Teen Titans (2003) s03e11 Episode Script

Bunny Raven or How to Make a Titananimal Disappear

And for my next trick, I, the amazing Mumbo, shall make all your money vanish into thin air.
MUMBO: Hocus-pocus.
I just love a captive audience.
They may be captive now, but you're the one who's getting locked up.
You forget, I'm an escape artist.
Waah! Aah! That all you've got? [GASPS] [MOANS] Alakazam! [GRUNTS] Cute trick.
Ready to see some real magic? Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! Trying to steal the limelight, eh? Then I guess I'll just have to make you part of the act.
Mumbo jumbo! Agh.
Aah! Raven! Robin! Starfire! Dudes! [BELLOWS] [ALL GRUNTING] [ALL SCREAMING] [SCREAMS] MUMBO: This'll teach you not to heckle the headliner.
Presto change-o! Super.
[PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans go! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans! # [PUFFY AMIYUMI SINGING IN JAPANESE] # Teen Titans go! # # One, two, three, four, go! # Teen Titans! This can't be for real.
It's just one of Mumbo's illusions.
MAN: Well, well, well.
Look what the hat dragged in.
Um, who are you? I'm Anycard.
You know, pick a card, any card.
Where am I? You're inside Mumbo's hat.
And I'm a rabbit why? Do you always ask such stupid questions? That's it.
I'm outta here.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! [GASPS] Your magic won't work.
Mumbo's the only magician in here.
The rest of us are just for tricks.
[SCOFFS] I'm nobody's prop.
So how do I get out? MUMBO: I can't tell you that.
A magician never reveals his secrets.
The hand! Scram! [GRUNTS] If you're really so amazing, Mumbo, what do you need me for? You're going to be my assistant for the big show tonight.
I'm not helping you with your stupid magic tricks.
Silly rabbit, you don't have a choice.
My hat, my rules.
[RAGTIME MUSIC PLAYING] Boy, I knew Mumbo had a big head, but I never realized he had such a big hat.
I'm not sure it's that big.
This is the third time we passed that theater.
We've got to find Raven.
She could be anywhere.
Oh, if only there were a sign.
Titans, go! [ECHOING] Raven? RAVEN: Robin! The Mumbo has made you invisible? RAVEN: Up here.
Uh, why does that rabbit sound like Raven? Because I am Raven.
Oh, you look so cute.
[GROWLS, SNARLS] Uh We'll get you out of there.
MUMBO: Sorry.
No sneak previews.
You'll have to wait for tonight's show like everyone else.
[GRUNTS] Aah! Give us our friend back.
MUMBO: Now you see her, now you don't.
Nothin' in my hat.
Let me get this straight.
We're inside Mumbo's hat, and Raven's inside Mumbo's hat inside Mumbo's hat? [GRUNTS] Dude, you're making my brain hurt.
MUMBO: Just to prove their are no hard feelings for crashing my rehearsal, I'll show you I am the bigger man.
[RUMBLING] The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
ROBIN: Titans, get that hat! Ow! Ugh.
[GRUNTS] [GASPS] Aah! [SCREAMS] [GRUNTING] Whoa! You may be living large, but this'll cut you down to size.
[YELPS] Even tiny, you pack a punch.
[GIGGLES] Pesky powers.
I know just the trick to take care of you.
What did you do with them? Tell ya what I'm gonna do.
Guess which Titan is under here and I'll give you your little friend back.
Um, Cyborg.
No, Starfire.
No, Robin.
You're only half right.
MUMBO: Presto change-o.
What the? MUMBO: Hocus-pocus.
[GASPS] Alakazam! This is not happening.
Oh, yeah, well, what you gonna do to me? I already turn into animals.
Mumbo jumbo! Well, Titanimals, let's see you try to stop me now.
On with the show.
Sorry, Star.
I think I stepped on your foot.
I believe it was my tail.
Yo, Lamp Boy, turn on the light.
[CLICKS] Oh, man, I can take losing a fight, but this is just mean.
[GASPS] How was Mumbo able to change us into animals? Mumbo's magic must be more powerful in here.
Who knows what other tricks he's got up his sleeve.
We've got to find Raven and get out.
[GROWLS] Wait'll I get my claws on Mumbo.
Did I just say claws? [GRUNTS] Be thankful that you do not have the fleas.
[RINGING] Uh, hello? BEAST BOY: Hello.
What have you got to complain about? I'm a lamp.
What's wrong with being an animal anyway? At least you guys have legs.
I can't even move.
And do you have any idea how hot a light bulb get Well, at least we finally found a way to shut him up.
[FOGHORN BLOWS] [GRUNTS] Where did that come from? Where does it lead? Probably into another of Mumbo's tricks, but it's better than stumbling around in the dark.
We are back where we started.
And I'm still wearing a tutu.
[RINGING] BEAST BOY: So what does the great Blue-dini want with Raven anyway? No idea, [SIREN WAILING] but we've got bigger things to worry about.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Aah! Killer gloves.
I'm gonna have to put you on hold.
[GRUNTS] [CRASHING] [GRUNTS] [RETCHING] I cannot fly, and my starbolts are Furry? At least Mumbo left me with my sonic cannon.
"Bang"? Okay.
Ooh! Hey, let me help.
I can crank call him.
How are we to stop them? We fight hand-to-hand.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! Psst.
