Teen Titans (2003) s03e08 Episode Script


[ALARM BLARING] [GASPS] Five more minutes.
[YELLS] [POUNDING ON METAL] [GROANS] Aqualad? Your trash is in my ocean.
# When there's trouble You know who to call # # Teen Titans! # # From their tower They can see it all # # Teen Titans! # # When there's evil On the attack # # You can rest knowing They got your back # # 'Cause when the world Needs heroes on patrol # # Teen Titans go! # # With their superpowers They unite # # Teen Titans! # # Never met a villain That they liked # # Teen Titans! # # They've got the bad guys On the run # # They never stop till Their job gets done # # 'Cause when the world Is losing all control # # Teen Titans go! # # One, two, three, four, go! # Teen Titans! An undersea fortress built by the former headmaster of the H.
Academy, Brother Blood.
I'm sure you guys have already met.
Yeah, we go way back.
I went undercover as one of his brainwashed students, but after I destroyed his school, we lost touch.
Blood moved out of your neighborhood and into mine.
I tried to take him down on my own, but Blood used his mental powers to jam my telepathy.
With no fish to help me You got schooled.
Pretty much.
I was able to contact an agent in the H.
and find out what the fortress is hiding: a massive sonic resonator, capable of creating a tidal wave big enough to wipe out your entire city.
[BOTH GASP] Dude! Yo, that's not just any sonic resonator.
That's my sonic cannon! When you hacked into the H.
computer, the H.
hacked into you.
Blood downloaded everything in your central database.
He read my blueprints?! My private blueprints?! And he's using your technology to attack the city.
Then this is my mission.
I'm takin' Blood down with my own two hands.
All right, listen up! While I go after him, y'all are gonna ROBIN: Cyborg, they're your blueprints.
You're the only one who can shut down the resonator.
We will capture Blood.
No, man, come on.
This is personal.
Just give me a chance to There's no time.
The resonator will be fully operational by sunset.
Okay, Titans, here's what we need to do.
Starfire and Raven [MOTOR WHIRRING] [LAUGHING] [BEEPS] Maybe we should pull over and ask directions.
BROTHER BLOOD: Ah, yes, the fish-scented failure returns.
And he's brought our old friend Cyborg.
I'll finally have a chance to thank him for the use of his blueprints.
Bumblebee! Release the mind-controlled squid.
[BEEPS] Hey, that's my tech too.
Doesn't that dude have any ideas of his own?! Evasive maneuvers.
[EXPLOSION] [BLIPPING] [GASPS] No! Aagh! [GASPS, THEN GROANS] [GASPS] [BELLOWS] RAVEN: Please tell me we're not where I think we are.
I I wish I could.
Although Beast Boy's quick thinking has saved our lives, I believe I am grossed out.
[COUGHS] Okay, everybody knows their assignments.
Beast Boy and I will take out the force field that protects the resonator.
Raven, Robin and I will attempt to capture the Brother Blood.
Providing a diversion so that Cyborg can get to the resonator core and shut it down.
Looks like we just had a change of plans.
You have your assignment! Move! ROBIN: Titans, go! Spiky-head, little know-it-all.
It's my blueprints, my bad guy, and my [CLANKING] Huh? [YELLING] [GRUNTS] Cyborg, so nice of you to drop in.
Say, you remember Bumblebee, don't you? You were my two top students at H.
But of course, Bumblebee wasn't a spy.
[YELLS] [GRUNTS] Hey there, Bee.
Haven't seen you since Since you betrayed headmaster and ruined our school? I was gonna say the Sadie Hawkins dance, but yeah, that too.
You're gonna pay for that.
BROTHER BLOOD: Bumblebee! Less talking, more stinging.
[YELLS] [BOTH GRUNT] Huh? [LAUGHING] [GROWLS] You can fly? We never had a class together.
You don't know what I can do.
[GRUNTS] For example, why do you think they call me Bumblebee? Aah! Unh! Hey! Yo! Ow! Cut it Come here, you little [GROWLS] Ooh! Aah! [WHIMPERS, THEN BLOWS] Oh! Hey! Daaah! [GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] Huh? [BABBLES] [YELLS] [GROANING] Oh.
[YELLS] Yes! Perfect.
Sting him to Okay, we're [ROARING] Aagh! Oof! Show's over, Sparky.
Blood can't see us.
Drop the act.
Say what? Aqualad told you there was a double agent inside the H.
, right? Well, you're lookin' at her.
Say what?! Think you were the only spy at H.
Academy? I've been workin' Brother Blood for months.
And Blood couldn't brainwash you because? There's not a man alive who can tell me what to do.
Sorry, Bee, not buyin' it.
