Don’t thank me.
Thank the person who taught me.
And thank you for helping to defeat the flame monster.
So, Slade wants to destroy the city.
Question is, why? I don’t know, but I will find out - and he won’t get away with it.
So…am I, you know…still a clorbag? Mmm - no.
I believe you are more of a…milnip wusserloop.
SWEET! Go, Beast Boy! I’m a milnip! Who’s your wusserloop? Huh? That is a good thing…right, Star? Star?