Teen Titans (2003) s05e05 Episode Script


[GROWLING] RED STAR: Do not fear, Mishka.
I have come to help you.
[ROARING] TRAPPER: He steals our catch.
Get him.
RED STAR: Please, I do not wish to hurt anyone.
[CHUCKLING] He does not wish to hurt us.
No, my friend, it is you who will feel pain.
And this is something we do quite well.
RED STAR: While you have the chance run.
It is you.
[SCREAMING] CYBORG: The signal we got must have been a distress call.
We are too late.
Fan out.
We need to find someone who can tell us what happened.
Uh, can't we do that from inside the T-Ship where it's warm? RAVEN: Over here.
It's safe now.
You can come out.
In this forsaken place, it is never safe.
Forgive them.
We are wary of strangers.
- Who did this? - I dare not speak his name.
He was once one of us, but now an abomination.
When he returns, it is only to cause more suffering.
Oh! She's not from around here.
Take, or you catch cold.
We will find the one who does this.
He will be stopped.
Not if we get to him first.
Titans, let's move.
Can I borrow that? This is fake fur, right? I've got zero visibility.
Switching to instruments only.
Just go easy.
We have to find this outcast.
[WEAPON FIRING] [SCREAMS] Everyone, outside.
[GROANS] We got it.
[CYBORG GRUNTS] You are mistaken.
CYBORG: Something is messing up my sensors.
I can't get a lock on it.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos.
You know, you could have done this when we landed.
Oh, no.
I just fixed that engine.
He's not here.
Nice try, Raven.
Don't be so sure.
We'll just have to keep trying.
We need to surround it.
No, Robin, we really can't touch it.
I'm picking up radiation levels that are off the scale.
Radiation cannot harm me.
Starfire, wait.
I'm going after her.
- You can't survive out there.
CYBORG: Raven's right, Robin.
The temperature's dropping fast.
We have to find shelter.
She's lost.
She needs our help.
I know.
[GASPS] Robin? Cyborg? Can you hear me? - What is this place? RED STAR: It is my home.
You are okay? Who are you? Why do you hold me captive? Explain yourself.
I am sorry to confuse.
You are no prisoner here.
My name is Red Star, and you may go at any time you wish.
It is I who may not leave.
She'll be fine, Robin.
Starfire knows how to take care of herself.
That doesn't mean I can't worry.
Tell me you've found something.
I have, but it's not Starfire.
I'm picking up a radiation source.
Might be why we can't locate her communicator.
Take us there.
Guys? Aren't you forgetting something? Our warm, comfy ship? Our warm, comfy ship has a fried electrical system and a missing engine.
We don't have time to fix it now.
Are you coming? Yeah, I'm coming, but I'm freezing my tail off.
It's the same isotopic signature I got from that thing that attacked us.
So this is where it came from.
If it did, then that's only part of the puzzle.
We better hurry.
Another storm is moving in.
I found you outside when my proximity alarm sounded.
I am most thankful for that, but why must you isolate yourself? Do I have the germs? I mean no disrespect.
Most people have great fear of me.
I have an energy within.
It can be dangerous.
I have no such fear.
And you need not worry.
My people are most resilient.
Then I welcome you to my home.
Please, I am most anxious to locate my friends.
But my communicator, it has been damaged.
Not damaged.
It is this place.
Radio signals will not pass through these walls.
Then I must go and look for them.
- You will assist me? - I cannot.
It is not safe for me.
If you speak of the creature, that is what we have come to apprehend.
The village sends you to do this? Yes, they are most anxious to have him stopped.
Then you have found him.
I am that creature.
[GASPS] You must understand, what happened was an accident.
- And it was a long time ago.
- It was not.
I have seen the destruction, and we faced you in battle just yesterday.
No, this cannot be so.
You must believe me.
This is why I'm here, alone.
Far from the city.
It is so I do not hurt anyone.
Could there be another? Someone else like you? I am the only one who remains.
I wish to believe you, but I must find my friends.
Something is wrong? How will I find my friends in this weather? You worry for your companions.
If they are as strong as you, they will endure.
It is difficult not knowing.
That is why we have faith.
Are you hungry? I hope you like pochlebka.
Some people find it Delicious.
May I have more? [ALARM RINGING] It is the proximity alert.
Something approaches.
The creature.
