Teen Titans (2003) s05e06 Episode Script


LIGHT: Brilliant.
If I do say so myself.
My dazzling creation will transfer the energy from the sky into my suit.
Soon I'll have all the power of the northern lights at my fingertips.
And up here at the Arctic Circle, no one will ever come to stop me.
Wanna bet? DR.
LIGHT: The Teen Titans.
Even you will be no match for my enhanced powers.
Light, why do you even keep trying? If at first you don't succeed [GROWLING] [TRUMPETING] Don't we normally beat his butt by now? And to think, I'm not even fully-charged yet.
I'm putting your machine out of order.
It looks like your weapon is the one that's out of order.
CYBORG: Sound trumps light every time.
I devised the synthetic diamond myself.
It's built to withstand a force a thousand times greater than you could ever give.
Your machine can't take any more.
Illuminating theory.
But I have the definite advantage.
Or not.
Look out! The ice is gonna give! Ah! Whoa.
That was close.
You just had to say it.
[ALL SCREAMING] Hey, watch where you're going! I'm following you.
Everyone okay? Where are we? [PTERODACTYL SCREECHES] When are we? [BLEEPING] We're not in the Stone Age.
It's still present-day.
And we've still got to find Dr.
Which direction? He was standing across from us when the ice gave way.
He should have landed somewhere over Oh, boy.
[GROWLING] Beast Boy, perhaps you can communicate with them.
Uh Nice dinos? [GROWLING] Hey, genius.
I think she means try it in their language.
[BEAST BOY SCREECHING] [DINOSAUR SCREECHING] - What did they say? - Well, they want to eat us.
Not all right.
Ugh! Enough with the spitting, please.
What is he doing? It's okay.
He's not gonna hurt me.
[ROARING] Now that's what I call teamwork.
Gnarrk and I go way back.
I'm Kole.
We're the Teen Titans.
I'm Robin.
That's Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg.
- Nice to meet you, Narrk.
- It's Gnarrk.
Caveman, huh? Nice to meet you.
Gnarrk! It's okay.
Come down.
Sorry, Gnarrk's not so good with people from the upper world.
Neither is Raven.
[STARFIRE LAUGHS] Thanks for helping us out.
No problem.
What brings you down here? - Gravity? - We fell in after Dr.
Have you seen him? Skinny guy, glows, big light bulb on his chest? I think I would have remembered that.
Well, nice to meet you, but we'd better be going.
We've got a criminal to catch.
We can help.
But do you have time for dinner first? Just picked a lovely bunch of cocopolinos.
[CYBORG'S STOMACH GROWLING] The girl said "dinner.
" It would be rude of us not to partake in the bounty of this land.
As long as it's vegetarian, I'm in.
You got enough for five more? We've got plenty to go around.
KOLE: Watch your step.
I can't believe a little girl like you is so tough.
What, you think only big guys can be strong? - Well? - Uh No.
With that indestructible crystal girl in my machine my powers will be limitless.
I've got to have her.
Here's the living room.
Upstairs are the bedrooms.
[STOMACH GROWLING] And over there is the kitchen.
Dinner will be ready in just a minute.
Kole, you are certain you do not need our assistance? Nope, we've got everything under control here.
- You got any lights? - Sorry, we're pretty low-tech down here.
It's okay, I got an extra battery, and a light bulb.
Want to help, Narrk? - Gnarrk.
- Gnarrk.
That's it.
Just tighten it there and we have light.
Gnarrk! Dinner by moonlight is just as nice.
It's okay, Gnarrk.
Gnarrk has had bad experiences with the modern world.
Technology scares him.
That's why he stays down here and never goes to the top.
Dig in.
Delicious! Seconds? Knock yourself out.
Looks like we've got an eating contest.
My money's on Cyborg.
Well, if I had any money it would be.
[BURPS] [BARFING] Dudes and dudettes, the new underworld eating champ.
Wow, I've never seen anyone eat more than Gnarrk.
GNARRK: Gnarrk! I've got to go after him.
I didn't mean to upset him.
Maybe I should go with you.
No, I should go alone.
And we really should be looking for Dr.
Gnarrk and I will catch up.
Gnarrk, I know you're up there.
You really should get a new hiding place.
Come down.
Gnarrk, gnarrk, gnarrk, gnarrk.
No, I do not like the Teen Titans better than you.
Gnarrk, gnarrk, gnarrk, gnarrk Okay, so Cyborg ate more than you, it doesn't mean I like him better.
Gnarrk, gnarrk, gnarrk.
No, silly, I'm not going back to the upper world with them.
You're my best friend.
I would never leave you.
LIGHT: Oh, that's sweet.
Too bad you don't have a choice.
You're coming with me! GNARRK: Gnarrk! Let's shed a little light on the situation, shall we? No! Ah! You're not so tough now, are you? KOLE: Gnarrk! - Dr.
- It's coming from Kole's place.
Titans, go! [CHUCKLES] This should hold you until we get to the surface.
[WHIMPERS] What's the matter? Afraid of a little light? Where's Kole? Gnarrk.
Do not fear, Gnarrk.
We will help you rescue your friend.
Ugh! There's no way through Dr.
Light's force field.
Then we'll have to find another way out of here.
Gnarrk, can you help us? Gnarrk.
We've got to stop Dr.
Light before he reaches the surface.
His machine.
With her powers, there's no telling what he can do.
LIGHT GRUNTING] For a supervillain, you're kind of a weakling, huh? [GRUNTING] Yeah? Well, for a little girl, you sure are heavy.
Gnarrk will stop you.
He won't be able to get through my force field.
Then he'll go around it.
He knows every inch of this place.
And he won't stop looking until he finds me.
He'll never catch up to us fast enough.
Then I'll just have to slow you down.
Ah Ah Ah Ah! [GRUNTING] - We're almost there.
- Hurry! - Gnarrk! - Anyone know what he said? Tar pits.
Oh, man.
I got goo in my gears.
Let's go see if we can find Kole.
It's in perfect condition.
All it needs now is a new crystal.
You'll do nicely.
The reason I went underground was to get away from people like you.
People who just wanted to use me for my powers.
I'm not going to help you with your stupid machine.
You don't have a choice.
Ugh! Not even the Teen Titans will be able to defeat me now.
I can see the northern lights.
There's Dr.
I know you don't much like it up here.
But that's where Kole is.
And we'll be here too.
This is my shining moment.
Finally I will defeat the Teen Titans.
[LAUGHING] We've got to shut down that machine.
[LAUGHS] Gnarrk! DR.
LIGHT: Get away from there! Ah! Ah! Gnarrk.
You may have stopped my machine, but you cannot stop my suit.
I already have all the energy I need.
- Starfire, shoot me.
- What? I need you to shoot your starbolts through me.
I do not wish to hurt you.
You couldn't if you tried.
Kole's right.
She can focus the energy from your starbolts through her crystal like a laser.
Argh! You're a sad little man, aren't you? [SOBBING] Way to go, Narrk! - Gnarrk! - Gnarrk! - Way to go, Gnarrk.
- Gnarrk.
Thanks for your help in capturing Dr.
It could be that some other people might come looking for you.
Call us if you're ever in trouble.
But I don't think we'll be needing this.
KOLE [ON RADIO]: Gnarrk and I are going back home where we belong.
Who's gonna bother us down there? [BLEEPING]