Teen Titans (2003) s02e10 Episode Script


Tell Slade, the Titans have a message for him.
Eat dirt! Titans go! Terra, catch! - Thanks a ton.
- Closer to two tons, actually.
- You saved me.
- Yeah, that was cool.
Uh, Beast Boy? You can put me down now.
Right, I was just Excellent.
You've done well, very well.
All your hard work is about to pay off.
Tonight we strike and by sunrise tomorrow the Titans will be annihilated.
And the last slice of pizza goes to Terra! - Alright! - Woo! - You are the winner.
- Congratulations.
Just a rookie and already you're a MVP holding the coveted four cheese trophy Terra, the world wants to know how does it feel? Um good and kinda greasy.
Seriously, Terra.
Great job tonight.
We're glad to have you on the team.
And we are most mirthful to claim you as our friend.
Yeah, what they say.
Beast Boy Thanks guys, really, for everything.
But you shouldn't I'm just doing my job, you know.
- No big deal.
- Well, it's a big deal to us.
Good friends don't come along every day, you know? Alright y'all, Titan's Tower is locked up and Cyborg's shutting down.
We should all get some sleep.
We may have stopped Slade tonight, but we need to figure out what he's planning tomorrow.
- Night.
- Pleasant schlorvax.
Nighty night, Terra.
Yeah, see you tomorrow.
Okay, well, nice talking to you.
I kinda, made you something.
- You did? - Yeah.
Went a little crazy with the glue gun.
Beast Boy, it's I don't know what to say.
You could say, yes.
Because I'm about to ask you out for a date.
Oh, wow! So, Want to do something tomorrow night? Tomorrow? I'm sorry Beast Boy, I can't.
- But - I just can't.
Um, okay.
Maybe some other time? Idiot! How could you mess that up? All you had to do was knock on the door and say Yo, Terra, you, me, movies Friday.
You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
You want to go for a ride on my moped? Please? Anything would have been better than giving her a stupid glue covered box and acting like a total goomer.
Now she'll never go out with me.
How long have you been standing there? Wanna go out? Huh? Yeah! I mean, that's cool.
But why didn't you just knock on my door? Do you trust me? More than anyone I've ever met.
So you want to catch a late movie? Oh, man I knew I shouldn't have given up that last slice of pizza.
Oh, Well.
Nothing a foot long ham and beef jerky sandwich won't No When you asked me out I didn't realize you meant out of town.
It looks cool, doesn't it? Guess sometimes you have to leave a place to really appreciate it.
- You hungry? - Always.
Um, don't suppose you guys have a veggie burger? We'll just get the usual, Pam.
So I'm guessing you've been here before.
I've been everywhere before.
I was quite the traveler before I became a Titan, remember? Okay, what's the coolest place you've ever been? Don't know Probably Titan's Tower.
But there's plenty of cool stuff out here.
Who knows, if you're really nice to me, maybe I'll give you the tour.
Dig in.
This is the greatest pie, in the history of pie.
There's a place about 200 miles outside of Gotham that bakes a mean cherry.
But for apple, this is the best there Let's get out of here.
The night's still young.
But pie! Beast Boy, come in! Beast Boy, where are you? Answer me! He's not responding.
And Terra's not in her room.
Somebody wanna explain how 200 armed robots got passed my security? Can't even access the computer.
We're locked out.
They are too numerous to fight.
What should we do? Fight anyway.
Titans, go! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! That's my room.
Nobody goes in my room! Don't know how you guys got in but I know how you're getting out.
Yeah! This place is awesome! Spent a lot of time here, when I was on the road.
It's the closest thing I have ever had to a home.
You mean, besides Titan's Tower.
Yeah, so you wanna ride the bumper cars or - Terra, is everything okay? - Totally, what makes you Because I'm having fun, and I really want you to have fun.
But if you're not, you know, with me Beast Boy, you're my definition of fun.
C'mon, let's ride some rides.
So, what made you change your mind? - Excuse me? - About going out with me.
It was the ears, wasn't it? Ladies love the pointy ears.
Actually, it was because of all the things I could have done tonight, I realized, all I really wanted to do was spend time with you.
Lucky for me, you didn't have other plans.
Beast Boy, if you knew something bad about me, would you still be my friend? Of course.
I mean, if you were really my friend, I could tell you anything.
And no matter how horrible it was, you'd still like me, right? Yes, I promise Terra, no matter what.
Hello, Terra.
Remember me? I have plans for you, Terra.
Did you think you and your little boyfriend could just run away? Let her go! Beast Boy! Terra, run! - Stay where you are, child.
- What do you want with her? You mean, she didn't tell you? I thought you two were friends.
You think you know her, you know nothing.
She never even liked you.
Beast Boy, come on! Terra! Beast Boy, fly! Terra, no! I lost my communicator! Give me yours! - I don't have it.
- Then we gotta get back to the Tower and Beast Boy, I'm not going back.
I can't.
What? Why can't you? Because she's not your friend, she's my apprentice.
Terra? - Terra! - The girl you knew was merely an illusion.
A fantasy in reality.
She's been working for me.
That's a lie! I found her.
I trained her to control her impressive powers.
And then I sent to destroy your little team.
From the inside out.
- No! Terra would never - Tonight, her orders were to strike But I guess she took pity on you.
Perhaps she wanted to keep you, as a pet.
However, despite this minor error in judgment, she was kind enough to deactivate the security at Titan's Tower.
Your friends are being annihilated as we speak.
- Liar! - Beast Boy! It's the truth.
Terra, why? Because you could never give her what she needs.
No! I won't let you hurt my friend! Dear child, you don't have any friends.
Beast Boy, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I never meant for any of this to happen.
Then why did you let it? I don't know, okay? I don't know.
Slade, he helped me, save me from myself.
- He said I owed him but - So it was all a game? - You were just pretending? - No.
You said you'd be my friend, no matter what, remember? Slade was right.
You don't have any friends.
Apprentice, come.
We had a change of plans.
Well, looks like we won.
Then why does it not feel like a victory? I knew it! I knew it! We never should have trusted her.
But we did, we all did.
I regained access to the computer.
Security codes and encryption strings have all been reset.
And all enemy surveillance technology has been located and destroyed.
Problem is, Terra gave Slade more than secret codes and hidden cameras.
She gave him, us.
Our flaws, our weaknesses.
Everything he'd ever need to know.
It doesn't matter.
When Slade makes his next move, we'll be ready.
- And Beast Boy? - He will be, alright? He just needs a little time.