Teen Titans (2003) s05e02 Episode Script

Homecoming (2)

[THUNDER CRASHING] For as long as there has been a Doom Patrol we have fought the Brotherhood of Evil.
Criminals of the worst kind, and our greatest foes.
[WARRIORS YELLING, GRUNTING] General Immortus, the forever soldier.
He knows the strategy of every battle in history because he was there to see it.
Madame Rouge.
Duplicitous, cunning and twisted in every sense of the word.
[ALL GRUNT] The gorilla, Monsieur Mallah.
His strength is matched only by his intelligence.
Their leader is the Brain.
Intellect personified and evil incarnate.
By now he will have completed his greatest creation the quantum generator.
Now the Brain can warp the very fabric of space-time and the devastating power of a black hole is at his command.
[CREAKING] He must be stopped or our very existence is doomed.
MENTO: There, stop.
Mento, are you sure? All these mountains look the same to me.
MENTO: I read the Brain's mind before they got away.
I know where he's hiding.
The quantum generator is there.
Doom Patrol, listen up.
Every second we delay gives the Brotherhood of Evil a chance to use their new weapon.
- It's time to move out.
- Already? There's no time to rest, Beast Boy.
We'll be fine.
- You don't look fine.
- What about air defenses? We fly anywhere near that base and they're gonna start blasting.
Which is exactly why we're going on foot.
And when I say "we," I mean the Doom Patrol.
All of us.
If Beast Boy goes, then so do we.
I really wouldn't go there.
Trust me.
You kids have no idea what we're up against.
From the looks of things, you need all the help you can get.
Listen up, punks.
The little runt was in the Doom Patrol Excuse me, but I don't see a sign saying "property of Doom Patrol.
" - This is my mission.
I'll see it's run - I'll go.
- Beast Boy is a Titan.
- Please! Beast Boy is our friend.
- You have to understand - I'll go.
RAVEN: All of this arguing is pointless.
[TALKING OVER EACH OTHER] Just let him make up his own mind.
- Come on, you're giving me a headache.
- I said I'll go.
Beast Boy, you don't have to do this.
Actually, I do.
MENTO: Then it's settled.
Doom Patrol, move out.
Don't worry, guys.
I'll be fine.
Robin, we must do something.
We cannot just leave.
That's the last thing we're going to do, Starfire.
[GIBBERS] Hey, tin man, shift it into gear.
You're falling behind.
Very funny, green bean.
Maybe if you weighed 900 pounds Huh? [QUICKSAND GURGLING] Robot Man.
Quicksand? Come on, Cliff, watch where you're going.
I can't find them.
What's the holdup? It's nothing, Mento.
We're right behind you.
Nothing? We just got our butts kicked by a bunch of mud.
Maybe we should call the Titans.
I said no.
Now, hurry up, we have a lot of ground to cover.
Yes, sir.
[BEEPS] Something's behind us.
Stand aside.
We've been spotted.
Doom Patrol, attack.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Blasters? You're gonna have to do better than that, Brain.
[GRUNTING] Magnetic field, huh? All right, that's pretty good.
[ROARING] Guess the Brain never planned on a T.
Rex two-step.
NEGATIVE MAN: Next time he will.
We'll be surrounded by sentries any minute.
We need to move.
Hoo-ah! [GRUNTING] Cliff, what are you doing? Buying you some time.
Now, get going.
MENTO: Beast Boy, now.
That's an order.
Persistent, aren't they? IMMORTUS: Persistent, yes.
But not immortal.
[EXPLOSION] [ROBOT MAN SCREAMS] We cross this desert to the mountains.
That's where we'll find the Brotherhood of Evil's base.
NEGATIVE MAN: And we'll be totally exposed when we do.
I know, Larry, but it's the only way.
What about Robot Man? Aren't we gonna go back for him? We need him for the mission.
Robot Man already did his part for the mission.
We move forward.
We can't just leave him behind.
Put it out of your mind, Beast Boy.
It helps.
IMMORTUS: Strike when your enemy is at his weakest when he is mired in self-doubt and your victory will be assured.
Sun Tzu was one of my best students.
[EXPLOSION] Negative Man, take a look.
Lots of them.
Fire at will.
Doom Patrol, attack.
[SCREAMS] [GRUNTING] - I figured they'd be tougher.
- It's not over.
Commence phase two.
[EXPLOSIONS] [SCREAMS] Mento, an opening.
And exactly where he wants us.
Steve, we're running out of options.
Well, I'd hate to disappoint the old man.
Let's go.
Keep a sharp eye.
Magnetic mines.
I hate these things.
He's closing in.
Left flank, fire.
[GRUNTING] Enough of this.
I'll take care of the mines.
