Teen Titans (2003) s05e03 Episode Script


[PANTING] [YELLS] Robin to Wildebeest, do you read me? Come in.
[GRUNTS] Answer me.
Wildebeest! We have captured one of their pawns.
Wildebeest is just the first of many.
The young Titans' days are numbered.
[SPEAKS IN FRENCH] Pity the communicator was not retrieved.
With it, we could listen to their conversations and know what they are planning.
Not to worry, Monsieur Mallah.
In the end, evil always prevails.
We will soon be able to follow their every move.
MALLAH: And then we destroy them.
From the jungles to the Arctic and everywhere in between there will be no place for them to hide.
We have already located their friend Hot Spot.
BRAIN: He will be no match for my best operative.
Queen takes pawn.
MALLAH: I know I would not wish to meet her in a dark alley.
ROUGE: Madame Rouge to Brain.
BRAIN [OVER COMMUNICATOR]: Your target is within reach? HOT SPOT: Stop! [GASPING] He is so close I can feel it.
BRAIN: Remember your objective is the communicator not the Titan.
We don't want a mistake like last time.
I am still not understanding why we go after these honorary Titans instead of Robin and his companions.
A good player learns everything about his opponent before beginning a game.
How they live, breathe, fight.
We will learn what we can from their friends.
Then we will learn even more from their enemies.
I am thinking we should I have no interest in what you think.
You are not to go after the Teen Titans until I say.
Do you follow? I understand.
For now.
[PANTING] Huh? Drop it.
[YELLS] ROUGE: You like to fight criminals, no? It's just part of the job.
Perhaps you are wanting to fight me too? I'm sure a nice lady like you wouldn't wanna fight me.
I would not be so sure.
Huh? You might wish to call your friends for backup.
- Friends? - The Teen Titans.
You are an honorary member, no? I work alone.
Then this should only take a second.
[GRUNTING] You stop a common thief but what about a real villain? When will the children learn? No one escapes the reach of Madame Rouge.
You cannot outrun me.
I don't wanna have to hurt you.
It is not me you should worry about.
[GASPS] - What are you? - I am whatever I wish to be.
ROUGE: Looking for me? You cannot touch me.
[YELLS] Looks like you can't touch me either.
Good as new.
- Huh? Robin! - Hot Spot, this way.
Man, am I glad to see you.
Come with me.
In here.
Madame Rouge.
The Brotherhood of Evil is the worst group I've ever dealt with.
And she is the most vicious of them all.
Yeah, I've never fought anyone like her.
She is one of a kind.
- What does she want with me? - They're going after Titans.
We think they may have gotten Wildebeest already.
Why? Wildebeest's communicator was broken.
My guess is she was trying to get it to track down the Titans.
I never wanted to put you in danger by giving you the communicator.
I understand if you want to give it back.
I like being an honorary Titan.
Anyway, it's better if I hold on to it.
Rouge can't touch me.
What are we gonna do? We've just gotta stick together.
Aren't you cold? I'm going to make sure we weren't followed.
You should power down, conserve some energy.
I prefer to keep my powers on.
We'll be ready in case Rouge comes back.
Okay, but you should get some rest.
I'll try.
Madame Rouge to Brain.
BRAIN: Have you accomplished your mission? His powers.
I cannot touch him.
You will bring me the communicator.
I bring.
But first I earn his trust.
Then I get communicator.
My way.
ROBIN: Wildebeest! Wildebeest? Wildebeest! Are you sure we are in the right location? This is where his last transmission originated.
Something's not right.
I'm going down there.
- His communicator? - And no sign of Wildebeest.
Starfire, I want you to get the Titans and continue searching here.
What are you going to do? I'm going to find whoever did this.
I've called the Titans.
They're going to rendezvous with us outside of town.
- We've gotta go.
- Maybe we should stay here.
- Wait for backup.
- We'll be fine.
- What about Rouge? - I can handle Madame Rouge.
How? She's practically unstoppable.
I mean, yeah, she is impressive.
But we're Titans.
I say we wait for the others.