Try abracadabra.
[CACKLING] That gag never gets old.
[SPITS] Here, a peace offering.
You pulled that out of your sleeve.
Must you overanalyze everything? Why can't you just sit back and enjoy the show? Because it isn't real.
Your act, this hat, it's all smoke and mirrors.
You probably just hypnotized me into thinking I'm a rabbit, and when I get home, my nose will twitch every time a bell rings.
That would be an interesting trick, but no.
As soon as I figure out how you're creating this illusion, your powers will be gone.
Knowing how the tricks work doesn't make them any less real.
If you look like a rabbit and hop like a rabbit, then guess what, kid? You're really a rabbit.
For real.
[MEOWS] [MEOWS] I do not like being a cat in this hat.
[GRUNTING] Guys, I could use a hand here.
Ugh! We're trapped in a hat being manhandled by gloves.
What next? [IN A FOREIGN ACCENT] What next, you say? I see a future for you in show biz, a bright but very short future.
Mumbo jumbo! [NORMAL VOICE] You know what they say, if you can't beat Mumbo, join Mumbo.
Two minutes to showtime, Mr.
You're great.
I love you.
We're not going to be a part of your show.
Oh, I think you will.
What I have planned for you makes me so happy, I feel like singing.
Maestro? [PLAYS PIANO] Five, six, seven, eight.
# Don't bother getting up You're in my control # # No way for you To fuss and fight # # I've taken all your powers So lucky you # # You will be in my show Tonight # # You think you can defeat me? Oh, how very droll # # Well, Titans One thing you should know # # I am the one with magic powers Round here # # I am the one Who runs the show # # I am the master Of ceremonies # # So let me set you straight # # With just a wave Of my magic wand # # I'm master of your fate # # With just some hocus-pocus And sleight of hand # # You all are under My command # # Put them in their cages # # Keep them all apart # # Places, everybody The show's about to start # # He is the master Of ceremonies # # So let him Set you straight # # With just a wave Of his magic wand # # He's master of your fate # # Master of your fate # # Master of your fate # # Master of your fate # # Now for the greatest Grand finale # # And the reason Why you're here # # Tonight, I will make The Titans disappear # [WHISPERS] Forever.
[ORCHESTRA PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] [CLEARS THROAT] [CROWD CHEERING, APPLAUDING] What do you get when you cross a magician with a camera? Hocus-focus.
[LAUGHS] Ladies and gentlemen, Mumbos of all ages, we have a really great show for you tonight.
We have to stop the show before the finale or else it's curtains for us.
Perhaps if we work together, we can find a way to defeat him.
Mumbo's taken our powers.
He's turned us into furry creatures and a lamp.
How can we defeat him when he's holding all the cards? Powers or no powers, we're still the Titans.
What we've got to do is [CROWD APPLAUDS] The show is starting.
MUMBO: Now, put your hands together [IN RUSSIAN ACCENT] for Borgi, the magnificent dancing "cybear".
And I'm the opening act.
[APPLAUSE] MAN: Nice tutu, jerk! Care to dance? All I care about is kicking your [ROARS] [ORCHESTRA PLAYING CLASSICAL MUSIC] Yo, cut that out.
[APPLAUSE] We could sneak up behind the Mumbo and "Mumbo's got eyes in the back of his hat.
" Beast Boy is right.
[PANTING] "What happened?" He made me do a jig.
[GASPS] That madman must be stopped.
Please, what is a jig? And now for the comedy portion of our show.
We'll see who's laughing now.
I got it.
A cannonball driving a tank or unleashing magician-eating sharks? I don't got it.
[SHATTERS] Four acts down, one to go.
We don't have much time before the finale.
Raven, you are the Mumbo's assistant.
Surely you must know some of his secrets.
He never told me anything.
[TRAP DOOR OPENING] Come on, Titans, think.
As you can see, there is no way out.
My assistant seems to have worried her head off.
[CROWD LAUGHS] [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] What is the point of putting me back together when you're just gonna finish me off? Oh, I need you in one piece for the finale.
People, hurry.
The finale's up next, and we're on in five.
You heard the man.
Five minutes till poof.
There's got to be something we're not seeing.
[RINGING] Maybe all of this is more of Mumbo's mumbo jumbo, just a big trick.
It all seems awfully real to me.
RAVEN: Starfire's right.
Whatever happens in here is real, even if it is a trick.
But that doesn't mean we can't perform an even bigger trick.
Robin, can your tail reach those cans of paint? Sure.
Beast Boy, can you be a paintbrush? [MORPHING] [CHEERING] Mwah.
Thank you, thank you.
You've been a great audience.
And now the moment you've all been waiting for, the grand finale, my greatest trick ever.
I present to you for the last time anywhere, the Teen Titans.
[ALL GASP] [CROWD BOOING] MAN: I want my money back! MUMBO: I- I don't understand.
They were just here a second ago.
Alakazam! Oof! All right, I'm back with a vengeance.
You have no bananas.
[CROWD CHEERING] That was the greatest trick ever.
Eh, it was old hat.
[BOTH LAUGHING] We're gonna make sure you don't have any encore performances.
But But my magic.
How did you escape? I had a better trick up my sleeve.
I gotta know.
Come on, kid, just between us, tell me what you did.
A magician never reveals her secrets.
# T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! #