Teen Titans (2003) s03e10 Episode Script

Can I Keep Him?

Johnny Rancid's back.
Victims, meet my dog Rex.
[GROWLING] Rex, meet lunch.
Run from my doggy.
[SCREAMING, SHOUTING] [WHIMPERS] We're shutting you down, Johnny.
RAVEN: And your little dog too.
Anybody got a gigantic rolled up newspaper? Rex, sic 'em! [GROWLING] [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans go! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans go! # # One, two, three, four, go! # Teen Titans! [GROWLING] Titans, go! [ALL GASP] [GRUNTING] Hah! [ENGINE STARTS] [ENGINE REVVING] Ahh! Ugh! [LAUGHING] Smooth move, bird boy.
My dog is kicking your [GRUNTING] [DONKEY BRAYS] Starfire, Raven, let him have it! [ENGINE REVVING] Aahh! [GRUNTING] Whoa! Down, boy.
Heel! Heel! On my world, such a pet would merely be considered playful.
Then let's play.
[SCREAMING] Beast Boy, where's Johnny? Um.
I thought you had him? [ALL GROANING] ROBIN: Ok, team, Johnny Rancid's still on the loose.
I'll check the scanners, while Huh? [ALL GASP] [GASPS] Oh, dude.
There was a party, and we were not invited? A party? More like a tornado.
A tornado with teeth.
CYBORG: Yo! Who's been chewing on my game station? I'll track down Rancid.
You guys track down whatever did this.
[SENSORS PINGING] CYBORG: Sensors aren't picking up anything but a few bugs.
Any of y'all got a clue what we're supposed to look for? No.
Me? No.
Why would I? Aahh! I saw a tentacle! Move! Eek! What is the meaning of You gotta help me.
I know who trashed the tower.
You do? And we can't let anybody find him.
Remember when Killer Moth made an army of mutant moths and forced Robin to take his daughter to prom? He was like, "Nah.
" You were like, "Grr!" Robin was like, "Suhh?" But then we found Killer Moth.
And I was like, "Dude!" And Raven was like, "Zzz!" And Cyborg was like, "Booyah!" And we kicked his butt.
And the mutant moths turned back into these cute little wormy things? Um yes.
Well, even though you guys told me not to, I sort of kept one of them as a pet.
Starfire, meet Silkie.
[GURGLING] You gotta admit, he's kind of cute.
In a beady-eyed, maggoty sort of way.
Um You have to take care of him for me.
I do? It's just a matter of time before Cyborg and Raven search my room.
If they find him, they'll make me get rid of him.
They will? Please.
It'll be our secret.
I do not like to keep secrets from my friends.
Come on, Star.
I need you.
Silkie needs you.
But, but [SIGHS] Eww.
Hello, my little bungorph.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] They're coming.
Get out of here.
Eek! Hello, Beast Boy.
Mind if we have a look around? Come on in.
I have nothing to hide.
[CRYING] Oh, weep not, small one.
Your kenorfka Starfire is here to attend your every need.
[CRYING] You are too warm? Too cold? Have you the gas? [BELCHES] [CRYING] Oh.
What troubles you? Perhaps you require a bath? [GULPING] [CRYING] Ah.
You are hungry.
Please, what do silkies eat? Fruit? Uh-uh.
Cereal? Toast? Mm-mm.
Candy? Celery? Steak? Nachos? Mustard? Rutabaga? Tofu? Oh.
You must eat something.
Ah! Zorka berries.
No creature can resist the delicious bitterness of zorka berries from my home planet, Tamaran.
Good Silkie.
You may consume your fill while Starfire obtains a fresh blankie.
[HUMMING] [GASPS] Silkie? [GURGLING] [GURGLING] [BELCHES] My little bungorph.
Why are you so big? [BELCHES] [GASPS] The zorka berries.
My alien food has caused you to mutate even further.
More burping now, please.
You must un-eat the berries and regain your smallness before Cyborg and Raven come to search my [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Ooh! Friends.
There is something with which I can help you? You're supposed to be helping us find our mysterious houseguest.
We turned the tower upside down.
Only place we haven't checked is My room need not be searched.
I have examined it thoroughly, and there is no sign of [CLICKING, CRASH] [CHUCKLES] Please.
You must not see my dwelling in this condition.
