Teen Titans (2003) s01e12 Episode Script

Apprentice (2)

ÿþ3 Dangerous behavior, Robin.
You must be very eager to see me.
I m flattered.
I m not here to see you.
I m here to stop you.
But how can you stop me, when you don t even know what I m planning? Like this.
Excellent, Robin.
We appear to be evenly matched and equally ruthless.
Not surprising.
You and I are so very much alike.
I m nothing like you! You re a criminal, a psychopath! All you care about is destruction! And all <i>you</i> care about, you destroy.
No! Who are you? It s him.
It s Slade.
Good morning, Teen Titans.
I do hope I didn t wake you.
What are you, an insomniac? Who calls at five in the morning- What do you want? Well, that s precisely what you ve been trying to find out, isn t it? And in spite of all your efforts, you re still in the dark about my intentions.
Disappointing, Robin.
I expected a little more from you.
Like I care what you- But since you ve been unable to discover my plan, I suppose I ll just have to reveal it myself.
I m sure you re all familiar with the concept of a chronoton detonator.
No! No way! Um, what s a crouton detonator? It eradicates all chronotons within a localized area, utterly destroying the temporal component of the space-time continuum.
It stops time.
If he triggers that thing downtown, it ll freeze-frame the entire city.
Tell me where! You re a clever boy, Robin.
I m sure you and your little friends can figure it out.
However, since I control the detonation, time is not on your side.
Fan out! Find it! Shut it down! Hey, uh, maybe you should stay here and coordinate the search.
What? Man, when it comes to Slade, you ve got issues.
Might be better for the team if you sit this one out.
There s too much at stake for me to- Robin.
We have not forgotten the last time you faced- I made a mistake, Starfire.
It won t happen again.
I can handle it.
I promise.
Would you at least like to know where to look? Slade gave us more information than he realized.
Here, in this reflection.
Ooh, squiggly lines.
Way informative.
Pier Forty-One! The docks! Empty? Oh, man! I don t believe this! Super.
Tak~e èo budeme robi teraz? We fight.
Titans! Go! Hey! I was gonna do that! Azarath Metrion Zin- Uh, Robin? I think you got him.
Yes, please.
You may stop now.
We are victorious.
Slade s got his finger on the button, and we ve got nothing! Does that sound like a victory to you? Okay.
We know the chronoton detonator was here.
Now we just have to figure out where it went.
No problem.
We should split up and- -waste hours searching only to come up empty-handed? Well, when you say it like that- Raven is right.
We must find some way to track the device.
Freeze! Tell me everything you know about this! Answer me! Now! I ve never seen it before! I don t know anything! Honest! You said you could handle it.
You promised.
We re wasting time.
You know, just  cause we re trying to catch Slade doesn t mean you have to act like him! Don t you <i>ever</i> compare me to him! He s trying to destroy the city.
I m trying to save it! Gesundheit.
Forgive me.
I am allergic to metallic chromium.
There must be a source near- Sorry.
Not really.
On my world, chromium allergies are quite common.
The key component of a chronoton detonator is a metallic chromium core, which means- -Starfire can track it! I believe it is this way.
Look, guys, uh - about earlier.
It ll have to wait.
Titans! Go! Quick! We can t let him get away! Robin! Get the detonator! Go! Star! You heard the man! Only fair to warn you - you caught me on a bad day! Defense mode activated.
I will not be having attitude from a boat! Where is he? Where s - huh? Hurry, young Titans.
Your time is running out.
Actually- -we just went into overtime.
I ve been expecting you for some time.
I was beginning to wonder if Cinderblock was too much of a challenge.
Looking for this? Well& & here it is.
If you want it, come and take it.
Thanks for the lift! Auto pilot engaged.
Invalid code.
How does one halt this vehicle? Please tell me that s not how you re planning to stop the detonator.
You <i>do</i> know how to stop it, don t you? How hard could it be? Whatever we re gonna do, we should do it before Slade decides to trigger this thing.
Come now, Robin.
You ll have to do better than that.
I haven t even broken a sweat.
Good technique.
Good- -but not perfect.
The chromium core.
Very unstable.
No sudden moves.
Please continue.
Now all we have to do is decouple the- Well, that doesn t sound good.
I understand your frustration, Robin.
You hate losing as much as I do.
One of the many qualities we have in common.
It s over, Slade! On the contrary, Robin.
This is only the beginning.
Where s the real trigger? Trigger? There is no trigger - because there is no detonator.
Moment of truth, y all.
Everybody ready? I can t watch! We blew it! We ll be frozen in time forever! Um& why are we not frozen in time forever? Because this wasn t a crhronoton detonator.
It was a fake! So aside from the nasty taste of sewer water in my mouth, I think I m okay.
Diagnostic sensors say I m just fine.
Whatever that beam was supposed to do, it didn t do it.
Then& we are victorious? Nanoscopic probes.
The chronoton detonator was merely the bait for a much larger trap.
You see, with the push of a button- -my probes will destroy your friends from the inside out.
You can t control them.
No matter what you threaten, they ll never obey you.
This isn t about your friends, Robin.
It s about you.
It s always been about you.
What? Sending trouble your way.
Leaving cryptic clues for you to unravel.
I was testing you.
For some time now, I have been searching for an apprentice.
Someone to follow in my footsteps.
And, Robin, I ve chosen you.
No way would I ever work for- If you join me, if you swear to serve me- -aif you never speak to your friends again- -I will allow them to live.
But& & if you disobey even the smallest request, I will annihilate them, Robin.
And I ll make you watch.
So, do we have a deal? Robin? Robin? Robin, please respond! Why does he not answer? His locator s been deactivated.
We have no way to find him.
Not good.
Robin, please.
You must answer.
Robin! Please respond! Robin, where are you? I know it seems bad now.
But trust me- -you ll learn to like it.