Teen Titans (2003) s02e11 Episode Script


That's it! Run and hide! The streets belong to Johnny Rancid.
End of the road, Johnny.
Robin, a little birdy name for a little birdy boy.
You can't stop me.
You can't even catch me.
Aww! Did big bad Johnny break the birdies favorite toy? Looks like you still need training wheels.
You can't fight, you can't ride and you can't win.
Face it, bird boy.
You're just a stupid little kid.
I reduced the injury to a minor fracture.
But you're still gonna that cast for a few weeks.
Agh! I don't believe this! How could I make such a stupid mistake? Please, no more Robin yelling at Robin.
Yeah, stop kicking yourself.
Accidents happen.
Not to me they don't.
Dude, I know just how to cheer you up.
We all have to sign your or not.
Look guys, thanks for the concern, but No! You are no condition to continue pursuing the Johnny Rancid.
I know, I just reaching for the remote.
- You mean - You're not gonna be all crazy, determined? And insist that you are fine, when your clearly are not.
And yell at us for trying to make you stay at home? You guys can handle Rancid without me.
With this on my arm, I'd probably just mess up again.
Go, take him down, I'll be just fine by my - Dude! - Robin! What's wrong? Yay! I made it! Robin, hi! Didn't see that coming.
- Who are you? - I'm, uh I'm you.
DNA's identical.
Little dude was right, he really is you.
We're DNA buddies! Yay! - You've got to be kidding.
- Wow! Look in here.
Cool! Open, close, open, close, open, close, open, close.
You're making a mess.
The book of Azar is not a toy.
Well, if someone was trying to clone me, they didn't do a very good job.
No, not a clone, I'm you.
Another you from another universe.
All the way from dimension DNA buddy and number one fan Nosyarg Kcid.
Welcome to our universe, small, amusing doppelganger.
Yeah, nice to meet you Nosey Nuzzy Uh, maybe we should just call you Larry.
My name is Larry now! Yay! Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry.
Larry Mr.
Hey, Larry.
Hi, how ya doing Larry? Larry.
Hey, Larry.
Hi, how ya doing Larry? Larry.
How do you do all that stuff you did? Magic finger, bends the rules of reality.
See, Robin's universe is here and Larry's is here.
And I bend the rules, so I can watch my hero Robin beat the bad guys all the time.
But when he got hurt, I knew Larry could help.
So I decided to pop over.
But I goofed and popped over inside your noggin.
Oops! Yeah, oops.
Alternate dimensions, bending reality Ah, all this science is hurting my brain.
See? Larry's here to help.
Now watch me fix up that arm.
Johnny Rancid, downtown.
Just go.
That is how we boil water.
Yay! 'Kay, this time I'll fix it up just right.
Let's just let it heal on its own.
Hey, want to check in with the team on your communicator? They're fine.
I betcha wanna monitor the mission by computer.
Not really.
- Oh, then don't you wanna patch up your R-Cycle? - No, thanks.
- Want to work out? - No - Clean your utility belt? - No! Alphabetize your crime files? Polish your boomerangs? Iron your cape? No, no, no! Just let me fix your arm, please? - You'll feel all - No! Cut it Get that thing away from me! - I can help! - Larry! - Let me help, let me help.
- Leave me alone! Oops.
Big oops.
Titans That can't be good.
Uh, why does the entire world look like it belongs on my grandma's fridge? This is bad.
Okay, so it's not all bad.
Somebody please tell me what's going on? We're still alive! Yay! - Robin! - What happened? Yeah, what happened? Remember how I can bend reality? Well, when you pushed me, we kind of broke it.
- You broke reality? - We did, together.
- Fix it! Now! - Can't.
Magic finger's broke too.
Raven, fix his finger.
Not a good idea.
Mixing my powers with his could destroy the dimensions boundaries and nullify all existence.
Who cares? I just want my mouth back.
No problem, no problem.
If anyone can fix reality, it's my hero, Robin.
What makes you think I can fix it? I don't even understand how we broke it.
Well, somebody's got to clean up this mess.
C'mon, y'all.
We're heading for Titan's Tower.
Robin, you're feeling okay? The universe is falling apart because I made another stupid mistake.
How would you feel? Hey, DNA buddy, look now we're cast buddies too.
Yay Yay! And I betcha Robin's already got a super smart plan for what to do when we get there.
I'm just hoping we get there before we all go completely insane.
Do not despair, our goal is in sight, the journey can not last much longer.
Actually, this could take a while.
Yay! We made it! Now Robin can save the universe.
Beast Boy, wonderful, you have recaptured your mouth.
Yeah but I think he put it on backwards.
I knew something like that was gonna happen.
- So, how do we close it? - You don't.
Whatever this thing is, it controls the city.
And now the city belongs to Johnny Rancid.
No! Bird boy, ready for me to clip your other wing? Cool, uh I mean, oops.
Your city is mine! Your reality is mine! Titans, go! Come on, bird boy.
Let's see if you can fly.
You want dark? I'll give you dark! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Titans, go.
Titans, go! Robin has to beat the bad guy.
I can't.
But why can't you? You're Robin.
Don't you get it? Look at me! I'll just mess it up again.
So? I mess up all the time, but I still try.
That's how come you're my hero, Robin.
Because no matter what, you always try.
Yeah, gotcha! Yeah, take that! Larry fixed the bike! Yeah! And it's the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
Have you looked in a mirror lately? Olé! Ha! Ya missed! You can't beat me! You're just a stupid little kid! So, Johnny, what's it like having your butt kicked by a stupid little kid? - Ah! Back to reality.
- Everything looks so joyous and wonderful.
Yeah, any chance we can change it back? See Robin? We fixed everything.
Yay! Um, that will just wear off.
Sooner or later.
Thanks, Larry.
But before you head back home - how about fixing my arm? - Another chance? Really? - Even though I might mess up? - Just give it your best shot.
It's perfect! Larry, you did it! Uh Larry? - Larry? - Oops.