It is very messy.
This is messy? Girl, have you seen Beast Boy's room? So you and the curtains had some sort of argument? Uh, yes.
Today is Gorb-Gorb, the Tamaranian festival of berating drapery.
Stupid curtains! Aliens.
[SIGHS] Well, there's nothing here.
Guess we'll have to split up and start the search over again.
Your thinking is good.
Please proceed.
I shall join you shortly.
[GASPS] Silkie.
Where have you gone? Here, Silkie.
Here, Silkie, Silkie.
Your kenorfka wishes to locate you.
Starfire? [SCREAMS] Um where's the sofa? Uh your earthly ways are strange.
Please, what is this so-fa of which you speak? [LAUGHS] Bye.
Man, whatever this thing is, it's wasting my time.
There's nothing in here Huh? [SCREECHING] [CYBORG SCREAMS] Cyborg.
Aw, man.
Give me my foot so I can kick your butt! Whoa! Ooh! [GROWLING] Aahh! Aahh! [GRUNTING] [ROBIN GRUNTING] Azarath, Metrion No! Stop! [GASPS] Do not harm Silkie.
He is my bungorph.
Starfire? What's a bungorph? That's Silkie? Dude, what have you been feeding him? [BELCHES] [CHUCKLES] STARFIRE: Truth: Silkie is a mutant monster created by the evil Killer Moth.
But that does not make him a bad mutant monster.
[SCREAMS] He attacked Cyborg.
He ate my best leg.
And I am sure he is very sorry for that.
[CHUCKLES UNCOMFORTABLY] [SCREAMS] [CHOMPING] Hey! What? I'm not the one who fed him radioactive space berries.
[SLURPING] I'm sorry, Starfire, but he has to go.
[PURRING] No, Silkie.
It is not time for a bath.
It is time for me to leave you.
This is your new home.
You will be happy.
No one will harm you.
And there are many strange objects for you to ingest.
Farewell, my beloved Silkie.
I am very sorry but you must not follow.
[GRUNTS] Please.
I cannot stay.
You must let me go.
Oh, forgive me.
This won't seem funny when you're paying for it in jail.
You're the one who's gonna pay, bird boy.
You losers trashed my dog, so I went out and got me a monster.
[STOMPING] Silkie? Say hello to Rexzilla.
Destroy! Whoa! [ALL GASP] Silkie! [ROARING] His name is Larva M319, and he belongs to me Killer Moth.
[LAUGHING] [SCREECHING] [SCREECHING] Starfire! [GRUNTING] I must say, you took excellent care of M319.
What have you been feeding him? He is called Silkie.
KILLER MOTH: I created him.
I tracked him down.
I'll call him whatever I please.
And as for food, I guess I'll just have to feed him you.
[SCREECHING] Silkie, no! [GRUNTING] Huh? You like my leg? Well, chew on this.
Ugh! Fly, you worthless maggot.
Fly! Starfire, now.
I must help my friends.
Even if it means harming my Silkie.
No, Silkie.
He is evil.
You belong with your kenorfka.
You belong with me.
[MOANING] Here, Silkie, Silkie.
Here, my sweet little mutant.
Um here, Larva M319.
Come to Papa.
Oh, Silkie.
Starfire has a big hug for you.
Hey, big fella.
Did Killer Moth create you in a lab? Yes, he did.
Yes, he did.
STARFIRE: Here, Silkie.
KILLER MOTH: Larva M319, Larva M319, I am your father.
STARFIRE: Come to Starfire KILLER MOTH: Larva M319, er join me, and together we shall go on a picnic of some sort.
I got eaten.
So nasty.
CYBORG: Sweet! My leg.
[SILKIE CRYING] Huh? [GASPS] Silkie? Silkie! [PURRING] Oh, hello, my little bungorph.
BEAST BOY: He wasn't mutating.
He was just molting.
Can we go home now? I need a shower in the worst way.
[SIGHS] All right.
He can stay.
Yay! As long as you don't give him any more alien food.
But I do not know what else to feed him.
[GASPS] ALL: Eww! [SNIFFING] Oh! ALL: Eww! Oh, it tastes just like zorka berries.
[BELCHES] Mm! Shouldn't we maybe try to stop her? That stuff's gotta get cleaned up somehow.
STARFIRE: Delicious.
# T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! #