[ROARS] [YELLS, THEN GRUNTS] [GROWLS] Think about it, Sparky.
If I wasn't on your side, you'd be spare parts by now.
If you're done wastin' time, why don't we save your city? Don't call me Sparky.
# Bumblebee Oh, Bumblebee # [GROWLS] Well, Cyborg, it seems you've destroyed my little friend.
So I'll just have to destroy all of yours.
[GRUNTS] I've got a fix on Blood's location, but we need to move fast.
Yes, I am hopeful we will not encounter more H.
[SOLDIERS GROANING] Huh? [GASPS] You had to say something.
[GUN COCKS] [ALL GROWLING] BUMBLEBEE: Why can't you just admit that you lost? CYBORG: Because I didn't lose.
If that fight was for real, you'd be beeswax.
But you thought it was for real.
You don't know what I thought.
BOTH [IN UNISON]: Follow me.
The resonator core is this way.
I'm the one with the high-tech sensors.
And I helped build this place.
You must be so proud.
Hey, I was trackin' Blood before you even knew who he was.
So I call the shots, got it? No! 'Cause it's my tech, my mission, and without me, you'd have no clue how to shut this thing down.
Actually, I'd just boost the wavelength in the transmission matrix, triggering a meltdown in the amplification system.
I never told anyone about that glitch.
How'd you? I lifted your blueprints from the mainframe, so Blood can't ever use 'em again.
Give me that! Uh-uh.
If you go down, I might need this to complete the mission.
They're not just plans.
They're me.
Everything I am: my body, my brain, my feelings.
Relax, I only read the sonic-cannon stuff.
And a few memory files about the big crush you had on Jinx.
Uhhh ROBIN: Cyborg! We're approaching Blood's control room.
Have you reached the resonator core? Uh, almost.
Well, get moving! We don't have much time.
So if this is your mission, how come he's in charge? [NECK CREAKING] Huh? [BANGING] Hey, get back here! Open this door! [YELPS] Ow! Ow! Ow! [BEAST BOY YELPING] Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! Hold still.
[GROANS, THEN SIGHS] Oh, my booty.
I promise I'll never sit on you again.
[SMOOCHES] Come on.
[ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] AQUALAD: We have to disable the force field so Cyborg can [BOTH GASP] Uh-oh.
Party's over! Huh? [COMMUNICATOR BEEPING] Robin! It's Aqualad.
We need your help.
We've walked into a trap.
So have we.
[ALL YELLING] [GASPS] CYBORG: It's chargin' to fire.
Gotta work fast.
Oh! Ugh! [SNARLING] Yo, Robin, Beast Boy and Aqualad blew it.
The force field's still up.
Robin? BROTHER BLOOD: I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your friends have failed.
Your mission has failed.
And your sonic technology is about to become my greatest success.
Not on my watch.
Surf's up.
[ALL GASP] Everyone all right? Super.
Until we run out of air.
[ROARS] You're gonna wish you hadn't Unh! [CYBORG GROWLING] [ROARING] [GASPS] Aah! How did you do that? I read your blueprints, remember? [GROWLING] [GRUNTING] [INHALES] [ALL PANTING & COUGHING] We are saved! [SQUEALS] [GRUNTS] [KEYS BEEPING] Let's hope we can still save the others.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [BEAST BOY YELLS] Do I look thinner to you? Quick, we have to short out the force field! Stand back.
[GROANING] [BOTH YELL] Impossible.
Looks like my mission still has a shot at success.
Now, how can your mission still have a shot when you don't stand a chance? [ROARING] [SCREAMING] [GROANING] [SCREAMING] BUMBLEBEE: Hi-yah! You take Blood.
I'll take Blood.
I'll disable the core.
You disable the core.
Another spy? Tell me, was anyone at my school actually there to learn? I learned plenty.
Yah! [BOTH GRUNTING] All right.
Now, just locate the transmission matrix, pump up the wavelength, and Aaah! [GROANING] No! [HIGH-PITCHED WHINING] Ah! That's two headquarters you owe me.
BUMBLEBEE & CYBORG: Get him! We need to get out of here.
How? The T-Ship's toast.
Hello I'd really rather just stay here and drown.
[GRUNTS] Our last tracking info shows our target heading east.
We'll fan out and [BEEPING] You found Brother Blood? ROBIN: Dr.
Light found a bank vault.
Looks like your city needs you.
I'll go after Blood.
If I run into any trouble, I know who to call.
Actually, if he runs into trouble, I'll be there to bail him out.
You wanna come with? After all, it's your mission too.
My mission's here.
By the way, I think this belongs to you.
Cyborg, time to go.
Yeah, it just might be.
# T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! #