Teen Titans (2003) s05e11 Episode Script

Calling All Titans

BEAST BOY: Finally.
After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, we're heading back to the Tower.
First I'll play "Mega Monkeys 4.
" Then I'll eat a tofu burger.
Or maybe I'll eat a tofu burger then play "Mega Monkeys 4.
" Or I could eat a tofu burger while playing "Mega Monkeys 4.
" ROBIN [ON RADIO]: Sorry Beast Boy, but that tofu burger will to have to wait.
We've got one last mission before we can go home.
The Brotherhood of Evil is targeting young heroes.
There are others who need to be warned.
Haven't we already given these things to everyone we know? Titans East have them.
Kole, Gnarrk, Kid Flash, Tramm the fish boy, the Russian dude Not everyone.
Your coordinates have been programmed in your pods.
We'll meet back here once they're delivered, and fly home.
Can't we just send them a letter instead? If we split up we can get this done faster.
And the faster we finish, the faster we can go home.
Maybe it's better if we stick together.
I've been fighting those guys most of my life and I'm telling you you can never underestimate the Brotherhood of Evil's evilness.
This is the best way.
Robin is correct.
I wish to make with the haste so I can see Silkie.
Let's just get this over with.
Once all the Titans and honorary Titans around the globe are connected we'll be ready.
Anything goes wrong, I'm just a call away.
[GROANS] Titans, separate.
BRAIN: Our young Titans are spreading out far and wide.
But that will not save them.
Soon they will join our collection.
BRAIN: Hot Spot, Wildebeest One by one, your young friends will fall.
Shall we play a game? [PANTING] Great idea, Robin.
Hand out communicators to everyone.
Could this Jericho guy live any farther away? You are Argent? Who wants to know? Starfire of Tamaran.
You're one of those Teen Titans, right? - Yes.
- Cool.
May I assist? I came to notify you of the Brotherhood of Evil.
They plan to harm us all.
They are quite evil.
Hence the name.
What do you want from me? STARFIRE: We do not desire anything from you.
We only wish to give you this.
If you need our help, please contact us.
Sort of clashes with my outfit.
This come in black? [PANTING] [GROANS] STARFIRE [ON RADIO]: Argent has been made aware.
I shall see you all in the near future.
Great work, Starfire.
Bushido? Bushido, look out.
Let's make this a fair fight.
CROWD: Pantha, Pantha, Pantha! Hi, my name is Cyborg.
I came here to Whoa! I'm trying to give you this.
Ah! Hey, cut that out.
Just take it.
Why? Wildebeest is missing and the Brotherhood of Evil might have gotten to him.
Those guys got Wildebeest? Where are they? I'll go after them myself.
We just need you to be ready.
Stay in touch.
Sure didn't think I forgot about you, did you? Mission accomplished.
I'll meet you guys soon.
Ooh! Ow! Herald? You here? [ROARING] Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! Ah! RAVEN: Cool horn.
I came to give you ROBIN: this.
[GUITAR PLAYING] I told Robin we shouldn't separate but I just climbed this big mountain and so here's your stupid communicator.
If bad guys come, you know what to do.
Beast Boy to Robin, can we go home now? Calling all Titans.
This is a test of our communication system.
- Is everyone ready? - We're ready in the north.
And in the south.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] [SPEAKS SPANISH] All sectors are secure.
Await further instruction.
Beast Boy, we're heading home.
Whoo-hoo! Race you to the meeting point! BRAIN: Your little reunion will have to wait.
It is time we start taking out their pawns.
BRAIN: General Immortus, make your move.
I've got all of you in my sights.
We should be in range soon.
And soon we'll be home sweet home.
Tofu burger, here I come.
ROBIN: Wait a second.
- Not again.
Robin, is everything okay? Don't tell me we're not going home.
I'm sorry Beast Boy but we just got an SOS.
[BEEPING] Ugh! Argent to Titans, I'm surrounded! We're sending help.
Starfire, I want you to fly back and help her.
Argent, I shall be there as soon as I can.
Just hurry.
