Teen Titans (2003) s01e11 Episode Script

Apprentice (1)

ÿþ3 Drum roll, please! Ladies and gentlemen - and whatever Beast Boy is& Hey, Cyborg.
You want a drum roll or not? Sorry.
It is my great pleasure to present, for the first time anywhere, the thing you ve all been waiting for, my coolest, hottest, baddest creation- Just get on with it.
I give you the future of Titans transportation, the one, the only& <i>.
T-CAR!!</i> Dude! Cool! Yep, she s my baby.
One-hundred-thousand-horsepower plasma-turbine engine& all-terrain hoverjets& antilock air brakes& and an onboard computer that links with my systems - so I can literally feel the road.
Amazing! And of course, leather seats, power windows, and a booming stereo are all standard.
Sweet! Nice! It sings! Can we go now? You bet, Raven.
I ll take you anyplace you want to go.
The beach! The movies! The swamp moons of Drenthax Four! He said anyplace.
Trouble! I ll drive! Are we there yet? NO!! So many fascinating buttons!& Your baby is most entertaining& Ooooh! Look! They are dancing! Hey! I know you re not drooling on my paint job.
My bad.
All right, y all, hang on.
Time to kick my baby into high gear and see what she can- There! Stop the car! Oh, man& Titans! Go! Coming! Dude! That is phat! Sweet ride.
She yours? Built her with my own two hands, using the finest parts and cutting-edge techn- Boys.
Whoa! Almost forgot to switch on the alarm.
Mine! All mine! If you re going to take all that stuff& & you d better be ready to pay for it.
Foolish biologicals.
Overload will destroy! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Smooth.
Yo, Radiohead! Listen to this! Mine! I ll bet you re not waterproof! Good idea.
Titans! Soak him! Soon as we hand Sparky over to the cops- -how  bout we swing by the drive-thru? Uh& dude? My wheel lock! My car alarm! My baby! Somebody stole my baby! Yeah! Make it go faster! Make it go faster! Noooo! No, no, no, no, no& I understand your pain, Cyborg.
When I was small, my favorite zarnik was eaten by a rampaging gloorg.
Believe me, after your zarnik has been inside a gloorg, you do not want it back.
My car wasn t eaten.
It was stolen! Hey, look on the bright side.
At least it wasn t my fault.
Not helping.
We ll help you find your car, I promise.
But right now, we ve gotta take Overload to jail.
No! We gotta go now! Every second we wait is a second she could get scratched or dinged or- Calm down.
It s just a car.
She s not just a car, she s <i>my</i> car.
And I m gonna find her, whether you guys help me or not! It had a tailpipe this big! I m looking for my car.
Tricked-out hardtop with a growl that ll make your teeth shake.
Ring any bells? Um - yeah, yeah, um - Sammy and Cash cruised by in a car like that.
Looks really cool with those flames painted on it.
They painted my baby?!? Where are they? Well, they were looking to race, so they headed to& & Crash Alley.
Hey, Cash! Check out the cute little windup toy! Get out the butter and jam, Sammy,  cause this dude is toast.
Dude, we re getting smoked! Then we ll smoke him right back.
Hey, what s this one do? Dude! That was the bomb! The fastest car in town, and she s totally ours.
Not anymore, pit-sniffers! Hey! Huh? Hey, dude, what s going on here, huh? Check out Gizmo s bonzer new wheels.
Thanks, hogs.
I ve been needing a faster getaway car.
Wait! You can t take it, it s not ours! Yeah, we were just kind of borrowing it from the Titans.
Even better.
So long, snot-munchers! This is all your fault.
Hey! What s going on, buddy? I want my car.
Yeah, see, um, the thing is, we sort of lost it in a race.
<i>You lost my car?!? My car lost a race?!?</i> No way! We beat him easy.
She handled like a dream.
She did? How d she take the curves?  Cause, you know, I ve been working on the suspension for a - d-d-d-d-d-d& & don t try to distract me.
Who has her now? Dude named Gizmo.
Said something about a getaway car and headed downtown.
Hey! You can t just leave us like this! You re right.
I ll make sure the cops come pick you up.
This is too easy.
Wonder if there s a drive-thru jewelry store around here.
Get your tiny butt outta my car! Fuzzy dice? Aw, now that s just tacky.
No! Keep those nasty plastic brushes off my baby! She s hand-wash only! The clutch! You gotta use the clutch! I know, you stinking hood ornament! Are you even old enough to drive? That ll buff right out, that ll buff right out& Hit the nitro! HIT THE NITRO!! Oh, man& Fourteen milkshakes.
Not a good sign.
What are <i>you</i> doing here? Looking for your car.
Soon as we turned Overload in to the police, we all split up to search the city.
Might as well stop looking.
T-Car s probably halfway to Metropolis by now.
From the day I designed her, I knew she was gonna be special.
And I worked so hard, every fuel injector, every spark plug, I made her perfect.
I put my heart, soul, and circuits into that car.
And now she s gone forever.
Maybe you were right.
Maybe it <i>was</i> just a car.
Maybe not.
When I use my powers, I have to put a little of my soul into whatever I m moving.
I become a part of it, and it becomes a part of me.
That s kinda what happened here.
It wasn t just a car.
It was& your baby.
Thanks, Rae.
And someone s eating onion rings in your baby.
Hey! You didn t pay! HE LL GET KETCHUP ON THE SEATS!! So we were stuck.
Looked like we d get busted for sure.
But then we totally escaped before the cops showed up.
Escape from <i>that</i> before the cops show up! Sweet ride.
Mind if we borrow it? CRUD!! He may have a better car, but <i>I m</i> a better driver! Eat crude, you stinking losers! Ooooh, cool! Boo-yah! Check out my baby s proton cannon.
Uh& I mean& oh, no.
Come on! Faster, faster! Hang on.
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Yo, what are you- Pull over! Make me, Robo-Wimp! I said, pull over! Hey! Let me go, you barf-smelling hairball! Okay, making it <i>really</i> hard to concentrate.
NOOOOOOO!! Heh! Looks like your stupid car is- Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay& Car is better than okay.
Car is mine! Only way to stop Overload is to destroy your precious car! It s not my car anymore.
Overload& overloaded.
You got busted.
So did you, you brainless stinkbombs! She s gone.
Gone forever.
Maybe not.
These are just parts.
The thing you loved about that car - the thing that made her special- -that came from inside you.