Teen Titans (2003) s01e13 Episode Script

Car Trouble

ÿþ3 Robin? Robin! Please, Robin, where are you? Starfire, enough.
You ve been calling for forty-five minutes.
Perhaps if I just try one more- Come on, Star.
If he s gonna pick up, he d have done it by now.
 Sides, you re kinda giving me a headache.
But why does he not respond? Where could he be? Robin and Cinderblock definitely went a few rounds- -but I can t tell who won, or where they went.
No sign of him here, either.
His locator is still offline.
I ve been monitoring all the frequencies, but he hasn t checked in.
Oh, we are bad friends! We should never have left Robin to do battle alone.
Yeah, especially since Slade s big doodad was a dud.
The chronoton detonator wasn t a dud.
It was a decoy to lure us away from Robin - and we fell for it.
I shoulda known that thing was a fake! But why? Why did Slade wish to separate us from Robin? And if the detonator was a decoy& & what was Slade s real plan? Titans! Trouble! He s stolen the thermal blaster! Stop him! Where d he go? Freeze! That s not Slade, that s& .
No way! Robin, why are you- Yo! What is your deal? Not a word, Robin.
They re not your friends anymore.
What are you doing? Robin.
Excellent, Robin.
I m pleased.
You re already proving to be the perfect apprentice.
This deal can t last forever.
It can.
And it will.
The Titans still have no idea that my chronoton detonator was more than a decoy.
Now that my probes are inside their bodies, they could remain undetected for years - decades.
Unless, of course, you disobey me- -and I decide to destroy your former friends with a push of the button.
Sooner or later, you ll let your guard down.
I <i>will</i> get that controller, and the instant they re out of danger, you <i>will</i> pay.
That sounds like a threat, young man.
Quite a good threat, actually.
Betrayal, destruction, revenge.
We really do think alike.
I monitored your vital signs during the mission.
Elevated heart rate, adrenaline, endorphins.
You won t admit it, but at some level- -you enjoyed stealing for me.
It was a thrill, wasn t it? You re going to keep stealing, Robin.
And you re going to keep getting that thrill.
And sooner or later- -you will see things my way.
Who knows? I might even become like a father to you.
I already have a father.
The way I see it& & there are only two logical explanations.
One& & Robin s been replaced by an evil robot double.
Two& he s another innocent victim of zombie mind control.
As logical as that sounds, if anything was controlling his mind, I would have sensed it.
And my scanners confirmed his biometrics.
That was the real Robin - our Robin.
Lies! That was not Robin! Your scanners are wrong! Robin is our friend, and nothing could ever make him betray us! Nothing.
But something did.
Three words - disgruntled radioactive clone.
No matter what the reason, no matter how much we wish it wasn t true, Robin s a criminal now.
And just like any other criminal- -the Teen Titans have to bring him down.
It s him! You re not walking outta here, Robin! Not without a fight.
Titans! Go! Not so fast, Robin.
You have yet to achieve your objective.
The device was too heavily guarded.
I ll have to steal it another- <i>No!</i> Go back.
Unless you want me to destroy them, go back and fight.
Robin! Look, I don t know what s going on- -but we don t want to fight.
We just want to talk.
Guess there s nothing to talk about.
Please- Don t make me& Dude! Are you okay? Fight to win, Robin.
Use the thermal blaster.
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! I& can t& see! No! Come on, man, don t make me do this! I don t want to do this! <i>Stop!</i> Do-not-move.
I thought I told you to use that blaster.
Attack! Now! Robin, you are my best friend.
I cannot be in a world where we must fight.
If you are truly evil- -then go ahead.
Do what you must.
Starfire, no! I- ROBIN!! I gave you an order.
If you won t attack, my probes will.
Starfire! Stop! Please stop! Attack, Robin.
It s the only way to save them.
Attack with everything you ve got.
I m sorry.
That s my boy.
What just- Titans! Move! He s gone.
Everybody okay? Uh, I know where Robin picked up that heat ray, but where did he learn that little glowy hurty trick? I do not think that <i>was</i> Robin.
Perhaps it is Slade who has learned a new trick.
My apprentice is progressing even faster than I had hoped.
All he needed was a little motivation.
Motivate THIS! Robin.
That was vicious, dishonorable, and ruthless.
Excellent work.
You re becoming more like me every second.
Think I found something.
The enhanced sensors are picking up radio interference on the naonscopic scale.
Those things are inside me? EWWW!! They re inside all of us.
Billions of  em! With such technology at his command, Slade can destroy us whenever he wants.
Unless Robin does whatever he says.
And you guys thought my zombie idea was crazy.
Good, Robin.
You re doing much better than last time.
A few more years of training, and you might actually pose a threat.
You re going to wish you hadn t done that.
I only wish I d done it sooner.
I have much to teach you.
But the first thing you need to learn is gratitude.
I made you my apprentice.
All my knowledge, all my power, all for you.
But the only thing you care about is your worthless little friends! If the Titans are so distracting, maybe I should just get rid of them.
Don t.
I ll do whatever you say.
Good boy.
And, from now on, I d like you to call me Master.
<i>Leave-him-alone!</i> Robin! Attack! Get out of here! Go! You don t know what those beams did to- Dude& & we know& & and we don t care.
We are your friends, Robin.
We are not leaving without you.
How very touching.
But Robin doesn t need any friends.
This is the price for your disobedience, Robin.
Now do as I command.
Attack! No.
Robin! New deal, Slade.
If I lose my friends, you lose your apprentice.
And I know how you hate to lose.
Titans! Go! Another day, Robin.
Another day.
Let s go home.
Am I done yet? That s it, y all.
The Teen Titans are officially probe-free.
Go, Beast Boy! You re probe-less! No probes now! Go, Beast Boy! Go, Beast Boy! Get fun-kay! Uh! Yeah! Uh, uh, that s right.
Um& I know this isn t my style, but we just kicked Slade s butt.
Shouldn t we celebrate or something? Yeah! All-you-can-eat& & free-form& & breakfast explosion! Sorry I asked.
Everything okay? I am sorry.
<i>You re</i> sorry? For what? When things were bad, there was a moment where I truly believed that you were& like Slade.
I doubted you.
And for that, I am sorry.
I doubted myself, Star.
Focused, serious, determined& as much as I hate to admit it, he and I are kind of alike.
But there s one big difference between me and Slade.
He doesn t have any friends.
Who wants tofu waffles? Man, nobody wants tofu waffles.
I do.
Pass me the soy milk! I m telling you, you re not getting anywhere near the soy milk.
Man, pass me the soy milk! Is there any meat in the tofu? No, there s no meat in the tofu, it s tofu! Nobody wants it.