If she's in trouble maybe we should all go and help her.
I just got another SOS.
Aqualad's in trouble.
Beast Boy, I need you to go to Sector 7.
We've got an SOS in Sector 13.
And one in Sector 27.
Calling all Titans.
Prepare for battle.
BRAIN: It is too late for the Titans to save their friends.
It is all just as you planned.
[BLEEPING] BRAIN: All of our pieces are in place.
BRAIN: It is time we finish what we started.
[MOTOR REVVING] BRAIN: With the Titans scattered across the globe we will easily defeat them.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] BRAIN: We will defeat them on the land.
[BOTH SPEAKING SPANISH] BOTH: Ah! BRAIN: We will defeat them in the sea.
We will defeat them in the air.
Ah! BRAIN: Wherever there are Titans, we will be there to stop them.
Evil will prevail.
We're ready for you.
[GRUNTS] Gnarrk! It's okay, Gnarrk.
There's only two of them.
We'll take them easy.
Kole to Robin, we've got trouble.
ROBIN: Cyborg, Kole needs help in Sector 13.
CYBORG: I'm on it.
ROBIN: Raven, go to Mas and Menos - in Sector 27.
RAVEN: Right.
BRAIN: My players will make sure the Titans never reach their destination.
BRAIN: Mammoth to Sector 13.
Kole, Gnarrk? I got your message.
I'm on my way.
I might be a little delayed.
Robin, I think they're expecting us.
Okay, everybody's being ambushed.
But I'm not scared.
My heart's not even racing.
[THUMPING] Wait a minute, that's not my heart.
Ah! Beast Boy to Robin, they're everywhere.
ROBIN: Where are you? Did you find Aqualad? BEAST BOY: I told you we shouldn't have split up.
Starfire? Are you okay? I am.
But I fear that Argent is not.
Robin, there is no one here.
Ah! KITTEN: Guess again.
Hi, Robbie-Poo.
Remember me? - Kitten.
- Oh, you do remember.
Say goodbye to your friend.
ROBIN: Kitten, wait! No one can help you now.
STARFIRE: Ah! Starfire! BRAIN: Robin's strategy has failed.
And, one by one, they will fall.
MALLAH: The young are no match for your intellect.
BRAIN: Indeed.
[BLEEPING] ROBIN: Tramm, help Aqualad.
[SNARLING] - Mas! - Menos! ROBIN: Pantha, you're closest to Speedy.
Go to Sector 11.
I can't.
ROBIN: Herald, help Jericho in Sector 19.
ROBIN: Cyborg.
ROBIN: Raven.
ROBIN: Beast Boy.
Ah! ROBIN: Kole.
ROBIN: Killowat! [ROARS] ROBIN: Pantha.
ROBIN: Lightning! ROBIN: Thunder! Ah! ROBIN: Anyone! [SIGHS] Hot Spot, am I glad to see you.
When I didn't hear from you I thought you'd been ambushed.
I don't know how they're doing this.
It's like the Brotherhood of Evil knows every move we're making.
We do.
Madame Rouge.
I thought Hot Spot took care of you.
You thought wrong.
How did you get away? Hot Spot could not stop me.
You cannot stop me.
Ha! [BEEPING] Your communicator is of no use.
The Brain has been tracking our every move with the communicator I gave to Hot Spot.
Don't you mean the communicator you gave to me? It's my fault.
I'm the one who got us into trouble.
- Game over.
- Not yet.
I can still warn the others.
Calling all Titans.
The Brotherhood of Evil has been listening.
I'm breaking off all further communication.
Take care of yourselves.
You know what to do.
[BLEEPING] [BLEEPING] [BLEEPING] [BLEEPING GETS QUICKER] Ah! [BLEEPING] [BLEEPING STOPS] We can no longer follow the Titans' every move.
BRAIN: We no longer need to.
Robin, where are you? [ROBIN GRUNTING] The Brotherhood of Evil will be defeated.
BRAIN: No Robin, it is you who has been defeated.
I have captured the king.
Your pawns cannot save you.
You have lost.