[GRUNTING] It's hot in here.
You've got to power down.
You may be the leader of the Titans but I don't need anyone telling me when to power down.
I wasn't trying to tell you anything.
I guess I'm just getting tired of being cooped up.
[TWIG SNAPS] - What was that? - We're not safe here.
Let's go.
Maybe you should call Cyborg.
Make sure you've got the right coordinates.
Firestar gave me the coordinates.
We're heading in the right direction.
Starfire? That's what I said.
I know what I'm doing.
Trust me.
You expect me to cross an oil field? I'll light the whole place up.
Where we're going is just on the other side.
You only have to power down for a moment.
Come on.
I told you, I'm not powering down.
Come with me.
That's an order.
I'm not one of your team.
I don't have to do what you say.
Maybe we should just split up.
I'll find another way around the oil field.
We've got to stick together.
I can take care of myself.
Rouge almost got you once before.
I'll take my chances.
Then it will be your last chance.
Who does that guy think he is, anyway? Bossing everybody around.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Listen, man, I already told you You think you could handle me on your own? [GRUNTING] [IN ROBIN'S VOICE] Hot Spot.
Where are you? Are you okay? Robin.
It's Rouge.
ROUGE [IN ROBIN'S VOICE]: Stay where you are.
I can't.
She's here.
Looks like you could use a little help after all.
[GRUNTING] Robin! She can't hurt me if she can't touch me.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] Oh, really? [YELLING] [GRUNTING] We've gotta call the other Titans.
We need backup.
She broke my communicator.
Give me yours.
Just throw it over.
I'll call the others.
[CLATTERING] She's here.
How does she keep finding us? It's you.
You're giving our location away with your powers.
She must have some kind of heat-seeking device.
- Power down.
- I am not powering down.
If I power down, then I'm a goner.
If you don't, then we're both in trouble.
Trust me, it's the only way you'll get out of this.
[GRUNTING] [YELLING] [IN HOT SPOT'S VOICE] Robin, what is your location? I need your help.
Took you long enough to figure it out.
Hot Spot, are you okay? Where are you? COMMUNICATOR: Searching.
Hot Spot located.
Wildebeest, now Hot Spot.
The Titans are under attack.
[GRUNTS] All this time you only wanted the communicator so you could locate the Titans.
Now no one can use it.
I have grown tired of our little game.
Your time is up.
[GRUNTING] [WHIRRING] ROBIN: Titans, have you heard anything from Hot Spot? I've lost his signal.
STARFIRE: No, Robin, we have not.
He's down there somewhere.
I'm going in.
Robin, you must be careful.
I just hope I'm not too late.
Hot Spot? Hot Spot, it's me, Robin.
I got your message.
I didn't send any message.
It was Madame Rouge.
She looked like Robin.
You look like Robin.
You look like Robin, but I know you're Madame Rouge.
You're always Madame Rouge.
Not this time.
Come with me.
I've got the T-Ship.
I can get you out of here.
Don't listen to him.
I'm the real Robin.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] That's a pretty good likeness, Rouge but there's one thing you can't imitate.
Your toys are of no use.
Then we'll just have to fight hand-to-hand.
You'll have to do better than that.
I guess if I looked like you, I wouldn't wanna show my face either.
I hope you don't have a problem getting beaten by a lady.
You're no lady.
Some people never learn.
[GRUNTING] [GROWLING] Hot Spot! [GROANING] You did it.
Just barely.
You sure you're okay? I'm doing better now that I don't have Madame Rouge chasing after me.
- You are okay? Yeah, Hot Spot and I are both fine.
That is exceptional news.
- Have you found Wildebeest? - No, we are still looking.
Tell Raven and the guys I'll be joining you soon.
Robin out.
Are you heading back to the Tower? The Teen Titans won't be going home until we stop the Brotherhood of Evil.
Since your communicator is broken, take mine.
You're giving me your communicator? Now more than ever we need to keep in touch and share any information we have.
[IN ROUGE'S VOICE] Yes, Robin.
Do keep in touch.