We must go and stop it.
Nothing can get inside here.
We wait.
Soon, it will leave.
That is unacceptable.
It will only return to the city and cause more destruction.
Destruction for which you will be blamed.
It is the only way to be safe.
I am sorry.
You do not know sorry.
You may choose not to help others and hide here like a one-winged fopnar but it is my sworn duty to assist those in need.
- I care nothing for safe, and I will not be - Excuse, please.
[SCREAMING] You see? This is what happens to me.
This is why I must stay here.
But I cannot.
You must let me pursue this creature.
I will not let it harm anyone else.
[GASPS] Starfire.
My friends.
How happy I am to see you.
Ever think about a doorbell? This is great.
I'm so hungry I could eat a [GULPS] Maybe just a glass of water and a toothpick.
- Had it not been for Red Star - She would have been fine.
Her people are most resilient.
Your village thinks you've been attacking it.
Why? You must understand how I came to be.
RED STAR: The life I had before was a difficult one, but suited me well.
I was chosen to be part of an experiment.
The security force wished to create the perfect soldier.
They had much hope for me.
And at first, it seemed successful.
There was, however, an unexpected side effect.
This power inside me.
A power I could not contain.
I have been here ever since.
Memories have long lives.
My people have not forgotten.
You must get lonely here by yourself.
It is a small price to pay.
Come, there is something I wish you to see.
Every day, I must shed my power.
Here, it is saved.
You could light an entire city with all of this.
And yet they would never accept.
You must use your ability to help people.
We will assist you.
There is no need to hide any longer.
It is a good wish, but here, I am contained.
As long as I am in this place, the world is safe from me.
Red Star, there's something you should know.
[ALARM RINGING] That would be the doorbell.
Titans, go.
Just nobody touch it.
[GRUNTS] You wanna end up like that? We have to do something.
Red Star, please.
You must help us.
[SCREAMS] You will not harm my friends.
[GRUNTING] So, what part of "perfect soldier" did they get wrong? [SCREAMING] [GASPS] I cannot continue.
[SCREAMING] This won't turn out good.
Now you understand? I cannot control what is inside me.
Here, I am contained.
But you're not.
There's a leak, Red Star.
That creature, it came from you.
I was a fool to think I could have prevented this.
There were microscopic cracks in the power conduit.
- There was no way you could have known.
- All of my anger all of my fear when I release power, I free these things as well.
Now it has taken form.
Then you will help us to stop it.
But how? I am not like you, Starfire.
Mine is a power I cannot keep inside.
STARFIRE: Then do not.
The greater the struggle against your power, the more it resists.
Embrace what you have inside.
Let it become you, and you will find what you are meant to be.
I will join you.
Does anyone know how we're gonna chase after that thing in all this snow? Because I can tell you right now, I'm not pulling a sled.
- You built these? - I have much free time.
This one has lasers.
This one is mine.
You know, Red Star even if you have to be by yourself, it doesn't mean you need to be alone.
We're glad to have you as part of the team.
[STARFIRE GIGGLES] We will be victorious.
This, I know.
Shouldn't there be an "on" switch? [SCREAMS] Quickly, take shelter.
Red Star? I made a promise never to return here.
I will not be welcome.
You are a good person.
They will see.
We must go.
He heads for our power plant.
Please, hurry.
It is all we have left.
There's something you need to know.
This creature, it's not who you think.
How dare you return? Have you no shame? - I come to help.
- Every day I live with what you did.
Look at what you have caused.
You will go at once.
STARFIRE: He will do no such thing.
If you wish to make him go, you will answer to me.
Red Star is not the only one to blame.
I am sorry to have failed you, general.
RASKOV: Captain Kovar.
Do your best.
Think again.
You remember me? [GRUNTING] [TEEN TITANS GRUNTING] [STARFIRE GRUNTING] - Starfire, stay back.
- You need our assistance.
It is too dangerous.
Get away.
[GRUNTING] That thing can't handle the power.
It's gonna go critical.
[GRUNTS] Red Star.
You have succeeded.
Something inside of me, it is changing.
You must take me from here, far away.
Do you understand what this means? We must go.
Do not worry, my friends.
I have no more need to be alone.
- Aren't you cold? - No.
Not anymore.
You did a good thing, Starfire.
- Helping him.
- I believe he will return our kindness.