Now's our chance.
Negative Man.
He's running out of time.
Keep moving, Beast Boy.
Don't look back.
[WEAPONS FIRING] [GASPS] - Ah! Ooh! Rita, no.
- Ah! Beast Boy, I'll be fine.
I promise.
Let me go.
We have to help her.
Beast Boy, there's nothing we can do now.
We must keep moving.
She promised.
She said she'd be okay.
Please, Mento, we can't go.
Don't make me leave her.
It's time to grow up, Beast Boy.
The world is counting on you.
So was Elastigirl.
I'm scouting ahead.
Titans, come in.
Do you read me? ROBIN [OVER COMMUNICATOR]: Beast Boy, where are? No matter what it takes.
That was the oath the Doom Patrol swore, Beast Boy.
I can't ask your friends to do the same.
We're not coming back, are we? You broke my communicator.
How do you expect me to reach the Titans? I don't.
Now, let's go.
- No.
- What? Beast Boy, we don't have time for games.
I said I'm not going.
I'm not a kid anymore.
And I'm not wearing your stupid mask.
Don't you realize what's at stake here? The quantum generator isn't just a threat, Beast Boy, it's a promise.
The Brain will use it.
The Doom Patrol needs you.
What Doom Patrol? You're the only one left.
They're all gone.
Don't you think I know that? They were my friends, Beast Boy.
My family.
But I didn't have a choice.
Yes, you did.
But you're too stubborn to see it.
And they were my family too.
Robin's always saying we gotta work smarter, not harder.
We can win.
We just have to try something different.
This Robin sounds like a pretty good leader.
He is, and so are you.
When you're not yelling and acting all crazy.
All right, what do you have in mind? MENTO: Neo-steel door, laser turrets security camera systems and smart mines.
Guess it's too late to call your friends for backup.
We can take them.
That's my boy.
There's something down there.
This way.
Lead on.
Madame Rouge to Mallah.
Our guests have arrived.
What's wrong? The Brain must have activated some psychic shielding.
- I don't know which way to go.
- This always works for me.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
MENTO: Mallah.
Was it that you chose unwisely, or perhaps this was meant to be? Change of plans, Beast Boy.
Time to put this monkey back in his cage.
[ROARING] It seems you have offended him.
Not something I would recommend.
I was wondering when the Brain would dust you off, Rouge.
It is a special occasion.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [GROWLS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [GROWLING] You may be just as strong but my intelligence far exceeds yours.
[GRUNTING] You look pretty stupid to me.
Aah! - Aah! - Perhaps my mind is too hard to read.
It's just too twisted.
[GASPS] Sleep.
[GROANS] IMMORTUS: Impressive, isn't it? [WEAPONS CLICKING] In my experience, this would be considered a crushing defeat.
Battalion, fire.
[BOTH GRUNTING] I'm still open for suggestions.
All I need is a shot, and that black hole thingy is toast.
You know something, son, you turned out okay.
Thanks to you.
Waah! Beast Boy, hurry.
I can't keep this up.
[EXPLOSION] I should have warned you, we're not so great at doing what we're told.
I'll let it slide.
Let's do this.
[ALL GRUNTING] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] Did we win? BRAIN: On the contrary, Negative Man.
But I would like to congratulate you all.
Reaching this stronghold is no small feat.
[GRUNTS] And now that you are here I believe a demonstration is in order.
Any place I choose is mine to destroy.
Perhaps this one.
He's targeting the Tower.
Not just the Tower, he's targeting the entire city.
Now you see why I have such a problem with this guy.
- Titans.
- Doom Patrol.
- Go.
- Attack.
[GROWLS] Immortus, restrain them.
Aah! [GRUNTING] Hah! I have an idea.
You fool.
What have you done? - You're not the only one with a brain.
- Aah! [GRUNTING] [ALARM BLARING] MENTO: Beast Boy, you reset the coordinates to this location.
Well, yeah.
And unless you wanna see the inside of a black hole we better get out of here.
The kid's got a point.
[EXPLOSION IN DISTANCE] Let's see them rebuild that.
You kids You Titans did okay.
You're welcome.
So, what's next? The Brotherhood of Evil got away.
They'll crawl back to their hole like they always do.
I'm sure the Brain's already working on a new plan.
And we'll be waiting.
But next time, we won't be alone.
Count on it.
We're all very proud of you, Garfield.
Take care.
Garfield? [CHUCKLING] Oh, I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one.
BRAIN: The face of our enemy has changed.
No longer is the Doom Patrol our only threat.
Now a new generation stands in our way.
And those who rule the young will control the future.
We have a common enemy.
The Teen Titans and their friends will fall.
Working together, we will destroy them one by one.